Comparison ChartLock Type Glossary And Finish Chart RU Series


Lock typecomparison chartGlossary andfinish chartMA SeriesRU SeriesRUSeriesExtra heavy-duty preassembledunit locksWhen you need to replace an existing notched-style lock and get up to code on ADA accessibility, the FalconRU Series is a perfect fit. Designed specifically for retrofitting older and historical buildings, this unique lockinterchangeable core that can be removed for quick, easy re-keying. Our interchangeable cores are compatiblewith SFIC products from other manufacturers, and they’re backed by one of the best names in the business.FeaturesConstruction keyingand product ID chartK900SeriesD SeriesH2 SeriesW SeriesB SeriesK SeriesX SeriesT Seriescombines old-fashioned styling with modern strength, security and convenience. Falcon RU Series locks have anLarge square trim tohide any imperfectionsin the door22 Falcon LocksTrim is solid brassPressureRelease outside leverdisengages whenlocked to protectinternal mechanisms

Lock typecomparison chartFeatures, benefits and specificationsThe RU Series from Falcon is designed to retrofit existing unit locks manufactured by Falcon, Corbin RusswinMA Seriesand Yale. It exceeds ANSI Grade 1 specifications and is UL/ULC listed. The RU Series incorporates Falcon’svandal resistant PressureRelease trim to prevent damage to internal mechanism, and it installs withminimal rework to existing doors while preserving the door and frame for cost effective project planning.Falcon’s RU Series satisfies all ADA easy access requirements.§§ Vandal resistant PressureRelease outside leverdisengages when locked to prevent damage tointernal mechanismRetrofit locksets shall be Falcon lock RU Series or§§ Complements Falcon’s “family” of lever designs§§ “Power Spring ” in rose trim prevents lever sag§§ 2 standard finishes: 613 and 626§§ No exposed mounting screws§§ Exceeds 1,000,000 cycle ANSI Grade 1 requirement§§ Interchangeable core levers are non-removablewith core installed§§ Available with some 6-pin competitor’skeyways§§ Accepts interchangeable (removable) cores andstandard 6-pin cylinders from the followingmanufacturers: Arrow, Assa, Best, CorbinRusswin (except Master-Ring), Medeco,Sargent, Schlage and Yale§§ PressureRelease (clutchable) outside lever§§ Preserves existing facility doors and frames§§ Heavy duty, solid levers are 5" long and have noinserts§§ Preserves original architectural design without adapterplate or add-ons§§ Features a 4" square rose which covers existing mountingholes, most paint lines and required door rework§§ Complies with ADA easy access requirements§§ Strikes available to match existing frame preparation§§ Reuse existing facility cylinders and key system§§ 2 3 4" backset only§§ ANSI strike standard§§ Optional OEM strikes availableK900Series§§ Non-handed chassis and field reversible trim and latchbolt for easy stocking and lower inventory cost§§ Standard lock is for 1 3 4" thick doors. Alsoavailable for 2" and 2 1 4" thick doorsD Series§§ UL/ULC listed for 3 Hour A Label doors§§ Installs with 10-32 through-bolt screws withthread sealant for extra security and resistanceto vibrating looseH2 Series§§ Easy installation with minimal door modifications§§ No exposed mounting screwsW SeriesBenefitsB Series§§ Meets or exceeds all other ANSI A156.2 rigorous Grade 1specifications for key-in-lever products§§ Available with Falcon standard orinterchangeable core cylinders in 6 and 7-pinconfigurationK Series§§ Solid bar stock deadlocking feature prevents latchbinding and lock failure due to poor door alignment§§ Exceeds ANSI A156.2 Grade 1 key-in-leverspecificationsX Series§§ 12 commercial lock functionsequal and meet the following requirements:T SeriesSpecificationsRU SeriesFeatures§§ 2 lever designsGlossary andfinish chartRetrofit locks§§ Key removable outside lever for easy cylinder replacementLocks Falcon 23Construction keyingand product ID chart§§ Outside lever secured by a spring-loaded retainer. Retainercannot be depressed when locks have been locked. Insidelever secured by a set screw. Levers have heavy-duty steelindividual return springs in order to prevent lever sag

