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Transcription th -25th September 2021 ExCeL LondonQuick ViewConferenceConferenceprogrammeKEYNOTESponsored byLEADERSHIP09:00 - CALLEADERSHIPCANCER AND LONGTERM CONDITIONSIn partnershipwithCongress opens and exhibition floor timeDelivering race equality inPharmacyNext steps for primary carenetworks, including the role ofcommunity pharmacy09:30 - 10:15Programme:FridayFriday 24 SeptemberEd Waller, Director for PrimaryCare, NHS England and NHSImprovementChair – Bharat Nathwani, PolicyOfficer, PDAPanellists - Elsy Gomez Campos,President, PDA BAME Network,Rahul Singal, Chief Pharmacistand Tohidul Islam, CEO, ThePharmacist CooperativeBreakfast Symposium: Impact ofthe new NICE guidance in RA –How can biosimilars help withimplementation*Philip Newland-Jones, Consultant Kalveer Flora, Lead RheumatologyPharmacist, Diabetes andand Biosimilars SpecialistEndocrinology, UniversityPharmacist, Northwick Park,Hospitals Southampton NHSCentral Middlesex and EalingFoundation TrustHospital, London North WestUniversity Healthcare NHS TrustSGLT-2 inhibitors and their use inrenal disease and heart failureDuration of antibiotic courseevidence so far?Stephen Hughes, ConsultantAntimicrobial Pharmacist,Chelsea & Westminster NHSFuture/strategic theme: Future ofcancer treatmentNisha Shaunak, Lead Pharmacistfor Oncology, Guy’s & Thomas’NHS Foundation TrustDelivered by10:15 - 10:45Exhibition floor timeWho knows where we are withGFR?10:45 - 11:30Dawn Davin, Nephrology (Renal)Pharmacist, Tallaght UniversityHospitalUK RenalPharmacyGroupBrunch Symposium: The burdenand management of Nontuberculous mycobacterial lungdisease*Toby Capstick, ConsultantPharmacist - RespiratoryMedicine, St James’s UniversityHospitalDelivered byBrunch Symposium: Parkinson’sdisease: current thinking*Peter Jenner, Emeritus Professorof Pharmacology, King’s CollegeLondon and Shelley Jones, LeadPharmacist, Neuroscience, King’sCollege HospitalDelivered byDr Raj Mattu, CardiologyConsultant, from KetteringGeneral Hospital NHS FoundationTrustDelivered byProgression on emotionalintelligence and practical tips onpharmacy leadership by peopleworking on the front line and infront line leadership rolesHelen Kilminster, Pharmacist,PCN Clinical Director, Pioneers forHealth (Central), Aamer Safdar,ETD Pharmacist, Barts HealthNHS Trust, Mahendra Patel,Honorary Visiting Professor,Academic Pharmacist, PharmacyResearch Champion NIHR (Yorks &Humber) and Yousaf Ahmad, ChiefPharmacist, Practice Plus GroupLunch Symposium: Inhalers andthe environment*Shared decision making focusingon antidepressantsJane Scullion, Respiratory NurseConsultant, University HospitalsLeicesterProfessor Stephen Bazire,Honorary Professor, University ofEast AngliaDelivered byIntroduction to Cancer andCo-morbidities – the role ofpharmacy, digital platforms,evidence creation, and nationalscreening programmesShereen Nabhani-Gebara,Associate Professor OncologyPharmacy, Kingston UniversityLunch Symposium: FromRecovery to Restoration Optimising System Benefits fromBiologics*Anusha Patel, AdvancedPharmacist, Regional HomecareLead (East Midlands) and HighCost Medicines Pharmacist andKaty Jackson, Experienced NHSSystem Director working in CCGand hospital and former CCGChief PharmacistLunch Symposium: Addressing thecancer backlog by increasing yourcapacity to care*Sanjeev Kaushal, ChiefPharmacist and Head ofQuality, LloydsPharmacy ClinicalHomecare and James Clark, Headof Oncology, LloydsPharmacyClinical HomecareDelivered byExhibition floor timeLunch Symposium: HeadacheThe Headache Pathway - ASecondary Care Pharmacist’sRole*Lunch Symposium: Diabetes*Alia Gilani, Specialist Pharmacistin diabetes. Primary Care SheffieldLunch Symposium: Antibiotics*Delivered byLunch Symposium: COPD*Anusha Patel, RegionalHomecare Lead Pharmacist,East Midlands and High CostDrugs Pharmacist, KetteringGeneral HospitalDelivered byDelivered byDelivered by14:00 - 14:30Lunch Symposium: Deliveringthe Detect, Protect, PerfectProgramme as a Pharmacist inPrimary Care - a practicalguide*Michaela Nuttall, Founder andDirector, Learn with Nurses CICBest value biologicalimplementation past, present and futureSteve Brown, RegionalPharmacist (South), NHS Englandand NHS ImprovementDelivered byExhibition floor timeIETP UpdateSessionMark Voce, Director Educationand Standards, GPhC, HelenPorter, Pharmacy Dean, London,Kent, Surrey and Sussex,Health Education England andRichard Cattell, Deputy ChiefPharmaceutical Officer, NHSEngland and NHS ImprovementDOACs an updateRosalind Byrne, Lead PharmacistAnticoagulation, King’s CollegeHospital and Katherine Stirling,Consultant Pharmacist Anticoagulation and Thrombosis,Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHSTrust15:15 - 15:45NICE guidelines on commoninfections updateMarisa Lanzman, SeniorPharmacist - Microbiology &ITU, Royal Free London NHSFoundation TrustEthnic Disparities In MentalHealth CareNicola Greenhalgh, ClinicalLead Pharmacist Mental HealthServices, North East London NHSFoundation TrustLet’s Communicate CancerLisa MacLeod, Lecturer in ClinicalPharmacy Practice, RobertGordon University and JackieLewis, Director, Lewis PharmacyExhibition floor time15:45-16:4515.45 -16.30Jonathan Underhill, MedicinesConsultant Clinical Adviser,Medicines and PrescribingProgramme and AndyHutchinson, Medicines EducationTechnical Adviser, both NICEDelivered by12:45 - 13:1514:30 - 15:15NICE Shared Decision MakingGuidanceExhibition floor timeThe updated NICE AF guidelines:what you need to considerregarding anticoagulation*13:15 - 14:00Christine Wadsworth, UK ClinicalLead, BetterDelivered by11:30 - 12:0012:00 - 12:45Brunch Symposium: The Roleof Standards in MedicationManagement, Starting Withdm d*The Best of Clinical PharmacyAwards 2021 followed by theKeynote addressDr Keith Ridge CBE, ChiefPharmaceutical Officer, NHSEngland and NHS ImprovementAfternoon Tea Symposium:Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT).Dermatology, A Clear Pathto Clear Skin : A PharmacistsPerspective* HBUnlocking leadership potentialand tackling the wellbeing crisisthrough self development andpositive psychologyAmit Patel, CEO, PharmacyLondon, Harpreet Chana,Founder/Managing Director, TheMental Wealth Academy andDr Gary Redfeather, Clinical/Medical Leadership, Educationand Research Programme Lead,De Montfort University16:30 - 17:00Afternoon Tea Symposium:*HBDelivered by:Anusha Patel, Chair of theNational Dermatology SpecialistPharmacy Network SteeringGroup and Regional HomecareLead Pharmacist and High CostMedicines Pharmacist, KetteringGeneral HospitalReversing DOAC Bleeding: Howhas the management of lifethreatening bleeds changed?Dr Amir Jehangir, Consultantin Acute and General Medicine,Alexion Pharma UKDelivered byEmbedding genomics intopharmacy practiceRaliat Onatade, Group ChiefPharmacist and Clinical Directorfor Medicines Optimisation,Barts Health NHS Trust andLucy Galloway, Lead PharmacistPrimary Care, NHS South WestLondon CCGDelivered byExhibition floor timeRheumatologyPain management: Opioids17:00 - 17:45Yousaf Ahmad, Chief Pharmacist,Practice Plus Group and AsierRodriguez, UKCPACommittee MemberLeadership in HealthcareStrategy for WalesGemma Stafford, EducationalResource Developer, HealthEducation and ImprovementWalesOptimising AntithromboticTherapy in Patients with stableCVD - what are the options?Paul Wright, Lead CardiacPharmacist, Barts Health NHSTrustAsthma UpdateAnna Murphy, ConsultantRespiratory Pharmacist,University Hospitals of LeicesterNHS TrustStephanie Butler, Lead