4-Wheel, Sit-down Cushion Tires


4-Wheel, Sit-downElectric CounterbalancedCushion TiresERC-VG4,500 - 7,000 lbs.

High performanceand energy efficientelectric trucksThe ERC045-070VG four wheel electric forklift truck is one of themost operator-friendly lift trucks in the industry. The ERC045-070VGseries trucks are designed with a focus on “human engineering” tominimize operator strain and fatigue and to maximize productivity.Designed for indoor use, this versatile lift truck comes with lower maintenancecosts and is easy to service due to the highly efficient AC traction and hydraulicmotors. Between the lower operating expenses, reduced maintenancecosts, extended maintenance intervals and increased throughput, theERC045-070VG provides outstanding productivity and cost savings.

ERC-VG4-wheelelectricHighlightsTHEErgonomicsTilt steering columnOpen floor plate designOptional rear drive handleOptional Accutouch mini-leversProductivityAC technologyAdvanced thermal management systemOptional automatic park brakeOperator selectable performance modesCost of operationAC traction and hydraulic motorsBrushless AC technologyAuto Deceleration SystemPower-assist brakingDependabilityHigh strength gears and shaftsCast ductile iron axlesUnitized frame designCANbus technologyServiceabilityOptional battery side extractionTwo-piece floor plateRear-hinged hoodIntellix Vehicle Systems Manager

Designed for comfortOperator comfort enhances productivity and reduces fatigue. With maximized visibility,smooth, precise mast positioning, low-effort steering, and “human-engineered”operating controls, everything about these trucks makes them easy to operate.Built to be operator friendlyThe “operator’s truck” – The Yale ERC-VG truck features large, texturedgrab handles, deep, anti-skid steps for easy entry and exit, thumb-actuateddirectional controls, seat-side power disconnect, spacious, easy-to-reachstorage areas on the cowl, and a tilt steering column for reduced operatorfatigue. The operator convenience station provides an industry-leadingdash storage area for almost anything an operator needs. Optional keyswitch controlled lights turn work and taillights on and off with the keyswitch, and turn rear work lights on automatically when the truck travels inreverse, eliminating the need for the operator to control them manually.Open floor plate design – The ERC-VG series’ open floor plate designmaximizes the available space for the driver’s feet, providing up to 20% greaterfloor space. Power-assist braking reduces brake pedal effort. Placement andangles of accelerator and brake pedal provide maximum operator comfort.The extra-thick floor mat absorbs shock and reduces operator fatigue.Customizable operator compartment – The operator’s seat isprecisely positioned to provide a more comfortable, efficient operatorposition, enhancing visibility through the mast, resulting in less operatorfatigue. The standard steering column is infinitely adjustable. theoptional telescoping steer column with tilt memory provides superioradjustability to accommodate a wide range of operator sizes.Rear driving comfort has been enhanced with a convenient optional reardrive handle with horn button. The rear drive handle, in conjunction withthe optional swivel seat, creates a comfortable, secure reverse drivingposition. Non-cinch seat belts provide superior operator comfort.An optional auxiliary DC converter provides an automotive style 12-voltoutlet in the operator convenience station and an auxiliary powertap under the floorplate for customer installed accessories.Hydraulic controls – Choose from two configurations that employ seatsidemechanical levers or optional Accutouch mini-levers to provide unsurpassed, loweffort, tactile control of all hydraulic functions. Choose from the ergonomicallyplaced thumb actuated seatside directional control or the Yale exclusive FootDirectional Control (at no extra charge) for quicker, smoother control of travelspeed and direction, improving operator efficiency and bolstering productivity.

