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City Health WorksPress ListAmbassadors of HealthUpload: Lang Center News And Ideas, The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, ColumbiaBusiness SchoolAPRIL 7, 2017 – In an interview with The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, City HealthWorks’ Executive Director & Founder, Manmeet Kaur, shares some of the most challengingand most rewarding parts of building CHW. with public health innovator Manmeet Kaur, recipient of the Janice Nittoli FellowshipUrban Wire: Health and Health Policy, Sarah Rosen WartellMARCH 27, 2017 – The Urban Institute selected Manmeet Kaur for the inaugural Janice NittoliPractitioner Fellowship. Urban’s President interviews Kaur in this Q&A, and they discuss howsenior researchers from Urban will collaborate with CHW to answer key questions aboutpolicy implications and solutions emerging from CHW’s work. the Gap: Applying Global Lessons Toward Sustainable Community Health Models in theU.S.The Arnhold Institute for Global Health and the Office of the United Nations SecretaryGeneral’s Special Envoy for Health in Agenda 2030 and for MalariaDECEMBER 5, 2016 – Published by a task force of global and domestic leaders and expertsincluding Manmeet Kaur of City Health Works, this report identifies key principles ofeffective community health worker programs, describes key case studies (including CityHealth Works), and describes a plan for piloting a sustainable program. Healthcare in the City to Work, We Need City Health WorksPromoting Prevention, by Amanda LiDECEMBER 7, 2016 – Promoting Prevention, DASH-NY’s blog reports: “Not only is there currentlya lack of physicians in underserved neighborhoods across the U.S., but in theseneighborhoods, there is also often a disconnect between patients and physicians.” Li explainshow City Health Works is able to fill that gap, in large part because of the close, trustingrelationships that coaches and clients build. Patients & Improving Outcomes with Service DesignWorrellNOVEMBER 29, 2016 – Worrell, a healthcare design firm, created an infographic describing howCity Health Works’ intervention works to bridge gaps in care and changes the patientexperience. ordinary citizens help fill gaps in U.S. health care?PBS Newshour, by Sarah VarneyOCTOBER 17, 2016 – Reporter Sarah Varney follows City Health Works Health Coach DestiniBelton as she supports her clients to improving self-management of diabetes during sessionsin the home and at a Mount Sinai Hospital Clinic. At Mamelani Projects in South Africa,Varney follows community health workers who, like Belton, go where clinics and hospitalscan’t to create lasting changes in health.

City Health WorksPress ListAn Idea borrowed from South Africa: Ordinary Citizens Fill Gaps in Health CareKaiser Health News, by Sarah VarneyOCTOBER 20, 2016 – “Destini Belton isn’t a doctor or a nurse. She’s a trained health coach, andas a trusted neighbor in Harlem, she goes where clinics and hospitals can’t—into patients’homes to understand the mundane but vital details of their lives.” workers fill gaps in health careCNN, by Sarah VarneyOCTOBER 28, 2016 – CNN republished Sarah Varney’s piece for Kaiser Health News on thegrowing role and impact of health coaches and community health workers. Citizens Fill Gaps in Health Care: U.S. hospitals borrow idea from South AfricaManaged Care, by Sarah VarneyOCTOBER 21, 2016 – CNN republished Sarah Varney’s piece for Kaiser Health News on thegrowing role and impact of health coaches and community health workers. Computer Science and Community Health MeetCornell TechOCTOBER 18, 2016– Graduate student Sonia Sen is working with City Health Works as part ofher Health Tech master’s program at Cornell Tech. Sen build a natural language processingsystem to examine and extract key information from notes that health coaches take in thefield. influence health, for better and for worseSTAT, by Prabhjot SinghSEPTEMBER 21, 2016– When clinicians are not able to support “treatment” of the circumstancesof a patient’s daily life, patients, families and communities suffer. Dr. Singh cites City HealthWorks as one collaborative effort working to improve outcomes by connecting the clinic andthe neighborhood. Mount Sinai is trying to mend “staggering disconnect” with patientsMedCity News, by Nancy CrottiSEPTEMBER 16, 2016 – The challenges Dr. Stella Safo faced while treating Mrs. M highlightedfailures of the health care system. When she connected Mrs. M to City Health Works HealthCoach Leny Rivera, Dr. Safo saw how collaboration between a health system and aneighborhood organization is key for system redesign.

City Health WorksPress ListTensions of Change – Conference PresentationMayo Transform ConferenceSEPTEMBER 15, 2016 – Watch teams from Mt. Sinai Health System and City Health Workspresented on how they are closing the gap between clinic and community, individuals andsystems in Harlem. Harlem healthcare model helping patients with chronic illnessVirgin Unite, by James ClasperAUGUST 15, 2016 – Clasper describes how City Health Works’ “simple, but innovative” modelimproves social, economic and environmental health. US Health Care Should Think GloballyAMA Journal of Ethics, by Samuel G. Ruchman, Prabhjot Singh, MD, PhD, & Anna StapletonJULY 2016 –City Health Works is cited as an example of effective application of global lessonson community health workers and one that highlights the importance of linking global andlocal health initiatives. 2016 – A guide to 100 Sustainable SolutionsSustainiaJUNE 6, 2016 – City Health Works was selected out of more than 1,200 organizations to be oneof Sustainia’s 100 solutions. Sustainia recognizes the importance of the City Health Worksmodel in sustainable development. Health Workers: Birth of a ProfessionGenerations, by Manmeet KaurSPRING 2016 – Executive Director & Founder Manmeet Kaur describes some of City HealthWorks’ biggest lessons learned and implications for the eldercare workforce in this specialissue focused on US health workforce trends in the care of the elderly. Role of Hospitals in Improving Non-Medical Determinants of Community Population HealthNYS Health Foundation & Weill Cornell Medical CollegeAPRIL 2016 – City Health Works is referenced for its innovative role as a bridge betweenhospitals and communities. the Gap: Neighbors Supporting Neighbors in HarlemTEDMED, by Manmeet KaurAPRIL 4, 2016 – Executive Director & Founder Manmeet Kaur describes the power of a localworkforce model. The trusting relationships Health Coaches build with their clients supportimproved health and wellbeing.

