SUCCESS THROUGH COLLABORATION:College Readiness and Leadership Programming forLatinosPresented by:Eric J. CuevasDenise OcasioMelissa RamirezPaola MarquezAdrian Gonzalez

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHPresentation Overview Program Introduction History of the Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) andGeorgia State University (GSU) National, State, and County Latino/a StudentDemographic LLI Overview Student Experiences Program Successes Future of Program Q &A

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHGeorgia State University Four-Year ResearchInstitution Located in DowntownAtlanta Georgia 32,541 Students Enrolled 25,314 Undergraduates 7,227 Graduates 2,664 Total Latino StudentEnrolled

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHOffice of Latino Student Servicesand OutreachMission: Latino Student Services and Outreach (LASSO) is a unitunder the area of Student Success at Georgia StateUniversity. The primary function of LASSO is to promote aninclusive community that enhances the success of Latinostudents.

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHOffice Of Latino Student Servicesand OutreachAchieves Mission ties

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHLatino LeadershipInitiative Established in 2012 between: The Office of Latino StudentServices and Outreach Cobb County School District Established in 6 Area High Schools Addresses College Access andLeadership Development for LatinoStudents Supported Pipeline Scholarship Grant

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHDualistic Approach to StudentDevelopmentMentorDevelopment Receive leadership training Identify individual leadershipstyles Facilitation of sessions Serve as student leaders both onand off campusHigh School StudentCollege Access Promotes post-secondary collegeenrollment of Latino student Targets juniors and seniors In 2014, active participants of theprogram have achieved a 65%enrollment rate

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHGeorgia Demographics Georgia has the 10th largestLatino population in the U.S. Median Age for Caucasians inGA:40 Median Age for Latinos inGA:25

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHGeorgia Higher Education Degree attainment of total GA population:34% Degree attainment of GA Latino population:18%

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHEnrollment Rates Average college enrollment rate for Latino studentsnationally is 48% LLI students that attend five sessions or more havean enrollment of 65%

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHGeorgia Institution EnrollmentSource: Excelencia in Education analysis using Institutional Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), 2011-2012enrollment and completions data, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), U.S. Department of Education


OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHCobb County Georgia County with 2nd largest Latino population inGeorgia 2014 Estimates 12.7% Cobb population is Hispanic This constitutes 9.3% of GA‘s populationSource U.S. Census Bureau: State and County QuickFacts. Data derived from Population Estimates,American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, State and County Housing UnitEstimates, County Business Patterns, Nonemployer Statistics, Economic Census, Survey of BusinessOwners, Building Permits

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHPartner Schools Total # of Students in Cobb County School District: 112,866 Students who Identify as Hispanic or Latino: 22,909 (20.3 %)Demographics of individual School that GSU has a mentoring program with:Total # StudentsHISP/LATINO% Campbell268687932.7 Sprayberry177731117.5 North Cobb287343615.2 Osborne2002116458.1 South Cobb209246922.4 Pebblebrook254770027.5 Wheeler ***222439717.9

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHMentor Recruitment Latino Pipeline Scholars (25-28) Future projects for non-scholar mentors Wheeler High School pilot initiative Senior student (1 year minumum mentor experience)Senior guidance to incoming mentors Leadership development for mentors

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHMentee Recruitment Dual Recruitment Approach Cobb County Staff Member Different positions Show commitment to Latino student success Direct student interaction 10-20 “college-bound” students Georgia State University Summer Enrichment Program

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHSummer Enrichment Program Week Long Program Panther Pride! Leadership Development Global Citizenship Civic Engagement The Importance of Diversity

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHThe LLI Experience Fun and Engaging Personalized Discussion Based Encouraging Environment ContinuousCommunication

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHSession Structure Activity Group Discussion Individual MentorGroups

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHProgramTimeline 2 Field Trips College AdmissionProcess PersonalDevelopmentACTIVITYTIME FRAMEProgram is Open for RegistrationJune - AugustCarter Center VisitOctober 3rd 10-2:30Session 1: Meet and Greet & Educación, porqué? (pg. 13 )September/October 30, 1, 2,2015Session 2: College Basics(pg. 17 )October 7, 8, 9, 2015Session 3: Getting Into College(pg. 21 )October 21, 22, 23, 2015Session 4: SAT/ACT(pg. 25 )November 18, 19, 20, 2015Session 5: Financing Education (pg. 29 )December 2, 3, 4, 2015WINTER BREAKSession 6: Extracurricular Activities &Application check(pg. 35 )Session 7: Professional Development(pg. 39)January 13,14,15 2016January 27, 28, 29 2016Session 8: Leadership, the Beginning(pg. 45 )February 24, 25, 26 2016Session 9: Career Exploration(pg. 49 )March 2, 3, 4, 2016Session 10: Campus VisitApril 22, 2015

