Edition No. 6477884 Irish Avenue S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016August/September/October 2015St. Paul Chapter E-mail address: tcfstpaul2012@comcast.netTCF National Office, P.O. Box 3696, Oak Brook, IL 60522 Phone # (toll free) 877.969.0010The St. Paul Chaptermeets the 2nd Thursday ofeach month atBeaver Lake Lutheran Church2280 Stillwater Avenue;Maplewood, Minnesota7:00 PM – 9:00 PMFor chapter information callSandy at (763) 228-2393Chapter Website:www.stpaulcompassionatefriends.orgChapter Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/TCFStPaulMEETING TOPICS(We do not stay on the topiconly; we will discusswhatever is on your mind)AUG 13: Summer’s End/Backto School/Change of SeasonsSEPT 10: ANNUALBALLOON RELEASE (Seefurther information on page 4)OCTOBER: The HolidaysAheadThe Compassionate Friends, Inc. is a mutual assistance, self-helporganization offering friendship, understanding, and hope to bereavedfamilies. Anyone who has experienced the death of a child of any age,from any cause is welcome. Our meetings give parents an opportunityto talk about their child and about their feelings as they go throughthe grieving process. There is no religious affiliation. There are nomembership dues. The purpose of this support group is not to focuson the cause of death or the age of the child, as it is to focus on beinga bereaved parent, along with the feelings and issues that evolvearound the death experience of a child.The Mission of The Compassionate Friends: When a child dies, atany age, the family suffers intense pain and may feel hopeless andisolated. The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort,hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or adaughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps othersbetter assist the grieving family.TO OUR NEW MEMBERSWe recognize that it takes great courage to come to the first meeting,whether you are a bereaved parent, sibling or grandparent of onemonth or many years. You are welcome to bring a friend or relativefor moral support if you wish. You will find that it is all right to cryand to laugh, to share how you feel or just listen. You do not have totalk at a meeting if you don’t wish to. We welcome your participation,but it is not a requirement.TO OUR MEMBERS FURTHER DOWN THE “GRIEF ROAD”Each meeting we have new parents, siblings and grandparents. THINKBACK – what would it have been like for you at your first meeting ifthere had not been any TCF “veterans” to welcome you, share yourgrief, encourage you and tell you, “Your pain will not always be thisbad.” We welcome your presence and support!INFORMATION REGARDING OUR MEETINGSThis is YOUR group and we are here to support each other. Ourmeetings are open to bereaved parents, adult siblings, grandparents,or adult family members such as aunts or uncles. We hope you willfind our meetings and newsletters to be a comfort, a place wheretears are allowed, no judgments are made, and, in time, that you canonce again find hope and meaning in life.TCF Regional Conference –Rochester, MN October 2-4,2015 – Details Inside!YOU NEED NOT WALK ALONE.WE ARE THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS.

