Summer Term Courses Will Go Completely Online


Summer Term Courses Will Go Completely OnlineThe Summer Term will begin on May 18 and all courses will be conducted inan online/remote format. Class modifications are underway and more detailedcommunications will be coming soon. For information about Summer Termregistration, click here.

How CNM Dual Credit Classes are Helping High School Students Stayon Track for CollegeHopefully the world never sees another pandemic like the current one, but ifwe do, both Kimberlee Contreras and Samantha Carrillo will likely be on thefront lines. Right now they’re high school seniors, but both want to enter themedical field—Kimberlee as a trauma nurse, and Samantha as a doctor. Toprepare for their fields, Kimberlee and Samantha have been taking dual creditclasses at CNM.Read moreWant to share this story? Click the social icons below!

ITS Provides Loaner Computers, Free of Charge, to Help StudentsTransition to Online ClassesDifficult times call for smart solutions, and CNM’s ITS department is helping tolead the way. As the entire college transitioned online to help slow the spreadof COVID-19, it became clear that some students did not have access to acomputer at home, putting their ability to finish classes in jeopardy. So, ITS

responded and found a batch of computers that still worked fine but wereslated for retirement. A group updated all the software to make them currentand a message was sent out to students. Right away, the requests startedrolling in.Read MoreWant to share this story? Click the social icons below!How One CNM Instructor Is Creatively Building Community AmongStudents Online During COVID-19

As soon as Felecia Caton-Garcia realized all classes were moving online shestarted re-thinking what her goals would be. She knew she’d have to find newways to support students. "I realized that in addition to education, I also had theresponsibility to sustain the communities we’d built in class, even if my studentswere scattered across the city.” Read more.Temporary Maintenance to Affect myCNM: Tonight, from 10 p.m. to midnight,myCMN will temporarily be down so that ITS can change the login screen fromthe old one on the left, to the new one on the right. If you have any questions orconcerns, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 224-4357 or send an e-mail If you need to access any of the services to the right,here are direct links:Blackboard/Learn x?site 4&c cnmEmailhttps://webmail.cnm.eduStudent Registrationhttps://registration.cnm.eduFor Your InformationCNM Develops Community Support PlanAs part of CNM’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, the college seeks to create aprocess to (1) identify college resources that might be of use to our communityduring the pandemic, (2) coordinate and respond to pandemic-related requestsfor assistance, and (3) chronicle CNM’s community support. Learn more.The Count is Still On! Don't Forget to Participate in 2020 CensusCensus workers will not be visiting homes in the coming weeks as a result ofCOVID-19, but the Census is still taking place and it's crucial you participate.Why is the Census so important? Because New Mexico needs every individualto be counted in order to ensure our communities and state receive necessaryfunding for everything from schools to healthcare. More information here.CNM Extends Deadline to Drop Classes Still in Session to April 17CNM has extended the deadline to drop a class still in session to Friday, April17. Students are encouraged to consult with their faculty members if they'reconsidering dropping to determine their best option.

ITS Offering Virtual Desktops if You Don’t Have a Device That Connects toCNM NetworkITS is continuing to provide more technology on-ramps for you to connect to theCNM resources you need from home. “Virtual Desktop” technology is nowavailable for anyone who is using devices that do not connect to the CNMnetwork, such as Mac OS products or other computers that don’t have all of theapplications you need to do your work from home. Please contact the ITSService Desk at or call 224-HELP (4357) to beconnected to a Virtual Desktop, including instructions for logging in.Facilities Cleaning Offices with Disinfecting Fogger – After Application,Food Should Be Thrown Away and Coffee Mugs/Water Bottles WashedThe Facilities department is starting to apply a disinfecting fogger to officesaround the college in response to COVID-19. Any food that was left on desksshould be disposed of and any mugs/cups/water bootles should be washedbefore using again. The following buildings and office areas have receivedfogging treatment so far: Entire Smith Brasher Hall L Building (all areas except labs with animals) JS Building (all areas on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors) All offices in the Education Collaborative Building Ted Chavez Hall, Rooms 100 and 107 Ted Martinez Building, Rooms 201, 202, 204, 205, 207, and HR offices on firstfloorAs more offices are fogged, the information will be shared.Resources for Faculty and Staff During Modified Mode of OperationsThese resources are being updated regularly to remain current, so please checkthem regularly for the latest information. FAQs for Faculty

FAQs for Staff FAQs for StudentsStudent Resources for Online Learning Community Resources State of NM Info for Those Facing Financial Hardships Due to COVID-19 City of ABQ Info and Resources Related to COVID-19Get Live Support on Remote Technologies Through Daily Virtual SessionsFaculty, staff and students are invited to join live remote sessions with the CNMTechnology Services and Training Center (TSTC). The TSTC will answer yourquestions and provide support on various remote collaborative technologies,such as WebEx meetings. The sessions are available daily, Monday throughFriday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Access the sessionsat For more info,email Info Sessions Scheduled for Fast-track ProgramsStudents interested in a fast track to getting an associate degree in BusinessAdministration (in 15 months) or Computer Support Specialist (in 18 months) areinvited to attend an online information session on Thursday, April 9, from 5:306:30 p.m. The online session is accessibleat cXF4TmpIZk0xYTJNaVc2MGlwTHdpZz09.Questions? fasttrackprograms@cnm.eduApril Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month—Get InformedTo help the CNM community stay safe and informed about sexual assault, we'veput together a resource page with information and contact info for CNM, state,and national resources. For more information, click here.Benefit News

Did You Know? CNM Dental Plan has Two Distinct NetworksThe Delta Dental New Mexico plan provided to CNM employees has a PPOnetwork that offers providers with contracted rates, meaning participating dentistsonly bill at the negotiated rate. The Premier network offers discounted rates tomembers. However, the dental provider can then balance bill the member forcharges up to the maximum approved fee. For more information about yourdental plan and network offerings, please visit the Benefits Community Insightswebsite.Learn More About Your Benefits and Get Valuable Health Tips in EmployeeBenefits NewsletterCNM’s Employee Benefits office invites all faculty and staff to check out theEmployee Benefits Monthly Newsletter. This month’s issue is about stressawareness, World Health Day and Administrative Professionals’ Day. Clickhere to check it out. For questions, comments and feedback, Skills Builder Is One Way to Stay Healthy While Working From HomeEach month, CNM employees are invited to participate in a Skills Builder, or smallmonthly challenges focused on helping employees jumpstart healthier habits. Thismonth’s Skills Builder includes a workout that will keep you active while workingfrom home. More information here.Please Stay Healthy, Stay Informed, and Stay ConnectedNew Mexico Department of HealthIf you have COVID-19 symptoms or think you may have been exposed to COVID19 – Call NMDOH Coronavirus Hotline at 855-600-3453Centers for Disease

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Transition to Online Classes Difficult times call for smart solutions, and CNM’s ITS department is helping to lead the way. As the entire college transitioned online to help slow the spread of COVID-19, it became clear that some students did not have access to a computer at home, putting their abilit