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REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNERIssue 3Rutgers ExecutiveMBA CAREER &NEWS CORNERSeptember2016WELCOME TO THE POWERHOUSENEWSLETTER #3Contact InfoWelcome to the Powerhouse, Class of 2018!Loubna Erraji, Ph.D., MBADirector, Executive MBACareer Management &Alumni ear REMBA alumni andcurrent students: welcome tothe Rutgers EMBA Career &News Corner newsletter, thethird this year, brought to youby the Rutgers ExecutiveMBA program!We hope that the previousissues have helped to keepyou updated on REMBA andRutgers Business Schoollatest news. In each issue, wefeature career-related tips,links to career websites,articles, EMBA alumni andstudents’ promotions, as well asupcoming events and otheractivities.We hope you’ve enjoyed thesummer, and that you’re off toa great start! Power Up Withthe Powerhouse!

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 3REMBA News2Eric M. DahlREMBA class of 2017 and Director of ProductMarketing, Inkjet & SOHO Laser Products atBrother International was nominated by hiscompany for the NJ Biz’s 40 Under 40, for whichhe received an award on Sept 12, 2016.Congratulations, Eric on such a greatachievement!Mohammad KhanREMBA class of 2016, Mohammad Khan went to theCaribbean to take up his duties as the CEO of theJamaica Tallawahs Cricket Franchise. After a greatfirst season at the helm that ended in their 2ndCaribbean Premier League Championship, Mohammadwas promoted to Head of Investment Strategy forChalak Mitra Sports, the sports investment platform ofthe parent company known as Chalak Mitra Group.(From left) Jamaica Tallawahs General Manager Mohammed Khan,Caribbean Foods Limited Director Christopher Ramson, and Ministerof Sport Olivia Grange hold a Tallawahs jersey with Kathryn Silvera,the advertising and marketing manager of Foska Oats, at MelbourneCricket Club.Congratulations, Mohammad!

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 3Barry Karafin Book ClubThe Barry Karafin Book Club was initiated by our REMBA alum Roy Dipankar (Raj),class of 2016. What an interesting initiative to keep in touch with your EMBA friendsand incentivize the group to pick titles from the booklist provided by Prof. BarryKarafin!In the picture below: Maninder Abraham (Dolly), Priyanka Arora, ChristineRuffolo, Prashant Patel, Ayodeji Sonaike (Deji), Dr. Eric Lazar, Raj, ShobnahPatel and Shane Nelson had their first book club meeting on August 30, 2016, anddiscussed Michael Watkins’ “The First 90 Days”. Great read for those in careertransition or those building new teams.LEAN Six Sigma CourseThe training on "Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Executives” started on Sept 20, 2016.The candidates, from different industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals,insurance, consumer goods, engineering, will meet over the course of next 5 weeks tolearn the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma, and the application of this methodology toeliminate wasteful activities, standardize processes and increase customersatisfaction. Prof. Gurpreet Singh is delivering the training through a combination oflectures and group activities, where the students will learn key Lean Six Sigma tools suchas business process mapping, affinity diagrams, root-cause analysis and solution planning.3

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 34aaaInteresting Links& ArticlesJob Transition McKinsey Articles ing m/business- s-revealsthree-things-hr-may-be-gettingwrong?cid other-eml-nsl-mkq-mck- era-of-lower-investment-returnsCareer PrepInterviews stions-you-should-neveranswer/?utm source medium referral&utm campaign zergnet -theinterviewATS - Thankyou John Whitehurst forsharing!!!Other RBSAA ResourcesWork with a recruiterNetflix for your urself-way-moreinteresting

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 35WEEK IN RESIDENCE – FALL 2016 EVENTSCase Study Discussion with Gary Rodkin,previous CEO and President of NorthAmerica division of PepsiCoREMBA Women LeadershipBreakfastCHINA Presentations—ProfessorsLangdana and Kerman with 2016alum Dr. Eric Lazar, receiving The Lewis Kerman Business Expedition Award.PARTY TIME with Alumni!!

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 3RBS LatestNewsRutgers Ranks in Top 50Worldwide for ess/74447159 1 patents-drexel-universitypenn-centerRutgers NewSupercomputer Ranked #2among Big TenUniversities, #8 amongU.S. Academic Institutionsby the Top500 ong-usacademicFDA Awards 4.9 Millionto Rutgers-Led ResearchConsortium to ExpandContinuous Manufacturingin the ortiumexpand-continuousmanufacturing6Please be advised that there isa new resource for startupsand small businesses in NewJersey,The EntrepreneurshipLaw Clinic @ Rutgers LawSchool. This Clinic officiallylaunched in August, 2016 andcan be a resource forcomplimentary legal servicesfor startups that don't havesufficient financial capital orotherwise can't afford startuplegal services but need help tolaunch and grow theirventures. If you think youmight benefit from this Clinic,please complete and submitthe simple form below tointroduce yourself or simplyrequest further redir.aspx?C oEnNEi8fOovsmddp0pCib0agFCQ5AidWoD-KxEAfK3 p2xDzCfTCA.&URL e Innovation in GraduateBusiness Education (IGBE)conference held at RutgersNewBrunswickonSeptember 20 & 21, 2016was a great success! Theattendees included theDeansofmajorUSBusiness Schools includingMIT, Columbia, Cornell, etc.TheRutgers250thAnniversary celebration heldat the State Theater of NJ onSeptember 25, 2016, was alsoa great brating-pastmoving-ambitiously-future

