I::::ll Li L 21il L:: S Installation & Operations Manual


I::::ll li l 21il l:: SRoomInstallation & Operations ManualAirconditionerRead this instruction manual before operatingthe unit for the first time. It contains importantinformationon operation,service and warranty.Acondicionadorsafety, maintenance,de AireAntes de usar la unidad por la primera vez, leaeste manual de instrucciones que contieneinformaci6nimportantesobre su operaci6n,seguridad, mantenimiento,servicio y garantia.ENGLISHPageImportant Safety Instructions .InstallationBefore you start .Window & Mobile Installation .234Operation .Maintenance & Service .56Service & Warranty7.ESPAI IOLInstruccionesimportantes de seguridad .8Instalaci6nAntes de encenderVentanay portailsu unidad sMantenimientoServicio y garantiaC#matiseur.Directivesde s(}curitAvantde mettreFenc tre & mobile13important.I'appareilen marcheinstallation6lectronique& d pannageSerice & garantie.ReferenceWrite down the model and serial numbersUse these numbers in any correspondence or service callsconcerning your air conditioner.Model No., No. de Modelo, N de modulefuturaEscriba el numero de modelo y de serieUse estos n0meros en toda la correspondencia o Ilamadas deservicio relacionadas con su acondicionador de aire.Serial No., No. de Serie, N de s#rieulterieureInscrivez les numeros de modele et de serieCommuniquer ces num6ros Iors de toute correspondance ouappel au service apr s-vente ayant trait au climatiseur.141516UtilisationCommandesPour consultation12InstallationMaintenancePara referencia1IFRAN( AISLire le manuel d'instructionsavant de fairefonctionnerI'appareil pour la premiere fois.Le manuel contient des renseignementssurI'utilisation et I'entretien de I'appareil, lagarantie ainsi que des consignes de s curit&For Future.v servicioDate of Purchase, Fecha de Compra, Date d'achat171819

INSTRUCTIONS"IMPORTANTJSAFETYElectrical Shock Hazard Plug unit only into grounded Do not use an extensionRECOMMENDED CIRCUITWIRE SIZES(As installed per buildingcode):Power Failure to followpersonal injury.outlet.cord or plug adapter with this unit.unit with filterremoved.these precautionscould result in electrical Do not alter cord or plug end. Do not remove warningshock, fire orlabel on cord.Supply:Important115V, 60HZAC Only 1-PhaseOutlet Do not operateelectricalMinimumRequirementsYour unit will operate on any 115 volt, 3-pronged (grounded)separate line is not required, but it is advisable not to overloadduty appliances such as washing machines, etc.Requirement:3-Prong Grounding125 V, 15 AmpGrounding60 Hz circuit. Athe circuit with heavyTypeFor your safety, this unit is equipped with a 3-pronged, grounding plug and must beplugged into a properly grounded outlet. If your outlet is not of the proper type, it isyour responsibility to have the outlet and wiring changed to the correct type. Do notcut off the third (grounding)prong. Do not use an adapter.15A125VWire Size:#14 (A.W.G.) 3-WireUse Copper Wire OnlyFor Your SafetyDo not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinityof this or any other appliance. The fumes can create a fire hazard or explosion.Circuit Protector:15 Amp Time Delay Fuseor Circuit BreakerDo not introduce objects in the air dischargedamage to your unit.area. This could cause permanentDo not pour liquids on the air conditioneras this could cause a malfunction.Withthe unit unplugged, use a damp cloth for cleaning your unit. This unit does notrequire water or ice to be added.Avoid using strong solvents to clean the air conditioner.Clean the air conditioner filter every two weeks to avoid overheatingobstruction.Do not operate without filter.caused by airDo not obstruct the air intake area of your air conditioner, as this could causeoverheating, thus activating the unit's security switch and shutting off the unit.Do not block air circulationto exhaust tube when in use. Do not block air flow inside with blinds, curtains, or furniture.C)Three-pronggroundingDo not alter plug end.I ) Grounded three-prongreceptacleplug.wall(DSingle outlet groundingwall receptacle2

INSTALLATIO[ImportantBEFOREinformation Keep this instructionmanual for future Do not start a damagedControlPanelin the rear of the unit.Air Outletbetween the unit and water. Do not cover the air dischargethe unit. Proper ventingall times.STARTunit.cord is located Do not allow contactYOUDescription of Parts on thePortable Cooling Unitreference. The assembly and connection of the unit must be carriedout according to the instructions. If they are notfollowed you run the risk of voiding the warranty. The powerN"or air intakeof the air to the exteriorlouvers ofFront Panelis requiredatHandleCasterAir IntakeExhaust Port ial PlateCordDrain Valve3J

