The Complete MRP Inventory Accounting Package


pc/MRPThe complete MRP Inventory Accounting Packagepc/MRP allows companies to implement a major MRP system at a reasonable price ISO 9000 Vendor and Customer Performance ReportingHundreds of users can enter, edit, display and print out data simultaneouslyMillions of records per database file without any significant loss in speedManages multi-level indented BOMs (up to 100 levels deep)Supports download of Internet orders into pc/MRP’s Sales ModuleStockroom Module allows accurate issuing and tracking of inventoryInfinite Bucket MRP Module provides Push Pull, Visual Time Lines, etc.Digital Images, Serial/Lot Numbers, Bar Coding, ISO 9000, RoHS, Where UsedSupports Standard, Average and FIFO Costs, Drill Down Transaction ReportingSupports Unlimited Active Accounting Periods, Lockout Dates, Credit & Debit memosCompatible with Excel, Access, QuickBooks, UPS, FedEx, and ShopSiteInexpensive (less than 3,000.00 with QuickBooks Interface Infinite Bucket MRP)

pc/MRP Standard Modules Overviewpc/MRP is a fully integrated MRP/Accounting program for Windows. pc/MRP comescomplete with the followingeleven integrated modules: Address bookInventoryPurchasingReceivingSales OrderWork OrderInvoicingShipmentsBills of MaterialsStock RoomAccounting (GL, AP, AR)Companies can use pc/MRP’sAccounting Module orQuickBooks for theiraccounting needs.pc/MRP Optional Modules Overviewpc/MRP has eighteen optional modules that can be activated to enhance the efficiencyof your company. The optional modules include: Alternate CurrencyAudit TrailCorporate ReportingCustomer Bulk EmailerEngineering Change NoticeEmployee Time TrackingEDI Import & ExportInfinite Bucket MRPInspectionsPasswordPurchase Request/QuoteQuickBooks ExportRoutingSales AnalysisSales QuoteSerial/Lot TrackingTask Manager and TicklerWeb Orders

pc/MRP Optional QuickBooks Interface ModuleInitially, pc/MRP importscustomers, vendors andpart numbers fromQuickBooks into pc/MRP.From then on all newcustomers, vendors, partnumbers, bills ofmaterials, stockroomtransactions, POs,receivers, sales orders,work orders and invoicesare entered into pc/MRP.pc/MRP invoices andreceivers are exported toQuickBooks.If QuickBooks does notcontain the part number,customer, or vendor listed on the invoice or receiver it is also exported into QuickBooks.When exporting invoices, pc/MRP debits and credits the following QuickBooks accountsAR, Cost of Goods Sold, Business Income, Inventory, Sales Tax Liability, FreightIncome, Sales Discount, Gross Wage Expense and Overhead (if labor is included in theBOM).When exporting receivers, pc/MRP debits and credits the following QuickBooksaccounts AP, Inventory/Expense, and Freight Expense. An accountant must edit areceiver and add the vendor invoice number to it before it can be exported.pc/MRP is the base program, used to control inventory, generate purchase orders,receivers, work orders, stockroom transactions, sales orders and invoices.QuickBooks is used as the accounting module to make deposits, pay bills, print financialstatements, generate credit and debit memos.pc/MRP is compatible with the U.S. versions of QuickBooks Pro 2003 and above,Premiere 2003 and above, and Enterprise 2003 and above. pc/MRP supports and iscompatible with the following QuickBooks features Classes and Sub-Classes, Accountsand Sub-Accounts, Credit Limits, Lockout Dates, Items and Sub-items, Single andMultiple Tax Vendors.

