Institute For Biomedical Sciences PhD Program Overview 2020


Institute for Biomedical SciencesPhD Program Overview 2020

You are future leaders in researchPhD Programs organized inthe Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS) Explore new areas & approaches Present & publish discoveries Become trusted colleaguesAlison K Hall PhDAssociate DeanResearch Workforce Developmentakhall@gwu.eduknowledge, research training & career skills for the future

Great time to be at GW!CORE FACILITIESBio-repositoryBiostatistics CenterFlow CytometryGenomics CenterNanofabr & ImagingPathologyExciting PhD projects

IBS umbrella to 5 PhD programsCore coursesCareer developmentResearch rotationsChoose mentor & programCancer BiologyGenomics &BioinformaticsMicrobiology& ImmunologyNeuroscienceSpecialized courseworkGrant-style qualifierDissertation researchSee our IBS faculty trainersPharm/ Phys

Shared core and elective curriculumWe provide year-round stipend, tuition, andhealth insurance throughout the PhD.See Programs of Study

Great student outcomesYear 1IBS core & rotationsChoose program & mentorYear 2PhD coursework & researchGrant-style qualifying examYear 3-5Dissertation researchFellowships & conferences-----------------------------------Avg 5 pubs, 1.6 as 1st authorAvg time to degree 5.0 yrsCurrent national fellowshipsJulie AhnAparna BaxiKatherine BlackmoreJacob SamselIndra SarabiaErin BonnerStephanie GomezAmy HwangTony JamesJessica SchenkNicole BonanJT HowardNIH F31NIH F31NIH F31NIH IARFNIH F31Isa. Molina FndnNIH F31NIH F31NIH IARFAHAT32 Cancer BiologyGates Millennium

Cancer Biology Research AreasGRADUATEPROGRAMDIRECTORS Molecular signaling in carcinogenesis Cancer immunology Epigenetics and chromatin remodelingNorman Leenhlee@gwu.eduRecent PhD Dissertation Titles:Eden Dejene “Regulation of Poly(A)-specific ribonucleaseActivity by Reversible Lysine Acetylation” with mentorEdward Seto, PhDSulgi Lee “Identification and Characterization of TumorSpecific Antigens in Pediatric Diffuse Midline Gliomas” withmentor Javad Nazarian, PhDYanfen Huhuy3@gwu.eduJacqueline Moy “Differential alternative splicing of a novelFGFR3 variant involved in African American prostatecancer disparities.” with mentor Norman Lee, PhDStephanie Perkail “Tumor Suppressor BRCA1 AssociatedProtein-1 (BAP1) in Pancreatic Cancer” with MentorAlexandros Tzatsos, MD PhD

Genomics & Bioinformatics Research Genetic and Epigenetic Basis of Diseases Autism, cardiovascular & pulmonary Systems & “omics” for complex disordersRecent PhD Dissertation Titles:Eric Vilainevilain@childrensnational.orgJohn Torcivia “An Exploration of Cancer Associated Noncoding Variations in Whole Genome Sequencing Data” withmentor Raja Mazumder, PhDMatthew Bendall “Characterization and Quantification ofthe Human Endogenous Retrovirus Transcriptome”Ljuba CaldovicWith mentors Keith A. Crandall, PhD/ Douglas F. Nixon, MD,Lcaldovic@childrensnational.orgPhDKonstantinos Karagiannis “Separation and Assembly of RNAvirus High Throughput Sequencing Data into Discrete FullLength Sub-Population Genomes” with mentor:: RajaMazumder, PhDRaja Mazumdermazumder@gwu.eduGRADUATEPROGRAMDIRECTORS

Microbiology & Immunology ResearchPhD Microbiologyand Immunology MolecularparasitologyGRADUATEPROGRAMDIRECTORS HIV pathogenesis Vaccine developmentDavid Tumor immunotherapyRecent PhD Dissertation Titles:McKenzie Carter “Generation and Implementation of a wholegenome Gain-of-Function Library in Trypanosoma brucei:Insights into Melarsoprol Resistance” with mentor: GaladrielHovel-Miner, PhDAlberto Bosqueabosque@gwu.eduShabnum Patel “Immunotherapeutic Strategies for HumanImmunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1)” with mentor Catherine M.Bollard, PhDJohn Huang “Prime, Kick, and Kill: Establishing a Proof ofConcept for a Novel Approach to Purging Latent Reservoirsof Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1” with mentor R. BradleyJones PhD

Neuroscience Research AreasGRADUATE Synaptic circuitry & plasticity Neurodevelopmental Disorders Cortical development Glial cell biology & diseaseMatt Colonnesecolonnese@gwu.eduRecent PhD Dissertation Titles:Thomas Forbes “Environmental Enrichment AmelioratesPerinatal Brain Injury and Promotes Functional White MatterRecovery” with mentor Vittorio Gallo, PhDAlejandra Fernandez “Disrupted Mitochondrial MetabolismAlters Cortical Layer II/III Projection Neuron Differentiation”Jason Triplettwith mentor Anthony-Samuel LaMantia PhDjtriplett@childrensnational.orgJulieta Lischinsky “Embryonic transcription factor expressionpredicts neuronal identity and innate behavioral activationpatterns in the limbic system” with mentor Joshua Corbin PhDPROGRAMDIRECTORS

Pharmacology & Physiology ResearchGRADUATEPROGRAMDIRECTORS Cardiovascular Physiology Obesity and Metabolic DiseasesVince Anxiety and PTSDRecent PhD Dissertation Titles:Adam Swiercz “Contributions of the Renin AngiotensinSystem to Fear Memory and Fear ConditionedCardiovascular Responses” with mentor Paul J. Marvar, PhDNikki Posnacknposnack@childrensnational.orgAdam Horn “Role of Mitochondria in Plasma MembraneRepair and Pathogenesis of Muscular Dystrophy” withmentor Jyoti K. Jaiswal PhDColin

How do you join the GW IBS?Application deadline December 1Research experience importantStrong academic record, especially in scienceStatement / 3 Short Response / CVMention faculty of interestLORs about research-new promptsGRE scores not requiredClass of 15 students from about 200 applicationsSee application & admissions details

What will you discover?Visit our webpageEmail a Graduate Program DirectorContact IBS program facultyAsk the program administratorApply by December 1The George Washington University Institute for Biomedical SciencesRoss Hall 561 2300 I Street, NW Washington, DC 20037202-994-2179 Twitter: GW IBS

PhD Programs organized in . the Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS) Explore new areas & approaches Present & publish discoveries Become trusted colleagues. Alison K Hall PhD. Associate Dean . Research Workforce Development. You are future leaders in research. kno