WINDOW& lationof Exhaust TubeAdapter Application1. AttachExhaust Tube Adapter to the Window Panel withfour Screws (supplied). Make sure that panel is extendedso that screws do not go into sliding portion of panel.2. Attach the Nozzle to the end of the Exhaust Tube byturning it counter clockwise onto the tube.3. Open the window.Place theto fit theextended,tighteningcasementverticallywindow panel in the window, extendingwidth of the window. Once panel isthe panel can be locked into this widththe two screws on the top panel. Forwindows the panel may be installedwith the adapter at the bottom.itby Close the window. Insert exhaust tube into window4. When not in use the, windowoff with the cap provided.adapter.adaptermay be closed5. Select Cool, or Fan mode. Do not use windowDehumidificationmode.adapterwith6. Select Fan Speed.To AirConditionerOutdoors7. Adjust thermostat.Maintaina clear distance(fromwalls,furniture,least 10 inches around the unit to allowand prevent damageto the unit.ExhaustTubeNozzle@Exhaust TubeAdapterproperetc.) of atair circulationWindowPanelMobileMobile InstallationInstallationof Exhaust Tube1. Place the nozzle in the exhaust tube.2. Open the door slightly and position the nozzlebetween the door and the door jamb.Important: Do not over-stretch the exhaust tube or makeany unnecessary bends in it.Leave at least 10 inches of unobstructed space behind theunit.4

OPERATION']CONTROLSELECTRONICR mT deControlFan SpeedControlDisplayModeIndicatorsPower ControlPowercontrol turns the unit on and off.WarningLightFonSpeedModeControlThe Mode Controland Fan.has 3 settings:(Cooling ModeDuring the cooling mode the air is cooled andhot air is exhausted to the outside air throughthe exhaust tube.Adjust fan speed and temperaturedesired comfort level.Dehumidifyhas 3 settings:High, Medium,DehumidifyModeAir is dehumidifiedconditioner, withoutAuto turn off:With machine in fan mode, press timer buttonto select number of hours you would like the unitto run in airconditioningmode until itautomaticallyshuts off.Auto turn on:Cool,Dehumidify,With machine powered off, press timer buttonto select number of hours until you would likethe unit to automaticallystart running inairconditioningmode.The settings are adjusted with the Mode Controlbutton. A green light will indicate which setting iscurrently being used.CoolThe Fan Speed Controland Low.TimerThis light indicates that the internal water tank needsT, Zto be drained. The unit will not operate until thewater has been drained. See the next page of this-owners' manual for instructions on how to drain theT morwater.ModeTimer/TempControlsFan SpeedThe powerAOTimerControlO Timer/TemperatureUsed for adjustingThe defaultbuttonsthe timer and thermostat.display is room temperature.When " " or "-" button is pressed, the settemperatureis displayed and may be adjusted. After15 seconds the display will revert back to roomtemperature.to suit youras it passes through airbeing in full cooling mode.By depressing both buttons at once, the display willtoggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.(Note: The warm air exhaust hose must vent insidethe room when using Dehumidify Mode, notoutside as it does when cooling. If the unit isvented outside some cooling will occur.)Fan ModeAir is circulated throughoutthe room with nocooling. (Note: unit does not need to be vented inFan mode.)5)

