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Highlights Simplify yourinstallation with a preintegrated virtualizedsolution: VMwarebased solution helpsreduce infrastructurecosts and time todeploy Faster time to service:Ready-made, pretested package reducesdesign, implementationand testingAvaya Collaboration Pod2400 SeriesAccelerating Avaya Customer Engagement andTeam Engagement Time to Service for Enterprises Best of breedcomponents:Comprised of leadingtechnologies fromAvaya, HP, EMC andVMware Reduced form factor:Price-optimized formid-size and largerenterprises Lower TCO: Over 50%TCO savings versusappliance and do-ityourself” infrastructuredeployment models Improved Reliability:Leveraging AvayaFabric Connect, fullyredundant hardwareand virtualizationtechnologies Decreased Mean Timeto Repair: Avaya singlepoint of service/support eliminatescomplex vendorrelations Consolidatedmanagement:Integratedorchestration systemmanages and provisionsall Collaboration PodcomponentsAccelerate time to service, increase application availability andsimplify operations with the Avaya Collaboration Pod 2400 Series.Designed for rapid, lower risk deployment of AvayaEngagement Solutions, the Collaboration Pod 2400Series combines applications, servers, storage,networking and management components in aneasy-to-deploy, ready-to-operate package.The Collaboration Pod 2400 leverages industryleading virtualization technology from VMware,server technology from HP, storage technology fromEMC, and applications and networking from Avaya ina single integrated solution that comes complete withcommon orchestration and support.With a reduced form factor, theCollaboration Pod 2400 provides a priceoptimized alternative to Avaya’s full-sizeCollaboration Pod 4200 Series – enablingenterprises to deploy a more streamlined,smaller footprint solution that still deliversall the benefits of a pre-tested, ready-todeploy package. This turnkey approachcan provide 50% or more in savings overtraditional and “do-it-yourself”deployment models1, while eliminatingtime consuming planning cycles andsimplifying your operational environment.Achieve faster time toserviceDeploying a new virtualized applicationcan take months or even longer. TheCollaboration Pod 2400 is a preintegrated and pre-tested solution thatcomes customized to your environment. Itcan eliminate the planning, deployment,cabling, testing and optimization phasesof deploying a new application within anenterprise. Rather than months, theCollaboration Pod 2400 enables real-timeapplications to be deployed in just days.avaya.com 1

Reduce CostsAvaya Collaboration Pods can delivermore than a 50% savings over a fiveyear period versus Do-it-Yourself(DIY) and Appliance-basedapproaches due to reductions inengineering design & procurement,annual maintenance and ongoingmonitoring costs.1 A key driver ofthese lower costs is the ability tobring all Pod components under asingle management interface.Collaboration Pod 2400 Range ofConfigurationThe Collaboration Pod 2400can host a set of virtualizedTeam Engagement andCustomer Engagementsolutions that enableEnterprises to deploythe advanced communicationsand customer experiencemanagement services theyneed. The following Avayaapplications can be hosted onthe Collaboration Pod 2400:Layered dashboards make healthmonitoring, diagnostics, performance,and reporting tasks easier. Thissimplified, streamlined managementAvaya Contact CenterVirtualized (VE) Applications:Call Management System,Experience Portal and EliteMulti-channel, WorkforceOptimization with ContactRecorder and Avaya ControlManager.2 avaya.comcomes in a range of system sizes. Aminimum system consists of as few as2 compute servers – and along withrequired networking and storage –occupies only 6 rack units. If morecapabilities are needed, additionalcompute servers and storage canlater be installed while the system isin-service. A maximum systemconsists of 5 compute servers, andwith optional components, occupiesup to 24 rack units. This enablesenterprises to deploy a scalable, yetsmall footprint solution optimized fortheir needs.interface not only increases efficiencyand collaboration between enterpriseIT teams, but also leads to significantoperational savings over the longterm.Available in DeliveryFrame or AvayaEnclosureOnce the Collaboration Pod 2400 hasbeen ordered and configured byCustomized for yourspecific needsThe Collaboration Pod 2400 can beAvaya Aura Virtualized (VE)Applications: CommunicationsManager, Session Manager,System Manager, UtilityServices, Web LM, AuraMessaging, Presence Services,Application EnablementServices, EngagementDevelopment Platform.The Collaboration Pod 2400 Seriescustomized for a variety of enterpriseneeds and is pre-configured to matchyour solution requirements. Simplyselect the applications you would liketo deploy and our sophisticateddesign tools ensure that yourCollaboration Pod 2400 is configuredwith the appropriate amount ofcompute, storage and networkingresources. Optional components canbe added, including media gateways,session border controllers, and AvayaScopia Video Collaboration. The finalsolution is assembled and shipped toyour site ready to be placed intoservice within hours.Avaya, it is shipped in a deliveryframe that protects the componentsduring transport. When it arrives onsite, Collaboration Pod 2400components can easily be transferredto a permanent rack. Alternatively,the Collaboration Pod 2400 can beshipped in an Avaya- branded full-sizeenclosure that includes powerdistribution and supplementalcooling.

