Business VoIP Comparison Guide


Business VoIP Comparison Guide

IntroductionStill running on a legacy analog system? Or on that old PBX that isn’t as reliable as it was back when purchased in the 80’s?Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your business phone solution. A lot of businesses look at VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony due to itscost savings and plethora of features any company, of any size, can utilize.The VoIP market is very competitive and it can be difficult for an organization to choose a solution to meet their needs. In thisside-by-side comparison guide, you will learn about the top VoIP vendors in the industry and their product offerings. Also, inaddition to the features mentioned in this guide, all vendors listed provide e911 support and long distance/international calling. Besure to talk to vendors about hardware and ask about specific pricing.Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / Business VoIP Comparison GuideZiff Davis 20162

Comparison GridsBusiness VoIP FeaturesVendor: Product SolutionFocusCloud/On-PremiseSupport IP PBXVoice Mail8X8 Virtual OfficeSOHO and Medium BizCloud3 Avaya IP OfficeSOHO and Medium BizOn-Premises EarthLink Hosted VoiceSOHO and Medium BizCloud3 FonalitySOHOCloud3 FreedomIQSOHOCloud3 SOHO and Medium BizCloud3 Medium BizCloud3 Ring Central OfficeSOHO and Medium BizCloud3 ShoreTel SkySOHO and Medium BizCloud3 ShoreTelSOHO and Medium BizOn-Premises XO Communications Hosted PBXSOHO and Medium BizCloud3 MegaPath Hosted VoiceSOHO, Medium Biz, andEnterpriseCloud3 Jive Small BusinessMomentum Business VoiceZiff Davis / Comparison Guide / Business VoIP Comparison GuideZiff Davis 20163

Comparison GridsBusiness VoIP Features (continued)Vendor: Product SolutionNumber PortabilityFax SupportCall ForwardingFind me/Follow me8X8 Virtual Office Avaya IP Office EarthLink Hosted Voice Fonality FreedomIQ Jive Small Business Momentum Business Voice Ring Central Office ShoreTel Sky 1 ShoreTel 1 XO Communications Hosted PBX MegaPath Hosted VoiceZiff Davis / Comparison Guide / Business VoIP Comparison Guide Ziff Davis 20164

Comparison GridsBusiness VoIP Features (continued)Vendor: Product SolutionConference CallingVirtual ReceptionistSmartphone SupportChat/Instant Messaging8X8 Virtual Office11 Avaya IP Office EarthLink Hosted Voice111Fonality11 FreedomIQ4Jive Small Business Momentum Business Voice11 Ring Central Office11 ShoreTel Sky ShoreTel XO Communications Hosted PBX 1MegaPath Hosted Voice 1Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / Business VoIP Comparison Guide Ziff Davis 20165

FootnotesFeaturesDefinitionsVoice MailTraditional voice mail feature. Most vendors have advanced visual voice mail that allows you to read your voicemail as text.Number PortabilityEnables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobilenetwork operator to another.Fax SupportFax over IP (FoIP) refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes via a VoIP network. Fax over IP works viaT38 and requires a T38 capable VoIP Gateway as well as a T38 capable fax machine, fax card or fax software.Call ForwardingAllows an incoming call to be redirected to another number where the desired called party is able to answer. Youcan set any number.Find me/Follow meRefers to two technologies that, in conjunction, enable incoming phone calls to be received at different locations,on different phones.Conference CallingAllows multiple callers to dial into one central number for meetings, conferences, etc.Virtual ReceptionistA sophisticated tool that prompts callers to select from a phone menu. The automated recordings play as soonas a caller dials into a company number, and informs the caller which number to press to reach the desiredextension.Smartphone supportRefers to whether or not a vendor offers smart phone applications and the ability to transfer desk phone numbersto a smartphone via their app.Chat/Instant MessagingSome vendors offer chat or instant messaging as a feature to establish presence and a messaging capability totheir service.1 - Available at additional cost.2 - Dependent on chosen carrier.3 - Could solution/No IP PBX.4 - IM available if using a Plycom CX5000 or other compatible VoIP phone.Ziff Davis / Comparison Guide / Business VoIP Comparison GuideZiff Davis 20166

iff Davis / Comparison Guide / Business VoIP Comparison Guide iff Davis 2016 3 Business VoIP Features Vendor: Product Solution Focus Cloud/On-Premise Support IP PBX Voice Mail 8X8 Virtual Office SOHO and Medium Biz Cloud 3 Avaya IP Office SOHO and Medium Biz On-Premises EarthLink Hosted