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August 2018Volume 10, Issue 8Healthy Back Institute 19.95CONTENTSExtreme HealthHacks: EnvironmentalConditioning. 1The Lowdown onHemp for Health. 4Mental Health orPhysical Health:Which Is MoreCritical?. 7Large Breasts andBack Pain. 10Coming NextMonth. 12Extreme Health Hacks:Environmental ConditioningBy Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTAll your life you’ve probablyheard proper diet andadequate exercise are two keys togood health. I agree. But it turnsout there may be a third key togood health missing in our easygoing, climate-controlled modernlifestyle. Specifically, exposureto environmental temperatureswings.Think about it. Most Westernersspend the vast majority of theirtime indoors with a steadythermostat between 68 and 72degrees Fahrenheit. Even theirdrive to and from work is airconditioned. But our ancestorsfaced major temperaturefluctuations on a regularbasis. Now researchshows regular exposureto both extreme heat andcold may have profoundhealth benefits.Even if you’ve spent mostof your life in a climatecontrolled environment,if you’re in reasonablehealth you can likely stillbenefit by introducingexposure toextreme heatand cold intoyour life. Here’show to getstarted and why you may want togive it a try.Extreme Heat Health HackAlmost everyone agrees a hotshower at the end of a long dayfeels amazing. But spendingseveral minutes a day in a sauna,where temperatures typicallyrange from 150 to 180 F, mayactually save your life.Researchers in Finland recentlyreported on the sauna habits of1,628 men and women betweenthe ages of 53 and 74, then notedtheir risk of stroke over a nearly15-year period. Almost all of themhad at least one sauna a week,but stroke risk was 60% lowerfor those who took four to sevenper week compared to the one-aweek group across the board.This is only the most recentevidence of sauna health benefits.continued on next page

Extreme Health Hacks: Environmental ConditioningEDITOR-IN-CHIEFJesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTMANAGING EDITORSteve CoombesAdvisory BoardSteve HefferonSports Massage TherapistCo-founder, The Healthy Back InstituteDr. Brian ParisDoctor of Chiropractic CareCertified Athletic TrainerDr. David HanscomOrthopedic Spine SurgeonDr. Robert ThompsonObstetrician / GynecologistClinical Nutrition SpecialistJohn Howard, L.Ac.Licensed AcupuncturistDirector of The Maryland AcupunctureClinicDr. Mark WileyDoctor of Oriental MedicinePh. D. in Alternative MedicineBrad WalkerFlexibility ExpertFounder, The Stretching Institute Copyright 2018Live Pain Free All rights reserved.ISSN 1947-4814Layout/Design by Summer BonneLive Pain Free is published monthly byThe Healthy Back Institute, LLC. Thearticles presented in this newsletterrepresent the views of the authors andnot necessarily those of The HealthyBack Institute, LLC.Reproduction in whole or in part of thispublication is prohibited without thewritten consent of the publisher.For questions or comments regardingthe newsletter or your subscriptionplease contact:2 Improves regulation of body temperatureStabilizes the autonomic nervous system (heart rate,digestion, respiration, etc.)Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseasesAssists body’s defense against free radicalsImproves insulin-dependent glucose uptakeRelieves pain and helps prevent acute pain from becomingchronicGet Started: Use a sauna regularly. Five minutes or longer, fourto seven times a week is optimal. Many health clubs and gymsinclude sauna privileges as part of membership. Large far infraredheating pads also provide many of the same benefits in the areaof the body its used on. You can also take very hot baths but becareful not to use scalding hot water to avoid injury.Cold Works, Too!While hot showers are near-universally loved, cold showers not somuch. In fact, their application is often recommended to suppresslibido and as a mild form of torture for athletes and military traineesalike. But exposure to cold also has many health benefits.Former SEAL Clint Emerson explained in a video to BusinessInsider last year that there’s a method to the military’s madness insubjecting recruits to cold water. Besides waking you up in a hurry,it vasoconstricts the entire body, squeezing out lactic acid followinga heavy workout so you feel ready to go the next day for moretraining. In fact, professional athletes and elite forces alike use thetechnique regularly to train harder without injury.While the Finns may have earned a reputation as kings of sauna,Dutchman Wim Hof has become known as the opposite: “TheIceman.” At last check he still holds 21 Guinness world recordsfor feats such as longest time swimming under ice, running a fullmarathon above the Arctic circle in only shorts, and taking theworld’s longest ice bath (just shy of two hours).While that’s admittedly super-extreme, you should lose your fearof cold and introduce your body to cold on a regular basis, too.Like extreme heat, regular exposure to cold brings myriad healthbenefits: Promotes circulatory system healthEases post-workout soreness from lactic acid buildupAugust 2018Healthy Back Institute 2407 S. Congress AveSuite E #100Austin, Texas 78704Phone (800) 216-4908Finns have long been known for their regular saunas, with roughlyone sauna for every six people in the country. They believe it“hardens” them, making their bodies more resistant to illness. Theevidence suggests there’s truth to that as the health benefits ofregular sauna bathing are numerous:

