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LED Linear T5LED T5 lamps are quick, easy and safe to installinto existing linear fluorescent fixtures withoutany extra effort or re-wiring.Designed to deliver 3500 lumens, the lampsutilize the existing T5HO electronic and programstart ballasts, minimizing maintenance and laborcosts for facility managers.About Innovative LightingInnovative Lighting entered the lighting industry in 1993 by producing lighting products for the boatingindustry. In four short years, we began producing lighting using Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs. As LEDPart NumberEquivalentSizeWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES #lighting evolved, our innovative engineers enhanced the light emitted from these diodes by 053500Y25PUVYXN7Kand using proprietary optics to focus the light where it needed to Y25PCGC6FXNearly two decades later, Innovative Lighting continues to be a market leader that provides thousands ofLED Linear T8 Optifitdomestic and international companies with a diverse line of energy-efficient, dependable LED lightingproducts. Our technically advanced, best-in-class, LED lighting solutions are expertly crafted to exactThe OptiFIT LED TUBE fits into existing electronicballast configurations without any additionalmodification to the fluorescent fixture. Simply slidethese into place and start saving energy. Ballasts canalso be bypassed entirely as this lamp can be run ondirect line voltage.standards and specifications in three leading-edge production facilities in America’s heartland where ourquality construction is a source of pride.Our ProductsWe carry high quality products and brands including Cree, Philips, Innovative Lighting, Ruud,Digital Lumens, and MaxLite. Through these relationships with our trusted manufacturing partners, wehave been able to provide valuable advice and recommendations to help drive what is next for commercial LED lighting systems.Schedule your FREE lighting analysis515-777-7444w w w. i n n o v a t i ve l i g h t . co m2ww. i no v a ttivei v e l igi gh t.t .cocomm 551155--777777--77444444 110099 PPrrooggrreessssi iveve AveAve. . RRoollaanndd, , IIAA 5500223366wwww.innnovaPart NumberEquivalentSizeWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd gh 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Av e . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 63

LED Linear T8 GlassLED A19 BulbsAward-winning, ENERGY STAR -qualified LEDOmnidirectional A-Line lamps replicate true A19 and A21incandescents with a 300-degree beam angle that produceseven light in all directions. Available in two wattages (9W, 11W),the lamps replace 60-100W incandescent bulbs with morethan 80 percent savings in energy.A solid glass linear LED T8 with a 330 beamangle perfect for office, retail and showroomenvironments. This lamp complimentsInnovative Lighting's full line of T8replacement lamps.Omnidirectional A-Line lamps are suited to a wide variety ofresidential and commercial applications including: pendants,wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps. They aredimmable down to 10 percent on a wide variety of dimmingcontrol systems.Available in both ballast compatible (directfit) and ballast bypass configurations.ENERGY STAR -qualified models are available.Part NumberEquivalentSizeWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES #Part 2400N30P3SSUGZPU-A19011T03OUW4A19Ultra Thin TrofferColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES #9W3000KFrosted25,0005900N50Energy Star9W4000KFrosted25,0005900N50Energy Star75W11W3000KFrosted25,00051100N50Energy Star75W11W4000KFrosted25,00051100N50Energy StarLED BR LampsEnjoy seamless light distribution andincredible light output in a package under1/2” thick. Beyond modern in appearanceand performance, this fixture has no visiblediodes and is glare-free.The highly efficient LED family of lamps replace up to120-watt incandescent lamps, significantly reducingconsumers’ carbon footprint while maintaining a very highquality of light.The Ultra Thin Troffer is a perfect retrofitoption for fluorescents in a drop ceiling.The LED BR lamps are the ideal lighting solution for recessedand architectural residential, retail, office space, andhospitality applications.ENERGY STAR -qualified models are available.Part e40W40WColor4000K5000KLensFrostedFrostedLife (Hours)50,00050,000Wty (Yrs)55Lumens50005000BallastNNDLC/ES #Std Pack44Frosted25,0005480N50Energy 0N50Energy ed50,00056250N4Energy StarPREXTYEV1’x4’50WDLC/ES #503000K781-5214-12’x4’Std WNNWty (Yrs)25,00050W50006250Life rt ZS7Nw ww.i n nova tive l ig h t. co m 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Ave . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 0Energy 300N30Energy 300N30Energy Starwww.innovativeligh 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Av e . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 65

