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The Hendrick motto is proudly displayed in the lobby of Hendrick Manufacturing in Carbondale, PA.The Hendrick Motto:“Do the right thing,”was coined by Michael L. Drake during histenure as president of the HendrickCompanies. It inspires every employee todo their best, be honest, respectful, andto interact with others with integrity. Itembodies Hendrick’s commitment to ourcustomers, vendors and employeesto always do the right thing.Version: PDec 23, 20192Hendrick Metal Productshendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-7373

ricationNortheastNortheastPlantPlantMap ItClick to ation & FabricationMidwestMidwestPlantPlantOwensboro, KYOwensboro, KYProfile/Wedge Wire & FabricationProfile/Wedge Wire & FabricationSouthern PlantSouthern PlantMap ItMap ItClick to VisitClick to VisitMap ItWith three ISO 9001 certified manufacturing locations, we can providemanufacturing flexibility to get product to you faster with minimized shipping costs.Plus, our large material inventory provides shortened lead times.Hendrick Manufacturinghendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-73733

Why HendrickM E TA L P R O D U C T SPUT HENDRICK’S BROAD-BASED EXPERTISE TO WORK ON YOUR NEXT PROJECTWhat makes Hendrick a Reliable Supplier?Inception DateCustomer Satisfaction ScoreEquipment Reinvestment RateOver 140 years of perforatingand fabrication experience,providing quality you can trust.Based on 503 completedsurveys between 2016 and2018.Hendrick’s commitment tomaintaining the latesttechnology in equipment.Raw MaterialAverage Employee TenureISO 9000 Certification1876 95% 30%30m In annual purchases. Thispurchasing power assuresyou access to metal duringshortages.Industries Served20 Hendrick’s depth of experienceassures that you get productsthat match your needs.10 Years2015Offering you knowledge andexperience for excellentquality and service.Hendrick’s built-in Quality andLean approach assures you’ll getsatisfaction with every order.Perforated ManufacturingLocationsPerforating Patterns2 FacilitiesLocalized shipping fromCarbondale, PA or Elgin, IL cansave you shipping costs.2000 In addition to our existinglibrary of options, wecan work with you todesign a custom pattern.Other Benefits4Flexible Supply ChainFinancial StrengthLean Committed Vendor managed inventory Kanban Consignment - raw material orfinished product JIT Blanket order contracts Toll processing Disciplined cost focus Solid operating results Dedicated lean resources Continuous, best practicelean events company-wideVertical IntegrationFamily Owned In-house tooling capabilities(design and manufacturing) In-house punchmanufacturing Privately held Nimble-quick decisionsHendrick Metal Productshendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-7373

CapabilitiesEngineering and design support servicesFrom basic projects, to those requiringcomplex and challenging solutions, Hendrickprovides quality driven design assistance. Wepromote collaboration with our customers’engineers at each stage in the product lifecycle. Services include: Prototyping and production engineeringsupport Revision control and product datamanagement throughout the productioncycle Design assistance for manufacturabilityand cost savingsDesign and value engineering assistance is offered,providing a cost-effective approach to production.Drafting SoftwareSolidworks Professional 2018 Creating 3-D Part and Assembly Models Part Fitment Verification Creating Technical Drawings for use inProduction Outputting Flat Patterns for Punchingand Laser Cutting Determining Weight of Raw Materialand Finished ProductsAutoCAD 2018 Creating 2-D Part and AssemblyDrawings Creating Technical Drawings for use inProduction Creating Flat Patterns for Punching andLaser Cutting Perforation Tooling DesignClick for LinkLearn More AboutAll Hendrick ServicesHendrick Manufacturinghendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-73735

CapabilitiesMaterial optionsToolingWe maintain a large inventory of popularraw materials in stock, in both sheets andcoils, providing you with buying power thatleads to very competitive pricing andshortened lead times.Plus, our no-minimum order policy offersthe same fast delivery and lower pricing onsmall to medium volume orders.With hundreds of precision high-speedperforating tools available, we can readilyproduce most hole pattern requirements.Hendrick’s in-house manufacturing of toolsand punches assure that tooling can bemade for custom jobs.Aluminum3003, 5052, 6061, plus moreCold Rolled SteelHot Rolled SteelGalvanized SteelG90, G60, E.G. plus moreStainless Steel304, 316, 430, plus morePlus copper, brass, monel, plastic and more6Hendrick Metal Productshendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-7373

