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The Governor’sBudgetReportVolume 2Agency DetailFiscal Year 2008

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Division of the BudgetThe following budget staff prepared the information in the budget documents. Please feel free to contactthe budget analysts regarding further details about their designated agencies.Duane Goossen, DirectorJeff Arpin, Principal AnalystDepartment of AdministrationDepartment of CorrectionsEl Dorado Correctional FacilityEllsworth Correctional FacilityHutchinson Correctional FacilityLansing Correctional FacilityLarned Correctional Mental Health FacilityNorton Correctional FacilityTopeka Correctional FacilityWinfield Correctional FacilityKansas Parole BoardKansas Public Employees Retirement SystemBoard of Mortuary ArtsLouis Chabira, Deputy DirectorLegislatureLegislative Coordinating CouncilLegislative Division of Post AuditLegislative Research DepartmentRevisor of StatutesOffice of the GovernorOffice of the Lieutenant GovernorBenjamin Cleeves, Budget AnalystDepartment of TransportationDepartment of RevenueBoard of Indigents DefenseCitizens Utility Ratepayer BoardKansas Corporation CommissionKansas Human Rights CommissionBoard of Technical ProfessionsCindy Denton, Principal AnalystBoard of RegentsEmporia State UniversityFort Hays State UniversityUniversity of KansasUniversity of Kansas Medical CenterKansas State University

Kansas State University—Extension Systems & Agriculture Research ProgramsKansas State University—Veterinary Medical CenterPittsburg State UniversityWichita State UniversityJudiciaryJudicial CouncilAnn Durkes, Principal AnalystDepartment of LaborSecretary of StateBoard of Tax AppealsGovernmental Ethics CommissionKansas Sentencing CommissionHearing Instruments Board of ExaminersBoard of NursingElaine Frisbie, Principal AnalystDepartment of EducationState TreasurerSecurities CommissionerBoard of AccountancyCheri Froetschner, Senior AnalystAdjutant GeneralDepartment of Credit UnionsAttorney GeneralKansas Bureau of InvestigationVicki Helsel, Principal AnalystDepartment of Health & EnvironmentState Conservation CommissionKansas Water OfficeBehavioral Sciences Regulatory BoardReal Estate Appraisal BoardJohn Kirk, Budget AnalystJuvenile Justice AuthorityAtchison Juvenile Correctional FacilityBeloit Juvenile Correctional FacilityKansas Juvenile Correctional ComplexLarned Juvenile Correctional FacilityTopeka Juvenile Correctional FacilityHighway PatrolEmergency Medical Services BoardState Fire MarshalBoard of BarberingBoard of CosmetologyKonnie Leffler, Budget AnalystKansas Neurological InstituteLarned State Hospital

Osawatomie State HospitalParsons State Hospital & Training CenterRainbow Mental Health FacilityCommission on Veterans AffairsDepartment of Wildlife & ParksBoard of Examiners in OptometryAmy Penrod, Budget AnalystDepartment on AgingHealth Care Stabilization Fund Board of GovernorsHistorical SocietyInsurance DepartmentState LibraryBoard of Healing ArtsBoard of PharmacyKansas Guardianship ProgramJulie Thomas, Principal AnalystDepartment of Social & Rehabilitation ServicesKansas Health Policy AuthoritySean Tomb, Budget AnalystDepartment of CommerceKansas Arts CommissionKansas, Inc.Kansas Racing & Gaming CommissionKansas State LotteryKansas Technology Enterprise CorporationBanking DepartmentReal Estate CommissionBrendan Yorkey, Budget AnalystDepartment of AgricultureAnimal Health DepartmentAbstracters Board of ExaminersKansas State FairSchool for the BlindSchool for the DeafKansas Dental BoardBoard of Veterinary ExaminersSandy Russell, Executive AssistantShelly Dechand, Accountant