Lock typecomparison chartGlossary andfinish chartMA SeriesLever stylesLevers are solid pressure cast zinc, finished to match mating parts. Roses are wrought brass orbronze, and are installed over pressure cast through-bolted rose inserts. Levers are secured by aspring-loaded retainer. Retainer cannot be depressed when locks have been locked.Dane (D)Quantum (Q)K SeriesX SeriesT SeriesRU SeriesDesigns and stylesDescriptionANSI No.Available onOil rubbed bronze613All trimSatin chrome626All trimConstruction keyingand product ID chartK900SeriesD SeriesH2 SeriesW SeriesB SeriesTrim finishes chart24 Falcon Locks

Lock typecomparison chartFunctionsGlossary andfinish chartTo order Falcon lock RU Series locksets, please consult page 32 for ordering information and assistance.Indicates interchangeable core available.DescriptionRU101Passage/closet setLatch bolt by levers at all times.RU301Privacy lockLatch bolt by levers. Outside lever locked by push button ininside lever. Rotating inside lever or closing door releases pushbutton. Emergency release in outside lever unlocks door.RU381Apartment exit lockDeadlocking latch bolt by levers except when outside lever islocked by key inside, then by key outside. Inside lever is alwayslocked.RU411Asylum lockDeadlocking latch bolt by key from either side at all times. Bothlevers inoperable.RU501Entry lockPush button locking. Button on inside locks outside lever untilunlocked by key or by rotating inside lever. Inside lever alwaysfree. Deadlocking latch bolt.X SeriesRU511Entry/office lockTurn/push button locking. Pushing and turning button locksoutside lever requiring use of key until button is manuallyunlocked. Push button locking. Pushing button locks outsidelever until unlocked by key or by rotating inside lever. Insidelever always free. Deadlocking latch bolt.K SeriesRU521Office lockTurn button locking. Turning button locks outside lever requiringuse of key until button is manually unlocked. Inside lever alwaysfree. Deadlocking latch bolt.B SeriesFunctionRU561Classroom lockDeadlocking latch bolt by levers. Outside lever is locked by keyin outside lever. Inside lever is always free.RU571Dormitory lockDeadlocking latch bolt by levers except when locked by pushbutton in inside lever. Key in outside lever locks or unlocks leverand releases button. Closing door releases push button. Insidelever always free.RU581Storeroom lockDeadlocking latch bolt by lever inside or key outside. Outsidelever is inoperable. Inside lever always free.RU851Storeroom (electrified-failsafe)Latch bolt operated by lever from either side except when outerlever is electrically locked. When outer lever is locked (inoperable), latch bolt retracted by key in cylinder outside dead lockinglatch bolt. 24V/DC .185AMPS.RU881Storeroom (electrified-failsecureDeadlocking latch bolt operated by lever inside at all times.Outside lever inoperable until electrically unlocked, then latchbolt from either side. When outside lever is inoperable, latchbolt retracted by key in cylinder outside.MA SeriesNameT SeriesCatalog numberRU SeriesW SeriesH2 SeriesD SeriesK900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chartLocks Falcon 25