SpecialistPharmacist Rheumatology,University Hospitals SussexNHS Foundation Trust andLewis Sutherland, NorthumbriaHealthcare17:45 - 18:00Exhibition floor time18:00Congress closes. Join us at The Bridge Bar, located in the ExCeL Boulevard for more networking opportunities.Diabetes management in oncologyPhilip Newland-Jones,Consultant Pharmacist, Diabetesand Endocrinology, UniversityHospitals Southampton NHSFoundation Trust 24th -25th September 2021 ExCeL LondonQuick ViewConferenceConferenceprogrammeSTRATEGY AND POLICY09:00 - 09:3009:30 - 10:00CLINICAL PHARMACEUTICSAND PHARMACYTECHNICIANSCongress opens and exhibition floor timeProcurement and supply through the pandemicand beyondSession10:00 - 10:30Programme:FridayFriday 24 SeptemberExhibition floor timethTECHNOLOGY09:00 - 09:4509:45 - 10:15PRIMARY CARECongress opens and exhibition floor timeNational Community Pharmacy Digital StrategyShared Decision MakingRadhika Rangaraju, Programme Director- Digital Pharmacy, Optometry, Dentistry,Ambulance and Community Services, NHSXAnnie Sellers, Senior Pharmacist, LearningDevelopment, Centre for PharmacyPostgraduate Education10:15 - 10:45Exhibition floor timeTechnical services: Stepping up and out duringthe pandemic response10:30 - 11:00Philip Jones, Senior Pharmacy Technician andEducational Lead/PWDS Training ProgrammeDirector PIPC, United Hospital Bristol andWeston (UHBW) Foundation Trust/PharmacyWorkforce Development SouthSession11:00 - 11:30Exhibition floor timeLife after COVID: why wellbeing needs to becentral to our transition11:30 - 12:00Danielle Hunt, Chief Executive, PharmacistSupport and Melissa Cochrane, Senior WellbeingDevelopment Officer, Pharmacist Support12:00 - 12:3012:30 - 13:00Emerging Care In Obesity Management*Delivered byDelivered by:11:30 - 11:45Ciara Duffy, Qualified Person,Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyExhibition floor timeNHS Proactive Care @Home: the role of clinicalpharmacists in transforming long term conditionmanagementHow the role of the Qualified Person impactsClinical PracticeExhibition floor timeNational Digital Medicines Update11:45 - 12:15Ann Slee, Associate CCIO (Medicines), NHSX12:15 - 12:45Inclusive Pharmacy PracticeQuality in COVIDProfessor Mahendra Patel, Pharmacy and EthnicMinority Communities Research Lead and CoInvestigator, PRINCIPLE Trial, Universityof OxfordDr Justine Scanlan, Head of SpecialistPharmacy Service13:00 - 13:1510:45 - 11:30Session*12:45 - 13:30Exhibition floor timeLunch Symposium: The PCN Pharmacist: DataFacing or Patient Facing*Lunch Symposium:*Nicholas Meese, Head of Product ManagementUK and Mike Fahey, Solution Lead, ClinicalContent, both FDBDelivered byDelivered byExhibition floor time13:30 - 13:45Exhibition floor timeLunch Symposium:*13:15 - 14:00Yousaf Ahmad, Chief Pharmacist,Practice Plus GroupDipak Vaidy, Chief Pharmacist andHead of Clinical Procurement,Aspen Healthcare GroupOTC update based on OTC licensing and newPOM-P medicinesBabir Malik, Weldricks Teacher Practitioner,University of BradfordDelivered by14:00 - 14:30Exhibition floor time14:30 - 15:00Professor Nina Barnett, Consultant Pharmacist,London Northwest Healthcare NHS Trust andNHS Specialist Pharmacy Service15:00 - 15:30Lunch Symposium: Sciensus and the ConnectedHealth approach*13:45 - 14:30Peter Morgan, Associate Chief Pharmacist Aseptic Services, King’s College Hospital NHSFoundation Trust and Paul Tunstell, AssociateChief Pharmacist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHSFoundation TrustExhibition floor time14:45 - 15:1516:00 - 16:30Exhibition floor timeLelly Oboh, Consultant Pharmacist, Care ofOlder People, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHSFoundation Trust17:00 - 17:1515:45 - 16:15Ever changing landscape for GORD in Infants &Children*Andy Fox, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, UniversityHospital Southampton NHS Foundation TrustSteve Tomlin, Chief Pharmacist, Great OrmondStreet Hospital for ChildrenExhibition floor timeNiamh O’Connell, Lead Clinical Pharmacist,The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHSFoundation Trust, Leo Martin-Scott, DigitalMedicines Lead, Somerset NHS FoundationTrust and Hetty Lack, Somerset NHSFoundation Trust16:15 - 16:30Anoushka Tepielow, HRA Approvals Manager- Technical Assurances, Health ResearchAuthorityExhibition floor time16:30 - 17:00Matthew Elliott, Pharmacist, UniversityHospital of Derby and Burton NHSFoundation Trust17:00 - 17:15Learning from covid17:15 - 17:45Brian MacKenna, Specialist PharmacistAdviser & Medicines Data Clinical Lead, NHSEngland and NHS Improvement and HonoraryResearch Fellow Pharmacist, EBM DatalabExhibition floor time18:00Congress closes. Join us at The Bridge Bar, located in the ExCeL Boulevard for more networking opportunities.Hot drink and PastrySessionExhibition floor time17:45 - 18:00Free lunchDelivered byExhibition floor timeOpenSAFELYMelissa Cochrane, Senior WellbeingDevelopment Officer, Pharmacist SupportThe leadership challenges for Senior PCN/Federation PharmacistsMaking closed loop supply a reality - howstandards are helping17:15-18:00The science behind wellbeing17:15 - 17:45How can ePMA analytics help with improvingpatient careThe challenges with adopting EPS into hospitalsSupporting the rapid set up of Clinical Trials inthe UKStructured medication review16:30 - 17:00Dr Mark Cheeseman, Professional Lead forMedicines Information, Midlands & East,Midlands and East Medicines Advice ServiceSpecialist Pharmacy Service and TiffanyBarrett, Interim co-director, UniversityHospitals Bristol and WestonExhibition floor time15:15 - 15:45Richard Bateman, Regional PharmacyProcurement Specialist, NHS CommercialSolutions and Jackie Eastwood, AssociateDirector, Medicines Optimisation andPharmacy Procurement, NHS LondonProcurement PartnershipSessionDelivered bySupporting pharmacy professionals in generalpractice, primary care networks and communitypharmacyDelivered byManagement of outsourced aseptics services15:30 - 16:00Chris Appleby, Chief Pharmacist, Sciensus14:30 - 14:45Working across an ICSBecoming a Consultant pharmacistDr Matt Kearney, Programme Director forPrimary Care Innovation, UCL Partners, HelenWilliams, National Specialty Adviser forCVD Prevention and Mandeep Butt, ClinicalMedicines Optimisation Lead, UCL PartnersDelivery of virtual clinics and prioritisingpatients in the new normalNipa Patel, Senior PCN Pharmacist, NorthWest Surrey HeartlandsHB Hot drink and Biscuits* This Congress is supported by educational grants from various companies who have not influenced the meeting content or the choice of speakers. Sessions marked with an asterisk (*) are being delivered with input from the sponsoring company.By attending these sessions you are agreeing to sponsors receiving your registration data. To revoke consent of your details being shared after your badge has been scanned, please visit Registration.Programme correct at time of print th -25th September 2021 ExCeL LondonQuick ViewConferenceConferenceprogrammeKEYNOTESponsored byLEADERSHIP09:00 – 09:15Programme:SaturdaySaturday 25 LINICALLEADERSHIPCANCER AND LONGTERM CONDITIONSIn partnershipwithCongress opens and exhibition floor timeClimate & Ecological Emergency:A Health Emergency andPharmacy. A panel discussionwith introduction by Dr KeithRidge CBE, Chief PharmaceuticalOfficer, NHS England and NHSImprovement09:15 - 10:00Tracy Lyons, MedicinesOptimisation Pharmacist,University Hospitals Dorset NHSFoundation Trust and UKCPAEnvironment & SustainabilityAdvisor, Peter Morgan, AssociateChief