Tilt steering columnRear driving comfortStandard hydrauliccontrolsOptional Accutouchmini-lever electrohydraulic controls

Ultimate productivityPerformance and productivity are standard equipment on every Yale truck. With theERC-VG series, increased productivity and cost savings are achieved through lowertruck operating expenses, reduced maintenance costs, extended maintenance intervals,and increased throughput.Available in 36, 48 and 80 volts, ERC-VG trucks are designed to meet and exceed yourapplication requirements. All models come standard with cool running, low maintenanceAC traction and hydraulic motors.Comfort aidsproductivityOperator comfort is enhanced on theERC-VG truck with increased floor space,improved operator seat position, and noncinching seat belt. Reverse driving is madeeasier with the rear drive handle. The optionalautomatic park brake automatically appliesthe park brake when the truck is stationaryand releases the park brake when theaccelerator pedal is depressed.Continuous StabilitySystem (CSS )The CSS enhances truck stability in asimple, maintenance-free design, withoutcompromising travel across uneven surfaces.

Performance modesFour operator selectable performancemodes and the innovative Extended Shiftfeature allow the truck’s performance tobe tailored to the customer’s applicationas well as the operator’s skill level,increasing efficiency.AC technologyThe ERC-VG series utilizes proven ACtechnology coupled with the IntellixVSM, providing enhanced performancethroughout the usable battery dischargecycle. This highly efficient system alsoprovides longer battery run time forincreased throughput.AC transistor hydrauliccontrol enables preciseload handling with greaterefficiency and less noise.AC motors provide powerfulacceleration, fast travel speeds (bothwith and without a load), and fast lift/lower speeds. The innovative thermalmanagement system keeps productivityhigh while protecting key truckcomponents.The optional Premium PerformancePackage (48v / 80v) provides upto a 12% improvement in tractionperformance and 10% increase inhydraulic performance over the standardconfiguration. This package provides anexcellent alternative to replace ICE unitsin certain applications, providing ICEperformance without the emissions.Longer battery run time-WHEEL4ELECTRICERC-VGSIT-DOWNPNEUMATIC

kW-hr / hrLowest eERC-VGMajorMajorCompetitor 1 Competitor 2According to the VDI Energy Cycle Standardized Test, the E45-70XN series provides thelowest energy consumption; it’s also 10% more energy efficient than our previous model.Better energy utilization saves money and reduces impact on the environment.Low cost of operationThe purchase price of a truck is only a small part of its overall cost. A lift truck’s cost of ownership isthe largest portion of dollars spent and includes such elements as periodic maintenance, unscheduledrepairs, brakes and power costs. Yale engineers focused on operating cost savings with reducedmaintenance requirements, superior serviceability, enhanced durability, and extended service intervals.HydraulicsAuto Deceleration SystemERC-VG trucks provide tremendousflexibility to customize the truck’s hydraulicand traction performance to the application.Whether you require extended battery shiftlife, aggressive hydraulic performance orfast travel speeds for long hauls across afactory floor, your trained Yale techniciancan maximize your truck’s performance.The Auto Deceleration System automatically slowsthe truck when the operator’s foot is removedfrom the accelerator, reducing brake usage andassociated brake maintenance requirements.AC traction and hydraulic motors completelyeliminate brushes and associated rigging,reducing maintenance costs. The systemis further simplified by combining thehydraulic and steering functions intoone pump and motor assembly.Power-assist braking further increases brake anddrive train life by automatically utilizing tractionmotor braking in proportion to operator brake pedalpressure, reducing the demand on the servicebrakes. The rugged drum-type brakes featurestrengthened “backing plates” for excellent durability.

