Transmission & Final Drive Parts


Transmission &Final Drive Parts


FINAL DRIVE PARTSRef. Part oll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031DescriptionCase 310, 350, 350BRing & PinionPinionPinionBull GearShaftShaftSprocket ShaftSprocket NutWasherSeal CarrierSpacerSeal CarrierSpacerBearing & Seal KitBearing & Seal KitCASE 310, 350Notes6 Spline10 SplineFinal drive to transmission, 6 & 10 SplineFinal drive to transmission, 10 SplineTo install a 350 sprocket on a 310 machine310350, 350B2011 Paint Valley 8151.2210211Order Online

FINAL DRIVE PARTSCASE 450, 650, 850When placing an orderfor final drive parts,please have the model& serial numberavailable to ensureaccuracy.Ref.Part 107897A50213PV411DescriptionNotesCase 450, 450B, 450C, 455B, 455C, 550, 550E, 550GPinionBull GearSprocket ShaftSprocket ShaftBull GearSprocket ShaftBevel GearSpacerSeal Spacer450, 450B, 455B2 21/32 ID SplineNo lip for seal, (10 1/4" overall length)2 13/16 OD Spline, (11 1/2" overall length)3 5/64 ID Spline3 15/64 OD Spline450C, 455C, 550, 550E, 550G450 to s/n 3060306To weld on 80.50.3222222966011341Case 450 to s/n 3038436, 850 to s/n 7074053, Seal RetainersA50555A50554A50553A50552Ring & Seat KitRing SeatSeal SeatSealWhen placing an orderfor final drive parts,please have the model& serial numberavailable to ensureaccuracy.Case 650, 650G, 850, 850B, 850C, 850D, 850E, 850G, 855C, 855D1324A50134G106477A50143G107897PV412Toll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031Bull GearSprocket ShaftPinionBevel GearSeal Spacer850650, 650G, 850B, 855B, 850C, 855C, 850D, 855D, 850E, 855E, 850GTo weld on housing2011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ2Order Online

FINAL DRIVE PARTSCASE & DRESSERWhen placing an orderfor final drive parts,please have the model& serial numberavailable to ensureaccuracy.Ref.Part No.DescriptionNotesCase 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1150E, 1150G, 1155E, 1450, 3A168166A179586A50318PV4121Pinion ShaftBull GearRing & Pinion R/HRing & Pinion L/HSprocket ShaftShaftGearPlanetary Ring GearPinionSeal Spacer1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1150E, 1150G, 850C LGPPlanetary Drive, 1450B, 1455BPlanetary Pinion, 1450B, 1455B1450B, 1455B1150 Old StyleTo weld on housingQty.lbs.221122222240114545490261364281When placing an orderfor final drive parts,please have the model& serial numberavailable to ensureaccuracy.Dresser Final Drive 72R1676831C1850676C1Toll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031PinionBull GearPinionBull GearSprocket ShaftPinionPinionBull GearPinionPinionBull GearClutch BaseClutch BaseTD340TD7C, TD7E, 100C, 100ETD7C, TD7E, 100C, 100ETD8C, TD8E, 125C, 125ETD8C, TD8E, 125C, 125ETD8C, TD8E, 125C, 125E500500500C500E500C, 500E500C500E2011 Paint Valley 8Order Online

RING & PINIONS & TRANSMISSION PARTSPart 435629111113.8443.47.5Case 480, 480B, 580, 580B Transmission 0280A140279A168925ShaftSide GearSide GearRing & Pinion SetRing & Pinion SetPinCarrier L/HCarrier R/HBull GearMain, used with mechanical shuttleLongShortWith Splined Hub, for machines with differential lockWithout hub, with rivetsDifferential pinion gearCase 480C, 480D, 580C, 580D Transmission e GearSide GearRing & Pinion SetRing & Pinion SetPinion GearPinBull GearGearMain ShaftGearGearShaftGearShaftLongShort480C with power shuttle, 480D to trans s/n 16270318580C, 580D without turbo 2WDDifferential pinion gearSecondSliding, fourthSliding, first & secondInput manual shift, 480C, 580COutput, 480C, 580CDifferential cross shaft54379Case 580E, 580K to s/n JJG0020000 Transmission 1A153751A179853A168172A154936A154940Ring & Pinion SetSide Gear L/HSide Gear R/HShaftPinion GearPinGearGearGearAxle ShaftBull GearWill also fit 480D after trans s/n 16270319Differential cross shaftDifferential pinion gearFirstSliding, thirdSliding, first & secondSynchronizer AssembliesA182240A151114A138655L33333L33334Toll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) onizerSynchronizer480E, 580K480C, 580C580C, 580D, 580E680 Series680 Series2011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ4Order Online