Pharmacist, AsepticServices, Kings College HospitalNHS Foundation Trust andChief Pharmaceutical Officer’sClinical Fellow, Brian MacKenna,Specialist Pharmacist Adviser& Medicines Data Clinical Lead,Medicines and DiagnosticsPolicy Unit, NHS England andNHS Improvement, MinnaEii, Advanced PharmacistPractitioner, South Tyneside andSunderland NHS FoundationTrust and Medact Representativeand Yasmina Hamdaoui, LeadPre-Operative AssessmentPharmacist, Bangor Hospital,Betsi Cadwaladr UniversityHealth Board and PharmacistLead, Green Health WalesWorkforce Development - anupdate from the Pharmacy DeansJane Brown, North, NickHaddington, South, RosCheeseman, Midlands and Eastand Helen Porter, London, Kent,Surrey and Sussex, all HealthEducation EnglandParkinson’s DiseaseShelley Jones, ConsultantPharmacist, Neurosciences,King’s College Hospital NHSFoundation Trust10:00 – 10:3010:30 – 11:15Delivered bySara Sawieres, Senior ClinicalPharmacist - Liver and PrivatePatient Services, King’s CollegeHospital NHS Foundation TrustUpdate on Lipid ManagementDepressionDr Rani Khatib, ConsultantPharmacist in Cardiology &Cardiovascular Clinical Research,Leeds Teaching HospitalKaren Shuker, PrincipalPharmacist - Education, Training& Development, Surrey andBorders NHS Foundation TrustBreakfast Symposium:*Management of long termconditions and medicationsperi-operativelyNeetu Bansal, Lead EnhancedRecovery Surgical Pharmacist,Manchester University HospitalsNHS Foundation TrustExhibition floor timeHow to deprescribe with IMPACTCOPD: updateSajida Khatri, Director ofMedicines Optimisation,PrescQIPP and Katie Smith,Director of Clinical Quality,PrescQIPPRavijyot Saggu, Senior ClinicalPharmacist & EmergencyServices and Medicines andRespiratory Link, UniversityCollege Hospital, LondonSession11:15 - 11:45Commissioning theme: Can weafford a cure? How to pay forinnovation with new medicinesOmar Ali, Visiting LecturerUniversity of Portsmouth &Former Adviser to NICE andAdam Buckler, Senior BusinessConsultant, VerporaExhibition floor timeLunch Symposium: Diabetes*11:45 – 12:30Liver DiseaseAlia Gilani, Specialist Pharmacistin diabetes, Primary Care SheffieldYour role as an ambassador forpharmacyThorrun Govind, EnglishPharmacy Board Chair, RoyalPharmaceutical SocietyDelivered by12:30 – 13:00Lunch Symposium:Practical considerations inpreventing recurrent Venousthromboembolism*Chair: Sotiris Antoniou, Head ofPharmacy, St Bartholomew’sHospital, Speaker: Emma Gee,Nurse Consultant (Thrombosisand Coagulation), King’s CollegeHospitalDelivered byRheumatology UpdateChallenges of reducingDependence Forming MedicationCarol Roberts, CEO, PrescQIPPand Karen Homan, AssociateDirector of MedicinesOptimisation, PrescQIPPStephanie Butler, Lead SpecialistPharmacist Rheumatology,University Hospitals SussexNHS Foundation Trust andLewis Sutherland, NorthumbriaHealthcareLunch Symposium:*AVAILABLEExhibition floor timeWomen in PharmacyRenal13:00 – 13:45Sallianne Kavanagh, SeniorLecturer in Pharmacy Practice/Clinical Practice, University ofHuddersfieldUK RenalPharmacyGroupChair – Claire Ward, Director ofPublic Affairs, PDAPanel - Una O’Farrell, PDARegional Official for NorthernIreland and Locum Pharmacist,Roz Gittins, Director of Pharmacy,Humankind and Thorrun Govind,Chair of the English PharmacyBoard, Royal PharmaceuticalSociety13:45 - 14:15Deep dive into insulin safetyInes Fonseca, Lead PharmacistDiabetes and Endocrinology,Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFoundation TrustLunch Symposium: Simplifyingthe management of cholesterol,a practical approach forpharmacists*Dr Rani Khatib, ConsultantPharmacist in Cardiology &Cardiovascular Clinical Research,Leeds Teaching HospitalStretching your scope of practice:Prescribing in paediatricsRichard