Improves insulin sensitivity in type-2diabeticsLowers cytokine production to limitinflammationBurns more calories metabolically byactivating more “brown fat”Get Started: Good news, you don’t haveto dive into ice water to start enjoying healthbenefits. Even jumping into a cold shower for30 seconds or walking to the mailbox barefootin cold weather helps kickstart your body’s coldresponse. And turning down the temp - andthe blanket - in your bedroom makes a bigdifference, too. Feel free to work up to the morechallenging barefoot snow walks in shorts andice baths for extreme conditioning.Ease Into the ChangeIf you’ve spent most of your recent life inclimate-controlled environments, you’ll wantto ease into the change as described above.Environmental conditioning means following aprocess of exposure that gradually increasesyour tolerance to extreme temperatures. Whilethere appears to be health benefits to regularextreme temperature exposure, those in poorhealth or with any medical conditions shouldalways consult their physician before starting.continued on next pageExtreme Health Hacks: Environmental Conditioning Know the Signs of Temperature Distress!Start slow with environmental conditioning and give your body time to build tolerance totemperature extremes. Always know the signs of temperature distress and take immediateaction if you or someone with you experiences any of them.Heat Cramps(Drink Water, Find Cool Shelter, Rest) Muscular Twitching Cramping Muscular Spasms in Arms, Legs orAbdomenHeat Exhaustion(Requires Medical Attention) Excessive ThirstFatigueLack of CoordinationIncreased SweatingCool/Wet SkinDizziness and/or ConfusionLive Pain Free Heat Stroke(Medical Emergency - Call 911) No Sweating Hot/Dry Skin Rapid Pulse Rapid Breathing ComaHeat Stroke continued SeizureDizziness and/or ConfusionLoss of ConsciousnessHypothermia(Find Heated Shelter, Wrap in Warm Clothes& Blanket, May Require Medical Attention) Shivering Loss of Judgment Slurred Speech Drowsiness Muscle WeaknessFrostbite(Requires Medical Attention) White or Grayish–yellow Skin Area Skin That Feels Unusually Firm orWaxy Numbness in Body Parts Exposed toCold, Especially the Nose, Ears, Feet,Hands and Skin3

The Lowdown on Hemp for HealthReferencesKunutsor SK, et al. Sauna bathing reduces therisk of stroke in Finnish men and women: Aprospective cohort study. Neurology. 2018 May29;90(22):e1937-e1944.Heckmann JG, Kukkonen-Harjula K. Saunaand risk of stroke: Does frequent saunabathing prevent stroke? Neurology. 2018 May29;90(22):993-994.Yates E. A Navy SEAL explains why you shouldend a shower with cold water. 2017 Dec 19.Hanssen MJ, et al. Short-term cold acclimationimproves insulin sensitivity in patients with type2 diabetes mellitus. Nature Medicine. 2015Aug;21(8):863-5.Kox M, et al. Voluntary activation of thesympathetic nervous system and attenuationof the innate immune response in humans.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesof the United States of America. 2014 May20;111(20):7379-84.Lee P, et al. Temperature-acclimated brownadipose tissue modulates insulin sensitivity inhumans. Diabetes. 2014 Nov;63(11):3686-98.Army Pocket Physical Training Guide. UnitedStates Government Printing Office. RPI 237, Jan2011.The Lowdown on Hemp for HealthBy Lane Kennedy, The Original Female BiohackerWhile the birth of my son was a wonderfuland exciting experience, one thing thatwasn’t particularly welcome was the neck andback pain that tagged along for the ride (luckilyI don’t hold it against him!).Just when I thought my aches couldn’tget any worse, I had a dental accident thatthrew my neck out. Suddenly my pain wentfrom annoying to debilitating. Over the yearsI have tried everything to ease my pain hypnotherapy, painkillers, more specialists thanI even knew existed - and nothing worked.Then I was introduced to PhytocannabinoidDiol or hemp oil - and I can honestly say my4While there is a time and a place for THC specifically it is used medicinally to supportanorexia in people suffering from HIV/AIDSas well as refractory nausea and vomiting inthose undergoing chemotherapy - I’m far moreinterested in the positive effects hemp is havingon my endocannabinoid system.Now you might be thinking that I’ve beentransformed into some sort of ‘60s flower childwith all this hemp oil in my system but trust mewhen I say it doesn’t work like that.Most importantly, I want to share the benefits ofthis little-understood product with you.What Is the Endocannabinoid System?Before we can even begin talking about hempAugust 2018In 2016, I went through nine months of intensephysical therapy, only to be told there wasnothing more they could do and I was prettymuch stuck with the pain. Despite beingon LDN (or Low Dose Naltrexone), which isgenerally considered an effective protocol forchronic pain, I was still regularly rating my painas high as a 9 or 10 on the SUP (subjectiveunits of pain) scale.life has been changed, forthe better! Since I startedusing hemp my pain has beenregularly reduced down to a2 on the SUP scale and I amconfident in its ability to help me get that downeven lower.