FINAL DRIVE PARTSJOHN 1290290222222222750.80.71550501049622517Part No.M2362TT17846DescriptionNotesJohn Deere 420, 430 Final Drive PartsPinionPinionTo s/n 125000, 16 teethAfter s/n 125001, 14 TeethJohn Deere 350, 350B, 690B, 690C, 890, 990 Final Drive PartsT23707T24862T29461T24861PinionPinionBull GearPinion Shaft1010, 350 to s/n 20538350 after s/n 20538, 350B350, 350BJohn Deere 450, 450B, 450C, 450D, 450E, 455E, 550, 555 Final Drive T50847T20713T31730T37091T148796Sprocket ShaftSprocket ShaftPinionPinionPinionPinionPinionBull Gear450B, 450C to s/n 356666, 550 & 555 to s/n 356813, 25 spline450C after s/n 356666, 550 & 555 after s/n 356813, 64 spline450, 12 teeth450B, 450C, 450D, 450E standard track to Sn# 719252450E standard track after s/n 719253450E LT to s/n 719252, 550, 555, 550B & 555B to s/n 719252450E LT after s/n 719253, 550B & 555B after s/n 719253450B, 450C to s/n 356666, 25 splineAlso order T55233 Spacer to use with Bull GearBull Gear450C after s/n 356666, 450D, 450E to s/n 719253, 64 splineAlso order T55233 Spacer to use with Bull GearBull Gear550, 555Spacer450, 2.187"Spacer450B, 450C, 2.500"Spacer450D, 450E, 455D, 455E, 550B, 555, 555B, 3.125"Final Drive Guard TopBrake Drum450Brake Drum450BShaft 450, 450B, 450C, 450D, 450E, 455E, 455D, 550, 550B, 555, 555BBottom CoverJohn Deere 655, 655B, 750, 750B, 755, 755B Final Drive PartsT60239T46178Toll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031PinionPinion Shaft30 Teeth2011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ5Order Online

TRANSMISSION & FINAL DRIVE PARTSPart n Deere 550G, 650G, Final Drive Parts (For Double Reduction Final Drive)PinionIdler GearIdler PinionBull Gear22 teeth41 teeth12 teeth53 John Deere 450H, 450J, 550H, 550J, 650H, 650J, Final Drive PartsT169138Spur GearSecond idler pinionJohn Deere 350, 350B, 350C, 350D Transmission er GearSteering GearGearGearGearGearGearGearShaftTransmission inputShuttle OutputFor above shafts23-27-34 Teeth22-24-42 TeethSecond and reverseSecond, without winch drive or PTOFirst and Fourth, 28 TeethThird, 36 TeethThird, 15 TeethFourth, 23 TeethTransmission input, 1010, 350John Deere 450B, 450 Transmission PartsAT80834Drive ShaftFrontJohn Deere 210C, 310-A-B-C-D, 410-B, 401-C-DT38506T149082Planetary Pinion CarrierPlanetary Pinion CarrierOld StyleNew StyleAC HD3, HD4, 653, 655 Final Drive Parts7023371770233724PinionBull GearTD7, TD8, 100, 125 Planetary Pinions629839C1716939C1GearShaftPlanetary PinionPlanetary Pinion GearCase 880-980-B Drott 35-40-50 Final Drive 2157S242158S209721PV715Toll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031PinionPinionGearGearPinionShaftRex BearingRex BearingRex BearingBearing & Seal KitSprocket shaftSprocket shaftSprocket shaftFinal Drive2011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ6Order Online

