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's 100 YEARS OF FILM SCORESHonoring America’s Greatest Film MusicHollywood Bowl September 23, 2005OFFICIAL BALLOTAFI is a trademark of the American Film Institute. Copyright 2005 American Film Institute. All Rights Reserved.

1A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEWarner Bros., 2001Composer: John Williams15THE ANDROMEDA STRAINUniversal, 1971Composer: Gil Melle28THE BIG COUNTRYUnited Artists, 1958Composer: Jerome Moross2ADVENTURES OF DON JUANWarner Bros., 1948Composer: Max Steiner16ANTHONY ADVERSEWarner Bros., 1936Composer: Erich WolfgangKorngold29THE BLACK STALLIONUnited Artists, 1979Composer: Carmine Coppola3THE ADVENTURES OFROBIN HOODWarner Bros., 1938Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold30BLADE RUNNERWarner Bros., 1982Composer: Vangelis4AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBERTwentieth Century Fox, 1957Composer: Hugo Friedhofer5THE AGE OF INNOCENCEColumbia, 1993Composer: Elmer Bernstein67891011121314AIRPORTUniversal, 1970Composer: Alfred NewmanTHE ALAMOUnited Artists, 1960Composer: Dimitri TiomkinALIENTwentieth Century Fox, 1979Composer: Jerry GoldsmithALL ABOUT EVETwentieth Century Fox, 1950Composer: Alfred NewmanALL THAT MONEY CAN BUYRKO, 1941Composer: Bernard HerrmannALTERED STATESWarner Bros., 1980Composer: John Corigliano17APOLLO 13Universal, 1995Composer: James Horner3118AROUND THE WORLD IN80 DAYSUnited Artists, 1956Composer: Victor YoungBODY HEATWarner Bros., 1981Composer: John Barry32AS GOOD AS IT GETSTriStar, 1997Composer: Hans ZimmerBORN FREEColumbia, 1966Composer: John Barry33AUNTIE MAMEWarner Bros., 1958Composer: Bronislau KaperBRAVEHEARTParamount, 1995Composer: James Horner34AVALONTriStar, 1990Composer: Randy NewmanBREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’SParamount, 1961Composer: Henry Mancini35THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFULMGM, 1952Composer: David RaksinTHE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEINUniversal, 1935Composer: Franz Waxman36THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAIColumbia, 1957Composer: Malcolm Arnold37BULLITTWarner Bros., 1968Composer: Lalo Schifrin38BUTCH CASSIDY AND THESUNDANCE KIDTwentieth Century Fox, 1969Composer: Burt Bacharach39CAPTAIN BLOODWarner Bros., 1935Composer: Erich WolfgangKorngold40CAPTAIN FROM CASTILETwentieth Century Fox, 1947Composer: Alfred Newman19202122232425BAMBIRKO, 1942Composers: Frank Churchill,Edward PlumbBATMANWarner Bros., 1989Composer: Danny ElfmanBECKETParamount, 1964Composer: Laurence RosenthalAMERICAN BEAUTYDreamWorks, 1999Composer: Thomas Newman26THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTColumbia, 1995Composer: Marc ShaimanBEN-HURMGM, 1959Composer: Miklos Rozsa27THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVESRKO, 1946Composer: Hugo FriedhoferANATOMY OF A MURDERColumbia, 1959Composer: Duke Ellington