Canted load rollers absorb front to back and sideto side forces for better durability and reducedadjustments. Full face contact of rollers preventsexcessive wear of the channel, prolonging roller life.DependabilityTough, industrial applications require industrial grade electric rider forklift trucks that add productivevalue, operate at maximum uptime, perform at demanding performance levels, and require minimal costto operate. Yale ERC-VG lift trucks are designed and built with industrial grade critical components,providing outstanding productive value and economic life. It’s a difference you can count on!Drive & Steer AxlesMotorHigh strength gears and shafts on the drive axleresist stress from quick directional changes.The tough cast housing absorbs shock andvibration. Power-assist brakes reduce brakewear and strain on drive unit components.Electric motors ensure the lift truck travelsand lifts at speeds required for maximumproductivity. AC motors eliminate brushes,reducing maintenance costs. Steeringmotor functionality is integrated into thelift pump and motor assembly, simplifyingthe system and increasing reliability.All motors are insulated with Class Hinsulation for superior heat resistance.Steer axles support the significant weight of thecounterweight, while being subjected to roadshocks and vibration. Tough cast ductile ironaxles provide one piece integrity for outstandingdurability. Tapered roller bearings absorbmultiple loading forces, improving reliability.FrameThe unitized design and the welded steelconstruction of the Yale ERC-VG frame providebetter rigidity and excellent protection for theinternal components. The exceptional strength anddurability of the frame are designed and testedusing computer generated finite element analysis.Electrical SystemCANbus technology reduces wiring andconnections, improving system reliability.Sealed electrical connections resistmoisture and dirt, increasing uptime.The innovative thermal managementsystem protects key components, whileensuring maximum productivity.

Service made simpleNot only is the ERC-VG series designed to require less maintenance; it’s also designed to be extremelyeasy to service. The rear-opening, one-piece steel hood and the on-board diagnostics are designed withservice details in mind. The outstanding component access makes servicing fast, easy and convenient.Reduced regularservice requirementsStandard AC traction and hydraulic motorseliminate brushes and associated rigging,reducing maintenance. The efficientAC electrical system only requires onecontactor, eliminating directional contactors.The motor controllers have integral finnedaluminum heat sinks to improve heattransfer. Thermostatically controlledindustrial fans are mounted to the top ofeach heat sink to force cooling air downthrough the fins and pull heat away from thecontrollers.Power-assist brakingPower-assist braking helps to reduce stresson key drive unit and braking components,increasing component life. Auto decelerationsystem reduces the demand on the brakes,further improving brake life.Easy maintenanceOptional battery side extraction with rollersand a new low-profile side gate with quickrelease mechanism and traction cutoutprovide quick, safe and efficient batteryaccess and changing.Lift-out floor plates require no tools for quickand easy daily operator checks. Removablefloor plate side panels provide additionalentry to key components.The ERC-VG series is also equipped withthese features that make it easy to serviceand maintain: Rear-hinged hood that opensto nearly 80 degrees Common sense wire and hose routing Clearly numbered wires withsealed connectors CANbus technology Brushless AC motors O-ring face seal hydraulic fittingsEasy service access

On-board diagnosticsThe Intellix Vehicle Systems Manager (VSM) continuouslymonitors and controls all major truck functions forefficiency and proper operation. The innovative ERC-VGdisplay alerts the operator of any system concerns.Hour meters for traction and hydraulic systems are accessiblethrough the display. Extensive on-board diagnostics are alsoincorporated into the display to communicate service requirementsto the trained technician, enabling quick and accurate repairs.The Multifunction Display, located in the upper right cornerof the operator’s compartment, offers greater visibility for theoperator with a large, LCD backlit screen for easy viewing andindicator icons for at-a-glance system status updates.Multifunction Displayprovides status updatesSupporting customerswith world-class parts and serviceOur Guaranteed Availability Program (G.A.P.) ensures that parts that are normally requiredin the first 2 years of operation will be available from your Yale parts dealer within 24hours or they are free*. With four Parts Distribution Centers strategically locatedaround the world, we provide a full range of original equipment and aftermarketparts that helps maintain our customers’ uptime.We also take that commitment into the field with Yale’s ProTech Certification training program, available to our dealers’technicians. The ProTech technical training programprovides both systems level as well as productspecific education to help ensure lift trucks arerepaired right the first time.*Consult your local dealerfor G.A.P. program rules.