Lock typecomparison chartGlossary andfinish chartCylinders, cores and guardsStandard cylindersStandard 6-pin cylinders*Standard cylinders§§ Falcon§§ Peaks§§ Corbin Russwin§§ Schlage§§ Medeco§§ Assa§§ Sargent§§ Lori§§ Yale - Monolock - unitlock§§ Primus (Schlage)§§ Yale§§ Arrow*Locks must be modified for some cylinders. Be sure tospecify manufacturer when ordering.D SeriesH2 SeriesW SeriesB SeriesK SeriesX SeriesT SeriesRU SeriesMA SeriesThe Falcon RU Series accepts the following manufacturers’ 6-pin cylinders:DescriptionFunctionA23151-055-Pin assemblyAll except 381 inside cylinder, 571A23151-065-Pin assemblyAll except 381 inside cylinder, 571A23151-075-Pin assemblyAll except 381 inside cylinder, 571A23161-056-Pin assemblyAll except 381 inside cylinderA23161-066-Pin assemblyAll except 381 inside cylinderA23161-076-Pin assemblyAll except 381 inside cylinderA23171-057-Pin assembly571A23171-067-Pin assembly571A23171-077-Pin assembly571Note:K900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chartCatalognumberHTC TLA IGHORT HEOD OUTCU26 Falcon LocksLatch heights currently identifiedand the manufacturer.1.1 3 4" Corbin, Russwin, Yale2.2 1 16" Corbin, Falcon3.2 5 8" Corbin, Sargent4.2 11 16" Russwin (Earliest)Specify finish: 606 or 626. Specify keyway: “E”, “G”(standard), “H”, “K”, “L”, “N”, “P”.

Lock typecomparison chartCylinders, cores and guardsGlossary andfinish chartInterchangeable coresThe Falcon RU Series accepts the following manufacturers’ interchangeable cores:MA SeriesRU SeriesT SeriesX SeriesK SeriesInterchangeable cores§§ Primus (Schlage)§§ Best§§ Yale - 32 Series§§ Peaks (Kaba)§§ Assa§§ Schlage§§ Sargent§§ Arrow§§ Medeco*Locks must be modified for some cylinders. Be sure tospecify manufacturer when ordering.DescriptionC606For use in all RU Series I/C keyed locks – 6-pin (cover style)C607For use in all RU Series I/C keyed locks – 7-pin (cover style)CB806For use in all RU Series I/C keyed locks – 6-pin (cap style)CB807For use in all RU Series I/C keyed locks – 7-pin (cap style)Note:Specify finish: 606 or 626. Specify keyway: “A” (standard orother keyway)H2 Series§§ Corbin RusswinCatalognumberW Series§§ FalconB SeriesInterchangeable cores*D SeriesK900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chartLocks Falcon 27

Competitor keywaysLock typecomparison chartDescriptionFunctionAll except 381IS, 571A23166-11DSargent LA ‘KD’ keyed different381 InsidecylinderArrow ‘KA’ keyed alike 4All except 381IS, 571A23160-011Schlage C ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23170-0KDArrow ‘KD’ keyed differentAll except 381IS, 571A23160-11ASchlage C ‘KA’ keyed alike 4381 InsidecylinderA23167-000Corbin 60 ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23160-11DSchlage C ‘KD’ keyed different381 InsidecylinderA23167-0KDCorbin 60 ‘KD’ keyed differentAll except 381IS, 571A23159-011Schlage E ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23174-000Corbin Russwin L4 ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23169-011Yale 8 (Para) ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23168-000Russwin D1 ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23169-11DYale 8 (Para) ‘KD’ keyed different381 InsidecylinderA23168-0KDRusswin D1 ‘KD’ keyed differentAll except 381IS, 571A23158-011Yale GA ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23166-000Sargent LA ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23170-012Arrow ‘O’ bitted571A23166-0KDSargent LA ‘KD’ keyed differentAll except 381IS, 571A23170-12AArrow ‘KA’ keyed alike 4571A23160-000Schlage C ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23170-12DArrow ‘KD’ keyed different571A23160-0KASchlage C ‘KA’ keyed alike 4All except 381IS, 571A23167-012Corbin 60 ‘O’ bitted571A23160-0KDSchlage C ‘KD’ keyed differentAll except 381IS, 571A23167-12DCorbin 60 ‘KD’ keyed different571A23159-000Schlage E ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23174-012Corbin Russwin L4 ‘O’ bitted571A23169-000Yale 8 (Para) ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23168-012Russwin D1 ‘O’ bitted571A23169-0KDYale 8 (Para) ‘KD’ keyed differentAll except 381IS, 571A23168-12DRusswin D1 ‘KD’ keyed different571A23158-000Yale GA ‘O’ bittedAll except 381IS, 571A23166-012Sargent LA ‘O’ bitted571A23170-011Arrow ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23166-12DSargent LA ‘KD’ keyed different571A23170-11AArrow ‘KA’ keyed alike 4381 InsidecylinderA23160-012Schlage C ‘O’ bitted571A23170-11DArrow ‘KD’ keyed different381 InsidecylinderA23160-12ASchlage C ‘KA’ keyed alike 4571A23167-011Corbin 60 ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23160-12DSchlage C ‘KD’ keyed different571A23167-11DCorbin 60 ‘KD’ keyed different381 InsidecylinderA23159-012Schlage E ‘O’ bitted571A23174-011Corbin Russwin L4 ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23169-012Yale 8 (Para) ‘O’ bitted571A23168-011Russwin D1 ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderA23169-12DYale 8 (Para) ‘KD’ keyed different571A23168-11DRusswin D1 ‘KD’ keyed different381 InsidecylinderA23158-012Yale GA ‘O’ bitted571A23166-011Sargent LA ‘O’ bitted381 InsidecylinderD SeriesH2 SeriesW SeriesB SeriesK SeriesX SeriesT SeriesRU SeriesMA SeriesCatalognumberK900SeriesStandard cylinders with competitor keyways - 6-pinConstruction keyingand product ID chartGlossary andfinish chartCylinders, cores and row ‘O’ bittedA23170-0KA28 Falcon Locks