MAINTENANCESERVICECleaning&and MaintenanceRemoving the Filter The unit has an air filter that must be cleaned with waterevery two weeks and put back in the unit after it iscompletely dry. The air discharge grille can be cleaned with a rag orsponge, warm water and mild detergent. Never use hot water, bleach, gasoline, acids, cleaning fluidor a brush to clean the unit. This will damage the cabinetand the air discharge area. Do not wash the unit with a hose.Beforeusing at the start of a season Clean the air filter. Clean the cabinetDrainingand air dischargec-fC:-"areas if necessary.excess waterDrain excess water from the tank by placing a pan underthe lower drain valve, remove the drain plug, and let thewater drain into the pan. When the water stops draining out,replace the drain plug, put the tube back in the clip pointingup, and remove the pan of water. Operate the air conditionerin fan mode to dry the interior of the unit.Air ConditionerRead carefully before calling for serviceIf the unit fails to startBatteries: Remove the coveron the back of the remotecontroller and insert thebatteries with the ( ) and (-)poles pointing in the properdirection.into an outlet. Make sure the unit is not in the off position. Make sure the circuitControlThe functions work the sameas your air conditioner'stouchcontrols.Service Instructions Make sure the unit is pluggedRemotebreaker has not been tripped.If the unit does not cool sufficientlyCAUTION: Make sure the exhaust tube and nozzle fit correctly toeach other and to the window adapter. Use only AAA orIEC R03 1.5V batteries. Make sure the exhaust tube is not bent. Adjust the thermostat Do not attempt to recharge the suppliedbatteriesto a lower temperature. Make sure the exhaust tube and nozzle have nothinginside them. All batteries should be replaced at thesame time.If the unit is too loud Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire asthey may explode. Make sure the exhaust tube and nozzle fit correctly toeach other and to the window mount. Do not mix old and Make sure the exhaust tube and nozzle have nothinginside.newbatteries.Do not install the batteries with thepolarity ( /-) reversed.Keep batteries and other things that couldbe swallowed away from young children.Contact a doctor immediately if an object isswallowed.6

S/How to obtain WarrantyService or PartsService for your unitauthorized independentwill be providedby CareCo,CareCo servicers nationwide.SERVICE& WARRANTY-']WarrantywithWithin the 48 contiguousUnited States, State of Hawaii,district of Columbia, Puerto Rico and CanadaNote: Before calling for service, carefully read the Installationand Operating instructions booklet.Then if you need service:1.Call a CareCo authorized servicer and advise them ofmodel number, serial number, date of purchase andnature of complaint.Service will be provided duringnormal workinghours. Contact your dealer for thename of an authorized servicer if unknown to you.2.If your dealer is unable to give you the name of aservicer or if you need other assistance, call thefollowingtoll-freenumberfor the name of anauthorized servicer or authorized parts distributor:1-800-332-6658theFull (One) Year Parts and Labor rchase, Fedders Applianceswill, througha networkofauthorizedservicers and free of charge to the owner or anysubsequent user, repair or replace any parts which are defectivein material or workmanshipdue to normal use when the unitis delivered by the owner to and picked up from one of ourauthorizedservicers. If requested,in-home service, pick-up,redeliveryand reinstallationwill be provided,but are theowner's responsibility.Limited (Second through Fifth Year) Sealed System WarrantyIf any part of the sealed refrigerantsystem (consisting ofcompressor,evaporator,condenser,and interconnectingrefrigeranttubing) should fail because of a defect in materialor workmanship(includingrefrigerantcharge), withinthesecond through fifth year from the date of original purchase,Fedders Appliances, through a network of authorized servicers,will repair or replace such part, including labor, at no cost tothe owner when the unit is delivered by the owner to andpicked up from one of our authorized servicers. If requested,in-home service, pick-up, redelivery and reinstallationwill beprovided, but are the owner's responsibility.or you may write:CareCo, Service Department415 W. Wabash Ave., RO. Box 200Effingham, IL 62401Proof of Purchase DateIt is the responsibilityof the consumer to establish theoriginal purchase date for warranty purposes. We recommendthat a bill of sale, cancelled check, or some other appropriatepayment record be kept for that purpose.Note: In the event of any required parts replacement withinthe period of this warranty,Fedders Appliances replacementparts shall be used and will be warranted only for the periodremaining on the original warranty.To locate your nearest Service Center, call 800-332-6658.ExceptionsThe above Limited Warranties do not cover failure to functioncaused by damage to the unit while in your possession (otherthan damage caused by defect or malfunction),or by itsimproperinstallation,or by unreasonableuse of the unit,including without limitation, failure to provide reasonable andnecessary maintenance or to follow the written Installation andOperatingInstructions.If the unit is put to commercial,business, rental, or other use or applicationother than forconsumer use, we make no warranties,express or implied,including,but not limitedto, any impliedwarrantyofmerchantabilityor fitness for particular use or purpose.THE REMEDIES PROVIDEDFOR IN THE ABOVE EXPRESSWARRANTY ARE THE SOLE ANDEXCLUSIVE REMEDIESTHEREFOR, NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES ARE MADE ALLIMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANYIMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FORA PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATIONTO ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. IN NOEVENT SHALL FEDDERS APPLIANCES BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT,INCIDENTAL,OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES,EVEN IFADVISED IN ADVANCEOF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCHDAMAGES. NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSOR IMPLIED, ARE MADETO ANY BUYER UPON RESALE.For models installed in North America - If service or parts arerequiredFirst, make the recommended checks. If it appears that serviceor parts are still required, see your warranty "How to ObtainWarranty Service or Parts". Please have the model number andserial number with you when calling.For models installed outside of North AmericaFor models purchased for use outside North America, themanufacturerdoes not extend any warranty either expressedor implied. Consult your local dealer for any warranty termsextended by the importer in your country.Some states do not allow limitations on how long an impliedwarranty lasts or do not allow the exclusion or limitationofincidental or consequential damages, so the above limitationsor exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives youspecific legal rights, and you may also have other rights whichmay vary from state to state.No warranties are made for units sold outside of the abovestated areas. Your distributoror final seller may provide awarranty on units sold outside of these areas.7

