Public Health And Health Planning Council - October 6 .


STATE OF NEW YORKPUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTH PLANNING COUNCILAGENDAOctober 6, 201110:30 a.m.90 Church Street4th Floor, Room 4A & 4BNew York CityI.INTRODUCTION OF OBSERVERSDr. William Streck, ChairmanII.III.APPROVAL OF MINUTESA.June 16, 2011Exhibit #1B.August 4, 2011Under SeparateCoverADOPTION OF 2012 MEETING2012 Meeting DatesIV.Exhibit #2PROJECT REVIEW RECOMMENDATIONS AND ESTABLISHMENT ACTIONSReport of the Committee on Establishment and Project ReviewChristopher Booth, Vice ChairA.APPLICATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF HEALTH CAREFACILITIESCATEGORY 1:Applications Recommended for Approval – No Issues or Recusals,Abstentions/InterestsCON ApplicationsAcute Care Service – Construction1.Exhibit #3NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation111284 CMemorial Hospital for Cancer andAllied Diseases(Westchester County)Contingent Approval1

Residential Health Care Facilities Ventilator Beds – ConstructionExhibit #4NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.071126 CWayne Center for Nursing &Rehabilitation, LLC(Bronx County)Contingent Approval2.091039 CPalm Gardens Care Center, LLCd/b/a Palm Gardens Center forNursing and Rehabilitation(Kings County)Contingent Approval3.092131 CSilvercrest Center for Nursing andRehabilitation(Queens County)Contingent Approval4.101087 CFlushing Manor Geriatric Center,Inc. d/b/aDr. William O. Benenson RehabPavilion(Queens County)Contingent ApprovalCATEGORY 2:Applications Recommended for Approval with the Following: PHHPC Member Recusals Without Dissent by HSA Without Dissent by Establishment and Project Review CommitteeCON ApplicationsResidential Health Care Facilities Ventilator Beds – ConstructionExhibit #5NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.111070 CIsabella Geriatric Center, Inc.(New York County)Dr. Berliner – RecusalContingent Approval2.091021 CParkshore Health Care, LLC d/b/aFour Seasons Nursingand Rehabilitation Center(Kings County)Mr. Fensterman – RecusalContingent Approval3.092166 CEastchester Rehabilitation andHealth Care Center, LLC(Bronx County)Contingent Approval2

Mr. Fensterman – RecusalCATEGORY 3:Applications Recommended for Approval with the Following: No PHHPC Member Recusals Establishment and Project Review Committee Dissent, or Contrary Recommendations by HSANO APPLICATIONSCATEGORY 4: Applications Recommended for Approval with the Following: PHHPC Member Recusals Establishment and Project Review Committee Dissent, or Contrary Recommendation by HSANO APPLICATIONSCATEGORY 5:Applications Recommended for Disapproval by OHSM orEstablishment and Project Review Committee - with or withoutRecusalsResidential Health Care Facilities Ventilator Beds – ConstructionExhibit #6NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.031039 CBronx Center for Rehabilitation &Health Care, LLC(Bronx County)Mr. Fensterman – RecusalDisapproval2.071010 CLong Island Care Center, Inc.(Queens County)Mr. Fensterman- RecusalDisapproval3.092002 CPromenade Nursing Home, Inc.d/b/a Promenade Rehabilitationand Health Care Center(Queens County)Mr. Fensterman – RecusalDisapproval4.101016 CFort Tryon Rehabilitation &Health Care Facility, LLCd/b/a Fort Tryon Center forRehabilitation and Nursing(New York County)Mr. Fensterman – RecusalDisapproval3