1Glossary andfinish chartLatches 2" projection, standard, UL listed3 4"1 13/4"1 3/4"2 1/16"2 21 16"1/16"2 11/16"2 11 21611/16""2 5/8"A31469-0012 5/8"2 3 4"2backset11/16" spring1 3 4"A31469-0022 3 4" backset spring2 1 16"A31469-0032 3 4" backset spring2 5 8"A31469-0042 4" backset spring2 11 16"A31469-01D2 3 4" backset deadlocking1 3 4"A31469-02D2 4" backset deadlocking2 1 16"A31469-03D2 3 4" backset deadlocking2 5 8"A31469-04D2 3 4" backset deadlocking2 11 16"33Latches for RU Series locks are 2 3 4" backset for 1 3 4" thick door.Specify finish: 605, 606, 612, 613, 625, 626.T Series522 85/8""2 5/8"2 11/16"Latch heightRU SeriesRDescriptionMA SeriesCatalog number"2 1/16"X SeriesK Series 4" projection, optional, UL listed3 4"1 33/4"1 3/4"2 1/16"221 1/16"16"2 5/8"2 5/8"B Series2 11/16"2 11/16"RLatches for RU Series locks are 2 3 4" backset, 1 3 4" thick door.Specify finish: 605, 606, 612, 613, 625, 626.5H2 Series"2 85/8"225/8"W Series1/16"6"Lock typecomparison chartOptions and accessories2 11/16"11/16"16"2 11 2D SeriesK900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chartLocks Falcon 29

Lock typecomparison chartGlossary andfinish chartMA SeriesOptions and accessoriesStrikes and dust boxesStrikesFurnished with a 4 7 8" ANSI Strike unless otherwise specified.005164-000*ANSI Prep A115.2RU Series1 1/4"1 1/8"9/16"2 5/8"3 1/4"4 1/8"4 7/8"031471-000*Early Corbin Russwinsingle door9/16"2-5/8"3-1/4"Note: Strike, door andlock same center line2 1/4"T Series1-1/8"031471-001*Early Corbin Russwinsingle doorNote: Strike center lineis not the same as doorand lock2-1/4"3 3/8"1-9/16"1 9/16"2-1/8"2 1/8"1 3/8"11/16"2 5/8"1 3/8"11/16"1 1/8"031473-000*Yale mono pairof doors9/16"1 1/4"031474-000*Early Corbin5/8"2 5/8"4"3 1/4"4 5/32"4 13/16"2 1/4"2 1/4"1 3/4"2 5/8"3 11/32"1 1/8"1 7/8"1 1/8"1 7/8"1 3/8"1 15/16"* Specify finish: 605, 606, 612 or 625, 626 or 630Dust boxes005099-000-301" deep. May be used with any4 7 8" high (ANSI) strike.K900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chart031472-000*Early CorbinRusswin pairof doors3 1/4"D SeriesH2 SeriesW SeriesB SeriesK SeriesX Series1 3/16"30 Falcon Locks031453-000-30 4" deep. May be usedwith any 3 1 4" high strike.31 1/2"2 1/8"031477-000*Early Russwinunit lock