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is asystem of cannabinoid receptors naturallyoccurring within the brain and throughoutthe central nervous system. It’s made up ofneuromodulatory lipids and their receptors thathelp regulate and modulate nerve impulses.CB1 receptors are found in the brain andnervous system, while CB2 receptors are foundin the immune system and associated organs.The ECS system helps to control and regulatea variety of physiological and psychologicalprocesses including appetite, feelings of pain,sleep, memory and mood - which you mightrecognize as being related to a lot of the typicalside effects of cannabis use, such as an intensecraving for snack food.All humans have an endocannabinoid systemthat we need to nourish and help our bodiesto perform at their highest level. The factthat we’re able to isolate the compounds incannabis that have medicinal benefits fromthose with psychotropic side effects meansthat we’re able to do this safely - whetherwe’re looking to find a solution with seizures,fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, pain oreven cancer.Live Pain Free The endocannabinoid system processes canbe summarized as “relax, eat, sleep, forgetand protect.” These are the processes weneed to function properly, so diseases orconditions that are related to these processes- such as migraines and fibromyalgia - can beassociated with suboptimal functioning of theendocannabinoid system.The endocannabinoid system can breakdown, which means that certain receptors andneural pathways stop signaling properly, whichexacerbates the conditions I’ve previouslymentioned. This can be caused by stress, poordiet and nutrient deficiencies (and a lack ofomega 3 in our diet).The endocannabinoid system was discoveredin 1990 by Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeliorganic chemist and professor of MedicinalChemistry at the Hebrew University ofJerusalem, during his deep research andcuriosity of the cannabis plant. He discoveredthat the ECS includes chemicals producednaturally by the body that mimic the activity ofchemicals in the cannabis plant. In fact, this ishow the ECS got its name.Why Isn’t the ECS Talked About WhenIt’s so Important?The Lowdown on Hemp for Healthand its benefits, we need to understand howpain and hemp oil can be related. And thatstarts with the endocannabinoid system.Well, it boils down to the clear reality that thisplant has been illegal and hard to get at sincethe beginning of the 19th century. It’s been achallenge to study, with laws and enforcementfrom government institutions claiming it asunsafe.A deficiency in the endocannabinoid systemcan potentially lead to migraines, fibromyalgiaand irritable bowel syndrome, among manyother conditions. Taking hemp oil orally allowsyour body to rebalance the endocannabinoidsystem and helps to relieve common symptomsof these conditions such as pain.It has only been in recent years that the lawshave started catching up with the studies. Withmedicinal marijuana legalized in many statesand many restrictions on research into thesehemp plants lifted, we’re discovering moreabout the benefits every day.What Is Cannabidiol?Cannabidiol, or what I now call hemp oil, is oneof 100 unique chemical compounds derivedfrom the hemp plant, which are known ascannabinoids.Our body creates its own endocannabinoids tonourish the endocannabinoid system that arestructurally similar to the phytocannabinoidsfound in cannabis plants. By consumingcannabinoids, we’re able to restore and nourishour ECS.continued on next page5

The Lowdown on Hemp for HealthWhen the endocannabinoid system breaksdown - due to poor diet, stress or inflammationand disease - it can further negatively affect ourhealth and wellbeing. The endocannabinoidsystem regulates sleep, memory, mood,appetite, temperature, pain sensations and thepleasure and reward centers of the brain.How Do Cannabinoids Work?While the body naturally produces cannabinoidsto support the ECS system, we can still findourselves deficient which can lead to a numberof different conditions as outlined above. Thiscan be similar to the effects on our body ofvitamin deficiencies, for example, a Vitamin Ddeficiency can affect how our body absorbscalcium and in turn can lead to weakenedbones and osteoporosis.THC strongly stimulates the CB1 receptors,leading to increased feelings of hunger and the“heady” psychoactive feelings associated withcannabis use, but hemp is able to minimize oreven block the psychoactive properties of THCand allow the positive effects of