COMPACT TRACTORATTACHMENTSFor Compact Tractors with Universal Skid-Steer HitchPaladin Attachments is your single source forhigh quality Compact Tractor Attachmentsfor farmers, ranchers, estate owners, andlandscapers.Paladin offers a variety of attachments forCompact Tractors ranging in size, capability,and duties. Attachments include: 4-in-1 Buckets Adapter Plates Angle Brooms Backhoes Bale Spears Manure Push and Buckets Grapples Forks Rakes SweepersAlso available is an Auxiliary HydraulicConversion Kit used to convert existing tractorloader two-function hydraulics to allow a thirdfunction for controlling various hydraulicaccessory attachments.

COMPACT TRACTOR ATTACHMENTSwww.paladinattachments.comADAPTER PLATEBACKHOESPermits the use of skid-steer attachments such as pallet forksand landscape tools and tractor 3-point. Rugged design andpositive locking wedges. Quickly pins to tractor 3-point and wedge attaches to yourskid-steer attachments Top link cylinder kit replacesthe tractor top link for hydraulically positioning attachmentsSeveral classes availabledepending on desired weight& digging force. 180º bucketrotation and swing arc.Heavy-duty constructiongrade available for heavy-dutyapplications. Equipped withcushioned cylinders. 78" to 133" digging depths Various optional accessoriesAUGERS - X975, X1475, X1975, X2475, X357575 Series drive units arecompletely sealed with allmoving components runningin oil for total lubricationon a constant basis. The 75Series hydraulic motor drivesthe auger through a sealedplanetary gear reduction.Heavy duty all gear designgives these units a long lifewith minimal maintenanceand service costs. All modelsfeature reverse rotationfor quick backout whenobstructions are encounteredThe systems’ hydraulic reliefvalve protects the units fromdamage when the auger hitslarge immovable mum Auger24"30"36"36"48"DiameterMinimum10 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM 18 GPMHydraulic FlowMaximum14 GPM 25 GPM 30 GPM 35 GPM 30 GPMHydraulic FlowMaximumContinuous3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSIOperating PSI2" hex2" hex2” hex2” hex2” hexOutput Shaft2.56”2.56”2.56”Options2.56" roundroundroundround10-2515-3020-3524-30Output Flow6-15 GPMGPMGPMGPMGPM36-8938-9449-9752-7345-78Output SpeedRPMRPMRPMRPMRPMOutput 0300030003000Output Torquelb. l Accessoriesfixed & hydraulicthumbverticalstabilizersquick hitch heavy-duty quickcouplercoupler bucketUsed to convert existing tractor loader 2-function hydraulics to allow a3rd function for controlling various hydraulic accessory attachments, forexample hydraulic grapples and multipurpose buckets. Can plumb intoexisting loader bucket cylinder circuit.Attachment485509B511BMax digging depthDigging depth 2 ft. flatbottomDigging depth 8 ft. flatbottomOverall operatingheight, raisedLoading 08"121"154"173"55"63"82"96"Loading reach46"58"50"60"Reach from swing post108"127"153"14'5"Bucket rotation180 180 180 180 Swing arcStraight wall diggingdepthStabilizer spreadoperating positionStabilizer down belowgradeSystem relief valvesetting (psi)Digging force bucketcylinder (lbs)Digging force dippercylinder (lbs)Weight with 12" bucket(lbs)180 180 180 180 4251,594Built to lift, transport, and stack round or square bales of organic materials. Designed to fit compact tractors up to 50 hp Picks up one large round bale up to 6' in diameter Available in single, dual, and triple spearsAUXILIARY HYDRAULIC CONVERSION KITTractor365BALE SPEARSpecificationsFrom Tractor PIExisting Valve 11920-Dual17213-Triple10712Width ght th pping Weight145 lbs155 lbs195 lbs235 lbs230 lbs150 lbs2,000 lbs3,000 lbs3,000 lbs4,000 lbs4,000 lbs3,000 lbsBale Capacity @ 24"Main Spear(1) 1.75" x 49" (2) 1.75" x 49" (1) 2.1875" x 53" (2) 2.1875" x 53" (3) 1.75" x 49" (1) 2.1875" x 53"Stabilizer Spear(2) 1.25" x 20"N/A(2) 1" x 19"(1) 1" x 19"N/A(2) 1" x 19"145155195235230150Weight (lbs)Subject to change without notice.Subject to change without notice.