City Health WorksPress ListIdentifying the Active Ingredient: Promoting Adaptation and Global Exchangeof InnovationCenter for Health Market InnovationsMAY 6, 2015 - This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded report from the Center for HealthMarket Innovations (CHMI) references City Health Works as an example of effective use ofreverse innovation to address healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Changing Education, Health By Thinking Outside The BoxHuffPost Impact, by Jenny ChenD ECEMBER 21, 2015 - Chen describes four innovative projects highlighted at the 2015 PopTechConference. Chen describes how “City Health Works’ model challenges our current physicianbased system by blending social work and medical care.” in integrated approaches to health and economic mobilityBrookings Institution, by Prabhjot Singh and Stuart ButlerNOVEMBER 30, 2015 - Singh and Butler highlight City Health Works’ role as an intermediarybetween health systems, social services and communities. Without WealthThe Economist FilmsN OVEMBER 24, 2015 - Featuring City Health Works in Harlem, Dr. Devi Shetty in India, andHelix Centre in England, “Health Without Wealth” illustrates the importance of innovationsin healthcare delivery that offer high quality, affordable solutions to widespread chronicillness challenges around the world. Health Works at PopTechPopTech, by Manmeet KaurOCTOBER 2015 – Executive Director & Founder Manmeet Kaur presents on the founding of CityHealth Works and why a community based model that integrates with the healthcare systemcan improve health outcomes for under-served patients. Data Better Health Care in NYC, IndiaThe Free Press, by Christine ParrishOCTOBER 29, 2015 – Parrish describes the founding of City Health Works and highlightsExecutive Director & Founder Manmeet Kaur’s PopTech presentation. Kaur On Community Healthcare Workers & Inner-City Healthcare CostsGerson Lehrman GroupMARCH 27, 2015 – GLG Social Impact Fellow and City Health Works Executive Director andFounder Manmeet Kaur explains the crisis of rising healthcare costs and the role ofcommunity healthcare workers in addressing it.

City Health WorksPress ListThe Prescription for a Healthy LifeNationSwellMARCH 18, 2015 - Get a glimpse of the day-to-day work of a City Health Works Coach and learnhow the organization’s mission. African Village Inspires A Health Care Experiment In New YorkNPR, by Joe PalcaNOVEMBER 24, 2014 – Joe Palca explains, “There’s a project in the neighborhood of Harlem inNew York that has a through-the-looking glass quality. An organization called City HealthWorks is trying to bring an African model of health care delivery to the United States. Usuallyit works the other way round.” Doctors Can’t DoThe New York Times, by Tina RosenbergA UGUST 28, 2014 - Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Lead Strategic Advisor to City Health Works, is quotedthis New York Times article about how doctors are limited in their ability to change patientbehavior. Group makes healthy living easy, city seeks to partner upNY Daily News, by Jan RansomAUGUST 27, 2014 – Ransom highlights the experience of a City Health Works client who lost 15pounds and dramatically lowered her blood sugars. Transformed: The Power of EngagementColorado Health Symposium, Presentation by Manmeet Kaur and Prabhjot SinghJULY 2014 – In this Plenary Panel talk, Executive Director & Founder Manmeet Kaur and LeadStrategic Advisor Prabhjot Singh describe their work abroad that paved the way for thefounding of City Health Works. Patients’ Social Needs: An Emerging Business Case for Provider InvestmentThe Commonwealth FundM AY 29, 2014 - A Commonwealth Fund report references City Health Works, explaining that“City Health Works aims to engage networks within communities to ‘target an entiremicroenvironment,’ such that the intervention improves both the health of participatingindividuals and the community as a whole.” Health PartnerColumbia Business School Magazine, by Amanda ChalifouxFEBRUARY 13, 2014 – Chalifoux describes how Executive Director & Founder Manmeet Kaur’swork abroad inspired and informed the design of City Health Works.

City Health WorksPress ListAlex D. Federman, MD, Approved for Funding by the Patient-Centered Outcomes ResearchInstitute (PCORI)Mount Sinai Press OfficeFEBRUARY 5, 2014 - City Health Works will be participating in a PCORI Grant with Mount SinaiHealth System to deliver health coaching for asthma. Wages of HealthColumbia Magazine, by Paul HondWINTER 2013 - This in-depth narrative piece describes the early motivation and personalconvictions that led to the founding of City Health Works and the changing policyenvironment pushing its growth. Health Workers — A Local Solution to a Global ProblemNew England Journal of Medicine, by Prabhjot Singh, M.D., Ph.D., and Dave A. Chokshi, M.D.SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 - City Health Works’ Advisor Dr. Prabhjot Singh and Dave Chokshi discussCity Health Works as a model for organizing community health workers in the U.S.

Q&A with public health innovator Manmeet Kaur, recipient of the Janice Nittoli Fellowship Urban Wire: Health and Health Policy, Sarah Rosen Wartell MARCH 27, 2017 –