How to Use this ReportAgency nameor programtitle.The missionstatement isdeveloped bythe agency inaccordancewith strategicplanningprinciples andgives thereason for theagency’sexistence.Detailsactivities of theagency orprogram. Itincludesdivisions orunits within theagency orprogram andotherorganizationsthat work withthe agency orprogram.University of KansasMission. The University of Kansas’ mission is tocontinue to be a major comprehensive research andteaching university that serves as a center for learning,scholarship, and creative endeavor. The Universityalso intends to continue to provide programs thatrepresent excellence in graduate and professionaleducation and the highest achievements in researchinternationally.Operations. The University of Kansas is a majoreducational and research institution with more than27,000 students and 1,900 faculty members.Academic programs, arts facilities, and publicprograms provide cultural enrichment opportunities forthe larger community. Educational, research, andservice programs are offered throughout the state,including the main campus in Lawrence, the KUhealth-related degree programs and services in KansasCity and Wichita, as well as the Regents Center andother sites in the Kansas City metropolitan area,Topeka, and Parsons.Research is an integral part of the University’seducational process. KU has more than 40 specialresearch facilities, in addition to individual academicdepartments and schools. The National ScienceFoundation classifies KU as a major universityreceiving substantial research support.TheUniversity’s private support comes primarily throughthe KU Endowment Association. Among publicuniversity endowment associations, KUEA ranks 13thin size of endowment and life-income assets.The University belongs to the American Associationof Universities, a select group of 58 higher educationinstitutions in the United States and Canada. Membersare chosen on a basis of national significance ingraduate studies and research. The University’slibrary system, contains more than 3.4 millionvolumes, 32,000 current subscriptions, more than 1.0million government publications, more than 250,000maps, and extensive manuscript and photographicholdings.Goals and Objectives. The following goals havebeen established by the University:Protect and enhance the overall quality of theinstitution at every level.Strengthen further the instructional mission.Strengthen further the research mission.Strengthen further the services provided to externalconstituencies in Kansas and elsewhere.Strengthen further faculty resources.The University of Kansas also strives, as do otherRegents institutions, to increase the involvement offull-time faculty in undergraduate instruction, improvethe retention rate of undergraduate students, increasethe undergraduate student graduation rate, increaseexternal grant funding for research, minimizeadministrative expenses, maximize the use ofinstructional space, and improve educational servicesto the Kansas City area through the Regents Center.Statutory History.The establishment of theUniversity of Kansas was authorized by Article 6 ofthe Kansas Constitution, which states that“ provision shall be made by law for theestablishment of a state university, for the promotionof literature and the arts and sciences ” Acting underthis authority, the Legislature of 1864 established andorganized the University of Kansas. Under currentlaw, the institution operates as one of the universitiesunder the control of the Kansas Board of Regents(KSA 76-711, et seq).These areissue-orientedstatements thatdeclare what anagency intendsto accomplishto fulfill itsmission.Objectives aredetailed,quantifiable,time-specificstatements ofactivitiesrelated to thegoal. They aretargets forspecific agencyor programactions.Indicates thelegal authorityfor the agencyor program andits activities.