OTHER SUPPORT GROUPSST. PAUL CHAPTER INFORMATIONChapter Leader/MN Regional Coordinator:Cathy Seehuetter - 651.459.9341Chapter Co-Leader: Kim Pietruszewski - 507.351.4042Steering Committee: Carol & Ralph Bauman, AnneCastaneda, Kim Pietruszewski, Cliff & Sandy Romberg,Cathy SeehuetterRefreshment Coordinator: Carol BaumanTreasurer: Greg SeehuetterWebmaster: Kim PietruszewskiNewsletter Editor: Cathy SeehuetterLibrary: Carol BaumanSpecial Events Coordinator: Kim PietruszewskiFacilitators: Cliff Romberg & Cathy SeehuetterRemembrance Cards: Colleen Hines1st Contact: Sandy RombergNew Member Outreach: Cori ClaughertySibling Contact: Alyssa FrankMailing/Folding Newsletters: Carol & Ralph BaumanChapter Professional Advisor: Lara Shea; KokFuneral HomeTELEPHONE FRIENDSWhen you need to talk, they are your listeningears ACCIDENTAL/SUDDENDEATH:(Kim) 507.351.4042ILLNESS(Jeanne) . .651.253.8634ONLYCHILD (Kathy) 651.426.2446INFANT LOSS(Deanna) . .715.553.3877(Ben) . 715.553.3490CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS (Colleen) 651.788.7885SIBLING LOSS: (Alyssa) 763.228.1389TODDLER LOSS:(Angela) .970.568.6001SUICIDE:(Cathy). .651.459.9341GRANDCHILD LOSS: (Carol & Ralph). 651.739.7058OCCUPATION-RELATED LOSS: (Sandy)763.228.2393STEPPARENT LOSS:(Cliff) 651.528.6073SUBSTANCE-RELATED LOSS(Anne) 651.328.4771OTHER TCF AREA CHAPTERS(www.compassionatefriends.org for chapterlocators)MINNEAPOLIS: NEW MEETING LOCATION! Meetsthe 3rd Monday of every month at St. Joseph ParishCommunity; 8701 – N. 36th Ave; New Hope, MN 55427.Contact Carol at 763.542.8528 for more info.APPLE VALLEY: Meets at 7:00 p.m. on the thirdTuesday of each month at Shepherd of the ValleyLutheran Church, 12650 Johnny Cake Rd, Apple Valley.Call Susan at 651.683.9236 for further chapterinformation.NEW CHAPTER – WELCOME!FOREST LAKE Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month atForest Lake Senior Center Lounge; 767 – 4th St SW;Forest Lake, MN 55025. Call Sue at 763-242-3528for further information.THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDSTCF .toll free: 1.877.969.0010E-mail: nationaloffice@compassionatefriends.orgNational Website: www.compassionatefriends.orgSUICIDESurvivors of Suicide 612.922.5830Suicide Awareness/Voices of Education.952.946.7998www.SAVE.orgNATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE:1-800-273-TALK (8255)INFANT LOSSInfants Remembered In Silence, Inc. (IRIS)112 Third St. NEFaribault, MN 55021(507) 334-4748www.irisRemembers.comCHAPTER STEERING COMMITTEEThe St. Paul Chapterenthusiastically welcomesmembers who are interested inhelping with the work of thechapter and its direction. If youwould like to find out moreinformation about joining theSteering Committee, please call Cathy at 651.459.9341for the time and date of our next steering committeemeeting.Note from the Editor: Articles printed in thisnewsletter are reflective of the individual writers' viewsand not necessarily the opinion of the Editor or TCF. Aswe each grieve differently, we will also find differentthings to be helpful. Therefore, a variety of views,articles and poems are included in each newsletter toreach out to all of our readers.In accordance with the Principles of TheCompassionate Friends, "We treat what is said atmeetings as confidential and what we learn about eachother as privileged information." In order to protect theprivacy of our members, our database, e-mailaddresses, and mailing list is used for TCF purposesonly.We have a sibling contact person (see this page forAlyssa's phone number) but do not have a scheduledsibling meeting. However, siblings age 16 and over arealways welcome at our regular meetings, as well as tocontact Alyssa.National Suicide Prevention Day September 10, 2015Please light a candle near a window at 8 PM forall those who have died by suicideTHE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA CHAPTER OF THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDSAUGUST/SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015PAGE-2