FINAL DRIVE BEARING KITSPart No.DescriptionNotesCase Final Drive Bearing & Seal V710PV711Bearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing Kit310350, 350B450 to s/n 3038435450 after s/n 3038436, 450BPinion carrier bearing set, 450, 450B450C, 455C850850B, 850C, 850D, 850E, 855C, 855D1150 to Trans. s/n 26636301150 after Trans. s/n 26636311150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1150E, 1155D, 1155EQty.lbs.222222222221011795131115212229John Deere Final Drive Bearing & Seal V727PV728PV729Bearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing KitBearing Kit4202440 to s/n 4568002440 after s/n 45680121010 to s/n 3100021010 after s/n 31001220102350 to s/n 205382350 after s/n 20539, 350B2350C, 350D, 400G2450 used with T20668 Pinion2450B, 450C to s/n 3884602450C after s/n 388460, 450D,2450E to s/n 719252, 455C, 455D, 455E to s/n 719252Bearing Kit550 to s/n 388459, 555 to s/n 3884592Bearing Kit450E after s/n 719253, 455E after s/n 719253,2450E LT, 450E WT, 550 after s/n 388460, 550A, 550B, 555 after s/n 388460, 555A, 555BBearing Kit450G, 450G LT, 455G, 555G, 450G WT to s/n 7951422Bearing Kit450G WT after s/n 7951432Bearing Kit550G, 650G, to s/n 7851872Bearing Kit550G, 650G, after s/n 7851882Bearing Kit450H, 550H, 9910141719Dresser Final Drive Bearing & Seal KitsPV735PV736Bearing KitBearing KitTD7, TD7C, TD7E, 100, 100C, 100ETD8, TD8C, TD8E, 125, 125C, 125E2299Allis Chalmers Final Drive Bearing & Seal KitsPV741Bearing KitHD3, HD4, 653, 6552Final Drive Bearing Kits Include All Bearings & Seals, Please Have Model & S/N Ready When OrderingToll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-40312011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ7Order Online

TORQUE CONVERTERS & PARTSPart No.CASEDescriptionNotesCase 350, 350B Torque Converter & Shuttle103293A1RR41643RR43949R574142Torque ConverterTorque ConverterShuttle AssemblyRebuild KitLoaderDozerQty.lbs.130130No Longer Available110For ShuttleCase 450, 450B Torque ConverterD52422RR42395RN14072Torque ConverterTorque ConverterRotating HousingCase Torque 6RTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterCase Torque e ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTorque ConverterWith ring on housing, (R & R only)Flex Plate StyleFlex Plate 7777Rebuilt850, 850B, 850C Dozer 1150B, 1150C, 1155D Loader850, 850B, 850C, 855C, Loader1150, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1450, 1450B Dozer, 1150 Loader1450, 1455B, Loader850D Dozer, 1155E Loader855D Loader1150E DozerNew850, 850B, 850C Dozer 1150B, 1150C, 1155D Loader850, 850B, 850C, 855C, Loader1150, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1450, 1450B Dozer, 1150 Loader1450, 1455B, Loader850D Dozer, 1155E Loader855D Loader1150E DozerTORQUE CONVERTER PARTS850, 850B, 850C, 850D, 855C, 855D, 1150, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1150E, 1155E, 1450, 1450B, 1455, oll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031ImpellerTorque HubOutput ShaftGearGearGearGearPilotPilotGuide WheelGuide WheelRotating HousingRotating HousingWith sleeveTorque drivenHydraulic pump drive 15 SplineHydraulic pump drive 14 SplineFlywheel, for case enginesFlywheel, for cummins enginesLoader models onlyDozer models onlyFor case enginesFor cummins engines2011 Paint Valley rder Online

