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PAST LIFEREGRESSION2009Certification TrainingBy: Rene A. Bastarache, CIAmerican International Association6/23/2009

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualIntroduction"I'm having the best time of my past life"Welcome to your Past Life Regression Certification Home Study Course. Youwill find this course to be a journey of growth, learning and understanding. Inaddition to teaching you about this concept of past life regression you'll also learnmany other aspects of Spiritualism and life in general that will truly make you lookat everything in a different light.This journey will teach you more about yourself and how you came to be theway you are. With the knowledge you will gain with this course you will find thatthe possibilities of what you can do within the realm of spiritual travel to bevirtually limitless. You will learn the key ingredients often regarded as secrets tounlocking your psychic ability and how to use that ability to help yourself andcountless others.I would like to congratulate you on making the decision to learning more aboutyour spiritual side and hope that you will find everything you are seeking for inthis life and in the past.It is my wish that while taking this course you have the best time of your life,present and past.Sincerely,Rene A. Bastarache, CIFounder, the American School of Hypnosis1American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualHow to Use this ManualThis manual has been designed to be given to you in an incomplete format. It isan outline or a beginning with the purpose of challenging your thought process. Itis your responsibility to complete it.The right half of each non-script page is designed for you to take notes of thepoints that you feel are important. As you are listening to your instructor in thevideos as well as during class discussion if you are in a live training course, takethe time to write, draw or even doodle key points. When you decide to refer to thismanual in the future, you will find it to be much more beneficial to you than acomplete curriculum of text.Should you decide to network with other certified Past Life RegressionCertification graduates, your manual will be a key ingredient for discussion as eachone will be different. You will find that what others had written down and foundto be key principles may be very helpful to you as well.Enjoy your journey.2American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualTable of Contents691015What is Past Life Regression?Theories of ReincarnationSeveral Classic CasesPurposes for Travelling to the Past1617222627293031The Subconscious WorksFour Rules of the SubconsciousA Residual WorldBrainwave StatesRememberingThe Spiritual MindImaginationRemoving Any Sravel Blocks3233353636383939394042444546Getting There – “It’s simpler than you think”HypnosisWhen Does Hypnosis Really Begin?Arons Depth ScaleJudging Trance Depth CriteriaArons Depth Scale ChartOpen Ended Regression TechniqueMeditationLucid DreamingAffect BridgeInstant and Rapid InductionsArm Pulling MethodHand Release MethodInstant Induction from Handclasp Test4747474748What you can do in SessionsSingle Life SessionMultiple Lives in One SessionReturn to a Same Life as Much as you LikeGhost of Christmas Past3American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training Manual484949505050Scanning Multiple Past Lives for SimilaritiesFrom your Death SceneIt's all in the Eyes-RecognitionTake Good Things from your Past With YouLeave Garbage from your Present BehindConnecting with Spirit and Animal Guides5252525353535454Expectations & MisconceptionsHow can I get the Most out of my Experience?Is it Real or Imagined?What Will I See?Will I be Able to Hear you?Will I Remember Everything?Is it Dangerous?Will I Experience Negative Memories?555556565960626364Safety Issues and Ground RulesCones & Circles & Spheres oh My!If you Believe it, it Can HappenHow Do I Deal with Resistance?True and Pseudo-RegressionAvoiding ConfabulationThe Remote-Controlled techniqueRegression Calendar TechniqueOther Regression Techniques6566Record Keeping - Keeping a JournalJournal Pages727475777879808182Session FormatInductionsProgressive RelaxationSimple Body ScanDepth TestSpot on HandYardstickDeepenersElevator4American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training Manual8384858788909293959698StaircasePast Life Transition ScriptsPath, Bridge & Spirit Guide VisitationSands of Time (Beach)Past Life Transition Script (Analytical)Hall of Life ChoicesPast Life Transition Script (Problem)Floating into the PastStepping StonesA Spirit Guided Head StartMovie Theatre Guides99Awakening I100100101104106107108108109112113Scripts and Session PreparationCreating a Spirit RoomCreating a Spirit Room (Script)A Complete (simple) SessionPast life Questions that can be AskedQuestionsAdvanced discovering:Questions in a Complete Script for GroupsPast Life Regression ScriptCreating your OwnDemonstration (Notes)118119120Life Between Lives (Familiarization only)Preparing for a SessionConducting the Session122122122123Present Life Progression (Familiarization)Can Fate be changed?Timeless TimeHow to Travel Forward124Back to the Future - Future Life Progression (Familiarization)125Business Aspects5American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training oup SessionsIndividual SessionsHow to Conduct Lucrative Telephone SessionsTeaching Adult EducationWeekly WorkshopsMarketingBusiness OperationVideotaping and recording devicesPrevention and Care of AbreactionEthical BehaviorA.I.A. Association BylawsAssociation Bylaws AgreementRegistration FormAssignment Form6American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualWhat is Past Life Regression?THE CONFUSIONJust as with the topic of religion . there aremore religions in the world than there are pages inthe Bible. Each one claiming that their way is theright one. Past life regression unfortunately hasmuch of the same problem. So many Spiritualists,Hypnotherapist, and various so calledRegressionist all claim they have all the answers.You see this by the numerous books written onpast lives, the spirit world and it's many levels ordegrees, and various concepts in reincarnation.Which is the right one? Who knows? Just as withanything of a spiritual nature . we probably won'tknow for sure until we cross over and becomepermanent residents ourselves.Definition:Past life regression is a technique that useshypnosis to recover what most practitionersbelieve are memories of past lives or incarnations.Past life regression is typically undertaken either inpursuit of a spiritual experience, or in apsychotherapeutic setting. Most advocates looselyadhere to beliefs about reincarnation, thoughreligious traditions that incorporate reincarnationgenerally