pc/MRP Inventory Modulepc/MRP’s Inventory Module contains the costs, price qty breaks, on hand qtys, WIP qtysand other vital information for each part number. Advanced features include: Digital images/DocumentsAverage, Std, FIFO costingVendor price qty breaksCustomer price qty breaksPrice qty breaks from WEBCycle countsPhysical inventoriesInventory value for any dateMean Time Between FailureWhere usedSerial Lot NumbersInspection CriteriaWEB Store SynchronizationAlternate CurrencyRoHS (lead free)Outside and Inside LaborQuickBooks PN, AccountsLink Drawings and PDFspc/MRP Address Book Modulepc/MRP’s Address Book Module contains vital customer/vendor information. Advancedfeatures include: Large 6 Line AddressesBilling/Shipping/RemittancePop up messagesOptional TicklerDisplay MapEmailAutom. Credit Card proc.Unlimited CommentsCustomer balanceAverage days to payView/Print any DocumentLink DOCs and PDFsQuickBooks IDCRM Informationo Sourceo Salesmano Territory/Regiono Credit Limit

pc/MRP Purchasing Modulepc/MRP’s Purchasing Module allows users to enter, edit, duplicate and print outpurchase orders and reports. pc/MRP’s Purchasing Module supports the followingadvanced features: Display/Print/Fax/EmailBlanket Purchase OrdersLarge 6 Line AddressesRemittance AddressSelectable Terms/ConditionsUnlimited Comments/Line ItemCustom Boiler PlateDuplicate PO OptionAudit On-order quantitiesAuto select price/qty breakDisplay MapOptional Tickler, Alt CurrencyOver 100 Reports including:o ISO 9000 Vendoro PPVo Optional Push Pullpc/MRP Sales Order Modulepc/MRP’s Sales Order Module allows users to enter, edit, duplicate and print out salesorders and reports. pc/MRP’s Sales Order Module supports the following advancedfeatures: Display/Print/Fax/EmailBlanket Sales OrdersLarge 6 Line AddressesBill to, Ship to AddressesUnlimited Comments/Line ItemCustom Boiler PlateDuplicate Sales Order OptionAudit On-demand quantitiesAuto select price/qty breakDisplay MapSupports download of Internetorders Over 100 Reports including:o ISO 9000 Customero Open Back Ordero Sales Commissionso Cost of Sales

pc/MRP Stockroom Modulepc/MRP’s Stockroom Module is used to issue parts/sub-assys to sales and work ordersand receive back the completed assemblies from manufacturing. pc/MRP’s StockroomModule supports the following advanced features: Issue Assys/Parts to mfgReceive back completed AssysReceive back partial quantitiesTrack shortagesIssue makeup shortagesTransfer between areasCheck Availability OptionConvert Parts to Assys OptionMax Potential Build OptionAdjust Bin Qtys during IssueReceive back unused partsAdjust on hand quantitiesHandles breakageHandles parts not on BOMAudit WIP Optionpc/MRP Accounting ModuleCompanies can use pc/MRP’s Accounting Module or QuickBooks for their AccountingModule. pc/MRP’s Accounting Module supports the following advanced features: Multilevel Chart of AccountsLockout DateMonth/YTD Budget w VarianceRe-close/Reprint Prior PeriodsDivisions/DepartmentCredit & Debit MemosElectronic Funds TransfersDrill Down OptionCheck ReconciliationCash ProjectionsCost of SalesAverage/Std/FIFO CostingAutomatic Debiting/CreditingPeriodic/Perpetual Inventory

pc/MRP Invoice Modulepc/MRP’s Invoice Module allows users to enter, edit, and print out invoices, shippers,labels and invoice reports. pc/MRP’s Invoice Module supports the following advancedfeatures: Display/Print/Fax/Email InvoicesInvoice partial Sales Order QtysLarge Bill to Ship to AddressesUnlimited Comments/Line ItemCustom Boiler PlateDisplay MapOptional Tickler, Alt CurrencyPrint LabelsEach line item can containunique:o Tax Rateo Discounto Due Dateo Salesmano Sales Commissionpc/MRP Receiving Modulepc/MRP’s Receiving Module allows users to enter, edit, and print out receivers, labelsand receiver reports. pc/MRP’s Receiver Module supports the following advancedfeatures: Display/Print/Fax/Email ReceiversReceive partial PO QuantitiesLarge 6 line AddressesUnlimited Comments/Line ItemDisplay MapOptional Tickler, Alt CurrencyEach line item can contain unique:o Tax Rateo Discounto Due Date