TRANSMISSIONS, SHUTTLE ASSEMBLIES, & PUMPSPart No.DescriptionNotesCase Torque Converter & Transmission 111427534111111130117117140105.5381172584017504WD, for PV249R TransmissionInput, 14 teethIdler, 17 teeth4WD Drive1111905.45530Without Final Drives1792Without torque W11, W11BWith Torque W14RebuiltNew111111156570014141023750Pump450, 450BPump850, 850B, 850C, 850D, 855C, 1150Shuttle Pump350, 580C, 580D, 580E, 580KPump550E, 550G, 550H, 650G, 650H, 750H, 850E, 850G, 850H, 855E, 580SK, 590Pump570L, 580L & SL, 580M & SM, 585G, 586G, 588GJohn Deere Transmission PumpsTransmission Pump 550, 550A, 550B to s/n 719977, 555, 555A, 555B to s/n 720212Pressure Relief Valve 550, 550A, 550B to s/n 719977, 555, 555A, 555B to s/n 720212Dresser Transmission PumpsTD7, TD7C, TD7E, TD8, TD8C, TD8E (to s/n 9500 on E models)Pump100, 100C, 100E, 125, 125C, 125E, (to s/n 9500 on E models)Case 580, 580BA51166RA39521RA38133RShuttle PackTorque ConverterShuttle PackTwin DiscRockfordCase 480C, 480D, 480E, 580C, 580D, 580E, 580K, 584E, 585E, 95137C1RTorque ConverterShuttle Assembly, REBUILTShuttle Assembly, REBUILTShuttle Assembly, NEWRebuild KitDisc KitTorque ConverterCores marked with SR, SN, or TG will not receive core credit480C, 480D, 480E, 580C, 580D, 580E580KWill replace D75694, D102905ShuttleShuttle550E, 550G, 550H, 580SK, 580SL, 580SL Ser. 2,580SM, 590, 590SL, 590SL Ser 2, 590SMCase 580E, 580K to s/n JJG0020000PV247RPV248RTransmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyPV249RTransmission AssemblyPV250RA179007A156256PV251RTransfer CaseGearGearFront Axle2WD, without axles & bullgears4WDwith transfer case, without axles & bullgears4WDwithout transfer case, axles & bullgearsCase 450, 450BG101940RTransmission AssemblyCase 70PV254RToll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031Transmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyDriven GearDriven GearFree Wheel Clutch KitCharge PumpTransmission AssemblyWith Torque W24B2011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ9Order Online

TRANSMISSION & SHUTTLESPart No.JOHN DEERE, CAT, & DRESSERDescriptionJohn Deere AR48384RAR56620RShuttle PackShuttle PackShuttle PackManifoldManifoldManifoldManifold350, 350B, 350C, 350D450450B, 450C, 450D, 450E, 455D, 455E450, Marked R32696450, Marked R41331450B to s/n 142199, Marked R46220450B, 450C, 450D, 450E, 455D, 455E, Marked 169513255108504211731270John Deere Shuttles, Loader BackhoesAT163729R574136AT100842RPV261RShuttle AssemblyRebuild KitTorque ConverterShuttle Assembly210C, 310C, 315C, 482C210C, 210D, 310C, 310D, 315C, 482CWith Housing 410B, 410C, 510, 510B, 510C, 610CJohn Deere 550, 550B to s/n 719977, 555, 555B to s/n 720212PV233RPV232RAT44150Transmission AssemblyTorque ConverterTransmission PumpJohn Deere 444, ssion AssemblyFree Wheel Clutch & GearGearCharge PumpTransmission AssemblyNew Clutch, Rebuilt Gear440 Skidder, Power ShiftDresser TD7, TD8, 100, 125PV237RPV238RPV235RPV234RTorque ConverterTorque ConverterTransmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyTD8C, TD8E to s/n 9500125C, 125E to s/n 9500TD7C, TD7E to s/n 9500, 100C, 100E to s/n 9500TD8C, TD8E to s/n 9500, 125C, 125E to s/n 9500Cat V253RToll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031Transmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyTorque ConverterTransmission AssemblyTransmission AssemblyWith Torque 910With Torque 920With Torque D3, 931 (1 speed Reverse)With Torque D3B, D3C, 931B (3 speed Reverse)D3B, D3C, 931BWith Torque 941BWith Torque 5182011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ10Order Online

