Dear Sanctuary Rental Applicant


Revised August, 2015The Sanctuary at Key Largo Condominium AssociationPO Box 2968, Key Largo, FL 33037(305) 451-4844Dear Sanctuary Rental Applicant:Congratulations on your choice of The Sanctuary as your next rental. We will do everythingwe can to make your application process as comfortable and expeditious as possible. Howeverwe will need your help to make that happen. Please note the following items that will be neededfrom you, prior to your interview and final approval of your application.1.Please make sure that the Application For Occupancy/Approval form is completely filledout. We cannot process applications lacking information. Failure to provide a completeapplication will delay the screening process and certificate of approval.2.Two letters of reference (see Application for Occupancy).3.Owners Application to Lease.4.Credit Report and Criminal Background Check. Use this link: Sentrylink.com5.Initialed copy of Rules and Regulations.6.The application must be accompanied by a check in the amount of 50.00 made payableto The Sanctuary, which is a non-refundable processing fee (per applicant). A securitydeposit check in the amount of one month’s rent must also be presented with theapplication. The deposit and processing checks delivered with the application areto be written from the unit owner’s checking account and not from the rentersaccount.7.Complete copy of the signed Lease Agreement.8.The Association has a period of fifteen (15) days from the receipt of all the aboverequired information by the Board of Directors in which to approve or disapprove thisapplication.9.After the Association receives all of above, we will contact the applicant(s) to schedule aninterview. The interview will take approximately fifteen minutes. Our office hours areMonday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.10. If you intend to use a watercraft at The Sanctuary and are requesting approval (requiredfor all watercraft):a. Copies of current Boat and Trailer registrations and insurance.b. The Owner must agree to assign his/her slot in the boatyard to his renter.c. Signed Acknowledgment, Waiver, Release and Discharge form.d. Signed acknowledgement of agreement to all related boat and boatyard rules/regulations.Page 1 of 7

Revised August, 2015e. All of the above agreements and forms must be signed by all parties who will ownor occupy the Unit.We hope that the above information will assist you with the screening process.Thank you.THE BOARD OF DIRECTORSI/We have received all of the forms together with a copy of the Rules and Regulations.I/We understand the above requirements. I also understand my application will not beconsidered until such time as I have provided the above TSNo. #Owners Application to Lease3Application For Occupancy/Approval4-5Credit & Criminal Background Report Information Sheet 6Front Gate Security Access Form7Rules and Regulations and Amendments1-14Page 2 of 7Revision Date:1/10/151/10/153/20156/20158/2015

Revised August, 2015The Sanctuary at Key Largo CondominiumOwners Application to Lease(Please complete Fully and Accurately)To: Board of DirectorsIn accordance with Article 13 of the individual Declaration of Condominium of SANCTUARY ATKEY LARGO CONDOMINIUM, I/We hereby serve notice that I/We desire to accept a bona fideoffer made to me/us by·, toLease Unit numberI am aware of the fact that the Association has a period of fifteen (15) days from the receipt ofthis notice together with such other information as the Board of Directors may request in whichto approve or disapprove this application.I/We agree to provide to the lessee a copy of the SANCTUARY AT KEY LARGO CONDOMINIUMAssociation Rules and Regulations prior to the first occupancy of the unit by the lessee.I/We will be bound by the Declaration of Condominium, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation andthe Rules and Regulations of the Condominium Association.THE ASSOCIATION AND ITS AGENT, IN THE EVENT IT CONSENTS TO A LEASE, ISHEARBY AUTHORIZED TO ACT AS OUR AGENT WITH FULL POWER AND AUTHORITY TOTAKE SUCH ACTION AS MAY BE REQUIRED, IF NECESSARY, TO COMPEL COMPLIANCE BY OURLESSEE(S) AND/OR THEIR GUESTS, WITH PROVISIONS OF THE DECLARATION OFCONDOMINIUM, ITS SUPPORTIVE EXHIBITS, THE CONDOMINIUM ACT, AND RULES ANDREGULATIONS OF THE ASSOCIATION OR IN THE INSTANCE OF VIOLATION OF ANY OF THEABOVE THE LESSEE(S) AND/OR THEIR GUESTS, UNDER APPROPRIATE CIRCUMSTANCES, TOTERMINATE THE LEASEHOLD. THE LESSOR AGREES TO REIMBURSE THE ASSOCIATION FOR ANYATTORNEY'S FEES AND COSTS INCURRED AS LESSOR'S AGENT IN SUCH ENFORCEMENT ORLEASE TERMINATION.In order for you to facilitate consideration of my/our Application for the lease of the abovedesignated unit, I/We have caused the proposed lessee to complete the attached Application. I/We am/are aware that any falsification or misrepresentation of the facts in the attachedapplication will result in the automatic rejection of this Application. I/We consent to furtherinquiry concerning this Application, particularly of the references given.I/We have attached hereto a copy of the Lease Contract (as applicable) or other document whichtruly and accurately sets forth the terms of the offer which I/We wish to accept.DATED: This day of , 20 .SIGNED:Unit Owner/LessorSIGNED:Unit Owner/LessorPage 3 of 7

