IP PBX Comparison Guide


IP PBX Comparison Guide

IntroductionMany medium to enterprise businesses are still using traditional private branch exchanges (PBXs) for their phone system. With theevolution from analog to digital voice communications and multimedia networks such as Voice over IP, organizations shouldconsider looking to upgrade to an IP PBX. It includes features such as scalability, savings on long distance calls, and lesshardware since IP communications are becoming more software and applications based.Use this side-by-side comparison guide to size up the top 2016 IP PBX providers and also learn more about additional featuresoffered to see if switching to an IP PBX is the best business telephony decision for your company.Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / IP PBX Comparison GuideZiff Davis 20162

Comparison GridsIP PBX FeaturesVendor: Product SolutionFocusCloud BasedSupports VirtualizationSupports Multi-OfficeMedium Biz & Enterprise SOHO,Medium Biz, Enterprise Medium Biz, Enterprise ShoreTel UC CoreSMB, Medium Biz Unify OpenScapeSMB, Medium Biz, Enterprise SOHO and Medium Biz2 SMB, Medium Biz, Enterprise SMB Medium and Enterprise Cisco Unified CommunicationsManagerSkype for BusinessAvaya Aura Communication ManagerMitel MiVoiceNEC UnivergeDigium SwitchvoxOmniPCX Enterprise CommunicationServerPanasonic KX-TDA 100DBXZiff Davis / Comparison Guide / IP PBX Comparison GuideSMB, Medium BizZiff Davis 20163

Comparison GridsIP PBX Features (continued)Vendor: Product SolutionSip TrunkingVideo ConferencingFax SupportContact CenterNative e911Cisco Unified CommunicationsManager Skype for Business Avaya Aura Communication Manager ShoreTel UC Core Unify OpenScape Mitel MiVoice NEC Univerge Digium Switchvox 3 4OmniPCX Enterprise CommunicationServer 5Panasonic KX-TDA 100DBX 1Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / IP PBX Comparison GuideZiff Davis 20164

Comparison GridsIP PBX Features (continued)Vendor: Product SolutionAuto AttendantMobility ClientExtension MobilityCisco Unified CommunicationsManager Skype for Business Avaya Aura Communication Manager ShoreTel UC Core Unify OpenScape Mitel MiVoice NEC Univerge Digium Switchvox OmniPCX Enterprise CommunicationServer Panasonic KX-TDA 100DBX Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / IP PBX Comparison GuideSmartPhone AppVoice Routing Ziff Davis 20165

FootnotesFeaturesDefinitionsSIP TrunkingA VoIP and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol by which Internet telephone serviceproviders deliver phone and UC services to customers with SIP based PBX and UC facilitiesVideo ConferencingThis is the means to conduce a conference between more than one participant at various locations by usingcomputer networks to transmit audio and video data.Fax SupportThis feature utilizes a VoIP gateway to allow faxes to travel over an IP networkContact CenterThis is an automated communications system that coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between anorganization and the publicNative e911This is a solution for VoIP calls that includes both native call routing where a PSTN selective router identifies all911 calls and routes them to the trunk group that serves the appropriate PSAP in order to connect the call to thelocal authoritiesAuto AttendantAn auto attendant is an automated voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extensionwithout the need for a live telephone operator.Mobility ClientThis is designed to extend UC apps to a variety of smartphone and tablet operating systems for compatibilityExtension MobilityThis is the method of organizing telephone work spaces to greatly reduce the costs related to a permanent officelocation. This allows a user to access their information (voicemail, call forwarding, etc) from another IP phonewithin the same phone network.Smartphone AppThis feature is a smartphone application version of the vendor’s product allowing users to access the phonenetwork from their smartphone.Voice RoutingThis is the ability to automatically route local calls from a mobile phone or landline to the IP PBX and vice versaNot a true e911 feature but has e911 compatible serviceCloud-ready3Interoperates with LifeSize Express 220 HD video conferencing. LifeSize is a division of Logitech4Each line and number with Digium Cloud Services’ service must be registered with Digium Cloud Services for the physical location of the line5Possible through third party vendor 911 Enable which helps companies simplify e911 management to meet state and locall e911 legislation12Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / IP PBX Comparison GuideZiff Davis 20166

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Medium Biz & Enterprise Skype for Business SOHO,Medium Biz, Enterprise Avaya Aura Communication Manager Medium Biz, Enterprise ShoreTel UC Core SMB, Medium Biz Unify OpenScape SMB, Medium Biz, Enterprise Mitel MiVoice SOHO and Medium Biz 2 NEC Univerge SMB, Medium Biz, Enterprise Digium Switchvox SMB OmniPCX Enterprise File Size: 216KBPage Count: 6