fINSTRUCCIONESDESEGURIDAD1IMPORTANTESRiesgo de ChoqueTAMAI IOSRECOMENDADOSLOS CONDUCTORESCIRCUlTODEDEL(Instalados seg0n el c6digode construcci6n) :Suministrode corriente:115V, 60HZCorriente alternamonof sica solamenteTomacorrienterequiere: 125V15ATamaho minimoalambre:delNo. 14 (A.W.G.) de 3alambresUse solamentecobreProtectordelalambrecircuito:Fusible con retardo detiempo o interruptordecircuito de 15 AmpEnchufe el aparato solamente en untomacorrienteel ctrico puesto a tierra. Con este aparato no use un cord6n deextensi6n ni un adaptador de enchufe. No haga funcionar el acondicionadoraire sin el panel delantero. El incumplimientode estas precaucionespueden causar un choque el ctrico,incendio o lesi6n personal. No modifiquedel extremo.deNo guarde ni use gasolina u otrosvapores y liquidos inflamables en lavecindad de este o cualquier otroartefacto.Los vapores emitidospueden crear un riesgo de incendio oexplosi6n. No introduzca objetos en el rea dedescarga del aire. Esto puede causardaEo irreparable a su acondicionadorde aire. No vierta liquidos de limpieza en elacondicionadorde aire pues estopuede causar un malfuncionamiento.Use un paso h0medo para limpiarlo. Evite usar solventes fuertes paralimpiar el acondicionadorde aire.Su unidad funcionar en cualquiercircuito de 115 voltios, de 3 patillas (conconexi6n a tierra) y 60 Hz. No se requierelinea separada, pero es aconsejable nosobrecargar el circuito con artefactos queusan mucha corriente como m quinas delavar ropa, etc. Para su seguridad, estaunidad est equipada con un enchufe de 3patillas de conexi6n a tierra y debeenchufarse en un tomacorrientecon la Limpie el filtro del acondicionadoraire cada dos semanas para evitarsobrecalentamientocausado porobstrucci6n del aire. No obstruya el rea de entrada delaire de su acondicionador,pues estopuede causar sobrecalentamiento,Iocual activar el interruptordeseguridad y apagar el aparato.debida conexi6n No bloquee la circulati6n del airehacia el conducto de ventilaci6n,cuando el acondicionadorest en uso. No obstruya el flujo del aire hacia elinterior con persianas, cortinas omuebles deel cord6n ni el enchufeimportantesa tierraa tierra(Figuras 1 y 2).Si su tomacorrienteno es del tipoadecuado, usted tiene la responsabilidadde hacer que se cambien tanto eltomacorrientecomo los alambres al tipoadecuado.No corte la tercera patilla de conexi6ntierra. No use un adaptador.( Enchufe de tres clavijascon puesta a tierra. NoModifique. Para su seguridad para la conexionDe 3 patillas, tipo conexi6na tierra 125V, 15Amp Requisitosque seElectricoTomacorrienteparaenchufe de tres clavijasconpuesta a tierra.Tomacorrientemuralsencillo con puesta atierra.8ade