COMPACT TRACTOR ES4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Bucket60" and 72" models available. Functions as aloader bucket, clam, grapple, dozer, box scraper,& bottom dump bucket. Has strong hinges& pins to distribute load. The bottom dumpbuckets allows the operator to dump into highside board trucks 100,000 yield light weight materialconstruction allows more load capacity Optional bolt-on tooth bar availableSpecifications108198Width (overall)60"72"Height (overall)27"27"Length without teeth (overall)28"28"Front Length without teeth15"15"Rear Length14"14"Grapple Opening28"28"Weight (lbs)380430Maximum Capacity (sq. ft.)11.213.5Maximum Clam Force (lbs.)3,6003,600Specifications JAWZTMThe standard JAWZTM Grabbing Tool is a patentedhydraulic attachmentfor removing invasive trees and shrubs of all sizes. Vegetation is removed completely in a singlepass Dual cylinders power the steel fingers or“pinchers” Ideal for farmers, ranchers, urban landmanagement, construction contractors,landscape contractors, timber/forestryand land 8415108605Width (overall)48"54"72"48"Height (overall)25.5”25.5"25.63”25.6"Length (overall)30.5"30.5"30.5”30.0"Tine Spacing5.7"5.7"5.7”NAGrapple Opening29.0"29.0"29.0”28.2"Clamping Force (lbs)1,1001,1001,1001,100Grapple Opening3333Cylinders1111300315435351108603Width (overall)55.3"Height (overall)21.5"Length (overall)23.5"Tine Spacing (between tines)2.0"Number of tines18Tine Rod Diameter1.13"Weight h (overall)Height (overall)Depth (overall)Grapple OpeningWeight (shipping)Maximum Tractor60"27.7"32.5"32.5"560 lbs40 HP66.6"28.7"32.5"32.5"595 lbs40 HP72.8"29"34.5"34.7"635 lbs40 HPGRABBING TOOLS Brush and Scrap GrapplesAggressive grapple made ofhigh strength steel for maximumperformance and durability. Cylinderguard design protects cylinder whilepreventing build-up of debris. Greatfor cleaning up and transportingbranches, brush, and limbs. Provides excellent visibility Contact factory for loaderauxiliary hydraulic kitWeight (lbs)Rock BucketDesigned to collect rocks and debris, allowingsoil to sift through. Rake design allows forfast clean-up, ground leveling and gatheringmaterials away from buildings and obstructions.Leave the dirt and pay less at the land fill!Exclusive Bradco engineered alloy allows forhigher strength and impact resistance.Scrap Grapple BucketIdeal for brush and refuse removal. 1.25 stress proof and zinc plated pins Joints have grease fittings for long life108196MANURE FORKMoves loose hay & manure. Ideal formoving brush and small branches. Provides excellent visibility Moves loose hay & manure and isideal for moving brush and smallbranches Single auxiliary hydraulic circuit Dual cylinders Replaceable 6Width (overall)60"72"84"96"Height (overall)30"30”30”30”Depth (overall)35"35”35”35”Grapple Opening37"37”37”37”Weight (shipping)530 lbs605 lbs755 lbs805 lbsMaximum Tractor HP40 HP40 HP40 HP40 HPMaximum Operating Weight 4,000 lbs 4,000 lbs 4,000 lbs 4,000 lbsTine Spacing8.5”8.25”8.5”8.38”MANURE PUSHSpecificationsOrder CodeWeightStandard-JAWZTM30440-0022516 lbsOverall Height19”Overall Length41”Overall Width47”Maximum Jaw Opening33”Maximum Lifting Weight*3,000 lbs* JAWZTM Grabbing Tool only - refer to prime mover manualfor maximum lifting capacity of the machineIdeal for waste water, manure, feedlots and flood clean-up. Also moveslarge volumes of snow efficiently.Optional pull back kit draws backsnow from building, fences andconfined areas. Rubber edge 1' x 6" on scraper andpull back 6Width (overall)60"72"84"96"Height (overall)28”28”28"28"Depth (overall)29"29"29"29"Weight (lbs)320355395430