How to Use this ReportUniversity of KansasReflectsexpenditures byprogram.Program pages donot contain thisinformation.2004FY 2006ActualFY 20072005FYGov. EstimateExpenditures by ProgramInstitutional SupportInstructionAcademic SupportStudent ServicesResearchPublic ServiceStudent AidAuxiliary EnterprisesPhysical PlantDebt Service & Capital ImprovementsTotal ,03415,238,706 2324,431,558 582,659,19425,983,659-25,983,659163,581,283-- ,446-- 59028,652,350 55,800,00028,652,350 582,203,451 55,800,000 582,203,451Expenditures by ObjectSalaries and WagesContractual ServicesCommoditiesCapital OutlayDebt ServiceSubtotal: State OperationsAid to Local GovernmentsOther AssistanceSubtotal: Operating ExpendituresCapital ImprovementsTotal Reportable ExpendituresNon-expense ItemsTotal Expenditures by 56,784 388,730,139-34,221,902 422,952,04113,751,221 436,703,26286,169,247 383,342,450 428,918,185-28,087,536 457,005,72121,089,108 478,094,829104,564,365 582,659,194293,998,076-- 83313,523,315-13,523,3153,278,595-3,278,595 424,179,841 -- 424,179,841---28,087,536-28,087,536 452,267,377 -- 452,267,37725,373,755 55,800,00025,373,755 477,641,132 55,800,000 477,641,132104,562,319-- 104,562,319 582,203,451 55,800,000 582,203,451Expenditures by FundState General FundWater Plan FundEDIFChildren's Initiatives FundBuilding FundsOther FundsTotal Expenditures by Fund132,033,12139,999--2,566,878388,232,511 522,872,509136,641,46840,000--5,862,025440,115,701 ------445,517,268 55,800,000445,517,268 582,203,451 55,800,000 582,203,4514,572.55-4,572.554,640.00-4,640.00FTE PositionsNon-FTE Unclassified PermanentTotal PositionsPerformance MeasuresFY 20062008Base Budget2006FY 2008Enhanc. Pkg.4,640.00-4,640.00FY 20042006FYActual----FYFY 20072005EstimateFY 20082006FYGov. Rec.4,640.00-4,640.00FYFY 20082006EstimateFive-year graduation rate51.1 %52.0 %53.0 %Percent of credit hours taught by faculty85.0 %85.0 %85.0 %Performance measures are outcome and outputstatements that measure agency or program objectives.They are used to aid in determining whether the agencyor program is achieving its objectives, reaching itsgoals, and ultimately accomplishing its mission. Theyare based on the Governor's recommendations.Detailsexpenditureinformationabout the agencyby program.Includes theactual year,current year,the base budget,enhancements,and theGovernor'srecommendation.Expendituresare divided byboth objects ofexpenditure andby funding.Non-expenseitems are shownfor illustrationbut are notreported in statebudget totals.Total numberof positions inthe agency orprogram,representingthe sum of FTEand Non-FTEUnclassifiedPermanentpositions.

Table of ContentsAdjutant General .Operational Management .State Military Service Operations .Division of Emergency Management .Physical Plant Operations.Debt Service & Capital Improvements.1357911Department of Administration.General Administration .Division of Health Policy & Finance .Public Broadcasting Council .Division of Information Systems & Communications .Accounting & Reporting Services.Budget Analysis .Personnel Services.Division of Purchases .Facilities Management .Debt Service & Capital Improvements.Off Budget Expenditures.131517192123252729313335Department on Aging .Operations .Medicaid Long-Term Care .Community Grants .Nutrition Grants.3739414345Department of Agriculture .Administrative & Statistical Services & Records Center .Food Safety & Consumer Protection.Regulation of Water Resources .Agricultural Laboratories .Environment Protection.474951535557Animal Health Department.59Kansas Arts Commission .61Atchison Juvenile Correctional Facility .63Attorney General .Administrative Services.Criminal Litigation .Legal Opinions & Government Counsel .Consumer Protection .Civil Litigation .Crime Victims Compensation Board.65676971737577

Attorney General (Continued)Victim Services & Grants.Medicaid Fraud & Abuse .7981Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility.83School for the Blind.85Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board.87Department of Commerce .Operations & Legal Services.Disability Concerns .Agricultural Marketing.Trade Development .Business & Workforce Development .America’s Job Link Alliance.Travel & Tourism Development .Community Development .Debt Service & Capital Improvements.899193959799101103105107State Conservation Commission. 109Kansas Corporation Commission .Administration Services .Utilities .Conservation.Transportation .Energy .111113115117119121Department of Corrections .Central Administration .Community Supervision.

Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex . Emergency Medical Services Board State Fire Marshal Board of Barbering Board of Cosmetology Konnie Leffler, Budget Analyst Kansas Neurological Institute Larned State Hospital . Osawatomie State Hospital . School for the Blind