Applicant Tracking Systems: Using Bullhorn To Streamline .


Applicant Tracking Systems:Using Bullhorn toStreamline Job MatchingMassHire Lowell Career CenterTim O’Connor11/15/2020

The Problem Replace an existing software to manage customerrésumés.– DocStar Expensive Stand alone computer and scanner Staff cannot enter résumés at their desk Poor search function Poor interface resulted in lack of usewww.MassHireLowellCC.com2

Searching for a SolutionDocument Management Designed for file storage Software installation orhardware requirements Search not designed forrésumés or job searching Very expensiveApplicant Tracking System Designed for résumé collectionand customer management Web-based, no local storage Skill-based search function Matching candidates to a job orskill needed Used by recruiters and HR Expensivewww.MassHireLowellCC.com3

Bullhorn Local company Less expensive than other software Web-based Résumé collection/retrieval Career Portal - job postings Matching/ Searchingwww.MassHireLowellCC.com4

Advantage for Customers Customer don’t know it exists Résumé storage Easy upload of files Career Portal – highlighted jobs No redirect to email or telephone Matchingwww.MassHireLowellCC.com5

Career Portal – Posting Jobs WordPress Plug-in topublicly post jobopenings One-click submission Ability to highlightjobs Bypass of the glut ofjobs on MassJobQuestwww.MassHireLowellCC.com6

Collecting Résumés - CustomersLocally StoredOutlook Uploading individualrésumés stored locallythrough Bullhorn Staff with Bullhornaccounts can upload arésumés directly fromOutlookCareer Portal Any customer canupload their ownrésumé to Bullhornthrough the CareerPortalwww.MassHireLowellCC.com7

Managing Customers in Bullhorn Quick view of Résumé and customer details Retrieve résumé files as submitted Search for customers with specific skills in résumé Ranking/matching customers with open jobswww.MassHireLowellCC.com8

Challenges/Long Term GoalsChallenges Staff Acceptance Resistance to new technology Technical abilities Price Not all staff have access Not integrated in MOSESLong Term Goals Requiring all customers to submittheir résumés Posting all MHLCC jobs on theCareer Portal Using Bullhorn to match customerto jobs or jobs to customers. Using Bullhorn to recognize skilltrends Being competitive in thetechnology we use to place ourcustomerswww.MassHireLowellCC.com9

MassHire Lowell Career CenterTim O’ConnorManager, MassHire Lowell Career w.MassHireLowellCC.com10

Posting all MHLCC jobs on the Career Portal Using Bullhorn to match customer to jobs or jobs to customers. Using Bullhorn to recognize skill trends Being co