ELAC MEETING#4April 15, 2021


Taking Action onAttendance:How Parents Can Make aDifference at HomeDatewww.attendanceworks.org

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What is Chronic Absence?Chronic Absence is missing 10% or more of the school year forany reason – this includes excused and unexcused ences5

Chronic Absence:A Hidden National Crisis Nationwide, as many as 7.5 million students miss nearly amonth of school every year. That’s 135 million days oflost time in the classroom. In some cities, as many as one in four students aremissing that much school. Chronic absenteeism is a red alert that students areheaded for academic trouble and eventually for droppingout of high school. Poor attendance isn’t just a problem in high school. It canstart as early as pre-kindergarten.6

Why We May Not NoticeChronic AbsenceAbsences Add UpChronic Absence 18 days of absence 2 days a month7

If You’re Not in School, You Can’tBenefit From What Is Taught8

Students Chronically Absent in Kindergarten & 1st Grade Much Less Likely toRead Proficiently in 3rd GradeThis affects a student throughout their entire academic schoolingPercent of Students Scoring Proficient orAdvanced in 3rd Grade English LanguageArts70%64%60%50%40%30%20%17%10%Percent of StudentsScoring Proficientor Advanced in 3rdGrade EnglishLanguage Arts0%No AttendanceRiskHigh AttendanceRiskSource: Applied Survey Research & Attendance Works (April 2011)9

Why Are Students MissingSo Much School?MythsAbsences are only aproblem if they areunexcusedSporadic versusconsecutive absencesaren’t a problemAttendance onlymatters in the oldergradesAversionChild strugglingacademicallyBarriersLack of access tohealth careLack of engaginginstructionPoor school climateand ineffectiveschool disciplineParent had negativeschool experiencePoor transportationNo safe path toschool10

Uniform ComplaintProcedural Notification

What is a Uniform Complaint? A complaint which alleges unlawfuldiscriminationbased on bullying, age, sex, sexual orientation,gender, ethnic group identification, race,ancestry, national origin, religion, color, ormental or physical disability in any program oractivity that receives or benefits from statefinancial assistance.12

Uniform Complaints cont. Uniform Complaint Brochures are posted in community areas (i.e.office, library) and in each classroom. Uniform Complaints should be filed with the Division of HumanResources. The Division of Human Resources will log the complaint anddirect it to the appropriate departments.


SPSAEvaluationOverview Review California Dashboard Evaluate the actions in Goal 1, 2, 3 Datasources: Essential StandardsAssessments,D & F Grades,Parent Survey, Teacher Input, ClassObservations Obtain feedback & recommendationsfor next year’s actions Schedule School Site Council meetingto approve & adopt action revisions fornext year

CA School Dashboard 2019* Due to COVID- 19, Dashboard suspended for 2020 ChronicAbsenteeism (Blue Blue) Suspension 1.4%Rate (Blue Yellow)suspended (1% increase from 2018) ELA/Literacy EL(Yellow Yellow) SWD Math EL(Blue Blue)(Red Yellow)(Green Green)(Green Green) SWD(Red Orange)

SPSA Goal Progress GoalSBAC1: Increase ELA and Math achievement by 5% on Providestaff with release time to improveinstructional practices that will address the needs ofunderperforming students Usedfor clarity for 10-12 essential standards, creatingcommon formative assessments & rubrics Gradelevel teams began using a data protocol toanalyze common formative assessments to identifyareas of strength and weakness Informedinstructional decisions

SPSA Goal Progress GoalSBAC1: Increase ELA and Math achievement by 5% on Classroomobservations Administrative CollaborativewalkthroughsLearning Rounds Evidenceof collaborative planning and high levelsof student engagement 90% 60%of classrooms having visible learning targetsof classrooms using strategies for structuredstudent collaboration with purposeful inclusion ofnon-volunteers (random selection)