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHSession 2: College Basics College Category Game Universities, CommunityColleges, and TechnicalSchools Public vs. Private What’s your dreamschool? Research what college isbest for youInstitutionLocationPopulationGeorgia Instituteof TechnologyAtlanta,GA14,558 10,650GoizuetaG.Wayne Clough GTProgramJanuary 10,404-894-2000Georgia StateUniversityAtlanta,GA24,865 9,928Goizueta, Coca-Cola,Hawks, and moreNovember 15,404-413-2000Kennesaw StateUniversityKennesaw,GA10,058 6,807GoizuetaNovember 3,470-578-6000SavannahCollege of Artsand DesignSavannah,Atlanta,GA9,332 33,795Marry & Paul PoetterFrance LarkinMcCommonJanuary 10,912-525-5100University ofGeorgiaAthens, GA26,882 11,622GoizuetaMinority scholarshipJanuary 15,706-542-3000University ofNorth GeorgiaDahlonega,GA14,510 6,816Latino LegacyNovember 1,706-864-1400Berry CollegeRome, GA2,141 30,330GoizuetaFebruary 1,706-232-5374EmoryUniversityAtlanta,GA14,513 44,400GoizuetaJanuary 1,404-727-6123OglethorpeUniversityAtlanta,GA1,050 29,900GoizuetaRolling404-261-1441Young HarrisCollegeYoungHarris, GA1,120 nicalCollegeMarietta,GA17,000 0 71 giaLawrenceviGwinnett Collegelle, n,GATuitionScholarshipsApp. Deadline

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHSession 4: SAT/ACT SAT/ACT Jeopardy What areas are yourstrongest? Whichneed improvement?SATvs.SAT is broken up into more sections.The content area (Critical Reading,Math, and Writing) are broken up intoten sections, with the required essay atthe beginning. You do a little math, alittle writing, a little critical reading, alittle more math, etc.ACTQuestions tent to be morestraightforward.Act questions are often easier tounderstand on a first read. On the SAT,you may need to spend time figuringout what you’re being asked before youcan start solving the problem. Test StylesScience section, while the SAT doesSAT is mostly readingnot.comprehension and math. No science You do not need to know much aboutscience. It is meant to test your readingis tested.and reasoning skills, based upon agiven set of fact. Test Dates/DeadlinesSAT tests algebra and geometrysubjects are tested, in comparison toscience and trigonometry. Waivers Mentor ExperiencesTest more advanced math concepts.Requires you to know a littletrigonometry. That said, the ACT Mathsection is not necessarily harder, sincemany students find the questions to bemore straightforward than those on theSAT.SAT College admissions officers care The ACT is more of a “big picture”about how you did on each section of exam.So if you are weak in one content areathe SAT.but strong in others, you could still endup with a very good ACT score.

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHSession 5: Financing Education Budget Your Week How Are You Financing Your Education? Scholarships for Latinos National Scholarships HOPE, Zell Miller, Pell Grant, Loans FAFSA Hispanic Scholarship Fund

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHStudent Experiences “Learning more about financial and career information wasvery helpful, especially as a Junior, since that is when I thinkstudents start to think about going to college.” – Valeria “I would recommend the program. It was very fun. Theinformation that was given was like no other. My mentor wasalways there for me.” – Valeria “Because of the LLI program, my mentors told me ahead oftime when to take the SATs and the ACTs.” – Ashley “My parents did not know what to do, so I called my mentorsand they helped me through the application process.” – Ashley

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHProgram Impact In Fall 2014 program attained a 65% college enrollmentrate Received a Bright Spot from the White House Initiative onEducational Excellence for Hispanics Expanded program to include a 7th high school with nonscholar mentors

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHThe Future of LLI Expansion of program to include other K-12 school districtswithin the metro-Atlanta Area Expand program to include the newly consolidated GeorgiaPerimeter College Middle-school feeder pipeline program

OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHReferencesU.S. Census Bureau, 2009-11 American Community Bureau, Population and Housing Unit Estimates, 2012 State andNational Population Estimates by Age, Sex, Race, and HispanicOrigin: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2012, PEPSR6H. Released 06/13/13,Retrieved 06/19/13. www.census.govU.S. Census Bureau, 2007-11 American Community more at: tion/ga#sthash.FPpxN2A8.dpuf


OFFICE OFLATINO STUDENTSERVICES ANDOUTREACHContact InformationEric CuevasAssistant Director, AcademicSupport and Outreach404/413-2681ecuevas@gsu.eduDenise Ocasio, M. Ed.Coordinator, Latino Recruitment andRetention404/413-2616docasio@gsu.eduNeftali J. Hernandez, M. Ed.Retention Coordinator404/

Georgia State University Atlanta, GA 24,865 9,928 Goizueta, Coca-Cola, Hawks, and more November 15, 404-413-2000 Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, GA 10,058 6,807 Goizueta November 3, 470-578-6000 Savannah College of Arts and Design Savannah, Atlanta, GA 9,332 33,795 Marry & Paul Po