Goodwin, PrincipalPharmacist, Great Ormond StreetHospital for ChildrenDelivered byExhibition floor timePharmacy Declares! Climateconscious pharmacy professionalscalling for declaration, divestmentand climate-health leadershipThe Changing Shape of Pharmacyin Wales14:15 - 15:00Margaret Allen, Pharmacy Dean,HEIW & Eleri Schiavone, PrincipalPharmacist Patient Services,Princess of Wales HospitalTracy Lyons, MedicinesOptimisation Pharmacist,University Hospitals Dorset NHSFoundation Trust and UKCPAEnvironment & SustainabilityAdvisor and Peter Morgan,Associate Chief Pharmacist,Aseptic Services, Kings CollegeHospital NHS Foundation Trustand Chief PharmaceuticalOfficer’s Clinical Fellow15:00 - 15:1516:15Nutrition SupportWhat pharmacy needs to know ifwe’re going to fulfil the preventionagendaLisa Jamieson, ManagingDirector, Enucleo LimitedPriya Mistry, Lead PharmacistNutrition Support and IntestinalFailure, University HospitalSouthampton NHS FoundationTrustElective SurgeryStephane Jaglin, PharmacyManager and Thrombosis Lead,Practice Plus GroupCancer and Cardiac Health(Cardio-Oncology)Emma Foreman, ConsultantCancer Pharmacist CancerServices, The Royal MarsdenNHS Foundation Trust and AlisonWarren, Consultant PharmacistCardiology, University HospitalsSussex and Sussex ClinicalCommissioning GroupsExhibition floor timeHeadache: an update includinga look at the British Associationof Study of Headache newguidelines15:15 - 16:00SessionJoela Mathews, LeadNeuroscience Pharmacist, BartsHealth NHS TrustApplying for jobs; how to go aboutthe application process and unlockthe right doors to your pharmacycareerKiran Channa, Associate Directorof Pharmacy Clinical Services,University Hospitals Coventryand WarwickshireDevelopment and newtreatments in IBDAnja St. Clair-Jones, LeadConsultant PharmacistGastroenterology, Brighton andSussex University Hospital NHSTrustMedication Related Osteonecrosisof the Jaw (MRONJ)Dharmika Tailor, CommunityDental Officer, LeicesterCommunity Dental ServicesCongress closesInterim Foundation PharmacistProgrammeA panel of Pharmacists who havecompleted IFPPOptimising Pain Management:Neuropathic Pain and OpioidTitrationsAlleh Jonroy, Lead theatresand Surgical Pharmacist, TheRoyal Marsden NHS FoundationTrust & Suzanne Chapman,Clinical Nurse Specialist PainManagement, The RoyalMarsden NHS Foundation Trust 24th -25th September 2021 ExCeL LondonQuick ViewConferenceConferenceprogrammeSTRATEGY AND POLICY09:00 - 09:15Programme:SaturdaySaturday 25 SeptemberthCLINICAL PHARMACEUTICSAND PHARMACYTECHNICIANSTECHNOLOGYCongress opens and exhibition floor timeHeart Failure in Practice: From Diagnosis totreatmentAlison Warren, Consultant PharmacistCardiology, University Hospitals Sussex andSussex Clinical Commissioning Groups09:15 - 09:4509:45 - 10:15Exhibition floor timeShamma Baig, Equality, Diversity & InclusionLead, APTUK10:45 - 11:1510:00 - 10:30Kulpna Daya, Co-Founder of PharmacyTechnicians of Colour (PToC) and JanakiChitsabesan, Pharmacy Technician, PharmacyTechnicians of Colour (PToC)Sacha Pires, Highly Specialist Infection &Immunity Pharmacist, Barts Health NHS TrustWorking together to develop national PGDs andorganisational medicines policiesTracy Rogers, Director, Jo Jenkins, SpecialistPharmacist (Patient Group Directions) andAmanda Cooper, Associate Director, MedicinesUse & Safety, Medicines Use & Safety team,Specialist Pharmacy Service12:45 - 13:15Peter Morgan, Associate Chief Pharmacist,Aseptic Services, Kings College HospitalNHS Foundation Trust. Chief PharmaceuticalOfficer’s Clinical Fellow and Anya Gopfert,Public Health Registrar (Oxford) & NationalMedical Director’s Clinical Fellow11:00 - 11:45Session13:45 - 14:15Salmia Khan, Chief Pharmacy Technician,Argyle Health Group, PCPA PharmacyTechnician Group Committee