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FCC Unit Address ListFCC Unit13524Address118 N 8th St12180 Ridgecrest Rd #10212858 Production Place1560 Humbolt Rd, Suite 41680 E Gonzales Road181 Tank Farm Rd, Ste 210 & 2201919 State St Ste 1012525 Knoll Dr270 Bridge St2805 Lafayette St375 N Main St39115 Trade Center Dr41551 10th Str W4450 California Avenue475 Airport Blvd485 Easy St51 West Main St5835 Eastside Rd721 Maulhardt Ave7555 San Luis Ave773 N Walnut Rd8120 Camino Arroyo8201 California City Blvd, Suite CCitySanta PaulaVictorvilleVictorvilleChicoOxnardSan Luis ObispoSanta BarbaraVenturaSan Luis ObispoSanta illeSimi alifornia 19303093422953809502093505

CDBS PrintPage 1 of 3OMB 3060-1033 FOR FCC USE ONLYSeptember 2003Federal Communications CommissionWashington, D.C. 20554FCC 396-CM ulti-Channel Video Program Distributor EEOProgram Annual ReportFOR COMMISSION USE ONLYFILE NO.B396 - 20180928ACPRead INSTRUCTIONS Before Filling Out FormSECTI ON I IDENTIFYING INFORMATIONA. Name of Operator:TIME WARNER CABLEMSO Name:CHARTER COMMUNICATIONSB. Employment Unit's Mailing Address7910 CRESCENT EXECUTIVE DRIVECityCHARLOTTEFCC Registration Number:0024928004Emp. Unit ID # 13524Application PurposeNew Program ReportStateNCZip Code28217-Amendment to Program ReportSupplemental Investigation Sheet (SIS) AttachedC. County and State in which unit's employment office is locatedVENTURA COUNTY, CAD. Category of Respondent (check applicable box)Fewer than six (6) full-time employees during the selected payroll period: Complete Sections I, II and VSix (6) or more full-time employees during the selected payroll period: Complete ALL sections of the Form 396-Cand the Supplemental Investigation Sheet, if attachedE. Pay Period Covered by this Report (inclusive dates) 07/01/17-06/30/18F. Attachments: (See "Exhibit" buttons, below.)SECTI ON I I COMMUNITY INFORMATIONSystem Communities Comprising Local Employment UnitIdent No.Name of CommunityLocation (State)TypeReview the list of communities served on the previous year's submission and attach as Exhibit [Exhibit 1]A any additions or deletions, using the format noted above. NOTE: APPLICABLE ONLY TOCABLE OPERATORS AND NOT TO OTHER MVPD UNITS.SECTI ON I I I EEO POLICY AND PROGRAM xe/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/cdbsmenu.hts?context 25&f. 10/1/2018

CDBS PrintPage 2 of 3Check YES or NO to each of the following questions. If answer to any question below is NO, attach as Exhibit B anexplanation.[Exhibit 2]1. Have you complied with the outreach provisions of the FCC's MPVD Equal EmploymentOpportunity Rule, 47 C.F.R. Section 76.75(b), during the twelve month period prior to filingthis form?YesNo2. Do you disseminate widely your EEO Program to job applicants, employees, and those withwhom you regularly do business?YesNo3. Do you contact organizations, media, educational institutions, and other potential sources ofapplicants for referrals whenever job vacancies are available in your organization?YesNo4. Do you undertake to offer promotions to positions of greater responsibility in anondiscriminatory manner?YesNo5. To the extent possible, do you seek out entrepreneurs in a nondiscriminatory manner andencourage them to conduct business with all parts of your organization?YesNo6. Do you analyze the results of your efforts to recruit, hire, promote, and use services in anondiscriminatory manner and use these results to evaluate and improve your EEO program?YesNo7. Do you define the responsibility of each level of management to ensure a positive applicationand vigorous enforcement of your policy of equal employment opportunity and maintain aprocedure to review and control managerial and supervisory performance?YesNo8. Do you conduct a continuing program to exclude every form of prejudice or discriminationbased upon race, color, religion, national origin, age, or sex from your personnel policies andpractices and working conditions?YesNo9. Do you conduct a continuing review of job structure and employment practices and maintainpositive recruitment training, job design, and other measures needed to ensure genuine equalityof opportunity to participate fully in all organizational units,occupations, and levels ofresponsibility?YesNoSECTI ON I V ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONYou may provide as Exhibit C any additional information that you believe might be useful in evaluating your efforts tocomply with the Commission's EEO provisions. There is no requirement to provide additional data or information.[Exhibit 3]SECTI ON V CERTI FI CATI ONThis report must be certified as follows:A. By the individual owning the reporting system if individually owned;B. By a partner, if a partnership; orC. By an officer, if a corporation or association.I certify that to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, all statements contained in this report are true andcorrect.SignedDate9/28/2018Telephone No. (include area code)2037054832TitleGVP, LABOR AND EMPLOYEE RELATIONSName of RespondentKEVIN /cdbs/forms/prod/cdbsmenu.hts?context 25&f. 10/1/2018