5.111174 CSheepshead Nursing &Rehabilitation Center, LLC(Kings County)Mr. Fensterman – RecusalDisapproval6.062217 CFieldston Operating, LLC d/b/aFieldston Lodge Care Center(Bronx County)Disapproval7.062380 CCliffside Nursing Home, Inc.,d/b/a Cliffside Rehabilitation& Residential Health Care Center(Queens County)Disapproval8.082176 CLutheran Augustana Center forExtended Care andRehabilitation, Inc.(Kings County)DisapprovalCardiac Services – Construction1.Exhibit #7NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation052112 CSisters of Charity Hospital(Erie County)DisapprovalCATEGORY 6: Applications for Individual Consideration/DiscussionCON ApplicationsCardiac Services – ConstructionExhibit #8NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.102142 CMount St. Mary’s Hospital andHealth Center(Niagara County)Mr. Booth- InterestNo Recommendation2.102143 CMercy Hospital of Buffalo(Niagara County)Mr. Booth- InterestNo Recommendation3.102151 CNiagara Falls Memorial MedicalCenter(Niagara County)Mr. Booth- InterestNo Recommendation4

4.102152 CBuffalo General Hospital(Erie County)Mr. Booth- InterestAcute Care Service – Construction1.B.No RecommendationExhibit #9NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation111531 CLenox Hill Hospital(New York County)Mr. Fensterman – RecusalMr. Kraut - RecusalNo RecommendationAPPLICATIONS FOR ESTABLISHMENT ANDCONSTRUCTION OF HEALTH CARE FACILITIESCATEGORY 1:Applications Recommended for Approval – No Issues or Recusals,Abstentions/InterestsCON ApplicationsAmbulatory Surgery Centers – Establish/ConstructExhibit #10NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.102452 BFromer LLC Eye Surgery Centerof New York(Bronx County)Contingent Approval2.111277 BAvicenna ASC, Inc.(Bronx County)Contingent Approval3.111421 EDigestive Diseases Diagnostic andTreatment Center(Kings County)Contingent Approval4.111502 BHudson Valley Center, LLC(Westchester County)Contingent ApprovalResidential Health Care Facility – 3 BSamaritan Senior Village(Jefferson County)5Exhibit #11E.P.R.C. Recommendation

CATEGORY 2:Applications Recommended for Approval with the Following: PHHPC Member Recusals Without Dissent by HSA Without Dissent by Establishment and Project Review CommitteeCON ApplicationsAmbulatory Surgery Centers – Establish/ConstructExhibit #12NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.111506 ENYSCQ, LLC d/b/a New YorkSurgery Center of Queens(Queens County)Dr. Sullivan – AbstainingContingent Approval2.101158 BEMK ASC, LLC d/b/a New YorkAmbulatory Surgery, LLC(Queens County)Dr. Sullivan – AbstainingContingent Approval3.111409 BFlushing GI, LLC(Queens County)Dr. Sullivan - AbstainingContingent ApprovalDiagnostic and Treatment Centers – Establish/ConstructExhibit #13NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.111218 BJericho Road Ministries, Inc.d/b/a Jericho Road CommunityHealth Center(Erie County)Mr. Booth – InterestContingent Approval2.111390 BChristian Health Service ofSyracuse(Onondaga County)Mr. Booth - InterestContingent ApprovalDialysis Center – Establish/Construct1.Exhibit #14NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation111503 BPark Slope DialysisManagement, LLCd/b/a Prospect Park DialysisCenter (Kings County)Dr. Bhat – RecusalContingent Approval6

Mr. Fensterman - RecusalResidential Health Care Facility – Establish1.NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation112014 ESV Operating Three, LLCd/b/a Verrazano Center forRehabilitation and SpecialtyHealthcare(Richmond County)Mr. Fensterman - RecusalContingent ApprovalContinuing Care Retirement Community – Establish1.Exhibit #15Exhibit #16NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation111285 EWoodland Pond at New Paltz(Ulster County)Dr. Berliner – RecusalContingent ApprovalHOME HEALTH AGENCY LICENSURESExhibit #17NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1717-LAdvanced Home Care Services,Inc.(New York, Kings, Queens,Bronx, and Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1903-LAngel Care, Inc.(New York, Bronx, Richmond,Kings, Queens and NassauCounties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1827-LBethesda Elite Care, Inc.(Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester,Queens, Kings, New York, Bronx,and Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1794-LC.P.R. Home Care, Inc. d/b/a CityWide Home Care(Bronx, Kings, New York andQueens Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval7