Revised August, 2015Application For Occupancy/Approval For Lease(Please Complete Fully and Accurately)To: Board of DirectorsI/WE intend to Lease Unit No .In order to facilitate my/our Application For Occupancy for the above designated unit at the SANCTUARY AT KEYLARGO CONDOMINIUM, I/We represent that the following information os factual and true. I/We are aware that anyfalsification or misrepresentation of the facts in this Application will result in the automatic rejection of this Application.I/We consent that you may make further inquiry concerning this Application, particularly of the references given below.I/We will be bound by the Declarations of Condominium, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation and the Rules andRegulations of the Condominium Association.I/We will not sublet.I/We understand that pets are not permitted for rentals.FULL NAME OF OCCUPANTAGEOCCUPATION (even if retired) HOW LONGFULL NAME OF WIFE OR HUSBAND AGEOCCUPATION OF WIFE OR HUSBAND HOW LONGHOME ADDRESSCITY AND STATE ZIP PHONE ( )NAME AND ADDRESS OF LANDLORD (if applicable)CITY AND STATE ZIP PHONE ( )PRIOR HOME ADDRESS HOW LONGCITY AND STATE ZIP PHONE ( )NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF EACH EMPLOYER DURING THE THREE YEAR PERIOD PRIOR TO THE DATEOF THE APPLICATION, AND THE DATES OF EMPLOYMENT.(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)The Rules and Regulations of SANCTUARY AT KEY LARGO CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC. provide anobligation of Unit Owners that apartment units are for single family residence. Please state the name and relationship ofall other persons who will be occupying the apartment unit regularly.NAME:RELATIONSHIPAGETotal number of children in your family Ages / / / /Page 4 of 7

Application For Occupancy/Approval For Lease (Continued)Revised August, 2015Number of children who will be living with youTwo (2) Personal References (local if possible)Name AddressCity & State Zip Phone ()Name AddressCity & State Zip Phone ()Attach two (2) letters of personal reference, which may be from the same or different persons than listed above.BANK REFERENCES(1) Name Phone Act# Ck or Sav?(2) Name Phone Act# Ck or Sav?Make of car Year Plate No State Drivers License #Make of car Year Plate No State Drivers License #(Provide information on all vehicles)WATERCRAFT:Make Size DescriptionAre you requesting permission to store the above watercraft in the Boatyard? YesNoPERSON TO BE NOTIFIED IN CASE OF EMERGENCYName AddressCity & State Zip Phone ()I/We understand that any violation of the terms, provisions, conditions and covenants of SANCTUARY AT KEY LARGOCONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC. documents provides cause for available immediate action as therein provided ortermination of a leasehold under appropriate circumstances. I/We am/are aware that any falsification or misrepresentationof the facts in the attached Application will result in the automatic rejection of this application. I/We consent to furtherinquiry concerning this Application, particularly of the references given.MAILING ADDRESS FOR NOTICE FOR ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION OF APPLICATIONName AddressCity & State Zip Phone ()Dated this day of ovedCondominium Board MemberPage 5 of 7Date

