2020 EDITION TOP 40 Customer Relationship Management .


2020 EDITIONTOP arison of the Leading CRM Software Vendors

Overview of CRM Software SolutionsCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) simplifies company-client relations by providinga centralized repository for collecting information on prospective customers and establishedclientele. The ideal CRM system synchronizes your various marketing efforts and optimizes yourmarketing efforts by automating customer communications. Business owners should considera CRM platform if they find it difficult to maintain regular interactions with clients or lack acomprehensive system for communicating with customers. A company might also find value intransitioning to a new CRM solution if they find an existing ad-hoc platform like a spreadsheet tobe time-consuming or inadequate for their existing needs.The best CRM platforms will enhance client interactions through a number of tools designedto fit your company size and needs. Look for a flexible solution that automates key clienttransactions and interactions, improves yourcustomer support services and efficientlyFeatures & Deployment Keymanages your marketing campaigns. For moreinformation about the variations of CRM solutionsavailable, check out Business-Software.com’srange of CRM vendor reports, all of which areavailable on our Exclusive Reports page.Read on to browse the leading CRM systemsand discover which ones will be the best fit etingEmailintegrationsMultichannelsupportyour company in our Top 40 CRM SoftwareComparison report.SaaSplatformOn-premiseplatformSaaS andon-premiseAbout Business-Software.comBusiness-Software.com is your go-to source for business software reviews, expert advice, in-depth articles andproduct white papers to meet all of your software needs. We’re the most comprehensive online resource for buyersand vendors, catering to more than 300,000 members who trust us to connect them with the right software.We offer exclusive comparison reports for 80 business software segments, enabling you to efficiently researchand review highly rated software products. Download our free reports to discover top business solutions forAccounting, CRM, ERP, CMS, Manufacturing, HR and more. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonSalesforce Sales CloudNetSuite CRM C2CRMInfor CRMSage CRMIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Businesses looking forCompanies seeking aBusinesses that want aAny size company lookingSmaller companies thata platform that providessolution with integratedsolution with advancedfor a software solution withwould benefit from Outlookforecasting, analytics andorder management.marketing and relationshipadvanced customizationand Exchange integration.management functionality.capability.Business sizeBusiness sizereal-time updates.Business size Business size Business size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Manage and trackcampaigns acrossmultiple channels Securely share files Email and calendars Real-time updates oncontacts and accountAdditional Features Competitor tracking Real-time salesforecasting Quote and ordermanagement CommissionsmanagementAdditional Features Sales managementincludes all areas underrelationships Sales force automation Customer service trackspost-sales activities Imports text filesAdditional Features Standard open APIs &integration options Seamless integrationwith back office systems Advanced customizationcapabilitiesAdditional Features Relationshipmanagement graphs Customizable graphicalworkflow Create accurate quotes Quickly executemarketing campaignsSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersNBCUniversal, Siemens,AMPRO, OaklandVerizon Wireless, DeanAmica Life Insurance, Uni-Panasonic, Armstrong,Dr. Pepper Snapple, HPAthletics, DocumentFoods, Wakefield ThermalFirst, Meridian BioscienceCaber Sure Fit, NYSESciencesSolutions entInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonCreatioHubSpot CRMInsightlyGold-Vision CRMZendesk SellIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Companies that areCompanies of any sizeAny size organization thatAny size business lookingCompanies that arelooking for a software thatthat need a solutionwants a platform with APIfor rich features, ease oflooking for a solution toprovides lead and casewith deep marketingcapability and social CRMuse, and affordability.increase real-time salesmanangement functions.integration.functionality.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness size visibility.Business sizeBusiness size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Opportunity and pipelinemanagement Orders and invoices Field sales management Sales forecasting Project management Service catalogAdditional Features Drag-and-dropcommunicator Social media integration Email templates,tracking and scheduling Personalizable viewsand filteringAdditional Features Task and calendarmanagementContactmanagement Opportunity reportsto manage key salesmetrics Project managementAdditional Features Lead management &scoring Task & calendarmanagement Integrated marketingautomation Email marketingAdditional Features Real-time visibility intoyour sales pipeline Automatically trackand share your emailcommunications Base DocumentRepository accessSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersHeineken, Bayer, Allianz,Care.com, PennyMac,NY State Assembly,The Peel Group, Fuel CardBarnes & Noble,Heinz, Pelco by SchneiderPhaseWare, ShoreTel,Reddit, Centercode,Services, Specsavers,Expensify, Wayfair,ElectricWeDo TechnologiesYepRoc RecordsBroadstone mentDeploymentInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonCommence CRMClaritySoftSAP CloudMicrosoft Dynamics CRMSalesNexusfor SalesIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Companies that wantSmall businesses thatEnterprises seeking aCompanies in need of aCompanies anda platform with contactwould benefit fromplatform with ecommerceCRM solution with contractorganizations that want aand project managementsoftware equipped withfunctionality and loyaltymanagement capability.platform with a robust APIfunctionality.free lifetime support.management features.