TRANSMISSION DISCSPart No.A41355A41005A42854A42855CASEDescriptionCase 480, 580, 580BMetallic DiscSteel DiscMetallic DiscSteel DiscRockfordRockfordTwin DiscTwin 424241.10.822-2422-240.10.31214-160.20.3Case 350, 350B, 480C, 480D, 480E, 580C, 580D, 580E, 580K to s/n JJG0020000D70672D50082D50083D50040D50041Metallic DiscMetallic DiscSteel DiscMetallic DiscSteel DiscG102354G101711Metallic DiscSteel Disc480C, 480D, 480E, 580C, 580D, 580E, 580K to s/n JJG0020000350, 350B450, 450B, 455B, 450C, 455C, 550, 850B, 850C, 850D, 855C,855D, 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1155D, 1150E, 1155E, 1150G, 1150HCase 550E, 550G, 550H, 650G, 850E, 855E, 850G, 580K after s/n JJG0020000, 580SK, 590A188946A175806Metallic DiscSteel DiscCase 570LXT, 580L, 580SL, 580M, 580SM, 590SL, 590SM181158A1181159A1Metallic DiscSteel DiscCase 1150D, 1155D, 1150E, 1150G, 1150H, 1155E, 1450BA67156A50631Steel DiscSteel DiscALSO FITS 1150B, 1150C, 1450, 1455B9100.40.4N7022N7219N7217Metallic DiscMetallic DiscMetallic DiscW14, W18, W18B, W20, W20B, W20C, W24CW11B, W14B, W14C, 680H, 680K, 680L, 780B, 780C, 780DW11B, W14B, W14C, 680H, 680L, 780B, 780C, 780D98280.90.10.2A17921103310A1D55252D77063Steel DiscSteel DiscMetallic DiscMetallic DiscW7, W8B, W8C, 780W7, W8B, W8C, 780W7, W8B, W8C, W36, 780, 621W36, 780, 621202024300. Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-40312011 Paint Valley EquipmentJ11Order Online

TRANSMISSION DISCSPart No.JOHN DEERE, DRESSER, & CATDescriptionJohn DeereQty.lbsT15801T15793Metallic DiscSteel Disc1010, 350, 350B, 350C, 350D1010, 350, 350B, 350C, 350D12120.40.3R57345R31404Steel DiscMetallic Disc400G, 450, 450B, 450C450D, 455D, 450E, 455E15120.50.5AR94516RE23000Metallic DiscMetallic Disc310, 310A, 310B, 410, 500C, 510, 410B, 510B410C, 410D, 510C, 610B, 610C, 710B, 710C790.50.5T44805T44804Metallic DiscSteel Disc550, 550B, 555, 555B550, 550B, 555, 555B32270.40.3AR39128T67544Metallic DiscMetallic Disc300, 301, 401444C, 444D, 544C, 544D, 644B, 644C, .129340.10.1Dresser 100C, 125C, TD7C, TD8C, (100E, 125E, TD7E, TD8E, to s/n 9500)324241R1324240R1675667R1187109H1702959C1Steel DiscMetallic DiscMetallic DiscMetallic DiscMetallic DiscDresser TD7G, TD8G, (100E, 125E, TD7E, TD8E, after s/n 9501)716719C1709777C1Steel DiscMetallic DiscCat D3, D3C, D4C, D5C6Y79346Y79359P69039P7101Toll Free (877) 774-0081Fax (330) 674-4031Metallic DiscMetallic DiscSteel DiscSteel Disc0. Paint Valley EquipmentJ12Order Online

Case 450 to s/n 3038436, 850 to s/n 7074053, Seal Retainers A50555 Ring & Seat Kit 2 2.8 A50554 Ring Seat 2 0.5 A50553 Seal Seat 2 0.3 A50552 Seal 2 2 Case 650, 650G, 850, 850B, 850C, 850D, 850E, 850G, 855C, 855D 1 A50134 Bull Gear 2