IndustriesQuality materials for diverse applicationsHendrick supplies perforated metal and fabrication to over 20 end markets acrossthe globe, both directly and through our distribution channel partners. Whetheryou fit one of our major industries or a smaller, niche market, we have themanufacturing expertise and flexibility to provide quality materials for diverse anddemanding applications.Industries We Serve Acoustical Electronic Medical Agricultural Environmental Mining & Aggregate Architectural Filtration Recycling Automotive Food Processing Retail Commercial Lighting Hammer & Powder Mill Security Conveyor Flights HVAC Telecommunications Distribution Industrial Equipment TransportationA. Fan Tray for Telecom ChassisB. Medical Incubator TrayC. Coffee Roaster Cooling TrayD. Speaker GrillE. Automotive Truck GrillF. Gondola Wall PanelABCDEFClick for LinkGet IndustrySpecific InformationHendrick Manufacturinghendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-73737

PerforatingM E TA L P R O D U C T SAll-Across, High Speed Perforating PressesThe Fastest, Most Economical Perforating Method for High Volume ProductionAll-across perforating presses provide a unique method of producing holes inmetal quickly and economically. Unlike other perforating methods, Hendrick’sall-across equipment can punch multiple rows of holes across the sheet, up to 60”wide, in one single stroke—and is capable of punching up to 600 strokes perminute. The equipment automatically feeds material and punches to complete asheet extremely quickly. It’s such an efficient way to perforate, other metalfabricators come to Hendrick for projects that require perforating to minimizetheir costs. Unlimited patterns in round, square,slotted, ellipse, hexagon and a variety ofdecorative patterns Perforation sizes from 0.027” in diameterand up Thicknesses ranging from .002” to 0.25” Perforate in sheet or coilAdditional In-House Perforating Services gPolishingImage of a perforating tool with four rows ofpunches. Closeup of partial tool shown for detail.Click for LinkSee Hendrick’s AllAcross Perforatingin action8Hendrick Metal ProductsPerforated material costs can be minimized usingHendrick’s high-speed, all-across perforatingpresses. These presses offer the fastest, mostefficient method for perforating sheet or coil.hendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-7373

PerforatingPerforating for Low-Medium Volume Production or Unique PatternsFor low volume or custom patterns, Hendrick can service your needs with ourstate-of-the-art CNC punch equipment. With punching equipmentranging from 20 to 50 tons, presses can producecomponents that are up to 60” wide and up to 3/8”thick. Meeting tight tolerances is not an issue. Plus,our punch/plasma combination machines can perform multiple operations that can reduce productioncosts.Hendrick’s COMA CNC turret punch iscapable of punching heavy steel gauge—even up to 0.375“Hendrick’s latest punching equipment provides amazingquality and speed—up to 1600 strokes/min.Hendrick’s punch/laser equipment offersthe flexibility of a laser combined withpunching equipment—making it ideal forperforating unique patterns in a designcut to any shape.Click for LinkWatch Hendrick’sHigh Speed Punchingin ActionHendrick Manufacturinghendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-73739