OUR CHILDREN, SIBLINGS & GRANDCHILDRENLOVINGLY REMEMBEREDKeeping the families of our precious ones close in thought, sending them comfort and our loving support.LOVED MISSED REMEMBERED ON THEIR BIRTHDAY AND ALWAYS:AUGUST3rd5th7th9th11th12thBrett, son of Mark & Lonnie BohnenAimee, daughter of Marlys & Shane GoldsteinLaynie Amos, granddaughter of Tammy Weber,niece of Kati Pavek & Kari MilbergCarley Jean Bruening, daughter of Brenda BaumanBrandon, son of Juli SargentTravis, son of Theresa & Dave Kappel16th24th25th30th30th30thSheron Christine, daughter of Doris SarpongJohn Norman, son of Janet LundeenNicole, daughter of Joe & Denise KirbyLiam Wiggins, grandson of Lynne SullivanClara, daughter of Kati Pavek, granddaughter ofTammy Weber, niece of Kari MilbergMichael, son of Dawn & Mike FollmerSEPTEMBER3rdCaleb, son of Katrin & Dan Christensen4thKellie Kaye, daughter of Joannie Kemling9thErica Ann Wilson, daughter of Jo Verdon9thOliver, grandson of Sandy Beaver12th Pierre LaQue, son of LuAnn Meyer16th Jim, son of Anne & Tony Genia18th Karissa, daughter of Steve & Lou Neumann18th Andrea, daughter of Michelle Favilla20th24th24th24th24th27th28thNicholas, son of Susan TuomelaTony, son of Cheryl McColleyElizabeth, daughter of Corinne RockstadKristina (Nina) Westmoreland, daughter of Cathy & GregSeehuetter, sister of Lisa, Amy & Dan, granddaughter ofHarlan & Ellie PlumbConnor, son of Cathy CoudronJohn, son of Joe & Marlene Keyser, brother of Maureen JohnsonTimothy, son of Diane & Ken ell John, son of Joannie KemlingKeith Pearson, son of Mary PaulsonChris, son of Greg & Cathy SeehuetterMaren, daughter of Jeff & Jennifer KissellCindy, daughter of Lois JohnsonMike, son of Bonnie & Dan BoyumKathryn, daughter of Cindy FeaglerTrevor, son of Jim & Lori BuddCade, son of Dione & Jimmy Bailey18th Caitlin, daughter of Kathy Higgins, stepdaughterof Joan Dauphinee25th Chad, son of Peggy Hanson27th Erin, daughter of Colleen & David Hines28th Nolan, son of Liz Lambrecht29th Joshua Moon, son of Jennifer Wilebski & Steve Moon29th Kelly Jeanne Thompson, daughter of Jean & Bob Walz31st David, son of Nita & Paul Aasen31st Michael, son of Wendy LockhartFOREVER LOVED AND MISSED ON THEIR REMEMBRANCE DAYAUGUST3rd4th6th10th11th12th12th12th,15thAndrea, daughter of Michelle FavillaAdam, son of Mark & Linda Triplett, brother of KatrinaCindy, daughter of Lois JohnsonTravis, son of Dave & Theresa KappelBrandon, son of Juli SargentErin, daughter of Colleen ComoDavid, son of Jim Franzen, brother of Tom FranzenJesse, son of Dave RyanAllie, daughter of Bob & Nancy Snow3rd12th12th14th14th17thIan, son of Nancy and John PricePierre LaQue, son of LuAnn MeyerDavid, son of Jim Franzen, brother of Tom FranzenRobert, son of Janice & Mark BairdJennifer, daughter of Sue BroseStacey Tims Morgan, daughter of Rich avid, son of Peggy & Craig RiggsKarly Wahlin, daughter/stepdaughter of Lois & Gregg SwopeBrad Mathiesen, son and stepson of Sherry & Bob DaughertyCecelia, daughter of Kim & Charlie DuffyRyan, son of Cori ClaughertyLarry, son of Lois NymanKarissa, daughter of Lou & Steve NeumannPatrick Nicholson, son of Denise KiehneKerri Braun, daughter of Barb & Dave Deters20th Derek Beauclaire, son of Rhonda Donahue& grandson of Carol & Ralph Bauman21st Cade, son of Jimmy & Dione Bailey22nd Michael Jr., son of Carol & Mike Morgan27th Eric, son of Gary & Kay Yanka, brother of Stacy & Joe Kern27th Lauren, daughter of Mark & Diane Hanson27th Sarah, daughter of Jay & Lisa Thorsland30th T.J., son of Joseph FehringerOCTOBER1st