Revised August, 2015CREDIT REPORT AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND REPORTDue to increased personal identity security, we now require you to apply for your own CreditReport(s) (both renters, if more than one individual).Send a recent credit report (within the past 30 days) to the Board member in charge of Sales/Rentals, preferably electronically so the information can be received quickly and keep theprocess moving: Rick BeemanYou can apply for credit report online, some of the web searches that will bring up creditreporting companies online are: tenant credit check, tenant credit report, or renter creditreport.Criminal Background Check(s) use: sentrylink.comPlease use your Social Security number(s) but the Board of Directors does not need to see thenumbers, just the last four digits.Send report to:Rick BeemanThank you,The Sanctuary Board of DirectorsPage 6 of 7

Revised August, 2015FRONT GATE SECURITY FORM OPTIONSNew Renters: Complete this form and forward to your Unit Owner to email to our Board Memberin Charge of Maintenance in Charge of Maintenance for entry into the Front Gate SystemUnit Owners can now enter the Sanctuary Front Gate by using one or all of the following options: ELECTRONIC GATE OPENER (this can be purchased at the Sanctuary Maintenance Officefor 15 per unit) PROGRAM YOUR CARS “HOME LINK” BUTTON. Our Maintenance team can assist you ifneeded, or YOUR OWN PERSONALLY SELECTED ENTRY CODE.Please fill in any Four Digit Number that you would wish to use. This number will be entered intothe Electronic Gate System for access starting no later then Two (2) Weeks after receipt at theSanctuary Office. Each owner is only allowed one (1) security code due to the limitations of thegate system.Gate Entry by calling a phone number: The gate security system also requires a phone numberfor your unit that will be dialed when a visitor at the gate requests entry from the key pad. Wehave the ability to put in any phone number you wish to use, i.e. local, long distance cell phone.This allows unit owners that only use a cell phone to have that phone called from the entry box.Once you get the call, entering the number 6 will open the gate.Name to appear on Gate Key Pad (Last & First Initial):Phone Number for Front Gate Keypad ( ) -Owners 4 Digit Code Number *Each Owner is responsible for this Four Digit Code Number. It should not to be given out toVendors for entry into the Sanctuary. Please use the “Temporary Vendor Access Code Request”below if you wish to have a vendor access the Sanctuary when you are not on the premises.Temporary Codes will be deleted once the vendor has completed their work for the owner. If yourequest a code use yours and change the first and last digit to whatever you wish. This will avoidduplicates with existing codes.Temporary Vendor Access Code:Vendor NameDate(s) to be on Site unattended by OwnerCode number requestedUnit Owner SignatureUnit #DatePage 7 of 7

Revised August, 2015The Sanctuary at Key Largo Condominium AssociationRULES AND REGULATIONSAND AMENDMENTS(Updated August, 2015)The Rules and Regulations hereinafter enumerated as to the Condominiums, TheCommon Area, the Units and the Development in general shall apply to and be bindingupon all Unit Owners. The Unit Owners shall at all times obey said Rules andRegulations and shall use their best efforts to see that they are faithfully observed bytheir families, guests, invitees, servants, lessees, persons for whom they are responsibleand persons over whom they exercise control and supervision. Violations of these Rulesand Regulations may subject their violator to any and all remedies available to theAssociation and Unit Owners pursuant to the terms of the Declarations and the Articlesof Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association. Violations may be remedied by theAssociation by injunction or other equitable means and the Association shall be entitledto recover in said actions any and all court costs incurred by it, together with reasonableattorney’s fees at all levels of proceedings against any person violating the Rules andRegulations of the Declaration and any of the Exhibits attached thereto. Any waivers,consents of approvals given under these Rules and Regulations by the Board shall berevocable at any time and shall not be considered as a waiver, consent or approval ofidentical or similar situations unless notified in writing by the Board. THE RULES ANDREGULATIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS:1. VIOLATIONS OF RULES AND REGULATIONSA. Violations shoul

4. Credit Report and Criminal Background Check. Use this link: 5. Initialed copy of Rules and Regulations. 6. The application must be accompanied