pc/MRP Optional Routing Modulepc/MRP’s Routing Module allows users to track the location of sales/work orders on themanufacturing floor. pc/MRP’s Routing Module supports the following advancedfeatures: Up to 25 user definable workareas. Issuing parts to manufacturing fora sales/work order automaticallycreates a routing record. Moving product into the finishedgoods area automaticallyincrements the onhand quantity offinished goods and decrementsWIP quantities. Enter WS Value PercentagesPrint Reportspc/MRP Optional Employee/Time Sheet Modulepc/MRP’s Employee/Time Sheet Module allows companies to track the actual labor costof sales and work orders. pc/MRP’s Employee/Time Sheet Module supports thefollowing advanced features: Accounting can create andmanage employee records for payrates, date hired, vacation hours,sick hours, state and federalwithholding amounts. Accounting and/or individuals cancreate and manage employeetime sheets. Accounting can print out actuallabor hours and costs for asales/work order from the timesheet report module.

pc/MRP Optional Infinite Bucket MRP Modulepc/MRP’s Infinite Bucket MRP Module allows users to generate MRP Action Items (PO,Buy, Issue, Make, Sale) and generate MRP Reports. Advanced features include: Push Pull ReportsSales Quotes wprobabilitiesVisual Time Line ReportsConsumable Work OrdersDedicated Work OrdersAuto PO Creation OptionPO/Buy reports by BuyerMachine/Labor hoursVisual Purchasing GraphsRecommends best vendorConsolidated reportso Dailyo Weeklyo Monthlyo Quarterlypc/MRP Optional Inspection Modulepc/MRP's Inspection Module allows users to create global inspection requirement by: Editing a part or assemblyClicking on the InspectionCriteria buttonSpecifying when an inspectionrecord will be created anddisplayed (received,manufactured, invoiced and/orshipped)Specifying what criteria will beused to inspect it.View/edit/print inspectionrecordsPrint/display inspection reportsLink the Certificate ofCompliance (.PDF)

pc/MRP Bills of Materials Modulepc/MRP’s Bills of Materials Module allows users to enter and edit bills of materials up to100 levels deep. Users can print out Where Used Reports, Costed, Uncosted,Exploded, and Single Level BOMs. pc/MRP’s Bills of Material Module supports thefollowing advanced features: Digital imagesDrill down/up thru BOMsWhere used reportsAlternate Part NumbersCosted/Uncosted BOMsExploded/Single Level BOMsExploded/Single Level PIC ListStaging BinsAverage/Std/Last PO CostsPhantom BOMsInside Labor ItemsOutside Labor ItemsCost Roll Up (Ave, Std, Last)Unlimited ReferencedesignatorsMean Time Between FailureMinimum Requirements:Windows 98 or higher256 MB RAMCD ROM or Internet Connectionpc/MRP QuickBooksAdvisor/Client TrainingDave Zich, DMSCO 800-277-0039Pat Carson, Carson & Crew 408-445-6100Reseller Program Availablepc/MRP SalesSoftware Arts Inc.6830 Via Del Oro, Suite 109San Jose CA 95119-1353Phone: 408-226-7321Fax: 408-226-8435Website: www.pcmrp.come-mail:

pc/MRP QuickBooks Advisor/Client Training Dave Zich, DMSCO 800-277-0039 Pat Carson, Carson & Crew 408-445-6100 Reseller Program Available pc/MRP Sales Software Arts Inc. 6830 Via Del Oro, Suite 109 San Jose CA 95119-1353 Phone: 408-226-7321 Fax: 408-226-8435 Websit