41THE CARDINALColumbia, 1963Composer: Jerome Moross42CASABLANCAWarner Bros., 1942Composer: Max Steiner43444546474849505152535455CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THETHIRD KINDColumbia, 1977Composer: John Williams56CONAN THE BARBARIANUniversal, 1982Composer: Basil PoledourisCASINO ROYALEColumbia, 1967Composer: Burt Bacharach57COOL HAND LUKEWarner Bros., 1967Composer: Lalo SchifrinCAT PEOPLERKO, 1942Composer: Roy Webb58THE COWBOYSWarner Bros., 1972Composer: John WilliamsCHARADEUniversal, 1963Composer: Henry Mancini59DANCES WITH WOLVESOrion, 1990Composer: John BarryCHARIOTS OF FIREWarner Bros., 1981Composer: Vangelis60DARK VICTORYWarner Bros., 1939Composer: Max SteinerCHINATOWNParamount, 1974Composer: Jerry Goldsmith61THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILLTwentieth Century Fox, 1951Composer: Bernard HerrmannCHOCOLATMiramax, 2000Composer: Rachel Portman62DECEPTIONWarner Bros., 1946Composer: Erich Wolfgang KorngoldEL CIDAllied Artists, 1961Composer: Miklos Rozsa63DIAL M FOR MURDERWarner Bros., 1954Composer: Dimitri TiomkinTHE CIDER HOUSE RULESMiramax, 1999Composer: Rachel Portman64DIRTY HARRYWarner Bros., 1971Composer: Lalo SchifrinCITIZEN KANERKO, 1941Composer: Bernard Herrmann65DOCTOR ZHIVAGOMGM, 1965Composer: Maurice JarreCITY LIGHTSUnited Artists, 1931Composer: Charles Chaplin66DOUBLE INDEMNITYParamount, 1944Composer: Miklos RozsaCITY SLICKERSColumbia, 1991Composer: Marc Shaiman67A DOUBLE LIFEUniversal-International, 1947Composer: Miklos RozsaCLEOPATRATwentieth Century Fox, 1963Composer: Alex North68DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDEMGM, 1941Composer: Franz Waxman69DUEL IN THE SUNSelznick Releasing, 1946Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin70E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIALUniversal, 1982Composer: John Williams71EAST OF EDENWarner Bros., 1955Composer: Leonard Rosenman72EDWARD SCISSORHANDSTwentieth Century Fox, 1990Composer: Danny Elfman73ELMER GANTRYUnited Artists, 1960Composer: Andre Previn74THE ENGLISH PATIENTMiramax, 1996Composer: Gabriel Yared75EQUUSUnited Artists, 1977Composer: Richard Rodney Bennett76EXODUSUnited Artists, 1960Composer: Ernest Gold77FANTASTIC VOYAGETwentieth Century Fox, 1966Composer: Leonard Rosenman78FAR FROM HEAVENFocus, 2002Composer: Elmer Bernstein79FARGOGramercy, 1996Composer: Carter Burwell80FIELD OF DREAMSUniversal, 1989Composer: James Horner81FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLSParamount, 1943Composer: Victor Young82FORBIDDEN PLANETMGM, 1956Composers: Bebe Barron, Louis Barron

83FOREVER AMBERTwentieth Century Fox, 1947Composer: David Raksin97THE GREAT ESCAPEUnited Artists, 1963Composer: Elmer Bernstein111 THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAMERKO, 1939Composer: Alfred Newman84FORREST GUMPParamount, 1994Composer: Alan Silvestri98THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLDUnited Artists, 1965Composer: Alfred Newman112 IN COLD BLOODColumbia, 1967Composer: Quincy Jones85FRIDAMiramax, 2002Composer: Elliot Goldenthal99GREEN DOLPHIN STREETMGM, 1947Composer: Bronislau Kaper113 IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHTUnited Artists, 1967Composer: Quincy Jones86FRIENDLY PERSUASIONAllied Artists, 1956Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin100 THE GUNS OF NAVARONEColumbia, 1961Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin114 THE INFORMERRKO, 1935Composer: Max Steiner87THE FUGITIVEWarner Bros., 1993Composer: James Newton Howard101 HARRY POTTER AND THESORCERER’S STONEWarner Bros., 2001Composer: John Williams115 THE INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESSTwentieth Century Fox, 1958Composer: Malcolm Arnold88GANDHIColumbia, 1982Composers: George Fenton,Ravi Shankar102 HATARI!Paramount, 1962Composer: Henry Mancini116 IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD,MAD WORLDUnited Artists, 1963Composer: Ernest Gold89THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIRTwentieth Century Fox, 1947Composer: Bernard Herrmann103 HAWAIIUnited Artists, 1966Composer: Elmer Bernstein117 IVANHOEMGM, 1952Composer: Miklos Rozsa90THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEINUniversal, 1942Composer: Hans J. Salter104 THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTERWarner Bros., Seven Arts, 1968Composer: Dave Grusin118 JANE EYRETwentieth Century Fox, 1944Composer: Bernard Herrmann91GLADIATORDreamWorks, 2000Composer: Hans Zimmer105 THE HEIRESSParamount, 1949Composer: Aaron Copland119 JAWSUniversal, 1975Composer: John Williams92GLORYTriStar, 1989Composer: James Horner106 HIGH NOONUnited Artists, 1952Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin120 JEZEBELWarner Bros., 1938Composer: Max Steiner93THE GODFATHERParamount, 1972Composer: Nino Rota107 HOFFATwentieth Century Fox, 1992Composer: David Newman121 JOHNNY BELINDAWarner Bros., 1948Composer: Max Steiner94GOLDFINGERUnited Artists, 1964Composer: John Barry108 THE HOURSParamount, 2002Composer: Philip Glass122 KING KONGRKO, 1933Composer: Max Steiner95GONE WITH THE WINDMGM, 1939Composer: Max Steiner109 HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEYTwentieth Century Fox, 1941Composer: Alfred Newman123 KING OF KINGSMGM, 1961Composer: Miklos Rozsa96THE GOOD EARTHMGM, 1937Composer: Herbert Stothart110 HOW THE WEST WAS WONMGM, Cinerama Releasing, 1962Composer: Alfred Newman124 KINGS ROWWarner Bros., 1942Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold

