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2 / 8Infor Industrial ManufacturingWith Infor Industrial Manufacturing, you get apurpose-built, comprehensive suite of solutionswith a micro-vertical focus.Specialized tools:For your industry– Manage operations in an integrated, closed loop system.Industry-specific capabilities, including planning and scheduling,– Provide complete visibility, unified communication.customer management, product lifecycle management, financial– Accomodate future growth and complexity.– Quickly attain improvement with fast, easy implementation.– Streamline operations to maximize productivity, savings.– Increase accuracy, timeliness, customer, asset management, and service management.– Modern solution with a beautiful new user experience, enterprisecollaboration framework, and pervasive analytics embedded throughprocess flows.– Integrated solution suite with out-of-the-box connections betweenERP and product lifecycle management, ERP and supply chainplanning, ERP and warehouse management and more.

3 / 8Infor Industrial ManufacturingInfor Industrial Manufacturing solution mapInfor SoHo User ExperienceInfor Motion Micro-vertical Mobile AppsInfor Ming.le Social BusinessAnalytics Pervasive, Embedded Business IntelligenceCustomer managementSales & ordermanagementStrategic & tacticalplanningProduction planningProduct lifecyclemanagementSourcing & procurementInventory managementProduction schedulingWarehousing &transportationProduct datamanagementService managementQualityAsset managementHuman capitalmanagementFinancial Cloud-based Localizations (Tax Reporting,Accounting, Bank Messages)Infor ION Integration, Workflow, Alerts, Business Vault,Business IntelligenceInfor Mongoose Rapid Application DevelopmentInfor Business Cloud Hybrid, SaaS, Infor Sky Vault

4 / 8Infor Industrial ManufacturingIndustrial Manufacturing er& pulpPrimarymetalsFurniture& fixturesPlanning and schedulingMold planning andschedulingGradingDimensional inventoryConfiguration managementAttribute based planningbeyond productand co-productPiecesChannel managementWeightDimensional inventoryFormulation within BOMLengthEngineering—design,ECN, mfg. integrationQuality managementMetal contentfunctionalityPromotions and rebatesRecipe based BOMForecastingMill standard cert.Credit managementPO cubing forcontainer optimizationMaterials, machines,tools, peopleNew product designand eering—design,ECN, mfg. integrationEstimatingForecasting and planningConfiguration managementSmooth quote tocash cycleMachine attributeFormulation within BOMIntegrated plantmaintenance—asset intensiveProgressive die setsBy productcapture (regrind)Track metal marketfor pricingLot/heat trackingLight to dark processingConsignment inventoryCut list management& optimizationVirgin/regrind mix:Track customer providedmetal or customerleased metalsQuotations% allowed f-goodsPart family planning

5 / 8Infor Industrial ManufacturingIndustrial Manufacturing capabilitiesMedicaldevicesConsumerpackaged goodsLumber& woodStone, clay,glass & concretePrint, publish& packageFDA certificationSales & operations planningGradingRecipe managementQuotation pricingworkbench21CFR11Promotions/rebates3D modelingLot and serial controland trackingExtensive customer/volume/pricing matricesAttribute based planningbeyond productand co-productCertification and gradingPaper consumptionmanagementFormulation within BOMCreating lots and sublotsColor sequencingIntegrated qualitymanagementLot, serial & expirydate traceabilityConsignmentsPage layout managementEngineering—design,ECN, mfg. integrationSchedule, cost & controlnew product launchesPart family planningPromotional performanceSupply chain &e-commerce modulesDimensional InventoryMachine interface tocapture data (MES)

6 / 8Infor Industrial ManufacturingResourcesBrochuresLearn how Infor solutions help companies in the printing andpackaging industry address unique operational challengeswith speed and agility. Read the brochure.Learn how collaboration in manufacturing offers uniquechallenges and—and opportunities.Read how Infor Industrial Manufacturing helps fabricatedmetal manufacturers overcome their unique market pressureswith ease. Read the brochure.Fast changing market pressures force manufacturersto speed response and reinvent the way their manageprocesses. Learn how your IT infrastructure can help youkeep pace with speed of change and the new standards forperformance. Read the paper.White papers and reportsIs your organization facing that pivotal decision of whether toadopt an ERP system or not? This research report will helpyou understand the impact of ERP adoption and potentialreturn on Investment. Read the paper.Learn how top executives face complexity in theirmanufacturing operations and why ERP solutions arecritical to transforming today’s market challenges into profitopportunities. Read the paper.Forward-thinking manufacturers have adapted to successfullyfulfill customer expectations without sacrificing line efficiency,by reducing the high cost of warehousing multiple variationsof products, models, components, and parts.Read the report to find out how.See key obstacles and ways ERP solutions help you achieveprofitability. Download the infographic.Read the paper: Five levels of manufacturing collaboration.Uncover the number one barrier to achieving serviceexcellence. Read the paper: Five levels of manufacturing collaboration.Gain insights into how to use next-generation ERP solutionsto turn speed and agile responsiveness into a competitiveadvantage. Read the paper: Manufacturing at the speed of change.Learn why an integrated system for managing printing as wellas business processes is critical to remain competitive in theprinting and packaging industry today.Read the paper: The new mandate for integrated systems.

7 / 8Infor Industrial ManufacturingResourcesCustomer storiesBy implementing Infor SyteLine, Herman Miller was able toreduce US inventory by 1.2 million in two years, triple theirproduction capabilities, and enhance their just-in-time supplychain. Read the story. Watch the video.Dematic Asia Pacific, a leading international supplier ofintegrated logistics and material handling solutions savedAU 500,000 annually in licensing costs with Infor SyteLinesolutions. Read their story. Watch the video.Find out how Custom Plastic Specialties significantly cut itsorder processing time, allowed production more time to meetquality and deadline requirements, and saw fast ROI.Read their story. Watch the video.Using Infor SyteLine, Gorman-Rupp has streamlinedprocesses and increased customer satisfaction. Read the story.See how Preferred Sands grew from 0 percent of the sandmarket to No. 2 in the U.S. and No. 1 in Canada with the helpof Infor solutions. Watch the video.See how Ring Container’s social business initiative got arunning start with the help of Infor Ming.le and Infor LN.Watch the video.Instrument Technology doubled profits using Infor VISUAL.Read their story.More informationContact InforInfor 10x suite for Infor IndustrialManufacturingInfor 10x Starter GuideeBrief: Infor 10x Specialized by industry

About InforInfor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the enterprise,helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt tochanges in business demands. To learn more about Infor, please visit document reflects the direction Infor may take with regard to the specific product(s) described inthis document, all of which is subject to change by Infor in its sole discretion, with or without notice toyou. This document is not a commitment to you in any way and you should not rely on this documentor any of its content in making any decision. Infor is not committing to develop or deliver any specifiedenhancement, upgrade, product or functionality, even if such is described in this document.Copyright 2013 Infor. All rights reserved. The word and design marks set forth herein are trademarks and/or registeredtrademarks of Infor and/or related affiliates and subsidiaries. All other trademarks listed herein are the property of theirrespective owners.641 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 56-en-US-0813-1

Instrument Technology doubled proits using Infor VISUAL. Read their story. Infor 10x suite for Infor Industrial Manufacturing Infor 10x Starter Guide eBrief: Infor 10x Specialized by industry More information Contact Infor. 641 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10011 800-260-2640 About Infor Infor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the .