1674-LIdeal Home Health, Inc.(Bronx, Kings, Queens, New Yorkand Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – Interest2018-LLongevity Health Services, LLCContingent Approval(Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York,Queens, and Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – Interest2007-LMagic Home Care, LLC(Kings, Queens and RichmondCounties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1742-LMajestic Touch Home CareServices, Inc.(Kings, Queens, New York,Bronx, and Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1860-LMost Excellent Home CareAgency, Inc.(New York, Bronx, Kings, Nassauand Queens Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1804-LNannies for Grannies, Inc.(Nassau, Suffolk and QueensCounties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1764-LNew Universal Home Care, Inc.(Bronx, New York, Richmond,Kings and Queens Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1695-LPeconic Landing Home HealthServices(Suffolk County)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1825-LSweet Sunshine Home HealthCare Agency, Inc.(Bronx, Kings, New York, Queensand Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval8Contingent Approval

2009-LZLC Senior Care, Inc.(Nassau, Suffolk and QueensCounties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1896-LAlternate Staffing, Inc.(Bronx, Kings, New York,Queens, and Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1879-LCudley’s Home Care Services,Contingent ApprovalInc.(Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York,Queens and Richmond Counties)Ms. Regan – Interest1871-LUtopia Home Care, Inc.Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings,Bronx, New York, Richmond, andWestchester Counties)Ms. Regan – InterestContingent Approval1743-LInnovative Services, Inc., d/b/aUpstate Home Care(See exhibit for counties served)Mr. Booth – InterestMs. Hines – InterestContingent ApprovalCATEGORY 3:Applications Recommended for Approval with the Following: No PHHPC Member Recusals Establishment and Project Review Committee Dissent, or Contrary Recommendations by or HSANO APPLICATIONSCATEGORY 4: Applications Recommended for Approval with the Following: PHHPC Member Recusals Establishment an Project Review Committee Dissent, or Contrary Recommendation by HSANO APPLICATIONSCATEGORY 5:Applications Recommended for Disapproval by OHSM orEstablishment and Project Review Committee - with or withoutRecusals9

NO APPLICATIONSCATEGORY 6: Applications for Individual Consideration/DiscussionCertified Home Health Agencies – Establish/ConstructExhibit #18NumberApplicant/FacilityE.P.R.C. Recommendation1.111529 EL. Woerner, Inc. d/b/a HCR(Cortland County)Mr. Booth – RecusalMs. Hines – RecusalNo Recommendation2.112025 EL. Woerner, Inc. d/b/a HCR(Madison County)Mr. Booth – RecusalMs. Hines – RecusalNo Recommendation***Break for Lunch***10

V.REPORT OF DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ACTIVITIESA. Report of the Department of HealthNirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., Commissioner of HealthB.Report of the Office of Public Health ActivitiesDr. Guthrie Birkead, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Public HealthC. Report of the Office of Health Systems Management ActivitiesRichard Cook, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Health Systems ManagementVI.HEALTH POLICYReport on the Activities of the Committee on Health PlanningJohn Rugge, M.D., Chair of the Health Planning CommitteeVII.PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICESReport on the Activities of the Committee on Public HealthJo Ivey Boufford, M.D., Chair of the Public Health Committee\VIII.REGULATIONReport of the Committee on Codes, Regulations and LegislationAngel Gutiérrrez, M.D., ChairFor Emergency AdoptionAmendment to 10 NYCRR Section 401.2 to permit the Commissioner of the Under SeparateDepartment of Health to allow an operator of a facility licensed under Public HCoverLaw Article 28 to operate at a site not designated on its operating certificate otemporary basis due to an emergencyIX .PROFESSIONALReport of the Committee on Health Personnel and Interprofessional RelationsDr. Theodore Strange, ChairOne CaseX .NEXT MEETINGNovember 17, 2011 – Committee Day (Albany Marriott)December 8, 2011 – Full Council (Albany Marriott)11