COMPACT TRACTOR ATTACHMENTSwww.paladinattachments.comPALLET FORKSSNOW PUSH & TRIP EDGE SNOW PUSHPin Style Pallet ForksEquipped with standard brick guard andadjustable tines. Floating pin. 42" and 48" for tine lengths available 3,740 lb capacity at 24” load centerSpecificationsITA Rail Style Pallet ForksHigh strength lightweight frame for largerpay load. Open guard for excellent visibility.Patented load retention ring. Class II ITA forkwith positioning lock pin. Optional Auger mount,Bales Spear, and 2" Receiver Hitch. 36", 42" & 48" tines available 2,300 lb rated capacity at 24" load center10703-42Width (overall)47.625"47.625"Height (overall)31"31"Depth (overall)51"57"Weight (lbs)335355Tine Length42”48”Specifications108308108309Width (overall)45.2"45.2"Height (overall)5.6"5.6"Adjustable Spacing - Max.42.5"42.5"Weight (lbs)265265ROOT RAKEDesigned to collect rocks and debris,allowing soil to sift through. Rake designallows for fast clean-up, ground levelingand gathering materials away frombuildings and obstructions. Leave the dirtand pay less at the land fill! ExclusiveBradco engineered alloy allows for higherstrength and impact ight (overall)28.1"28.1"28.1"Length (overall)19.5"19.5"19.5"Tine Spacing (between tines)12.0"9/12/9"12.0"Grapple Width57.1"57.1"57.1"Grapple Opening32.5"32.5"32.5”Weight (lbs)41343944840 HP40 HP40 HP1070710709Trip EdgeWidth (overall)62" to 98"80" to 112"Height (overall)30.75"39.80"Depth ht (lbs)SWEEPERSMRH - Compact Tractor AngleSweeper - Hydraulic DriveFeatures hydraulic drive and hydraulicpump driven from rear or mid PTO.Angles manually 30º left or right, withhydraulic angle kit available.Brush drive slips easily out of the corewithout removing the hydraulic lines.The brush lift is operated from thetractor’s hydraulic system.109984Width (overall)Maximum TractorEfficiently moves large volumes of snow. Ideal forwaste water, manure, feed lots, and flow clean-up.Optional pull back kit draws snow from buildings,fences and confined areas. Cutting edge trip systemallows operator to glide over manholes and curbswithout losing gathered materials.10703-48RMRM - Compact Tractor AngleSweeper - Mechanical 3-Point DriveFeatures rear-mount mechanical drivedriven from rear 540 PTO. Anglesmanually 30º left or right. Includes steelhood, chain shield, height adjustmentchains, and mounting pins. T-Shaftgearbox allows for reversal of brushrotation of mechanical drive.MRH SpecificationsFront-Mount Hydraulic Drive Driven From Rear 540 PTOSweeping WidthSweeping Width at30 AngleBrush ”60.5”26"26"26"480 lbs540 lbs600 lbsFront-Mount Hydraulic Drive Driven From Mid 2000 PTOSweeping WidthSweeping Width at30 AngleBrush DiameterWeightRMRMSpecificationsWidthSweeping Width at30 AngleBrush ”60.5”26"26"26"480 lbs540 lbs600 "370 lbs430 lbs490 lbsTM4 & TM5 RAKESSubject to change without notice.Increase the value of your compact tractorwith greater versatility & job opportunities.Prepare landscape in tight places wheremaneuverability is needed. Adjustablepolyurethane barrier above the rollerallows you to quickly react to soil moistureconditions, from opening up muddy sites tofinishing with the perfect seedbed. Grade,level, rake and remove debris. Pulverize andprepare seedbed, dethatch or remove oldlawns and weeds, all with one tool! 4ft and 5ft availableSpecificationsWeight (lbs)TM-4TM-555057515-2218-32Working Width - Straight48"60"Working Width @ 15 46"58"Angle Roll R or L15º15º.125" to 2".125" to 2"LimitedCat. 