ChairCatherine Heeney, Research Fellow, UsherInstitute, The University of EdinburghDianne Sanderson, Clinical Pharmacist,Vernova HealthcareExhibition floor timeRebecca Richmond, Director, PopulationHealth Management and Alex Miller, Directorof Product - Medicines Optimisation, bothOptumSession*13:00 - 13:45Delivered byDelivered byExhibition floor timePharmacy’s love affair with single use plasticWendy Penny, Head of Pharmacy TechnicianTraining, Health Education and ImprovementWalesSam Coombes, Lead Medicines InformationTechnician, East Kent Hospitals UniversityFoundation Trust14:00 - 14:3014:30 - 15:00Alifia Chakera, Lead Pharmacist Theatres andAnaesthetics, NHS LothianExhibition floor time15:15 - 15:45Opportunity for GP Pharmacists to ImplementQI for Psoriasis*Pharmacy Technician Developments in WalesGayle Anderson, Advanced PharmacistPractitioner (Women’s health), Dr Gray’sHospitalKath Hodgson, Associate Dean - Head ofProgramme Delivery and Post RegistrationFoundation Practice (Pharmacy), HealthEducation and Improvement WalesStrategies for optimising ePMA systems13:30 - 14:00The Nitrous Oxide Mitigation Project(#NixTheNitrous)Developing the existing workforce in Wales(Competency framework/IP opportunities/newly qualified)Exhibition floor timeDelivered byThe apprenticeship scheme and careerdevelopmentMedicines and Breastfeeding - Considering theRisks and Benefits14:45 - 15:1512:00 - 12:30SessionHow to best apply PHM principles to medicinesoptimisation*Exhibition floor time14:15 - 14:45Delivered by12:30 - 13:00Exhibition floor time13:15 - 13:45Exhibition floor time11:45 - 12:00Exhibition floor time12:15 - 12:45Nipa Patel, Senior PCN Pharmacist, NorthWest Surrey HeartlandsSession*Pharmacy as an anchor institutionHIV11:45 - 12:15AVAILABLE10:30 - 11:00Exhibition floor time11:15 - 11:45Results from PCN population health projectrespiratoryBreakfast Symposium:MicroaggressionsLeading with the Jab: success in avaccination clinic10:15 - 10:45Congress opens and exhibition floor timeDrones and stabilityDr Paul Royall, Senior Lecturer, King’s CollegeLondonPRIMARY CAREDeveloping your role as a PCN pharmacistRyan Smith, Associate Director, ThePharmacist Network, Clinical Director, MORPhConsultancy and Director of HealthcareServices, Agencia and Darshan Negandhi, PCNClinical Pharmacist, Modern PCNExhibition floor timeTo standardise or not - that is the question. Dowe really need dm d?15:00 - 15:30Paul Wright, Annett Blochberger, Sarah Cahill,all Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s ClinicalFellows15:30 - 15:45SessionExhibition floor timeAPTUK/PCPA National CompetencyFramework for Primary Care PharmacyTechnicians - supporting ever expanding rolesCovid vaccination roll outSalmia Khan, Chief Pharmacy Technician,Argyle Health Group, PCPA PharmacyTechnician Group Committee Chair16:1515:45 - 16:15Medication information and reasonableadjustment for service usersGhalib Khan, Cofounder & Director - WrittenMedicine, NHS England Clinical EntrepreneurMary Carter, APTUK Primary Care PharmacyTechnician Lead and Lead Author forthe APTUK/PCPA National CompetencyFramework or Primary Care PharmacyTechnicians, APTUKCongress closesMEET A FEW OF OUR ROCKSTAR SPEAKERS!Mary CarterYousaf AhmadRadhika RangarajuProfessor Mahendra G PatelAPTUK Primary Care Pharmacy Technician Leadand Lead Author for the APTUK/PCPA NationalCompetency Framework for Primary CarePharmacy Technicians, APTUKChief Pharmacist, Practice Plus GroupProgramme Director - Digital Pharmacy,Optometry, Dentistry, Ambulance and CommunityServices, NHSXPharmacy and Ethnic Minority CommunitiesResearch Lead and Co-Investigator, PRINCIPLETrial, University of OxfordFree lunchHot drink and PastryHB Hot drink and Biscuits* This Congress is supported by educational grants from various companies who have not influenced the meeting content or the choice of speakers. Sessions marked with an asterisk (*) are being delivered with input from the sponsoring company.By attending these sessions you are agreeing to sponsors receiving your registration data. To revoke consent of your details being shared after your badge has been scanned, please visit Registration.Programme correct at time of print

