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ProgressivePHONICSdogT.M.foxBeginnerBook14potShort Vowel “O”Written and illustrated byMiz Katz N. RatzT.M.

Letters & words used in this bookAlphabet lettersintroduced inthis book:ojAlphabet lettersintroduced inearlier books:actsmndhrebglvwyIkfxpzLetters not yetintroduced:onlotnotgothotpotinpinIifuqpop atsatamcanjob boxfoxoxbigdighim2

TABLE OF CONTENTSQuick Start Guide .4Intro to “-o-” sound .5“on” word family .6on“ot” word family .15lot, not, got, hot, pot“op” word family .46pop, top, mop, hop (plus Tom)“og” word family .56dog“ob” word family .63job“ox” word family .68box, fox, ox3

Quick Start GuideRead the book WITH your child.You read the “regular” text, andhe/she reads the big, red words,sort of like reading the differentparts in a play.Help your child soundout the words asneeded.Read the book several times.This helps develop the eye musclesand left-to-right reading patterns.Don’t rush it. Bodybuilders don’t train ina day – neither does a child.And most important ofall, HAVE FUN!4

(Read this page TOyour child.)Today we are going topractice the “-o-” sound.Note: pronounce this withthe short sound as in,“hop,” not “hope.”Can you say, “-o-”?The “-o-” sound is in lotsof words, like --otter onoxotter offoxOfficerOstrich5

”on” familyFirst, let’s practicethe “on” wordfamily. Sayafter me:on(Other “on” words not taught here:gone, don, yon, John, Ron, etc.)6


Peas And CheeseA mouse isonthe table, eating allthe cheese.bb8

bis on the floor, beating all the peas. bHis brother mouse9

The mouseonthe table said, “Giveme some peas!”bb10

The mouseonthe floor said, “Pleasesay please!”bb11

Turn On The LightI was in bedwith my blanket on mewhen something bigjumped on my knee.12

SoI turned onthe light, and whatbdid I see?13

cat on acow on a camelon my knee.A14

”ot” familygothotlotnotpot(Other “ot” words not taught here:cot, dot, jot, rot, blot, clot, knot, plot, shot spot, etc.)15

I Like Books A LotI like books. Ilike them a lot.16

I have a lotof books – and bI mean, a lot!So17

lotmuch too much? bBut when is a18

bfit a lot in alot of trucks.When you can’t19

We Did Not Say Nobgo? No, no, no! bDo we want to20

not,would not,could not.We will21

There’s icecream?bb22

not,could not,did notsay, “No!” bWe would23

Who Got The Ball?I gota ball. b.andI threwit up high.24

I got it!”“said my brother.b25

I got it!”said my friend. b“26


I got it,”said the dog. b“Throw it again.”“28

CheeseI like cheese?No, I do not.Dobguess what I got?But for lunch today,29

I got a cheesesandwich, and Igot cheesy chips. b30

I got a chunkbcream cheese dip. bof cheese and some31

If a mouse gotthe cheese, I thinkhe would be happy b32

I am akid, and Iwant candy! bBut33

When I Was A BabyI was a baby,I did not walk,I did not jump,and I did not talk.When34

I got big,and I got strong,Then35

butI still like tosleep all day long.b36

Hot Pot Of SoupAhot potof soup would bevery, very nice.bb37

Ahot pot ofsoup for two hungrymice.bb38

So they put a peabin a pot,39

bpot gothot,and when the40

they found that onebdid notmake a lot.pea41

Riddlebbut I do notsee you. bYou see me,42

I am notalive, but I canmove. b43

If you tell me toleave, I will notgo. What am I?44

Your shadow!45

”op” familyhopmoppoptop(Other “op” words not taught here:cop, chop, drop, stop, etc.)46

BalloonsHow does abbwith balloons? bporcupine play47

Pop, pop,pop! b48

On Top Of The WorldI wanted to beon the topof the world, b49

I climbedto the topof a tree. bSo50

I said, “I amon top ofthe world!” b51

bsat ontop of me. bThen a bird52

Mop Hopmop hasonly one leg, a mophas to hop all the wayto the top.Because a53

Tom The Top Catby Daniel WhiteTom the Top Catwore a top haton topof his top cat head.54

top hatwent “pop hat”on top of histop cat head.Then one day his55

”og” familydog(Other “og” words not taught here:cog, fog, jog, frog, smog, etc.)56

My Dogdog willeat anything. bMy57

So mydogate everything.b58

Hot DogI got myselfa hot dog.I got himyesterday. b59

I thought that a hotdog would run andjump and play. b60

ZZZ ZZZZZhot dogdoes not do a lot;he only wants to sleep ba lot.But my61

And because he smellsbI want areal dog. please? blike cheese,62

”ob” familyjob(Other “ob” words not taught here:Bob, cob, lob, job, sob, knob, blob, snob, etc.)63

My JobIn our family,we all have a job.And my job isto walk the dog.64

jobof the dogto walk me? bOr is the65

Pop Popcornjob is topop popcorn,but how do I begin?My66

The popcorn willnot popwhen I poke itwith a pin.b67

”ox” familyboxfoxox(Other “ox” words not taught here:lox, pox, xerox, detox, unbox, etc.)68

Fox Tailby Daniel White“Oh, no!” said the fuzzyfox, “my tail isgone – it is noton the box.b69

It is not onthe table, not onthe bed.“70

I found iton my head.” b“Oops!71

The Ox On The BoxIn a box were sixlittle rocks, but Mr. Oxsat on the box.72

“You areon ourbox,” said rocknumber six.73

Yes,” said theox, “I like to sit.”“74

in,” saidrock number three. b“Look at the clock–it’s time for tea.” b“But we are75

“Tea is good, butnotin a box,” saidMr. Ox on topof the box.76

“Then get off ourbox;get out!” saidrock number five with ban angry shout. bwe can’t77

ox on thebox did notget off, and this madethe rocks in the boxquite cross. bBut the(Cross means angry.) 78

brock number one, bsaid, “Mr. Ox,The oldest rock,are you quite done?b79

bwhen the sun goes down, band you, Mr. Ox, shouldnot be around.”“Our mother will be back80

Well, the sun went downbox still sat,half asleep and quite brelaxed. band the81

big rockknocked him flat, andthe mother rock said, b“Ha, ha, take that!” bAnd then a82

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of books - and b I lot mean, a ! 17. But when is a lot much too much? b 18. When you can't b fit lot in a a lot of trucks. 19. We Did Not Say No Do we want to b go? No, no, no! b 20. We will ,not would ,not could .not 21. There's ice b cream? b 22. We would , not could , not did not say, "No!" b 23. I got