Platform architectural reliability –Avaya’s Fabric Connect technology,including survivable core andas well as through Avaya Aura built-software duplication and active-in redundancy features.active redundancy. Using VMwaretools – such as vMotion, DistributedResource Scheduler and HighAvailability – overall Avaya solutionsresiliency is enhanced, whileCollaboration PodComponentsComputeadministrative support is reduced.Routine maintenance can be doneduring regular business hours withoutscheduled maintenance windows.The Collaboration Pod 2400 useshigh-powered, VMware ESXicompatible servers from HP. Theservers come pre-loaded withAdditionally, the Collaboration PodCollaboration Pod 2400 also available inAvaya full-size EnclosureScaling theCollaboration Pod 2400The Collaboration Pod 2400 Series2400 system has been designed toprovide complete system redundancy.Even in the event of an individualcomponent failure, the CollaborationPod 2400 will maintain non-stopoperation.can be scaled to meet specificapplication requirements. AddingThe Collaboration Pod 2400 alsosubscribers, users or services can besupports multi-site geographicalaccomplished through a simpleredundancy in conjunction with otherexpansion of resources. TheCollaboration Pod 2400 or 4200Collaboration Pod 2400 can evenSeries systems (see Figure 1). Thissupport multiple instances ofcapability is enabled both throughVMware vSphere (ESXi) software andare fully integrated into theCollaboration Pod management andmonitoring environment. Byleveraging VMware High-Availabilityclusters on the servers, impacts toservices can be avoided should aserver experience a failure. Serverscan be added or replaced withoutscheduled downtime or disruption tothe solution. The number of deployedservers is based on capacity andservice requirements of theindividual customer.virtualized applications for additionalscaling. Alternatively, you can deploymultiple Collaboration Pod 2400systems, or even a largerCollaboration Pod 4200 system, aspart of a survivable disaster recoverysolution.Enhance BusinessContinuity with a HighAvailability SolutionFrom a software perspective,Avaya Team Engagement andCustomer Engagement applicationsenable nonstop availability ofcommunications services bycombining inherent Avaya AuraFigure 1. Multi-site Geographical Redundancy Options with Collaboration Pod avaya.com 3

With a form factorranging from 6 to 24rack units in height, theCollaboration Pod 2400Series provides a priceoptimized alternativeto Avaya’s full-sizeCollaboration Pod4200 system. Itenables enterprises todeploy a streamlined,small footprint solutionthat still delivers allthe benefits of apre-tested,ready-to-deployturnkey system.StorageIn order to store, protect and managedata and for backup and recovery,virtualized applications requirecentralized storage. The AvayaCollaboration Pod 2400 leverages theEMC VNXe 3200 product line. Ability to extend the clusteringability across the Wide AreaNetwork so that customers candisperse applications acrossmultiple locations for geographicalredundancy. Ability to easily support unrestrictedProviding full redundancy withvirtual machine mobility (acrossdynamic failover/failback plussubnets and across geographicallyin-service hardware and softwaredispersed data centers) throughupgrades, this powerful storagesimple end point provisioning.solution contributes to theCollaboration Pod’s overall reliability. Improves performance of real-timeapplications with the shortest latentpath dynamically created betweenThe EMC storage array can bemanaged through EMC’s Unispheremanagement software, whichprovides dashboards and reports forthe EMC storage array. The EMCmanagement software can be furtherintegrated into VMware vCentermanagement via APIs to synchronizestorage set-up with the virtualizedapplications.source and destination. Greater network agility with theability to deploy services quickly byprovisioning each end point. Thenetwork core does not need to bereconfigured to deploy new servicesor change existing services. Simplifies networking by being theonly network virtualizationtechnology on the market thatNetworkingThe Collaboration Pod leverages theAvaya Virtual Services Platform 4850supports L2/3 virtualized serviceswith integrated routing andmulticast – with a single protocol.both for Layer 2 aggregation withinthe Pod itself, as well as for externalconnectivity to the customer’snetwork. The Collaboration PodVirtual Services Platform 4850switches support Avaya’s FabricConnect, one of the industry’s mostfully featured network virtualizationtechnologies.OrchestrationThe Avaya Pod Orchestration Suite(POS) is the orchestration layer forthe Collaboration Pod 2400. Thispowerful suite of tools provides singlesign on, consistent look and feel,specialized fault and performancedashboards, remote physical views ofthe Pod, and more.Fabric Connect is a criticalCollaboration Pod 2400 Componentscomponent of Avaya’s SDN Fxframework and is based on anenhanced implementation of theIEEE / IETF standard, Shortest PathBridging. This technology can offer4 avaya.comsignificant benefits:Specific functionality provided by thePod Orchestration Suite includes:

