Security Module 3-Step Guide To Getting Started


Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting StartedSecurity Module3-Step Guide toGetting Started01

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting StartedWelcomeWelcome to LogMeIn Central’s Security Module! Whetheryou’re a new customer or a seasoned veteran, we wantto make sure you’re getting the most out of your Centralsubscription and specifically, our Security Module.This 3-step guide will help you familiarize yourselfwith the powerful and valuable features included inour Security Module.When it comes to securing your endpoints,inaction is unaffordable.02

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting StartedOver the last five years, the number and cost of cyberattacks for small businesses has been on the rise.With this changing landscape it’s more important thanever for IT and MSP professionals to arm themselveswith the tools necessary to effectively and proactivelyprotect their endpoints.For more details, ng61%of small businessesreported a cyber-attack in the past 12months, up from 55% the previous year.57% of cyber-attack victimsreport that they could have proactivelyprevented their attack by deploying a patch(Windows or Application Update) that’s beenavailable for over a decade! 1M The cost of an attack or breachis roughly 1M for SMBs, and over half goout of business within 6 months as a result.BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE :Log in to your Central account with your LogMeIn ID.Install the LogMeIn Central agent onto at least one computer in your network. Learn the step-by-step process here.03

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting StartedTable of Contents04#1Create a Policy with LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender05#2Run a Windows Update06#3Run an Application Update07

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting Started#1:Create a Policy with LogMeIn Antiviruspowered by Bitdefender4 minPremier PlanSecurity ModuleWhat is it?Use caseLogMeIn Antivirus is a robust antivirus that is fullyGarrett provides IT consulting and support for threeintegrated with LogMeIn Central. With LogMeIn Antivirus,different small businesses. Each small business hasyou can set custom policies for groups of computersa different set of requirements for their antivirus. Withto easily manage your antivirus. A full list of featuresLogMeIn Antivirus policies, Garrett can create a specificincluded in the antivirus is available here.policy to address the requirements for each client andthen assign the correct computers to those policies.How will it help me?By setting policies with LogMeIn Antivirus, you canAt a mid-size company, Hunter manages deployingcentrally configure the antivirus to meet the needs of yourand monitoring the antivirus in Central. He setsorganization or users. From scheduling scans to excludingspecific policies for different departments within thefolders to blocking USB storage devices, policies allow youorganization depending on their needs. For Humanto provision your antivirus requirements efficiently.Resources and Finance, he sets an aggressive policy toensure that the sensitive information on their machinesremain secure. For contractors, he sets a morepermissive policy as they are not privy to sensitive data.05

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting Started#2:Run a Windows Update8 minPremier PlanSecurity ModuleWhat is it?How will it help me?Microsoft releases their updates on Patch or UpdateApplying Windows Updates is risky and time-consumingTuesday, and IT professionals are responsible forbecause it can break the computer or take a lot of timemaking sure their company endpoints are up toto figure out what updates to apply when. Central givesdate. If an endpoint isn’t up to date, it’s vulnerable foryou a single pane of glass that pulls in all the availablebreaches or misfunctions, as releases can either fixupdates including both Microsoft suite and Windows OSbugs or improve security. LogMeIn Central gives a singlethat haven’t been applied yet and gives you the freedompane of glass that clearly shows the updates that areto apply the updates as you see fit. Central makes thisavailable and gives the IT professional the freedom andprocess easier and faster by providing that single interfacecontrol to apply updates to whichever computers underand removing the need to go to each computer and checkmanagement. Central gives its users a lot more visibilitywhether the updates were applied successfully.and control as the dashboard will show which updates06are available, which have been applied, which areUse cases?pending, have failed, and which are missing. Push outAt an MSP, Sujatha is responsible for keeping her client’sthe necessary Windows Updates to individual endpointsWindows up to date. With Windows’ Updates, Sujatha can seeor push out a mass update to multiple endpointswhen a new update is available and automatically roll it out forsimultaneously with the click of a button.Windows operating systems and other Microsoft software.

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting Started#3:Run an Application Update8 minPremier PlanSecurity ModuleWhat is it?How will it help me?Application Updates is a patch management solutionWith Application Updates, you can clearly see out-of-datethat allows you to quickly identify vulnerable third-partysoftware and better manage your IT assets by:applications and automatically deploy patches to keepyour software up to date and protected against potentialthreats. Like Windows Updates, if an endpoint isn’t up including Adobe, Java, web browsers and more. and gives the IT professional the freedom and controlto apply updates to whichever computers are undermanagement, push out the necessary ApplicationUpdates to individual endpoints or push out a massupdate to multiple endpoints simultaneously with theclick of a button.Managing and performing multiple updates silently withoutinterruption to end users or remote computers.Central gives a single pane of glass that clearly showsthe third-party application updates that are availablePushing software updates directly through the LogMeIndashboard to all or select computers and date, it’s vulnerable for breaches or misfunctions, asreleases can either fix bugs or improve security. LogMeInMonitoring computers for software that is outdated or at risk, Automating software updates on remote computers to preventfuture issues.Use cases?Beth works in IT at a marketing agency. The marketing teamutilizes Adobe to create polished collateral for their clients.In order to ensure that the marketing team is always usingthe latest version of Adobe, Beth configured Central toautomatically install updates. Not only does this keep hermarketing team on the latest software version, but it alsoprevents cyber-criminals from taking advantage of any knownvulnerability in the software.07

Security Module 3-Step Guide to Getting StartedSECURE, RELIABLE, INTUITIVE REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENTPart of the LogMeIn Inc. Identity & Access Management portfolio, LogMeIn Central is a pure,cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution enabling IT professionals toeffectively monitor, manage and secure their endpoint infrastructure. Whether you have remoteemployees or endpoints scattered across the globe, LogMeIn Central provides IT organizationswith the speed, flexibility and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce IT costs andmitigate risk. Rated the #1 remote access tool for small businesses to manage multiplecomputers, LogMeIn Central equips every endpoint in your network with premium remote accessso you can troubleshoot anytime, 2019 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved.11.26.2019/LMI1065

Welcome to LogMeIn Central’s Security Module! Whether you’re a new customer or a seasoned veteran, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Central . Premier Plan Security Module 4 min. Security Module 3