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 37Rutgers BusinessReview.Dean Lei Lei announced the firstweek of September, the launch ofthe RutgersBusinessReview (RBR). The RBR is a peerreviewedscholarlyjournal,publishes original research andpresents different perspectives oncurrent and emerging businessissues, focusing on .Pleasegoto forthe inaugural issue of RutgersBusiness Review, Vol. 1, No.1, which contains the followingarticles: When (Firsthand) ExperienceMatterslessthanYouExpect: TheInfluenceofAdvertising on RepurchaseDecisions by Mathew S. Isaac andMorgan Poor Shaping the Future: The NewSocial Ecosystem by MarkBurgess The Rutgers Business SchoolGeneral Impact Index forBusiness Journals by SerdarYayla, Omer Cem Kutlubay, andSengun Yeniyurt The State of Business Educationand Research- PerspectivesfromEducationalLeadersaround the Globe by CüneytEvirgen, Lei Lei, Peter Moizer,RichardPhillips,BarbaraStöttinger, and Marie Wilson. Tax Avoidance by MultinationalCompanies: Methods, Policies,and Ethics by Farok J. Contractor Migrants and the ForeignExpansion of Firms by PallaviShukla and John Cantwell. TheInternetasaTelecommunicationsService: Framing the LegalIssues and Business Strategiesby Victor Glass. The Case for Product Placementby Ekaterina V. Karniouchina, CanUslay, and Grigori Erenburg. Global Project Teams: APractitioner’s Guide to the 5Competencies Needed forSuccess by John R. Riesenberger.Congratulations to Prof. FarokContractor, Shen Yeniyurt, allcontributing faculty, and to siness-school-launches-rutgersbusiness-review

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 3REMBAs Latest Promotions Chris Mathes, REMBA 2009: Chief Commercial Officer at Icagen. Brett Levander, REMBA 2015: Director of Supply Chain at AAK USA. Joshua Sherman, REMBA 2015: Director of Digital, Media, & Sponsorships at TAG Heuer/LVMH. Regie Crisanto, REMBA 2016: Consultant at Dun & Bradstreet. Ken Grassia, REMBA 2016: Operations Manager at Amazon. Ayodeji Sonaike, REMBA 2016: Operations Manager at Amazon. Stephen Weber, REMBA 2016: Director, Customer Experience at Fresenius Medical Care NorthAmerica. Rich Chmiel, REMBA 2017: Vice President, Human Resources at Marotta Controls. Cortney Davis, REMBA 2017: Director CRM, Learning, & Development at KeyImpact Sales &Systems, Inc. Vikas Manchanda, REMBA 2017: Senior Director - Product development at Alacriti Inc. Geetanjali Mane, REMBA 2017: VP Retail Solutions and Systems at TD Bank. Navneet Masaun, REMBA 2017: Manager of Manufacturing Engineering at UTC Aerospace Systems. Alina Neuberger, REMBA 2017: Director of Medical Affairs at CVS Health. Douglas A Patrick, REMBA 2017: Assistant National Bank Examiner at the Office of the Comptrollerof the Currency. Subramani Ranganathan, REMBA 2017: Sr. Manager, Program Management at Finch Computing, Adivision of Qbase, LLC. Marisela Riveros, REMBA 2017: Offering Manager of Video Strategy and Execution at IBM. Amanda Thorn, REMBA 2017: Senior Accounting Manager at Shiseido Group USA.Congratulations everyone on your achievements!Power Up With the Powerhouse!Contact Info: Dr. Loubna Erraji, Ph.D., MBA. Director, Executive MBA Career Management and AlumniRelations. 973.353.1126. lerraji@business.rutgers.edu8

REMBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER Issue 3Calendar of EventsREMBA Back To School Event on Saturday, October 29, 2016, from 8.30am to 5pm. Thisinteractive workshop exploring the field of consumer behavior from the cognitive biases that impactour daily decisions, to the ways in which we’re influenced by environmental cues, to what role does ourbrain play in the decisions we make. Presented by Dr. Anubha Mishra, Assistant Professor at RiderUniversity (Marketing, Advertising) and the recipient of the 2014 Gary Michael Idaho Power Fellowshipin recognition of excellence in teaching, research, and services. The workshop will be held at RBSNewark, 1 Washington Park in Bove Auditorium (room 220). Breakfast and lunch will be served.REMBA Alumni, please send a paper check of 70 to the ORDER OF RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, to theattention of Loubna Erraji (EMBA Dept), at 1 Washington Park, room 456, Newark, NJ 07102.Looking forward to seeing/meeting many of you at the event!SUPPLY CHAIN CAREER EXPO on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at the New JerseyConvention & Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ.ERNEST & YOUNG presentation on “How to nail the Interview” on Thursday,September 29, 2016, at RBS Newark, 1 WP, room 228.ECONOMY, DEFICITS & GLOBAL PROTECTIONISM session with Prof. Langdana isfinally coming up soon, due to popular demand. Stay tuned!LERNER CENTER (RBS) – Pharma-related Events: please see flyer below. Fifth AnnualRutgers Business School Biopharmaceutical Case Competition, on Friday, November 18,2016.9

Rutgers Executive MBA CAREER & NEWS CORNER September 2016 WELCOME TO THE POWER HOUSE NEWSLETTER #3 Contact Info Loubna Erraji, Ph.D., MBA Director, Executive MBA Career Management & Alumni Relations 973.353.1126 Dear REMBA alumni and current students: welcome to the Rutge