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.TO THE APPLICANT:Thank you for your interest in the Rice MBA Program at the Jesse H. JonesGraduate School of Management. This packet contains valuable information and materials for you to complete your application for admission.Before you begin to complete this application, it is important to understandour MBA admission process. The MBA Admissions Committee is composed of admission staff members, faculty, current students, and alumni.Several members of the committee will review your candidacy through acareful and conscientious selection process. All of your credentials will beevaluated as a complete package—your essays, academic records, confidential evaluations, work experience, and personal interview each constitute essential pieces of your candidacy. We expect your application to be anhonest, open, and well-written assessment of your qualifications.The Rice MBA Program seeks to create an intimate, rich learning environment in which all students will work with individuals who have a varietyof work, academic, and life experiences. We strongly encourage eachapplicant to interview with us, be it in person on campus, in your hometown with one of our local alumni, or over the phone with one of ouradmission representatives. Not only will the interview allow you to bringyour application to life, but also it could potentially help you to betterposition yourself within the entire pool of candidates. We invite you tovisit our beautiful campus, nestled within 300 acres, to learn more aboutwhat constitutes “The Rice Difference.”If you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance to you, pleasedo not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office at 713-527-4918 or888-844-4773. Thank you again for your interest in the Rice MBAProgram. We look forward to your application.THE MBA ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE AT THE JONES SCHOOLOFFICE OF MBA ADMISSIONSMAILING ADDRESS:Jones Graduate School of Management – MS 531 Rice University P.O. Box 1892 Houston, TX 77251-1892PHYSICAL ADDRESS:6100 Main Street Herring Hall Suite 245 Houston, TX 77005-1892 888-844-4773 (Toll Free)713-527-4918 (Phone) 713-737-6147 (Fax)E-MAIL: INTERNET:

.AD M I S S I O N SDE C I S I O NSC H E D U L EDECISIONROUND*APPLICATIONDEADLINE**GMAT & TOEFLTAKEN BY †DECISIONMAILED BY††DEPOSIT1Dec. 1, 1999Nov. 2, 1999Jan. 28, 2000Feb. 28, 20002Feb. 1, 2000Jan. 3, 2000Mar. 17, 2000Apr. 17, 20003Apr. 7, 2000Mar. 6, 2000May 19, 2000June 1, 2000DUE BYNOTES:* Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply in the earlier decision rounds, as the admissionprocess is on a rolling basis. We estimate that 85% of our class will be full by the end of the2nd decision round.†We recommend that you take the test(s) by these dates to ensure that your application willbe completed on time.††Joint degree applicants may have their decision letters mailed later than these dates listed.** Applications are accepted for entrance into the MBA program for the Fall 2000 semesteronly. The Jones School does not have any other entry dates.P RETERM.Entering students are required to participate in a two-week preterm orientation program, which is conducted prior to the beginning of classes.For the 2000–2001 academic year, the preterm program will be heldfrom August 14 through August 25. Classes will start on August 28.INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS.Please read the following information before completing the application.1. Application process: The Jones School uses a self-administered application. This process places the accumulation of materials, and their subsequent delivery to us, upon the applicant. The only exceptions are theresults of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and theTest of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), if applicable, whichshould be sent directly to the Jones School. Please refer to the completed application checklist in this packet to confirm that you have enclosed each component of the application. All components of our application process are equally important. We do not weigh any one factormore heavily than another.2. Application form: Fill out the application form completely; pleasetype or print clearly. You may submit portions of page 10 on separatetyped pages.3. Testing: The GMAT is required for admission and must be taken withinthe past five years to be valid. Please ask the Educational Testing Service(ETS) to forward your GMAT scores to the Jones School, code 6609. Weaccept only official scores from ETS; do not send photocopies. Pleaseallow 4 weeks for the GMAT score to reach our office. If you are seekingfinancial aid, you should take the GMAT by January to ensure consideration for financial assistance.Joint degree applicants for the MBA/Master of Engineering programtake the GRE, and joint degree applicants for the MBA/MD take the MCAT.International applicants whose native language is not Englishmust take the TOEFL, unless they have earned a degree from a collegeor university in the United States. Scores must be less than two years oldto be valid. Please allow 4 weeks for your test results to reach us. Weaccept only official scores from ETS; do not send photocopies. Additional information about the TOEFL may be obtained via e-mail Confidential Evaluations: Enclosed in this application are three confidential evaluation forms. They should be completed by individuals whohave supervised your work or taught you in class. If it has been a whilesince you last attended college, please request evaluations from youremployers. If you are unable to obtain an evaluation from your