PAR LampsLED 5”-6” Retrofit DownlightProviding better quality light thanCFL lamps and offering superiorcost savings to incandescentalternatives, LED PAR lamps areavailable in 3000K (warm white),Parabolic4000K (neutral white), 5000K (dayAluminizedlight) correlated color temperatureReflector(CCT) light and deliver high-qualitylight in retail, residential, recessed,track lighting and architectural lighting.P.A.R.ENERGY STAR -qualified models are available.The 5”-6” Retrofit Downlight delivers high lumenoutput and exceptional efficiency in a convenientpackage.High efficiency LEDs will outperform its incandescentreplacement in both light output and powerconsumption.Retrofit Downlights have the added benefit ofsealing the can light opening/ceiling penetration.This eliminates the air loss to the attic and greatlyimproving insular value.Torsion springs and trim ring allow easy installation innew construction or retrofit applications.Part NumberEquivalentWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES #U-10217975W12W3000KStriated25,0005850N12Energy StarU-10227175W12W4000KStriated25,0005850N12Energy gy StarPart NumberSizeColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES #5”-6”75W11W3000KFrosted50,0005950N10Energy Star5”-6”75W11W4000KFrosted50,0005950N10Energy gy Star783-0160-1BU-73658 -1BU-73696 nt WattageFTF Series Troffer* More versions available upon requestThese LED Troffers are the perfect solution for anycommercial office setting. Coming in multiple wattages,dimensions, and color temperatures these troffersoffer an incredible array of options that can satisfy yourspecifications. These lights are dimmable which allows us tooffer multiple lighting controls as well. The incredibly thin,light weight design and multiple mounting options allowsfor an easy installation of these troffers.PL Lamp RetrofitsPL Lamps are a plug-and-play replacement for CFL bulbsin downlights, sconces and other four-pin base fixturescommonly used in commercial buildings. The 13-watt LEDlamps operate directly off of the existing ballast, allowingfacility managers to reap the energy-saving benefits of LEDtechnology in the most cost-effective way.5YEARWARRANTYOffered in two designs to suit horizontal or verticalmounting position, PL Lamps plug right into the existingfour-pin socket (G24q) without any extra labor or re-wiring,making the switch to more efficient lighting seamless.SizeWattageColorLife (Hours)LumensBallastDimmingDLC/ES #781-0314-11’x4‘25W3500K100,0003000 N1-10V**NOT -10VP9C3F64XPart NumberTypeEquivalentWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)Y )LumensBallastDLC/ES #781-6314-11’x4’25W4000K100,0003000 N1-10V**NOT LISTED**U-74862PL ��x2’25W4000K100,0003347N1-10VPYHV2C81U-100947PL ��x4’50W4000K100,0005928N1-10VPD1ECTVRU-100950PL Vert26W13W4000KFrosted25,00051000Y---* More versions available upon request6Part Numberw ww.i n nova tive l ig h t. co m 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Ave . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 6781-5314-11’x4’25W5000K100,0003000 N1-10V**NOT -10VPKJR3UWJwww.innovativeligh 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Av e . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 67