Thomas, son of Wendy Lockhart3rd Bobby, son of Donna & Greg Land, brother of Sherilynn & Brent3rd Nathan, brother of Nina Montpetit6th Nolan, son of Liz Lambrecht7th Eli, son of Ben & Leah Kann9th Nicole, daughter of Denise & Joe Kirby10th Philip Anthony Franklin, son of Kathryn Bazoff12th Mitchell John, son of Joannie Kemling12th Noah, son of Angela Miller14th Tommy, son of Tom & Carol Nace15th Hannah Rose, daughter of Kim ZumMallen15th Walter Tessmer, son of Cheryl Senn(October dates continued on Page 4)THE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA CHAPTER OF THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDSAUGUST/SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015PAGE-3

October Remembrances continued from page 3:15th Michael David, son of Marcia & David Preller16th Joshua Moon, son of Jennifer Wilebski & SteveMoon17th Michael, son of Bonnie & Dan Boyum19th Sheron Christine, daughter of Doris Sarpong22nd Jacob, son of Tamra Young23rd Levi, son of Sue Ward23rd Tammy Marie Malcolm, daughter of Mary LouO’Connor“LOVE GIFTS” are tax-deductible donations given inmemory of our children or other loved ones by family,friends, or others who wish to helpwith the work of the St. Paul Chapter.Our chapter is self-supporting anddonations fund our chapter activities,such as meeting supplies and featuredspeakers; annual Candle Lighting andBalloon Release programs; specialevents; resources such as books, pamphlets andoutreach materials for the newly bereaved families;postage and printing for newsletters and flyers, meetingsupplies, and much more. Our chapter would not existwithout your help. Thank you very much. Wesincerely appreciate your support!!!“Love Gifts” were given in loving memory by thefollowing: Ronele & Jerry Janes for daughter, Ann-MarieLonnie Bohnen for son, BrettMary Ann Pojar for son, John & daughter-in-law,LizJulie & Don Larson for son, GregoryBob & Jeanne Walz for daughter, Kelly JeanneThompsonGreg & Cathy Seehuetter for daughter, NinaWestmoreland & son, Chris SeehuetterKim Pietruszewski for daughter, Hannah RoseZumMallenCheryl Vonarx for Nina WestmorelandDave & Cindy Ryan for son, JesseCliff & Sandy Romberg for son/stepson, JesseFrankJan & Phil Navarro for son, PhillipDiane Nelson for children, Danette & JoeyAllen & Kathy Lesnau for son, CharlieJames Franzen for son, DavidJanet Lundeen for son, John NormanJerry Kressin for sister, JoAnnMarilyn Schlosser, Sharon Urban, DianeWhitmore, Colleen Stabeck, Vickie Enstad,andKok Funeral Home in honor of Cathy SeehuetterCarol Konkle for her daughter Julia A. BartlettBen & Deanna Wheeler for son, River DanielCori Claugherty for son, RyanColleen & David Hines for daughter, ErinThe printing and postage for this newsletteris sponsored by Craig & Peggy Riggs in lovingmemory of their son, David“David, you continue to shine bright in our mindsand in our hearts. You have touched the lives ofmore people than you could ever know.”Love from your familySPONSORING A NEWSLETTEROur chapter members have an opportunity to remembertheir child, sibling, or grandchild by sponsoring theprinting and/or postage of an edition of our newsletter.The newsletter is our chapter's largest expense (mailed4 times a year), yet one of our most important ways ofoutreach and support for our present and futuremembers.- Cost of printing the newsletter: approximately 175- Cost of postage: ap

Funeral Home TELEPHONE FRIENDS When you need to talk, they are your listening . daughter of Barb & Dave Deters SEPTEMBER 3rd Ian, son of Nancy and John Price 20th Derek Beauclaire, son of Rhonda Donahue 12th Pierre LaQue, son of LuAnn Meyer & grandson of Carol & Ralph Bauman 12th David, son of Jim Franzen, brother of Tom Franzen 21st Cade, son of Jimmy & Dione Bailey 14th