Application-matched performanceFrom tough, short shuttle applications or long runs, to ramp usage, the ERC-VG is built for variedapplications. Adjustable performance parameters allow for customization to the specific needs of theapplication or the operator. The Extended Shift functionality provides an excellent balance betweenbattery run time and truck productivity. Higher levels of productivity can be obtained with the optionalPremium Performance package.Custom performance Return to set tilt option brings the forks to apreset position when tilting for easy operation. Extended Shift can be disabled for increasedproductivity levels. Operator selectable performance modes allowvarying levels of truck performance. Optional wide tread, non-marking, and lugtread tires are available to suit a wide varietyof applications. Premium performance package option providesup to 10-12% increase in travel speed and liftspeed. Rapid charge option further improvesproductivity by eliminating battery changes. 36, 48, or 80-volt systems provide excellentperformance. 80-volt electrical system option for maximumperformance in long-haul applications. Optional hydraulic accumulator affords shockand vibration dampening to the load, truckand operator. Various environmental packages are available,including UL EE and cooler/freezer options,ensuring the right truck for the application.

Zero emissions.Zero compromises.Yale has been a leading producer of zero emission trucksfor years, so it’s no surprise that the ERC-VG delivershigh performance and battery extending technologies.Better technologyIn the ERC-VG, energy is recaptured duringbraking and then reused to reduce overallconsumption. Non-productive energy isreduced through weight reduction, drive-trainefficiency and hydraulic system efficiency.The standard “Extended Shift” settingprovides the optimum balance betweenperformance needs and battery life.Better researchYale was among the first to utilize workingfuel cells in actual applications. And, inthe coming years, Yale will continue toresearch alternative solutions in energytechnology to enable a broader range ofcustomers to make the switch to electric.Better tomorrowYale is constantly testing, collaborating andresearching in order to stay ahead of thecurve. That means reducing your impacton the environment without reducing yourthroughput. In other words, switching frominternal combustion to electric has never beeneasier for you—or better for the environment.

The Yale experienceWith Yale, you know you’re getting more than just a truck. You’re getting thecomplete Yale experience. It’s the promise we make that goes beyond our products,and our commitment to support you with the best service in the industry.Dealer Network - Yale customers have direct access to the best forkliftproducts and services through our extensive, independent dealer network,featuring 340 worldwide dealer locations (225 in the Americas) with anaverage of more than 25 years of experience in materials handling.Financial Services - Yale Financial Services specializesin financing your lift truck needs. Our programs make it easyto acquire the use of a lift truck or an entire fleet.Fleet Management - Even if you operate other brands, we can manage yourmaintenance and replacement plan. We can offer complete fleet analysis, fleet historysummary and a cost-effective proposal for replacement and scheduled maintenance.Innovations - One size doesn’t always fit all. Yale has engineered a variety of truckmodifications to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers and their changingapplications. In addition to standard and optional truck features, Yale offers animpressive list of special truck enhancements designed to increase your productivity.Operator Training - Proper education in operating lift trucks minimizes the risk of injuriesdue to accidents while increasing productivity. Yale offers OSHA compliant materialsthat support the training of qualified operators.Replacement Parts - Your authorized Yale Lift Truck dealer offers genuine Yaleparts and quality parts for other makes (PREMIER Parts) as well as service programs- all designed to keep your trucks running efficiently and cost-effectively.Rental - Long-term rental can provide flexibility for equipment and termtailored to your operation, fixed cost, maintenance and maximum uptimewithout major capital investment. Coupled with Yale dealers’ extensiveshort term rental fleets, businesses can meet peak production or seasonalrequirements while keeping their fleets sized for their everyday needs.

Delivering total customer satisfactionYale’s unique relationship with our customers is a product of our total customersatisfaction commitment combined with world-class manufacturing. Yale’s goal is toanticipate the needs of every customer and address them with lift trucks that deliverthe performance, value and dependability our customers demand.

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The ERC045-070VG four wheel electric forklift truck is one of the most operator-friendly lift trucks in the industry. The ERC045-070VG series trucks are designed with a focus on “human engineering” to minimize operator strain and fatigue and to maximize productivity. Designed for i