vMotion Synchronous Switch andStorage Provisioning: Helpingensure that networking andstorage resources are provisionedappropriately, this capabilityenables alerts to be received fromVMware vCenter when new VMactivations, deletions or movesGateway (Optional)The Avaya G450 Media Gatewayseamlessly integrates traditionalcircuit-switched and IP-switchedinterfaces. Depending on designrequirements, gateways can bedeployed either within the Pod, oron customer premises / closer tooccur.endpoints. The number of gateways Policy Control: Avaya’s IdentityEngines Management systemPod Orchestration Suite: Support from theApplication to the Network Layer Real-time Health MonitoringDashboard: Through a GUI-basedrepresentation of the Pod, statusindicators show the real-time healthof the Pod components and enableadministrators to drill down quicklyfor detailed fault and performanceinformation. Fault and Performance Management:The Fault and Performancemanagement component of the PodOrchestration Suite enables networkdiscovery, topology visualization, andperformance and fault managementfor included Pod components. Configuration Management:provides identity-based network,required in a deployment can varyand is dependent on the customer’srequirements.BYOD and guest access. Usingrole-based access controls andcustomized rules, different usertypes (for example, employees,contractors and guests) areallowed different levels of accessto the Collaboration Podapplications. Pod Management Server Console:Session BorderController (Optional)The Collaboration Pod 2400 offersthe ability to integrate the AvayaSession Border Controller forEnterprise. This solution providesindustry-leading security riskThe Management Server Consolemitigation for Unifiedautomates the deployment ofCommunications solutions, helpingadditional virtualized applicationsto protect against toll fraud andon the Collaboration Pod, aftermalicious attacks. It can also beinstallation at the customer site. Itused to provide signalingallows users to seamlessly addinterworking, remote workerapplications to their existingsupport, NAT traversal, quality ofCollaboration Pod deployment asservice and admission controltheir service mix changes.Configuration Management tools areavailable for network devices, AvayaAura Platform virtual appliances andthe storage array. Intuitive workflowsmake it easy to drill down into anyconfiguration tool. Application Flow Analysis: This toollets administrators monitor, view anddiagnose problems and resourceconsumption at the application level. Endpoint Diagnostics and NetworkMonitoring: These tools enable usersto remote diagnose their IP phones aswell as proactively monitor end-toend network connections betweenAvaya devices.Virtualized Solutions and Applications for your Business Needsavaya.com 5

mechanisms. The Collaboration Pod 2400 supports either the Avaya SBCE virtualized(VE) or hardware-based version.Avaya Scopia Video Collaboration (Optional)The Collaboration Pod 2400 can also optionally integrate the Avaya Scopia VideoCollaboration solution, including virtualized versions of Scopia Desktop, Scopia VideoGateway and Scopia Management. Scopia Pathfinder and Elite 6000 MCU componentsare also supported. Scopia provides anytime, anywhere, any device video conferencingsolutions – enabling faster, more effective collaboration across the enterprise alongwith the freedom to connect externally to anyone across the network.Specifications:Standard ComponentsComputeHP DL360 Compute ServersNetworkingAvaya VSP 4850GTS (x 2)48 ports of 10/100/1000 with 2 Combo SFP/RJ45 portsand 2 x SFP portsStorageEMC VNXe 3200 Storage ArrayApplicationsAvaya Aura Virtualized Solutions and ApplicationsCustom solutions supporting today’s and tomorrow’sbusiness needsVirtualizationVMwarevSphere v5.5ManagementAvaya Pod Orchestration SuiteVMware vCenter ServerEMC Unisphere ManagerAvaya Diagnostic ServerOptional ComponentsAbout AvayaAvaya is a leading,global provider ofcustomer and teamengagement solutionsand services availablein a variety of flexibleon-premise and clouddeployment options.Avaya’s fabricbased networkingsolutions help simplifyand accelerate thedeployment of businesscritical applicationsand services. For moreinformation, please visitwww.avaya.com.6 avaya.comGatewayAvaya G450 Media GatewayUp to 320 x DSP resources; 8 x T1/E1 interfaces, 3U formfactorSession BorderControllerAvaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (ASBCE)Supported as a virtual application or as a hardware-basedsolutionVideoconferencingAvaya Scopia Video CollaborationScopia Desktop VE, Scopia Management VE, ScopiaGateway VE, Scopia Pathfinder, Scopia Elite 6140 MCUcomponents availableWLAN ManagementAvaya WLAN 9100 Orchestration SystemManagement software for Avaya’s WLAN 9100Increased AccessSecurityAvaya Identity EnginesPolicy-based controls for consistent and predictablenetwork accessBased on TCO modeling as described in “Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with Avaya Collaboration Pod”,Avaya, May 2014.1 2015 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.Avaya and the Avaya logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and are registered in theUnited States and other countries. All other trademarks identified by , TM, or SMare registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc.05/15 DN7700-03

The Collaboration Pod leverages the Avaya Virtual Services Platform 4850 both for Layer 2 aggregation within the Pod itself, as well as for external connectivity to the customer’s network. The Collaboration Pod Virtual Services Platform 4850 switches s