125 L.A. CONFIDENTIALMiramax, 1997Composer: Jerry Goldsmith139 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARMUnited Artists, 1955Composer: Elmer Bernstein153 NOTORIOUSRKO, 1946Composer: Roy Webb126 LAURATwentieth Century Fox, 1944Composer: David Raksin140 MIDNIGHT EXPRESSColumbia, 1978Composer: Giorgio Moroder154 NOW, VOYAGERWarner Bros., 1942Composer: Max Steiner127 LAWRENCE OF ARABIAColumbia, 1962Composer: Maurice Jarre141 MIRACLE ON 34TH STREETTwentieth Century Fox, 1947Composer: Cyril Mockridge155 THE NUN’S STORYWarner Bros., 1959Composer: Franz Waxman128 THE LION IN WINTEREmbassy, 1968Composer: John Barry142 THE MIRACLE WORKERUnited Artists, 1962Composer: Laurence Rosenthal156 OF MICE AND MENUnited Artists, 1939Composer: Aaron Copland129 LORD JIMColumbia, 1965Composer: Bronislau Kaper143 THE MISFITSUnited Artists, 1961Composer: Alex North157 THE OMENTwentieth Century Fox, 1976Composer: Jerry Goldsmith130 THE LORD OF THE RINGS:THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGNew Line Cinema, 2001Composer: Howard Shore144 THE MISSIONWarner Bros., 1986Composer: Ennio Morricone158 ON GOLDEN PONDUniversal, 1981Composer: Dave Grusin145 MODERN TIMESUnited Artists, 1936Composer: Charles Chaplin159 ON THE WATERFRONTColumbia, 1954Composer: Leonard Bernstein146 MOULIN ROUGEUnited Artists, 1952Composer: Georges Auric160 ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICAWarner Bros., 1984Composer: Ennio Morricone147 MRS. MINIVERMGM, 1942Composer: Herbert Stothart161 ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WESTParamount, 1968Composer: Ennio Morricone148 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGSamuel Goldwyn Company, 1993Composer: Patrick Doyle162 OUT OF AFRICAUniversal, 1985Composer: John Barry149 MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESSParamount, 1974Composer: Richard Rodney Bennett163 PAPILLONAllied Artists, 1973Composer: Jerry Goldsmith150 MUTINY ON THE BOUNTYMGM, 1962Composer: Bronislau Kaper164 A PASSAGE TO INDIAColumbia, 1984Composer: Maurice Jarre151 THE NATURALTriStar, 1984Composer: Randy Newman165 A PATCH OF BLUEMGM, 1965Composer: Jerry Goldsmith152 NORTH BY NORTHWESTMGM, 1959Composer: Bernard Herrmann166 PATTONTwentieth Century Fox, 1970Composer: Jerry Goldsmith131 LOST HORIZONColumbia, 1937Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin132 THE LOST WEEKENDParamount, 1945Composer: Miklos Rozsa133 LOUISIANA STORYLopert Films, Inc., 1948Composer: Virgil Thomson134 LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDOREDTHINGTwentieth Century Fox, 1955Composer: Alfred Newman135 LOVE STORYParamount, 1970Composer: Francis Lai136 MADAME BOVARYMGM, 1949Composer: Miklos Rozsa137 THE MAGNIFICENT SEVENUnited Artists, 1960Composer: Elmer Bernstein138 A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSColumbia, 1966Composer: Georges Delerue