1Limited Cat. 1HP RangeRoll-Back Barrier Range3-Point AttachmentMRHL - Compact Tractor Loader AngleSweeper - Hydraulic DriveIncludes quick change core. Anglesmanually 30º left or right, with hydraulicangle kit available. Brush drive slipseasily out of they core without removinghydraulic lines from the wheel motor.Hydraulic motor driven from the loader’shydraulic system. Independent hydraulicsystem available for vehicles withoutadequate hydraulic systems.MRHLSpecificationsSweeping WidthSweeping Width at 30 AngleBrush DiameterWeightGPM .5”26"380 lbs8-1526"440 lbs8-1526”500 lbs8-151200-25001200-2500 1200-2500

COMPACT TRACTOR ATTACHMENTSTRENCHERS330 TrencherBradco 330 Trencher requiresrear hydraulics to run machine.Comes with light/mediumduty boom and crumber withreplaceable wear strips. Easyinstallation and operation.FLHMGDCASpecifications330TransportA. Trench Depth with Auger at 65º Digging AngleB. Chain WidthC. Recommended Trenching AngleD. Headshaft Height (Auger Touching Ground)8.5"8.5"E. Overall Length73"79"F. Overall Width38"38"G. Overall Height29"29"H. Spoil Discharge Reach21"21"L. Length from 3-Point to Headshaft24"24"M. Transport Angle48º48ºWeight with 6" x 36" chain, boom & crumberELift Cylinder Hydraulic PressureB30"36"3.0", 4.5”, 3.0”, 4.5”,6.0”, 8.0” 6.0”, 8.0”65º65ºRear PTO RPM RatingMaximum Trenching DepthsBased on Trench Width2000 to 25000 PSI540 RPMRear PTO HP Rating612 TrencherChain reduction drive system. 50,000double standard, anti-back flex chain. 20 to 45 HP Cat. 1 hydrostatic tractor Boom lengths from 30” to 60” Chain widths from 6” to 12” Several tooth options available650 lbs15 to 30 HPSpecifications612Trench Depth30", 36", 48", 60"Trench Width6", 8", 10", 12"Trenching Angle65ºAuger Diameter24"Width (overall)43"Headshaft Height (auger at grade)12"6" wide chain60" deep3-point length to headshaft24"8" wide chain48" deepSpoil Discharge Reach29"10" wide chain36" deepTransport Height12" wide chain30" deepCenter of Trencher to End of Auger27"Trencher Length with 4ft boom96"VariesVIBRATORY PLOW (VP10)Hydraulic motor includes high-pressure sealand internal valve for extended motor life andperformance. Two motor size options for maximumperformance for almost any loader. 12' turning radius Rotating coulter wheel frame mounted Optional hydraulic steering assembly Optional cable chute blades, reel mount andpulling accessories availableSpecificationsVP10Width (overall)25"Length (overall)36"Height (overall)27"Flow Requirements (GPM)8 to 14Operating Pressure (PSI)1,500 to 3,000Weight (lbs)467REV 11-20

and landscape tools and tractor 3-point. Rugged design and positive locking wedges. Quickly pins to tractor 3-point and wedge attaches to your skid-steer attachments Top link cylinder kit replaces the tractor top link for hydraulically positioning attachments ADAPTER PLATE AUGERS - X