currentsupervisor, identify another work-related source such as a manager fromanother department, a former boss who has left the company, a client, ora colleague from a professional organization in which you are involved.Complete the top of each form with your name and signature. Submitone confidential evaluation form and one self-addressed envelope (complete with postage) marked “confidential evaluation” to each evaluator.When you receive the sealed and signed envelopes containing the forms,return them unopened to the Jones School, along with your application.It is your responsibility to provide your recommenders ample time toreturn these evaluations to you so that you can meet the Jones Schoolapplication deadline to which you are applying.5. Transcripts: Enclosed is a transcript form. Official transcripts are required from each college or university that you have attended, eventhough the credit may appear on another university’s transcript. If youhave attended more than one institution, please photocopy the transcriptrequest form. Complete the top of the form with your name, address,Social Security number (if applicable), and signature. Submit a transcriptrequest form to the registrar of each institution you have attended.The registrar must enclose the request form and transcript in his or herown envelope, sealed and signed across the back, and return it to you forenclosure with the rest of your application. If your college or universityrequires that your transcripts be sent directly to us, we will accept them inthat manner. Do not send high school transcripts.6. Postcard: Your application package contains a postcard that you should(1) address to yourself and (2) include in your application package. Whenwe receive your package (see checklist on page 2), we will notify youwith this postcard.7. Essays: You may type your responses to the essay questions on separatepaper. Please type your name and Social Security number (if applicable) on each page you submit. These essays are important becausethey give the Admissions Committee a sense of your interpersonal andleadership qualities, so please give them serious consideration.8. Application Fee: The application fee for 1999–2000 is 75.00. Thisfee, denominated in U.S. dollars, must accompany your application. Ifthe check is written for you by someone else, be sure your name is printedsomewhere on the front of the check. A check or money order should bemade payable to Rice University. International applicants must submitthe fee by international money order or by a check drawn on a Do not send cash or traveler’s checks. This fee is nonrefundableand is used to cover our application-related costs, such as processing,postage, handling, printing, etc.9. Reminder: The completed application package is your responsibility.No action will be taken by the Admissions Committee until your file iscomplete. Please follow the instructions above carefully so that we canprocess your file in an efficient and timely manner.10. Reminder: All materials submitted become the property of the Jesse H.Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University and cannotbe reproduced, returned, or forwarded.ELECTRONIC APPLICATION.You may complete the application to the Jones School electronically by accessing it on the World Wide Web at or at . You may also use MBA MultiApp software to complete the application on a personal computer. This software allows applicants to complete multiple applications at the same time byasking for common information only once. Visit Multi-App’s website at to download a free trial copy of the software.1

.INTERVIEWS.SUMMARY INFORMATION FOR INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS.Overview: All applicants are strongly encouraged to complete an interviewin one of the following ways: on-campus with an admissions representative, off-campus with a designated representative of the Jones School, or viaa scheduled telephone interview with one of our admissions representatives.This interview policy reinforces our commitment to enroll students with thehighest potential for management and leadership success.Procedure: The interview may take place only after your completedapplication has been submitted. Please call the Jones School AdmissionsOffice within a week after returning your completed application package toschedule an interview with an admissions representative. Applicants willalso have the valuable opportunity while on campus to visit MBA classes andattend a student-hosted information session. If you cannot visit our campusdue to geographic constraints, please call the Admissions Office shortly afterreturning your completed application package, and a member of our staff willschedule an off-site interview with one of our designated alumni or will setup a telephone interview. You may contact us toll-free at 888-844-4773, at713-527-4918, or via e-mail at The application fee of 75.00 must be denominated in U.S. dollars. Do notsend cash. Only official transcripts from your academic institutions are acceptable,signed and sealed from your registrar. Translated copies must also be signedand sealed from the translator. Only official copies of the GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and TOEFL scores willbe accepted directly from the Education Testing Service. All applicantswhose native language is not English, except those who graduated from aU.S. college or university, must submit TOEFL scores. Please refer to theAdmissions Decision Schedule on page 1 of this packet for important testand mailing dates. International students attending the Jones School on F-1 visas are welcome touse the Career Planning Center. However, you