SPSA Goal Progress GoalSBAC1: Increase ELA and Math achievement by 5% on Continueto focus on Collaboration andCommunication for next year Purposefulinclusion of English Learners andstruggling students in small group & class discussions Questioningstrategies to generate student-tostudent and student-to-class discussions Increasethe use of structured collaboration Equitablework for each student, defined roles foreach student, students creating common products

SPSA Goal Progress Goal2: Increase overall percentage score on TFI to100% by evaluation tool Goal2: Suspensions do not exceed 45 2019-2020 Goal2: 97.6 Attendance Rate Reduce GoalDecrease office referrals by 10%chronic absenteeism by 5%2: Parent Survey completion 210 250

SPSA Goal Progress Goal2: Need to continue all activities in the planto strengthen home-school partnership Goal 2: Increase parent education opportunitiesthrough improved communication PromoteParent Nights, PFLN Action Team, PBIS Team,and Family Engagement Center resources

SPSA Goal Progress Goal3: Increase ELA achievement by 5% on SBAC(76%) SBAC2019: English Learners 21.7% scoredStandard Met or Exceeded Essential ELAStandards Assessment #1, #2, #3– 64% 65% 68% (Met/Exceeded)

SPSA Goal Progress Goal3: Increase Math achievement by 5% on SBAC SBAC2019: English Learners 38.4% scoredStandard Met or Exceeded Essential MathStandards Assessment #1, #2, #3– 52% 29% 47% (Met/Exceeded)

SPSA Goal Progress Goal3: Increase Math achievement by 5% on SBACELPAC EnglishLearners increase their English languageproficiency by 1 level in preparation forreclassification ELPACEnglish proficiency scores for students whocompleted all sections of ELPAC will be available inJuly

SPSA Goal Progress Goal3: Implement PLC priority actions Bemore efficient with weekly meetings andrelease days Aligncurriculum unit & pacing to essentialstandards to provide flex days Buildin time to intervene with students notdemonstrating mastery Determinethe intervention & enrichment activities toconduct on flex days (and which students need what)

Supporting your English Language Learner

More Parenting Tools Five ways to establish environment conducive tomotivating your child to achieve:– Develop healthy sleep, nutrition and exercise rituals as afamily (9-13 hours of sleep, cut out sugar and fat)– Implement routines and check-off lists (brain is not naturallyorganized)– Ask open-ended questions (increase communication: how?Why? What do you think? Tell me more about .)– Model explicitly what you want your child to do (don’tassume)– Read and listen to your child (never too old)

What you can do at home Medical care- Children need regular medical checkups,immunizations, and dental care. Some medical and dentalservices may be available at the local clinic or your child's school. A healthy diet and exercise- Children who eat a healthy dietand get regular exercise can concentrate better during the schoolday. Sleep- Getting enough sleep will help your child get up on time,feel good, and be ready for a full day of learning. Getting to school, every day and on time- It will be easier foryour child to complete daily lessons, homework, and tests if hegets to school on time every day. Homework- Help your child set a regular time and place forhomework. Choose a time that works well for your family'sschedule. Find a place that is quiet and has good lighting. Makesure your child has supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, and adictionary.

What you can do at home cont Television, video game, and computer time- Limit the time your childspends watching TV, playing video games, and using the computer. Whenpossible, do these activities together, and look for educational programs andgames. Talking about school together- Ask your child to tell you about the schoolday. Ask her what she learned, and how she felt during the day. Reading- Set aside time to read with your child each day. The library- Help your child get to know the library and what you can findthere, including books, audio books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. Learning at home- Help your child learn at home by sharing activitiestogether, singing, talking, and telling stories.

Feedback TimeWhat are you taking home today to workon with your child?Thank you! Please click on the link or QR Codeto complete survey that you viewed thispresentation.Parent Survey

ELAC MEETING #4 April 15, 2021. AGENDA TAKING ACTION ON ATTENDANCE UNIFORM COMPLAINT PROCEDURES . Class Observations . for next year’s actions Schedule School Site Council meeting to approve & adopt action revisions for next year. CA School Dashboard