Lock typecomparison chartCompetitive cross-reference chartOld Corbinunit lockOld Russwinunit lockOld Yalemono-lockYale mono-lockretrofitOld FalconR 1UT5272354546 251351540——R521F84ClassroomRU561UT5255355540 �—Corbin/RusswinOld Corbinunit lockOld Russwinunit lockOld Yalemono-lockYale mono-lockRetrofitOld FalconR ��——PB—H2 SeriesAll effort has been made to make this information comprehensive. Since no two products are exactly alike, this data representsthose products which are similar. This information was obtained from trade services and is not guaranteed nor meant to representany product as equal to any other product.W SeriesFalconB SeriesTrim stylesK SeriesCorbin/RusswinX SeriesFalconT SeriesFunctionRU SeriesANSInumber/gradeMA SeriesRU Series Grade 1 Retrofit unit key-in-leverGlossary andfinish chartFunction and trim style cross-referenceD SeriesK900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chartLocks Falcon 31

Lock typecomparison chartGlossary andfinish chartMA SeriesRU SeriesT SeriesX SeriesK SeriesB SeriesHow to orderFor correct ordering, and to ensure no delays in shipment of your order, the following descriptive data must be listed inthe sequence shown. Necessary information can be found in other parts of this catalog. The example below shows anorder for 8 each RU locksets in the 521 Office function, D (Dane) trim design, 626 finish, 1 3 4" latch height, 4 7 8" ANSIstrike, less cylinder, prepared for Russwin I/C core with 2 3 4" backset latch, to accommodate doors 1 3 4" thick.§§ Quantity: Indicate the quantity required.§§ Trim design: Indicate letter of lever design. Example: D Dane; Q Quantum.§§ Door hand: Specify hand RH/LH or RHR/LHR solatch may be assembled to outer trim properly. Fieldreversible.§§ Finish: When the finish is the same for the outside andinside trim, it is shown once (626). For split finishes, theoutside is designated first, then the inside (605 x 625).§§ Keying detail: We suggest using the standard termsdeveloped by the Door & Hardware Institute. Example: AA1 - Grand master keyed, master keyed,change key 1.§§ Latches: 2 3 4" backset only.§§ Strikes: 4 7 8" X 1 1 4" ANSI standard. Optional retrofitstrikes available: 3 4", 4 3 16" and 4 5 32". See page 30 formore details.§§ Keyways: “G” is standard on regular cylinders, “A” isstandard on interchangeable cores. Other keywaysavailable. See page 28.§§ Cylinder type: Locks are furnished with Falcon’sstandard cylinder unless otherwise specified. SeeHow to order exampleQty.Catalog numberTrim designFinishLatch height*StrikeHandingCylinderOther requirements8RU521D6261 3 4"StdRHRLess cylinderPrepare for Russwin I/C coreD SeriesK900SeriesConstruction keyingand product ID chartpage 26 for details. When ordered “less cylinder” it isnecessary to indicate which competitor’s standardcylinder or I/C core the lockset must be prepared for. Example: Less cylinder - Prepared for Russwin I/Ccore and whether the cylinder is 6 or 7 pin.§§ Catalog number: Select catalog number. All catalognumbers shown in this catalog indicate 2 3 4" backsetonly. For thicker doors consult factory.H2 SeriesW SeriesOrdering instructions and example32 Falcon Locks

To order Falcon lock RU Series locksets, please consult page 32 for ordering information and assistance. Indicates interchangeable core available. Functions Glossary and finish chart MA Series RU Series T Series X Series K Series D Series B Series W Series H2 Series K900 Series Construction keying and product ID chart Lock type comparison chart