rINSTALAOIONANTESAntes de Encendersu unidad Guarde este manual de instruccionesfuturo. No enciendapara consultarloDescripcion de las partesde la unidad de enfriamientoen elENCENDERSUUNIDADportatilPanel decontroluna unidad que est da ada. El ensamblado y la conexi6n de la unidad debe Ilevarse acabo de acuerdo alas instrucciones. Si no se siguen, ustedtoma el riesgo de invalidar la garantia.InformacionDERejilla desalida del aireimportante1.El cord6n de electricidadde la unidad.est qsituadoen la parte posterior2.No deje que la unidad est en contacto3.No cubra las rejillas de descarga y de toma de aire de launidad.4.En todo momentoal exterior.con el agua.se necesita una salida adecuada del aireLa unidad tiene ruedas para facilitar el movimiento.Si es necesario inclinarla, se debe primero vaciar el agua deltanque interno, usando la valvula de drenaje en la parteinferior.Yea la seccion si se transportaestacion.o almacenaRudeala unidad durante laRejillas de tomade airePorto deescapePlaca con elnOmero deserieCord6n deelectricidadV qlvula de drenaje9

V PORTAILINSTALACIONVENTANAVentanaY PortatilJINSTALACIONInstalacionColocacionIdel adaptadorde ventana1. Instale el adaptador del tubo de ventilaci6n en el panelde ventana con cuatro tornillos (suministrados).Aseg0rese de que el panel est extendido de modo quelos tornillos no queden en la secci6n deslizante delpanel.2,Instale la boquilla en el extremo del tubo de ventilaci6ngir indola a la izquierda en el tubo.3. Abra la ventana.Coloque el panel en la ventana, extendi ndolopara quecubra todo el ancho de la ventana. Una vez que estextendido, el panel puede ser bloqueado en esa anchuraapretando los dos tornillos situados en la parte superiordel panel. Para ventanas de dos hojas, el panel puedeser instalado verticalmentecon el adaptador en la parteinferior.Cierre la ventana.Inserte el tubo de ventilaci6nventana.Exterior4,en el adaptadorCuando no est qen uso, el adaptadorla tapa provista.de lapuede cerrarse conSitue la unidad a una distancia minima de 25 cm (10 pulg)de las paredes u otros obsaculos.Tubodeventilaci6nBoquillaAire acondicionadoen una puertaAdaptadorponbiendoPanel deventanala unidadInstalacionportatilPara uso en los ajustes "Cool" (Frio) y "Fan" (Ventilador)solamente. Cuando use el acondicionadorde aire en el modo"Cool", el aire caliente de la habitaci6n debe ser ventiladohacia el exterior. No ventile el aire hacia el exterior cuando useel modo "Dehumidify"(Deshumidificaci6n).1. Coloquela boquillaen el tubode escape.2. Abra la puerta un poco y coloquepuerta y la jamba.Importante:necesidad.10la boquillaentre laNo extienda el tubo de escape ni Io doble sin

FUfNCIONAMIENTO-"CONTROLESCoolELECTRONICOSJRoom mpehumtdINeS IT mpLuz deAdvertenciaFan SpeedControl deAlimentacibn- i --ControlControlde ModorimerControl de laVelocidad delVentiladorTemporizadorde AlimentacionEste bot6n pone en marcha y apaga elacondicionadorde aire.AO)so,*Para mayor confort, la unidad enfria ydeshumedece al mismo tiempo. Durante el modode enfriamiento,el agua condensada pasa alexterior por medio de la boquilla.(Deshumidificador)En el modo de deshumidificador,la unidad reduceI humedad del ambiente en la habitaci6n.(Ventilador)El acondicionadorel aire.de aire solamente('Timer')puedenControlesQdel Hora/Temperatura:Estas teclas se usan para cambiar el ajuste de latemperatura,para cambiar la hora. Cuando se poneen marcha el deshumidificador,el indicador muestrala temperaturade la "habitaci6n".botones " " o "-", se"programada".Oprima elpara programar lala habitacibn.Si se oprimen simult neamenteambos botones, elindicador digital cambiar entre grados Celsius yFahrenheit.Dehumidify'Fan'del temporizadorDespu s de ajustar la temperaturaprogramada, elindicador volver a mostrar la temperaturareal de lahabitacibn.*Ajuste la velocidad de enfriamiento,eltermostato y la deflexibn de aire al nivel deconfort deseada.ModoLos controlesCuando se oprimen losdespliega la temperaturabotbn " " o el botbn "-"temperaturadeseada de(Frio)Coo'DH'de Temporizadorusarse para programar la hora en que se desea que elT mer acondicionadorde aire se ponga en marcha asi comotambi n la hora en que se desea que elacondicionadorde aire se apague.Las posiciones se ajustan con el botbn de control demodo. La luz verde indica que el modo se encuentraactualmente en uso. Cuando se selecciona el modo'Cool' (enfriamiento),la unidad har i circular el aire yIo enfriar i. Si se selecciona modo 'Fan' (ventilaci6n) launidad s61o har circular el aire. Cuando se seleccionala funci6n de deshumidificacibn,la unidad eliminarla humedad y har circular el aire.ModoControlTimerde modo'Cool':Una luz verde indicar el ajuste que se haseleccionado.Modo 'Cool' (Fri6), Modo 'Dry' (Deshumidificador),Modo 'Fan' (Ventilador)Mododel VentiladorEl ajuste de la velocidad del ventilador se cambiacada vez que se oprime el botbn de control develocidad del ventilador.Luz de AdvertenciaControlControlde ylaBajaVelocidadAlta, Medio,Fan SpeedEsta luz indica que el depbsito interno del aguanecesita ser vaciado. El acondicionadorno funcionarhasta que no haya sido vaciado. Vea la p ginasiguiente del manual del usuario para obtener lasinstrucciones sobre como vaciar el depbsito.Controles de Hora/Temperaturahar circular11