20 -25th September 2021 ExCeL LondonConference programmeSHOWCASE THEATREMORPH SKILLSSupporting Respiratory SMRs in primary care: From 9:30 - 13:30Join MORPh associates and respiratory experts for educationalsessions and respiratory clinics with hands-on demonstrationsof FeNO and placebo inhalers. Placebo devices available andself testing on FeNO.Friday09:30 - 10:00Multisector pre-registration pharmacist placement10:00 - 10:30Lessons learnt from a multisector programmeIn partnership withFriday11:00 - 11:30In the NAC of timeSaturday09:30 - 10:30Assessing an asthmatic patient including practicaldemonstrations of FeNO11:30 - 12:00Improving Transfer of Care for Care Home patients11:00 - 12:00Inhaler type and technique12:30 - 13:00Implementing HCV tests in Community Pharmacies12:30 - 13:30Supporting SMRs Care Home: An overview of Deprescribing inCare Homes13:00 - 13:30Schools Voluntary Health Outreach Project14:00 - 14:30IBDMate app for Paediatric IBD - a success?Supporting Diabetes SMRs in primary care: From 14:00 - 16:30,join MORPh for practical sessions on devices and pathwayspositioning.14:30 - 15:00My career as a Highly Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist14:00 - 15:00Blood Glucose Monitoring and digitalisation including practicalsessions with Free Style Libre15:30 - 16:00Healthcare for the Homeless16:00 - 16:30Better Lives Foundation15:30 - 16:30QI in diabetes: What is the place and appropriate patient forSGLP1s and GPL2s? Including a review of devices and injectiontechniques16:30 - 17:00Battling Covid in Low Resource SettingsSaturday17:00 - 18:00Motivational Interviewing09:00 - 09:30Multisector pre-registration pharmacist placement09:30 - 10:00Lessons learnt from a multisector programmeBOOKING SUGGESTED10.00 - 11.00GP Practice Access: A guide to becoming a pharmacist workingin PracticeSupporting SMRs in pain management and for LTCs, from11:30 - 15:3011:30 - 12:30Management & treatment of menopause in primary care13:00 - 14:00New NICE Chronic Pain Guidelines14:30 - 15:30Complex cases in anticoagulationPRACTICAL SKILLS ZONE10:30 - 11:00In the NAC of timeBOOKING REQUIREDReceive hands-on simulation training at our Practical Skills Zone, where you can brush up on old skills and enhanceyour knowledge with new techniques.11:00 - 11:30Improving Transfer of Care for Care Home patientsPhysical assessment workshops12:00 - 12:30Implementing HCV tests in Community PharmaciesWorking with live volunteers focusing on cardiovascular and respiratory systems Adam Radford, Lead Education &Training Pharmacist and Teacher Practitioner, University of Portsmouth and Dr Michael Leech, Clinical Pharmacist, StPeter’s Medical Centre.13:30 - 14:00IBDMate app for Paediatric IBD - a success?14:00 - 14:30My career as a Highly Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist15:00 - 15:30Healthcare for the Homeless15:30 - 16:00Better Lives Foundation16:00 - 16:30Battling Covid in Low Resource SettingsFRTRAINEE PHARMACISTMINI-MOCK CALCULATIONWORKSHOPSEECPC a

management . Dr Matt Kearney, Programme Director for Primary Care Innovation, UCL Partners, Helen Williams, National Specialty Adviser for CVD Prevention and Mandeep Butt, Clinical Medicines Optimisation Lead, UCL Partners. 12:00 - 12:30 Exhibition floor time 12:15 - 12:45 Exhibition floor time 12:30 - 13:00 Inclusive Pharmacy Practice