State of New YorkPublic Health and Health Planning CouncilMinutesJune 16, 2011The first meeting of the Public Health and Health Planning Council was held on Friday,June 16, 2011, at the New York State Department of Health, 90 Church Street, Rooms 4A and 4B,New York, New York. Chairman, Dr. William Streck, presided.COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:Dr. William Streck, ChairDr. Howard BerlinerDr. Jodumutt BhatMr. Michael FasslerMr. Howard FenstermanDr. Carla Boutin-FosterDr. Angel GutierrezMs. Victoria HinesMr. Robert HurlbutMr. Art LevinDr. Glenn MartinDr. John PalmerMs. Susan ReganMr. Peter RobinsonDr. John RuggeDr. Ann Marie Theresa SullivanDr. Anderson TorresDr. Patsy YangCommissioner Shah (ex-officio)DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH STAFF PRESENT:Ms. Karen LipsonMr. Keith McCarthy (Albany via video)Ms. Allison MuseMs. Linda Rush (Albany via video)Mr. Douglas Sackett (Albany via video)Mr. Robert SchmidtMs. Kelly SeebaldMr. Michael StoneMs. Lisa ThomsonMs. Karen WesterveltMr. Charles AbelDr. Guthrie BirkheadMr. Richard CookMr. Christopher DelkerMr. James DeringMs. Colleen FrostMs. Sandy HaffMs. Mary Ellen Hennessy (Albany via video)Ms. Gloria Jimpson (Albany via video)1

OBSERVERS PRESENT:Mr. Andrew Blatt, Pinnacle Health ConsultantsMr. Irvin Brum, Ruskin, Moscou, FaltischekMs. Joan Camera, NJC ManagementMr. Frank M. Cicero, Cicero AssociatesMr. Gregory GrantMr. Jerry Levy, Duane MorrisMr. Jackson Knowlton, Empire Health AdvisorsKeith Kinnally, Kinnally Associates\Ms. Shari LissMs. Liz Misa, Hinman, StraubMs. Karen Roach, HANYSKim Lee Roldan-SanchezMr. Thomas Quinn, Community General HospitalMr. Robert Shapiro, Pinnacle Health ConsultantsMs. Susan Waltman, GNYHAINTRODUCTION:Dr. Streck called the meeting to order and welcomed Commissioner Shah along withCouncil members, meeting participants and observers.Dr. Streck informed the meeting participants that the meeting would be broadcast overthe internet which would give greater access to the public.Next, Dr. Streck reminded the audience that the New York State Temporary Commissionon Lobbying is requiring that a form be filled out before entering the meeting room whichrecords their attendance.MEETING OVERVIEW:Dr. Streck gave a brief overview of what would be covered at the Council meeting.Dr. Streck then introduced Commissioner Shah to give a report of the Department ofHealth Activities.REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ACTIVITIES:Commissioner Shah began his report by welcoming the members and thanking them fortheir time and effort that is required to attend, prepare and participate in these meetings2