FabricatingM E TA L P R O D U C T SBroad range of capabilitiesHendrick offers a full-line of sheet metalfabrication capabilities with dedicatedequipment and experienced staff. Wespecialize in low to medium volume work,whether its value-add to our perforating processor a project that uses our complete end-to-endfabricating capabilities. Regardless of size, volumeor material, our fabrication options can eliminatelabor, time, and provide cost-savings for yourcompleted assembly. Significant tool libraryLarge to small componentsPrototype to productionPartial to complete turn-key contract assemblyoperationsMultiple fabrication services available PunchingBendingNotchingRollingDrillingWater Jetting Laser Cutting & EtchingPlasma CuttingMIG & TIG WeldingSpot WeldingHardware InsertionHeat Treating mingWhether you require one bend or needcomplex multiple bends, Hendrick canflawlessly form your parts to your exactdrawing specifications.Aluminum (.020” to .250”)Stainless Steel (.020” to .250”)CRS (.020” to .375”)Galvinized, Aluminized, Copper, & Brass (Call for info)PunchingFrom high speed punching to our combopunch and laser equipment, Hendrick hasthe technology to deliver.Aluminum (.020” to .500”)Stainless Steel (.020” to .250”)CRS (.020” to .375”)Galvinized, Aluminized, Copper, & Brass (Call for info)LaserThe 8kW of fiber laser technology producesthe fastest processing speeds with a highlevel of accuracy and unsurpassed qualitywith tolerances down to /- .005.Aluminum - to 1”Stainless steel - to 1.5”Mild steel - to 1”Copper – to .390”Brass – to .390”WeldingHendrick offers welding support for smallweldments to heavy plate weldingfabrications to complete your componentassembly.TIG, MIG, Spot, StudHeavy plate or thin gaugeMost alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, andaluminum.10Hendrick Metal Productshendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-7373

Fabricating8kW fiber laser cuttingWith 8kW of laser cutting power,we’ve removed several obstacles forprecise, custom designs whencutting metal. This latest in lasertechnology produces the fastestprocessing speeds, a high level ofaccuracy with tolerances down to /.005 and unsurpassed quality. Plus,we’ve broken the barrier for materialgauge. The maximum sheet size is84” x 160”.Hendrick’s 8kW laser produces clean,smooth edges and no material warping.Hendrick’s extensive tooling inventory allows us tokeep tooling costs to our customers at a minimum.With multiple machines of varying capabilities from60 to 500 tons, Hendrick can form custom parts to precision.Hendrick Manufacturinghendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-737311

How to order perforated materialM E TA L P R O D U C T SHendrick offers an unlimited number of pattern configurations in a wide range ofmaterials. To assure quick and accurate quoting or delivery, please refer to theseguidelines when ordering Hendrick’s perforated materials.Material – Indicate the type of material required and thickness or gauge. See page6 for a list of Hendrick’s raw materials. Other metals and plastics are available.Quantity – Indicate number of sheets or linear length of coil required.Sheet Size – Provide width and length. We can accommodate any size up to 60”wide.Common sheet widths: 36”, 48” and 60”.Common sheet lengths: 96”, 120” and 144”.Specify hole specs1. Hole shapeRoundSquareSlottedHexagonSpecialty2. Pattern ArrangementStaggered or Straight PatternStaggered Pattern, 60 (standard) or 45 Straight PatternUnfinished or Finished End Pattern - Length - - Length - 12Hendrick Metal Products - Width - - Width - Unfinished End Pattern** Pattern is based on a two-rowtool. The end pattern for a fouror eight-row tool may have adifferent appearance.Finished Patternhendrick-perf-fab.com800-225-7373

How to order perforated material3. The hole size in ernsSlottedHexagon4. The hole centers (distance from the center of one hole to the center of the nearest hole in the next adjoining row) SquareSlottedHexagon**Note: Industry standards recommend not making the distance between holes smaller than the material thickness.If you a smaller distance, contact Hendrick to discuss your needs.Provide open areaProvide the open area (total hole area, compared to sheet size) on the perforated sheet, indicated by percent.Typical open areas range from 2 to 80%, however 70% and higher can distort the materialRound - 60 Staggered CenterRound - 45 Staggered CenterSquare – Straight or 45 Staggered CenterD2x90.69C2157.08x D2C2157.08x D2C2HexagonRound End Slot- Staggered CenterRound End Slot- Straight CenterLBWA100 x D2C2Hendrick ManufacturingW(L-.215W) x100

Buyer’s Handbook Patterns and Capabilities Smartphone Interactive. YOUR PERFORATION AND FABRICATION EXPERTS Since 1876, Hendrick has been innovating perforated metal solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise is unparalleled in the industry. The broad based knowledge that comes from working with multiple industries gives us a unique perspective on the latest manufacturing .