cannabidiolto take control and perform the vital neuralprocesses that relieve pain, fight inflammationand even have antidepressant properties.Hemp, on the other hand, is a weak agonistfor the CB1 and CB2 receptors, but insteadis able to modulate how other cannabinoidsaffect the receptors, which is how it reducesthe psychoactive effects of THC. So rather thandirectly stimulating these receptors, it bindsitself to an allosteric site on the receptor thatallows it to regulate the interaction between thereceptor and the cannabinoids, whether theyare ingested or created by the body.In contrast, it has taken many years for thenecessary advancements and research tocreate strains that are high in cannabinoidand low in THC, which counteracts thepsychoactive side effects of THC, while stillhaving a calming effect on the brain and body.These beneficial levels of Cannabinoid Diol/THCin hemp oil mean that you’re not experiencinga “high” but your body is able to process thecannabidiols to fight pain and inflammation.How to Get Started with HempThere is so much more to know about thehealth benefits of hemp than I have spacefor here. That’s why I’ve written a researchbacked special report, free for readers of LivePain Free , that explains in far more detailWhy Try Hemp Oil?99 Helps with pain99 Helps reduce seizures andconvulsion99 Helps with fibromyalgia99 Helps with PMS99 Helps with headaches99 Helps with muscle crampsWill I Get High?99 Helps with stress and anxietyDespite the commonly held belief that anythingthat comes from cannabis is going to get youhigh and turn you into a munchies-cravingstoner, hemp oil doesn’t contain THC (known inscientific communities as tetrahydrocannabinol)which is the ingredient in marijuana that makesits users feel high.99 Helps with nausea and vomiting99 Helps with inflammation99 Helps reduce blood sugar levels99 Helps ease psoriasis99 Helps suppress muscle spasmsAugust 20186Cannabinoid Diol, the active ingredient in hempoil, not only blocks the psychoactive effectsof THC (meaning regular hemp oil with lessthan 0.3% THC isn’t going to get you high),it also helps the body to regulate feelings ofpain, hunger and even your mood. It can helpto ease stress and anxiety, and help regulatedisordered eating habits.

Please visit www.upgradedwoman.com/livepainfree to get it free. If you’d like moreinformation about using hemp to improve yourhealth, I also invite you to reach out to medirectly by scheduling a call with me from thesame page.With more than 20 years of experience inbiohacking for health, while living in long-termrecovery from alcoholism, Lane Kennedybrings a wealth of knowledge and passion forhelping others find bio-individualized wellness.Since conquering her own health problems (animmunity syndrome) and chronic pain (with thehelp of cannabidiol), she’s become a tirelessadvocate for anyone struggling or stressed andlooking for revolutionary solutions. Connect withLane via her website: www.upgradedwoman.comCannabis supports health in manyways including pain relief. Learnmore from your member archives:Interview: Dr. David Bearman - MedicalMarijuana for Pain ReliefArticle: Cannabis for Pain Relief byDavid Bearman, M.D. (October 2017)Article: How CBD Oil Helped MeRecover from a Concussion by SteveHefferon (October 2017)Login: www.losethebackpain.com/lpfMental Health or Physical Health: Which Is More Critical?how hemp helps many conditions includingPMS, migraine, depression, anxiety, insomnia,diabetes and more.Mental Health or PhysicalHealth: Which Is More Critical?By Dr. David HanscomILive Pain Free have considered the question of whethermental health or physical health is morecrucial since a young age. For years I believedphysical health was the foundation of aproductive life. However, since I have learnedabout the chemical effects of the mind onthe body I now believe mental health is moreimportant. Of course, mental health andphysical health are linked. Nowhere is this moreevident than with anxiety.Anxiety is the sensation evoked in every livingcreature by a threat. The feelings are a result ofthe chemical surge of stress chemicals such asadrenaline, cortisol and histamine with its flightor fight effects on the body. Since it’s a survivalresponse, it’s extremely unpleasant and we’ll doanything to avoid it. It’s the species who paidthe most attention to the environmental cuesthat survived. Every second of human behaviorrevolves around avoiding anxiety. So, it’s notonly a matter of survival of the fittest, it’s survivalof the most anxious.Consider the following:Thoughts are your mental link to theenvironment that allows you to assess yoursituation second by second in order to makechoices that allow you to first survive andthen thrive. If our thoughts are pleasant, ourbodies will secrete chemicals such as oxytocin,continued on next page7

Conditioning . 1 The Lowdown on Hemp for Health . 4 Mental Health or Physical Health: . drive to and from work is air conditioned. But our ancestors faced major temperature fluctuations on a regular basis. Now research . Iceman