167 PEYTON PLACETwentieth Century Fox, 1957Composer: Franz Waxman181 THE RED PONYRepublic, 1949Composer: Aaron Copland195 SENSE AND SENSIBILITYColumbia, 1995Composer: Patrick Doyle168 THE PHILADELPHIA STORYMGM, 1940Composer: Franz Waxman182 THE RIGHT STUFFWarner Bros., 1983Composer: Bill Conti196 SHAFTMGM, 1971Composer: Isaac Hayes169 PICNICColumbia, 1955Composer: George Duning183 A RIVER RUNS THROUGH ITColumbia, 1992Composer: Mark Isham197 SHAKESPEARE IN LOVEMiramax, 1998Composer: Stephen Warbeck170 THE PINK PANTHERUnited Artists, 1964Composer: Henry Mancini184 THE ROBETwentieth Century Fox, 1953Composer: Alfred Newman198 SHANEParamount, 1953Composer: Victor Young171 A PLACE IN THE SUNParamount, 1951Composer: Franz Waxman185 ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVESWarner Bros., 1991Composer: Michael Kamen199 THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTIONColumbia, 1994Composer: Thomas Newman172 PLANET OF THE APESTwentieth Century Fox, 1968Composer: Jerry Goldsmith186 ROCKYUnited Artists, 1976Composer: Bill Conti200 SHIP OF FOOLSColumbia, 1965Composer: Ernest Gold173 THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETHAND ESSEXWarner Bros., 1939Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold187 RYAN’S DAUGHTERMGM, 1970Composer: Maurice Jarre201 THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBSOrion, 1991Composer: Howard Shore188 SABRINAParamount, 1954Composer: Frederick Hollander202 SILVERADOColumbia, 1985Composer: Bruce Broughton189 SAMSON AND DELILAHParamount, 1949Composer: Victor Young203 SLEUTHTwentieth Century Fox, 1972Composer: John Addison190 THE SAND PEBBLESTwentieth Century Fox, 1966Composer: Jerry Goldsmith204 SOMEWHERE IN TIMEUniversal, 1980Composer: John Barry191 THE SANDPIPERMGM, 1965Composer: Johnny Mandel205 THE SONG OF BERNADETTETwentieth Century Fox, 1943Composer: Alfred Newman192 SAYONARAWarner Bros., 1957Composer: Franz Waxman206 SOPHIE’S CHOICEUniversal, 1982Composer: Marvin Hamlisch193 SCHINDLER’S LISTUniversal, 1993Composer: John Williams207 SPARTACUSUniversal, 1960Composer: Alex North194 THE SEA HAWKWarner Bros., 1940Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold208 SPELLBOUNDUnited Artists, 1945Composer: Miklos Rozsa174 PSYCHOParamount, 1960Composer: Bernard Herrmann175 QUO VADIS?MGM, 1951Composer: Miklos Rozsa176 RAGTIMEParamount, 1981Composer: Randy Newman177 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARKParamount, 1981Composer: John Williams178 RAINTREE COUNTYMGM, 1957Composer: Johnny Green179 REBECCAUnited Artists, 1940Composer: Franz Waxman180 REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSEWarner Bros., 1955Composer: Leonard Rosenman

209 THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUISWarner Bros., 1957Composer: Franz Waxman223 THE TEN COMMANDMENTSParamount, 1956Composer: Elmer Bernstein237 VIVA ZAPATA!Twentieth Century Fox, 1952Composer: Alex North210 STAR TREK - THE MOTION PICTUREParamount, 1979Composer: Jerry Goldsmith224 THE THIEF OF BAGDADUnited Artists, 1940Composer: Miklos Rozsa238 WAIT UNTIL DARKWarner Bros., 1967Composer: Henry Mancini211 STAR WARSTwentieth Century Fox, 1977Composer: John Williams225 THINGS TO COMEUnited Artists, 1936Composer: Arthur Bliss239 WALK ON THE WILD SIDEColumbia, 1962Composer: Elmer Bernstein212 STRAW DOGSCinerama, 1971Composer: Jerry Fielding226 THE THIRD MANSelznick Releasing, 1949Composer: Anton Karas240 WAR AND PEACEParamount, 1956Composer: Nino Rota213 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIREWarner Bros., 1951Composer: Alex North227 THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIRUnited Artists, 1968Composer: Michel Legrand241 THE WAY WE WEREColumbia, 1973Composer: Marvin Hamlisch214 SUMMER AND SMOKEParamount, 1961Composer: Elmer Bernstein228 TITANICParamount, Twentieth Century Fox,1997Composer: James Horner242 WHO’S AFRAID OFVIRGINIA WOOLF?Warner Bros., 1966Composer: Alex North229 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRDUniversal, 1962Composer: Elmer Bernstein243 THE WILD BUNCHWarner Bros., 1969Composer: Jerry Fielding230 TOMORROW NEVER DIESMGM, 1997Composer: David Arnold244 THE WIND AND THE LIONMGM/UA, 1975Composer: Jerry Goldsmith231 TOUCH OF EVILUniversal, 1958Composer: Henry Mancini245 THE WITCHES OF EASTWICKWarner B

41 THE CARDINAL Columbia, 1963 Composer: Jerome Moross 42 CASABLANCA Warner Bros., 1942 Composer: Max Steiner 43 CASINO ROYALE Columbia, 1967 Composer: Burt Bacharach