will need to obtain a workauthorization from the U.S. Immigration Service if you hold an F-1 visa. Unfortunately, applicants who are not citizens of the U.S. are noteligible for any type of U.S. government guaranteed student loans,nor are they eligible for Rice University financial aid.REAPPLICATION PROCESSNONDISCRIMINATION POLICY.If you have applied to the Jones School for entry before fall 1999, we ask thatyou fill out the 1999–2000 application again in its entirety, regardless of theprevious decision, as there are many components that have recently changed. Ifyou have applied within the past two years, we will still have your transcript,GMAT scores, and recommendations on file, so you will not need to re-sendthose items. Please use the optional essay #4 to tell us why your applicationshould be reconsidered.It is the policy of Rice University to attract to its faculty, staff, and student bodyqualified persons of diverse backgrounds. Rice does not discriminate inadmissions, educational programs, or employment against any individual onthe basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnicorigin, age, disability, or veteran status. University employment policy seeksto recruit, hire, and advance women, minority group members, individualswith disabilities, Vietnam-era veterans, and special disabled veterans.The following person has been designated to handle inquiriesregarding the nondiscrimination policy: Director of Affirmative Actionand Equal Employment Opportunity Programs, Rice University, MS 130,P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX, 77251-1892.DEFERRED ADMISSION (FOR COLLEGE SENIORS ONLY).The Jones School offers a special Deferred Admission Program for selectedcollege seniors who are interested in a guaranteed place in our entering classof 2002 after completing two years of work experience. Only current college seniors may apply to this program. If you would like to be consideredfor Deferred Admission, please complete the regular Jones School application and use the optional essay #4 to tell us your plans to gain work experience in the two years prior to your enrollment in our MBA program.Your decision letter will be sent to you in the regular mailing periodslisted in our information packet. If you are admitted to this program, we willreserve a place for you in the entering class of 2002, with the stipulation thatyou first obtain two years of work experience in a business-related field ofyour choice. Once you have identified a job, please telephone the Admissions Office to ensure that the job meets with our approval. We do not havestrict approval guidelines for your job, but rather seek to ensure that you willbe gaining valuable leadership, management, and communication skills thatare critical to success in our MBA program.Prior to enrollment in 2002, you will be required to submit a shortform to update us on your work experiences and to submit one written recommendation from your supervisor. You will also be asked to provide anonrefundable deposit of 1,000 by June 1, 2000, to hold your place in theentering class of 2002.FINANCIAL AID APPLICATIONS.The Jones School has available a limited number of scholarships, and loans areadministered from the Rice University Financial Aid Office. Some scholarshipfunds are awarded on the basis of academic merit, and others are awarded on thebasis of financial need. Scholarships are remissions of tuition only and do notinclude expenses for fees, room and board, or personal items. If you are admittedto the MBA program, a financial aid packet will be enclosed with your decisionletter. This packet will include the Rice University Financial Aid Application,the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and a Financial AidTranscript. Although June 1 is the deadline for submitting an application forfinancial aid, we urge to you apply for admission in the earliest decision roundpossible to receive this packet and be considered for these funds.Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for RiceUniversity financial aid or scholarships.2.COMPLETED APPLICATION CHECKLIST.All items below must be submitted in the enclosed envelope, except for theofficial GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and TOEFL scores, which are to be sent to usby ETS. Please do not send supplemental materials of any kind, such asvideos, books, etc. Signed application (p. 10)Completed application form (pp. 7–10)RésuméAttached pages have your name and Social Security number (if applicable)on each pageThree confidential evaluation forms, in envelopes signed and sealed byeach evaluatorOfficial transcripts from each college or university that you have attended,in envelopes signed and sealed by the registrarA check or money order in U.S. dollars for 75.00, payable to Rice Universitystapled to the application fee form (p. 17)Return self-addressed acknowledgment postcardFeedback postcardRemember to request that ETS send your GMAT, GRE, or MCAT (andTOEFL scores for international applicants) to the Jones Graduate Schoolof Management, code 6609Remember to call our Admissions Office after mailing your applicationto schedule your interview.For more information about the Jones School, visit our website at . 1999 by the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management of Rice University.

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OFFICE OF MBA ADMISSIONS MAILING ADDRESS: Jones Graduate School of Management – MS 531 Rice University P.O. Box 1892 Houston, TX 77251-1892 PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 6100 Main Street Herring Hall Suite 245 Houston, TX 77005-1892 888-844-4773 (Toll Free)