High Output LED Retrofit Lamp (Corn Cob)SmoothLiteHigh Output LED Retrofit Lamps are high lumen and energy efficientreplacements for Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and MercuryVapor (MV) lamps. Ideal for warehouses, parking garages, factories, and largeshopping facilities.High Output LED Retrofit Lamps come in E39 Mogul Bases allowing for a*direct retrofit into existing fixtures.*An electrician must bypass existing ballast before installation.The SmoothLite LED linear lighting productsprovide an even distribution of high output light. Highlyefficient midpower LEDs running at constant current makeakethe linear SmoothLite an excellent solution for a variety oflighting needs.The SmoothLite LED linear lighting products are designedfor both new and retro-fit projects.High quality 6063 extruded aluminum is used for all of therails adding strength, and serving as an onboard heat sinkto extend the life of the LEDs. All lights mount to intendedservices using a simple and highly impact resistantpolycarbonate mounting clip.Optional accessories: Socket Extension (Innovative Part # U-AM901801)Part NumberSizeWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/EC #U-CLCN40A175W MH40W5000KNA50,00054800N12PRVKFPEKU-CLCN60A175W MH60W5000KNA50,00057200N12PBJ62MA4U-CLCN80N250W MH80W5000KNA50,00059600N12PMFEXMAHU-CLCN120N400W MH120W5000KNA50,000514,500N12P68TCWW8LED High BayMADE IN THE USADLC/EC #Part NumberSizeWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty Frosted120,00056772NP00000WY3* Also available in IPG6 versionImproved light quality, longer service life,reduced energy consumption and reducedmaintenance make switching to LED High BayLighting a no-brainer.F-Series Refrigeration & Cooler LampsLED Cooler and Freezer lamps are a high valuecombination of design and performance features.For use in freezer case lighting, these universalvoltage lamps have an integrated driver with anexceptionally long life.Easy to install and up to 70% more efficient, theLED High Bay fixtures also provide one of thelowest costs of ownership.The F-series is non-dimmable, and is suitable fordamp locations.A large variety of output options make thisfixture versatile, replacing metal halides from400W to 1000W.Daisy chain capabilities allows for continuous lightconnection.Optional accessories: Motion sensors, dimming,protective cage, frosted lenses, shades/cover.Mounting: U-clips included for easy mounting toany flat surface.IPP6565R A T E D8Part NumberEquivalentWattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES #726-5101-1400W 000W MH240W5500KClear50,000536,000N1P9BJWK9Cw ww.i n nova tive l ig h t. co m 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Ave . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 6Optional accessories: U-1409061 refrigeration lightY-splitter cord.Model #WattageColorLensLife (Hours)Wty (Yrs)LumensBallastStd PackDLC/ES eligh 5 1 5 - 7 7 7 - 7 4 4 4 1 0 9 P r o g r e s s i ve Av e . R o l a n d , I A 5 0 2 3 69

Innovative Lighting EcoBrite Series4’ LED Vapor Tight FixtureThe R-Series 751 Vertical Door Light, 734 EndLite, and 771 HorizontalCase Canopy LED lights illuminate refrigerated cases, coolers, andhorizontal displays.IP65 Rated Waterproof LED Vapor Tight fixtureprovides LED brightness and efficiency in the harshestof environments.Using patented Precision Optical Performance technology, theR-Series product are able to efficiently distribute light throughoutdisplays. The R-series works great on new OEM cases or as a seamlessretrofit replacement for existing fluorescent lighting.BESTSELLERPerfect for car washes, stairwells, airports, tunnels,maintenance areas, parking garages and more.Included mounting hardware provides both surfacemount or suspension mount options.Mounting hardware isincluded with the LEDVapor Tight Fixture.Vapor tightlighting suspension.771 R-Series(Horizontal casecanopy)Daisy chain(U-TP4FT45WNAMH)with fixture connectedby flex-conduit.734 R-Series(Vertical end fixture)751 R-Series(Vertical centerfixture)5YEARWARRANTY5YEARMADE IN THE USAWARRANTYPart NumberTypeSizeWattageColorLensL

direct line voltage. 515-777-7444 109 Progressive Ave. Roland, IA 50236 LED Linear T5 Schedule your FREE lighting analysis 515-777-7444 Innovative Lighting entered the lighting industry in 1993 by producing lighting products for the boating industry. In four short years, we began producing lighting using Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs. As LED .