Health Benefit ExchangeCommissioner Shah explained that transforming health care in New York Statespecifically is particularly important in the context of Federal Health Reform. Federal HealthReform will introduce many more players to the system including a large number of patientsnow insured under the new policies. On June 13th, Governor Cuomo introduced a bill that wouldestablish a health benefit exchange to fulfill New York's commitment under the FederalAffordable Care Act. The Governor's legislation would establish a single exchange in New Yorkthat would be centralized, customer service oriented and it would be a marketplace forindividuals, small groups to purchase qualified health plans, receive eligibility and subsidydetermination, and be enrolled in a wide range of coverage options.Major StagesCommissioner Shah noted where he sees health care moving in this new century. Rightnow we are experiencing a paradigm shift from a reactive system in health care to a moreproactive preventive approach toward providing care. The Department has to recognize that theold model of providing care for the last five decades has failed us on access, quality, and cost.Old medicine focused on the terminal stages of disease, consuming an inordinate amount ofhealth care spending. 25 to 30 percent of all Medicare dollars are spent on the last year of life.We must also consider that behavioral choices account for 40 percent of preventable death. Thatmeans, whether we choose to eat, exercise or smoke that results in four out of ten deaths that arepreventable in the United States. The Department is working hard to bring that public health andhealth care delivery system together. In order to build a truly 21 Century health care system, weas a Council, must think about how we can integrate public health priority into how we organizeand deliver health care services.Commissioner Shah stated that he sees the paths of health care delivery in public healtheach have had three major stages so far. The first stage that I call Health Care 1.0 focused ontaking care of the sick and was heavy on emergency department use. This proved to beuncoordinated and fragmented with multiple clinical records and lagging on quality, cost andperformance transparency. Health care 2.0, which is where we are now, is focused had onincreasing access, coverage and transparency in cost and quality performance. Health care 2.1 isresult oriented and features accountable provider network designed around the patient, with afocus on care management and prevention. This is an improvement over the old system, butmuch work still needs to be done. The next stage, Health Care 3.0, is patient centered, alignedincentive with wellness, coordinates networks with communities, rapidly deploys best practicesand integrates the public health perspective in to primary care and prevention. Right now we aremoving from Health Care 2.0 to Health Care 3.0 from a less reactive acute inpatient model ofcare to a more proactive integrated system.3

MedicaidNext, Commissioner Shah explained that under Governor Cuomo's leadership, theDepartment has already taken major steps toward transforming the health care system with theredesign of the state Medicaid program. Governor Cuomo had said that New York can no longerdo business as usual. He recognized that our state Medicaid system was unsustainable on a longterm, and frankly, on the short-term. It was also clear that New York wasn't getting qualityhealth care commensurate with its investment at more than 50 billion a year. New York spendsmore than twice the national average on Medicaid on a per capita basis, and spending perenrollee is the second highest in the nation. The problem is that the state ranks 21st out of allstates for an overall health system quality, and ranks last among all states for avoidable hospitaluse and cost. The Governor's mission is make health care more affordable, efficient and focusedon improving health outcomes.Dr. Shah advised that shortly after taking office in January, the Governor broughttogether the key stakeholders on the Medicaid Redesign Team, and to create an effective process,more reform that promotes transparency and garners support from New Yorker. A majority ofthe recommendations were advanced in the state budget this year. Medicaid is the single largestpayer for health care services in New York, covering four million New Yorkers, it influences thedelivery of care of health care throughout the state and across the system. Medicaid redesignwill provide innovative models of care that increase the quality and safe money. Expansion ofthe Medical Home Model is one example under the new state budget. Over the next three yearsMedical Home Model of cares will be expanded to include an additional one million patients inthe Medicaid program. Over the long-term, enhance reimbursement for Medical Home will beoffset by reduced spend associated with better outcomes and fewer avoidable hospitalizations.New York currently spends 1.4 billion annually on avoidable hospitalization, the highest in thecountry. The Department expects to get that number down as New Yorkers move to moreMedical Homes. The transformation of health care will have an impact not only on how wedeliver health care, but where we deliver health care. To a great extent, our current systemfocuses on acute care centered on the hospitals of yesterday, the tower like multi-story structurethat was built with hundreds of accessing patient beds at times. The hospital of the future ischanging, hospitals could be an emergency room with an Operating Room above it and an ICUabove that. Patients move to the nursing homes of the future, which are not residential

Oct 06, 2011 · 1 STATE OF NEW YORK . PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. AGENDA . October 6, 2011 . 10:30 a.m. 90 Church Street . 4. th Floor, Room