1ftMANTENIMIENTOLimpiezadelYSERVICIOfiltro El acondicionadorde aire tiene un filtro de aire que debe serlimpiado con agua cada dos semanas. Despu s de que el filtroest completamenteseco, col6quelos de vuelta en elacondicionadorde aire.Limpiezadel exterior La rejilla de salida del aire puede limpiarse con un trapo o unaesponja, agua tibia y un detergente suave. Nunca use agua caliente, lejia, gasolina, icidos, liquidos delimpieza ni cepillos para limpiar la unidad. El hacerlo da aragabinete y la zona de descarga del aire.elNo lave la unidad con una manguera.Antes de usar la unidad Limpie el filtroal comienzode la estacionde aire. Limpie el gabinetenecesario.y las zonas de descarga del aire si esDrene el exceso de agua delA fin de evitar un choque el ctrico, desenchufeacondicionadorde aire.elDrene el exceso de agua del tanque inferior colocando unabandeja debajo del orificio de drenaje. Retire el tap6n de gomay deje que el agua drene hacia la bandeja. Cuando deje de saliragua, vuelva a colocar el tap6n de drenaje inferior y retire labandeja con agua.ControlInstruccionesde servicioL alas cuidadosamenteantes de solicitarSi la unidadno enciende Compruebeque la unidad est enchufada Compruebeque la unidad no est en la posici6n de apagado. Compruebeque el interruptorSi la unidadno enfriaa un tomacorriente.no haya saltado. Compruebe que el tubo de evacuaci6n de aire y el difusorest n conectados entre siy tambi n al adaptador de ventana. Compruebedoblado. Ponga el termostato Compruebe que el tubo de evacuaci6ntengan nada dentro.Si la unidadde aire y el difusor noen la parteremoto econ losdirecci6n Use solabente pilas AAA oIEC R03 de 1,5V, No incrinere las pilas pues pueden explotar. No instale las pilas con la polaridad ( /-)inversa. Compruebe que el tubo de evacuaci6n de aire y el difusor est nconectados entre si y tambi n al adaptador para la ventana.de aire y el difusor Todas las pilas deben ser reemplazadas a unmismo tiempo.mas baja.ruido Compruebe que el tubo de evacuaci6ntengan nada dentro.de Aire No intente recargar las pilassuministradas.de aire no estaa una temperaturahace demasiadoPilas: Retire al tapatrasera del controlinserte las bateriaspolos ( ) y (-) en lacorrecta.ATENClONIo suficienteque el tubo de evacuaci6nde AcondicionadorLas funciones trabajan igualque los controles manuales desu acondicionadorde aire.el servicio.del circuitoRemotono Mantengafuera del alcance de los ni ospeque oslas pilas y otros articulosquepuedan ser tragados.Pongaseinmediatamenteen contactocon un medicoun ni o12peque ose tragaun objetosiI1

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Avoid using strong solvents to clean the air conditioner. Clean the air conditioner filter every two weeks to avoid overheating caused by air obstruction. Do not operate without filter. Do not obstruct the air intake area of your air conditioner, as this could cause overheating, thus activating the unit's security switch and shutting off the unit.