Forcepoint Quickstart Implementation Package: Web Cloud Security .


Forcepoint Quickstart ImplementationPackage: Web Cloud Security Intermediate - RemotePart Number: WCIMMC--X-XX00-N 2020 Forcepoint

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud Implementation PackageOverviewProficiency and precision are necessary to effectively implement quality security solutions. To help you get the most out of theForcepoint Web Security – Cloud solution (the “Products”), Forcepoint offers the following implementation services package(“Package”). This Package identifies some of the activities typically involved with the implementation of Products.Deliverables and ResponsibilitiesDetailed Statement of Services:Forcepoint employees, agents, and/or contractors (“Services Personnel”) will assist Subscriber with the performance of thefollowing activities with respect to the Products in accordance with Forcepoint recommended engineering practices (“Services”): Pre-Implementationo Services Kick-off call between Subscriber and Services Personnel Note: Services Personnel will contact the Subscriber within ten (10) business days of the order beingprocessed to schedule the Services Kick-off callo Review scope of Packageo Establish Services scheduleo Confirm critical use case Implementation of the Producto Services Personnel will assist the Subscriber with the implementation of the Product within one (1)Subscriber’s environment, as follows: Ensure access to cloud web platform and configure admin accounts and permissions as needed Directory configuration and sync Endpoint/PAC File configuration Install and test Web Endpoints/PAC file on up to ten (10) test machines Provide procedure for deploying Endpoint via GPO or SCCM Configure User Identification/Authentication Configure explicit redirection method Enable SSL Decryption Generate Forcepoint Certificate Configure default and up to three (3) custom policies Create up to fifteen (15) URL exceptions Create one (1) custom category Configure Admin Roles and Responsibilities Configure alerts and SIEM integration Generate accurate pre-defined report and logging Functional Testing and Knowledge Transfero Services Personnel will conduct post-implementation testing identified below in accordance with Forcepointrecommended engineering practices. A “Successful Implementation” will be determined by Services Personnelupon the occurrence, in Services Personnel’s reasonable discretion, of the items specified in “FunctionalTesting” attached hereto as Exhibit A. Services Personnel will provide up to four (4) hours of informalknowledge transfer, including; Standard System and Architecture Overview System Navigation Rule/Policy Creation Local Events, Alerting and Settings Basic Reporting and Workflow Common Product issues and resolution Relevant logs and debug options Services Personnel will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist with the troubleshooting and correcting ofobstacles identified during the Services Services Closure Meetingo Service Personnel will conduct a Services closure meeting to review and confirm the Services have beencompleted and assist with the transition to Forcepoint Technical Support 2020 ForcepointPage 2 of 5

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud Implementation PackageExhibit AFunctional TestingFeature testing of the following will be limited to functional proof, typically involving either Yes/No or limited to two (2) elementsof a particular attribute (for example: when applying filtering to AD Groups, success is applying two (2) different policies to two(2) separate AD groups and it will not include exhaustive testing of the covered policies and AD Groups).Prerequisites:1. Products successfully running version at recommended versionTaskVerify Forcepoint Security Manager AccessResultValidate Accurate Subscription KeyTest and Validate Explicit Network RedirectionVerify Appropriate Proxy SettingsValidate Master Database DownloadConfirm Accurate Web Block PageConfirm Accurate Incident Reporting 2020 ForcepointPage 3 of 5

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud Implementation PackageServices Obligations of Subscriber:Prior to the start of and throughout the Services, the Subscriber must be able to provide the following to Services Personnel: Valid Forcepoint licenses key Access to Forcepoint SQL database and database accounts Access to Infrastructure, Network, and Management Resources Access to Products Privileged AD Services Account Ability to make network changes Up to twenty five (25) Test users Confirm all Microsoft updates has been applied Disable antivirus software on the Forcepoint server Disable any firewall on the Forcepoint Server before starting the Forcepoint installer Disable User Account Control (UAC) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) settings, and make sure that no SoftwareRestriction Policies will block the installation To download the Forcepoint Master Database and enable policy enforcement, each machine must be able to accessthe download servers at:o download.websense.como ddsdom.websense.como ddsint.websense.como portal.websense.como my.websense.comThroughout the Services, Subscriber will promptly provide all resources and licenses to Services Personnel to allow ServicesPersonnel to deliver the Services.Package Assumptions Services are delivered by remote deliveryresources - No onsite delivery element.Services Personnel will provide up to two (2) hoursof Web policy tuning as part of this Package.Additional Web Tuning Packages are available forpurchase.Services Personnel must receive a writtencancellation notice at least twenty-four (24) hoursprior to the start of any pre-scheduled ServicesServices will be provided during normal localbusiness hours, Monday – Friday (e.g. 9:00am to5:00pm)Services do not address any other Forcepointproducts other than Forcepoint WEB SECURITYServices in this Package are limited and may notaddress all of Subscriber’s unique requirementsHigh availability and Disaster Recovery are notwithin the scope of this PackageNo High Level Design or Low Level Designdocumentation to be provided within this PackageSubscriber should not expect “on-demand” livesupport outside planned Services datesAll scripts, tools, notes, know-how and proceduresdeveloped by Services Personnel as part of theServices will remain the property of ForcepointServices Personnel will have no obligation toprovide Services unless and until Subscriber fulfilsall of its Services ObligationsSubscriber’s current Support entitlement will beutilized for Product troubleshooting and escalationThere is no report, memorandum, or other formaldeliverable to be issued in connection with thisProposal 2020 ForcepointTerms & Conditions The Services in this implementation Package areprovided pursuant to the Subscription AgreementForcepoint provides the Services “AS IS” andmakes no warranties of any kind, express orimpliedServices will be performed in a professional andworkmanlike manner, and Services Personnel willcomply with all applicable laws in providing theServicesServices must begin within 90 days of the Order orSubscriber forfeits the implementation PackageServices must be completed within 6 months fromServices Kick-off call or the Order, whicheveroccurs first, or Subscriber forfeits theimplementation PackageSubscriber’s assent to the Subscription Agreementconstitutes acceptance of the above terms andconditionsAny work or additional hours that, in ServicesPersonnel’s reasonable discretion, exceed thescope of Services (including remote or onsitefollow up work or troubleshooting unknown issues)will require a mutually agreed upon servicescontractServices and Deliverables within this Package arestandard and non-negotiablePage 4 of 5

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud Implementation PackageApplicable add-on OptionsAdditional implementation options are available at MORE INFORMATION OR PRICING, CONTACT YOUR FORCEPOINTREPRESENTATIVE, PARTNER, OR CALL: 1 800-723-1166 2020 ForcepointPage 5 of 5

Install and test Web Endpoints/PAC file on up to ten (10) test machines . To download the Forcepoint Master Database and enable policy enforcement, each machine must be able to access the download servers at: o o o o o