do not include the idea of repressedmemories of past lives.The technique used during past life regressioninvolves the subject answering a series ofquestions while hypnotized to reveal identity andevents of alleged past lives, a method similar tothat used in recovered memory therapy and onethat similarly misrepresents memory as a faithful7American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training Manualrecording of previous events rather than aconstructed set of recollections. The use ofhypnosis and suggestive questions makes thesubject particularly likely to hold distorted or falsememories. The source of the memories is morelikely confabulations that combine pastexperiences, knowledge, imagination andsuggestion or guidance from the hypnotist thanrecall of a previous existence. Once created, thememories are indistinguishable from memoriesbased on events that occurred during the subject’slife.Techniques: Past-life regression practitionersuse hypnosis and suggestion to promote recall intheir patients, using a series of questions designedto elicit statements and memories about the pastlife's history and identity. Some practitioners alsouse bridging techniques from a client’s current-lifeproblem to bring "past-life stories" to consciousawareness. Practitioners believe that unresolvedissues from alleged past lives may be the cause oftheir patients'. (Wikipedia)8American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualTheories of ReincarnationReincarnation, literally "to be made fleshagain", is a doctrine or metaphysical belief thatsome essential part of a living being (in somevariations only human beings) survives death to bereborn in a new body. This essential part is oftenreferred to as the spirit or soul, the "higher" or"true" self, "divine spark", or "I". According tosuch beliefs, a new personality is developed duringeach life in the physical world, but some part ofthe self remains constant throughout the successivelives.Belief in reincarnation has ancient roots. Thisdoctrine is a central tenet within the majority ofIndian religious traditions, such as Hinduism(including Yoga, Vaishnavism, and Shaivism) andJainism. The idea was also entertained by someancient Greek philosophers. Many modernNeopagans also believe in reincarnation as dosome New Age movements, along with followersof Spiritism, practitioners of certain Africantraditions, and students of esoteric philosophiessuch as Kabbalah, and Gnostic and EsotericChristianity. The Buddhist concept of Rebirthalthough often referred to as reincarnation differssignificantly from the Hindu-based traditions andNew Age movements in that there is nounchanging "soul" (or eternal self) to reincarnate.Some researchers, such as Professor IanStevenson, have explored the issue ofreincarnation and published evidence of children'smemories of earlier lives in peer-reviewed journalsand elsewhere. Skeptics are critical of this workand say that more reincarnation research is needed.(Wikipedia)9American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualSeveral Classic Cases:Case#1Indian and the Bear:(Group Session)I conducted a group of past life regressionsession and one of my offices that includedapproximately 35 clients. After the session wewere going around the room interviewing everyoneindividually as to what they had experienced.One client stated that he was an Indian thatduring his death scene portion of the session hehad gone into a cave to kill a bear with his bowand arrow and was killed.After the session had ended an interesting thinghappened. I was walking the clients to the doorwhile saying my goodbyes as one of the clientswho had been quiet following the session asked ifhe could speak to me privately for a moment. Hetold me that the reason he had not spoken up aboutthe results of his session during the class was thathe was a little embarrassed. He asked if he couldtake a moment to tell me what had happened tohim in his best life. He then reluctantly stated thathe was a bear sleeping in a cave as an Indian camein and killed him with a bow. He didn't accuse theother client of being the Indian that actually killedhim but due to the similarities did not want to belaughed at and once he mentioned his results.Case#2A 17 Year Old in Moscow:During her session this young lady reported thatshe was in Moscow in the early 1900s. Shedescribed being on Red Square to perfection. I hadspent 10 days there a week earlier so I decided that10American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualI was going to close her as much as possible as towhat was surrounding her in every direction. Thiswould help me to understand whether she wasreally there or simply confabulating it. The onlythings different in her description from what I hadremembered from being there one week beforewere the modern conveniences such as the mallsand storefronts.An interesting point is that after the session shehad reported to me that she had never been toMoscow in her life and didn't really know anythingabout it.Case#3Bridge to WarHere is an example of how the Britishtechnique was used to experience a past life in arather accidental manner.This one-man was it made him walking on atreadmill. As she was walking on the treadmill hebegan to experience a slight pain in his side fairlyearly but did not want to quit. Instead he began towalk faster as in a speed march, concentrating onhis breathing and silently counting cadence tohimself while marching. After continuing thisroutine for some time he reports that he wassomehow mentally transported to the past wherehe found himself marching on a dusty roadwearing what appeared to him to be a Britishmilitary uniform, combat boots and a British typehelmet. He was with a large group of othersoldiers through a desert and it seemed like theywere leaving one battle and marching quickly toanother. He reported that the feelings he wasexperiencing was very similar to the ones he hadwhile walking on the treadmill.11American School of Hypnosis -

PAST LIFE REGRESSION, Certification Training ManualIt's interesting to know that all of this happenedwhile he was continually walking on the treadmill,and the gym.Case#4Stuck in Cycles:Life 1 In the first past life regression for thisyoung man, he appeared to be an Indian of darkskin who was a guard within a large army. Heremembers himself standing on the ridge of a largevalley where he could see countless slavesworking in the hot sun moving large stones as itwas building a monument in the shape of apyramid. He stated that it did not feel as if he wasin Egypt but felt he was somewhere in the southernAmerican continents.Going ahead in this life to his death scene hefound himself lying down on the ground holdingonto a sp

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