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness size integrated solution.Business sizeBusiness size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features E-mail integration Lead Scoring Pipeline Management Forecast & Reporting Custom Reporting Analytical Reporting Marketing CampaignsAdditional Features Seamless integrationwith MS Outlook, Gmailand QuickBooks Data is maintainedwithin any privatedatabaseAdditional Features Marketing resource andbrand management Campaign management Segmentation and listmanagement Real-time offermanagementAdditional Features Audit changes tobusiness data Role-based access Measure performance oforganizations, businessunits, teams andindividualsAdditional Features Capture leads from yourwebsite Marketing automation Click-to-call usingRingCentral or 3CX CRM and emailmarketing in one systemSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersWeight Watchers, NRA,Berkshire Hathaway,Bentley Systems, BOADelta Air Lines, HitachiBetter Business Bureau,Maryland GeneralOvation Brands, ClareonGroup, Proseed, RieberSolutions America, INGCommunity Coffee,Bank, Pandora, PGA tDeploymentDeploymentInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonProphet CRMGoldMine CRMMaximizer CRMKeapAct! PremiumIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Any size companyCompanies seeking aCompanies needing aSmall businesses thatOrganizations that arelooking for a platformCRM solution they canpersonalized platform thatare in need of softwareseeking solutions withwith advanced user‘Own’.can be easily set up to fitthat provides customereasy-to-use marketingtheir workflow.segmentation features.tools.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness sizepermissions.Business size Business size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Centralize contactmanagement Sales opportunitytracking Prophet SyncAcrossand DupeDetectorAdditional Features Automated processesfor workflow Real-time dashboards Integrates withQuickBooks andConstast ContactAdditional Features Account and contactmanagement Sales force automation Role-based access Integration withMicrosoft Office andOutlookAdditional Features Lead qualification anddistribution Sales and conversionreports Opportunity and pipelinemanagement Web formsAdditional Features Team calendar view Create, send and trackcampaigns Easy-to-use marketingtools Ability to design emailtemplatesSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersAT&T, Century 21, Cisco,Air Animal Pet Movers, TERolex, Radisson, Nestle,Hear and Play, Just AAmerican HealthDell, Fujitsu, GatewayFinancial, Electrolab, WWBBC, SiemensMinute LLC, Trainz.comInsurance, Amerifund,Buelow Financial GroupCannon, Wells ymentInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonInfoFloPipedriveCampaignerCRMHighrise CRMOnContact CRM 7Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Small to mid-sizeSmall sized businesses inOrganizations that wantCompanies that areBusinesses that arecompanies that want aneed of a software solutiona platform that targetslooking for a robust taskseeking a software thatplatform with social mediawith automatic emailspecific customers andmanagement system.has Microsoft Outlookintegration.integration.has advanced reporting.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness size integration capability.Business sizeBusiness size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Relationshipmanagement Collaboration andsharing tools Leads and opportunitiesmanagementAdditional Features Intuitive pipeline view Reporting filters Automatic follow-upfunctionality Track reasons forwinning/losing a sale Role-based permissionsAdditional Features Smart email builder Customize entire email Automatically formatscontent Resize and edit images Tracking and resultsAdditional Features Easily track deals,proposals and leads Simple permissionstools View and track eachcontact on his/her ownpageAdditional Features Improve sales efficiency Marketing automation Streamline customerservice Links to social networks Powerful analyticsSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersAlliant Capital LLC, FHDThe Brigade Inc,John Hancock Financial,Cubit Planning, LeadPrudential, Protective,Inc, Pinpoint Profiles LLCSubledger, IterableNorthpak Container,Graffiti, Wood Holmes,CBC, Carfax, BiotekAethon, MSAProblem, Adverplans entInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonOracle CRMBlueCamrooLeadMasterPipeliner CRMNutshellOn DemandIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Companies of any sizeSmall to mid-sizeCompanies with on-the-goOrganizations that needOutbound sales teamsthat are seeking a solutionorganizations seekingteams that benefit froma solution that integratesthat need contact and leadwith price managementtools to increase customermobile CRM features.with Dropbox, MailChimp,management in an easy-capabilities.relations.Marketo and more.to-use package.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness sizeBusiness size Business size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Agreementmanagement Audit trail Billing management Call center optimization Credit management Customer acquisitionAdditional Features Customer and accountdata Management tools Mobile support Community building Customer satisfactionmeasurementAdditional Features Email and dripmarketing Lead nurturing Market segmentation ROI analysis Analytics andforecastingAdditional Features Lead generation andmanagement Opportunity tracking Calendar integrates withGoogle and OutlookcalendarsAdditional Features Team collaboration tools Email and mobilenotifications Real-time event feedand detailed reports Track leads and salesSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersAlphawest, Equifax, NKKContact vendor for caseBIO-key International,Hunt Big Sales, Tensator,Human Element,Switches, VerigystudiesChannel Tools, NebraskaQuest RMG, JuniperSilverbull, Caffe Umbria,Christian CollegeSystems, Tiger CoatingsBloomerang, ploymentInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonAptean Pivotal CRMSalesnet CRMWORK[etc]Soffront CRMSugarCRMIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Organizations that areSmall sized businesses inSmall to mid-sizedEnabling companies toAny size company in needlooking for a platform tosearch of a platform with acompanies in search of autilize advanced featuresof a software solution thatintegrate with back-officepatented process builder.platforn with an open APIwithout requiring script- orforecasts and tracks salesthat captures sales leads.code-writing experience.trends.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness sizeand enterprise systems.Business sizeBusiness size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Leverages metadatadriven architecture Access to a library of industry applications Stores relevantinformation in a singledatabaseAdditional Features Marketing Automationto track campaigns andenhance social mediastrategy Document library withunlimited storageAdditional Features Email marketingcampaigns Customer lifecyclemanagement Lead management andsales pipeline Contact managementAdditional Features Marketing automation Employee support Back-office support Project managementand defect tracking Sales automationAdditional Features Campaign wizard Email marketing Web-to-lead forms Lead management Case management Inbound email Knowledge baseSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersCanon, SunTrust, VerizonContact vendor for caseContact vendor for caseBoeing, Genzyme,Avis, H&R Block, AXA,Wireless, VMWare, TDstudiesstudiesMinnesota Secretary ofCoca-Cola Enterprise,State, SAICBDO tDeploymentInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Top 40 CRM Software ComparisonPipelineDeals CRMSalpo CRMWorkbooks CRMZoho CRMNimbleIdeal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Ideal for:Any size company seekingBusinesses needing aSmall to midsizeOrganizations that are inCompanies of any sizea solution that has a setcustomizable platform withcompanies looking for aneed of a platform that’swanting a platform thatof collaboration tools withthird party integrations andsales force and marketingequipped with permission-aims to unify all disparatedata filtering.an open API.automation platform.based security.data.Business sizeBusiness sizeBusiness sizeBusiness sizeBusiness size Key FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesKey FeaturesAdditional Features Real-time deal statusupdates Deal management Contact and leadmanagement Customizable activitytrackingAdditional Features Sales pipeline andtargets Business Rules Inventory management GDPR compliance Office 365 and G-SuiteAdditional Features Sales order and suppliermanagement Easy integrations andan open API ISO27001-certified UKdatacentersAdditional Features Auto-assign leads withcustom rules Centralizes accounts,related contacts, andopportunities Follow up on salesactivitiesAdditional Features Contact management Unified communications Activity management Social media monitoring Sales and marketing Third-party integrationsSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersSelect CustomersThe Shearwater GroupThe Growth Hub,Rotary Corporation,Affordable HousingSkyline Boston, SociaLink,Inc, Concentra, Cloops,SBS Insurance, NHS,Atlantic Data SecurityAlliance, JetHub,Viwo IncGroup ISOUniversity of LiverpoolDeploymentDeploymentMicroLOGIX, T3 DirectDeploymentDeploymentDeploymentInterested in learning more? Please click here to request additional information. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited

Best CRM Ranked By CategoryWinnersCategoryBestRunner UpClaritysoftZoho CRMCreatioSage CRMSalesforceHubSpot CRMKeapWorkbooks CRMFreshdeskTeamSupportSalesforceSugar CRMHubspotFreshsalesSalesforceNetSuiteSmall BusinessBestMedium BusinessBestLarge EnterpriseBestMarketingAutomationBestCustomer ServiceBestSales ForceAutomationBestOpen SourceCRMBestCloud/SaaS 2020. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

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