2018 Recruitment InitiativesCFR § 76.75 (b) (2)FCC Unit: 135241. Participation in at least two job fairs by personnel who have substantial responsibility inthe making of hiring decisions.Live Hire September 13, 2017 Turlock Office 773 N. Walnut Rd, Turlock, CA Charter Representation: Recruiters Targeted Positions: All open positions Large Volume of Attendees 2 Interviews 1 Offer ExtendedEmma Bowen Foundation Summer Conference and Job Fair June 25, 2018 Kimmel Center at New York University - New York, NY Charter Representation: Recruiters Targeted Positions: All open positions Over 200 Attendees14. Provision of training to management level personnel as to methods of ensuring equalemployment opportunity and preventing discrimination.Leading a Respectful WorkplaceEmployees at this Charter FCC unit participated in the Leading a Respectful Workplace training.Leading a Respectful Workplace is a 3 day class room training that provides Charter's leaderswith the skills and insights needed to achieve positive business results and engage employees inways that inspire their best work. The course emphasizes leadership and legal responsibilitiesneeded in addressing our most compelling and urgent priorities for creating and maintaining aprofessional, productive, and inclusive work environment. Key Learning Objectives: How leaders’behaviors directly impact business results. How leaders model organizational values and howthey can best respond to issues when they come up. How leaders hold employees accountableand coach effectively for optimal performance. How inappropriate behavior can compromise eventhe most effective leadership practices. How leaders behave when they learn of an employeecomplaint. How social media impacts today’s workplace, and understanding the most effectiverole for leaders.

2018 FCC Unit Outreach Source List13524 Central CaliforniaVentura CountyAgency NameBERYL HOUSEBrain Injury AssociationCalifornia State Department of Rehabilitation BakersfieldAmerica s Job Center of California - BakersfieldBarstow Community College - Calworks/Workforce Development CenterBurbank WorkForce ConnectionINTERCOAST COLLEGEBecoming IndependentCanoga Park/South Valley WorkSource CenterCapitola Career CenterWest Valley WorkSource CenterButte County Employment CenterPleasantview IndustriesSAN BERNARDINO VET CENTERWEST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE/WORKFORCE DEVFIRST STEP INDEPENDENT LIVINGwork2future - Gilroy Job CenterWorkability 3Verdugo Jobs CenterSan Benito County America s Job Center of CaliforniaST MARGARET CTRCityAlta kBurbankCampbellCanoga ParkCapitolaChatsworthChicoClaritaColtonCulver tateCACACACACACACACACACACACACACACACACACACACACAZip 502390304Recipient Emailblkpreneur@aol.com:JONNA CADEpdaoutis@biacal.org:Paula Daoutispriscilla.varela@dor.ca.gov:Priscilla tow.edu:Corey llajabrayan@intercoast.edu:ARAXIE JABRAYANlaurab8484@gmail.com:Laura Buteraronald.gomez-hernandez@edd.ca.gov:Ronald Hernandez, sorietorrez@rescare.com:Sorie TorrezN/Afrontdesk@buildonestop.com:null, raguilera@buildonestop.com:Ruth Aguileraavelazquez@ncen.org:Amy Velazquezghpvi@sbcglobal.net:GERRY HOWARDyesenia.thomas@va.gov:YESENIA THOMASschumacm@wlac.edu:JOB POSTINGSmary.visor@thementornetwork.com:MARY VISORcaroline.mireles@sanjoseca.gov:Caroline Mireles, leisa.johnson@work2futurefoundation.org:Leisa endale.ca.us:Gerald Washington, leonard.johnson@edd.ca.gov:Leonard Johnsonemma.falk@edd.ca.gov:Emma Falk, mcrable@cosb.us:Megan Crable, raymond.creech@edd.ca.gov:Raymond Creechst.marg.jobs@gmail.com:OSCAR er Richburg, rchavez@sbwib.org:Robert Chavez, thornton@edd.ca.gov:Gwendolyn Thornton, maria.serrano@edd.ca.gov:Maria Serranostudentaffairs@llu.edu:STUDENT JOB POSTINGSrolivas@gschomeless.org:RAY OLIVASjosh@af2wf.org:Josh Newmanjames.j.schickel@calvet.ca.gov:James Schickelblevine@usc.edu:JOB PLACEMENTscheca@mcsrehab.com:SERGIO CHECAgohar@americancareer.com:GOHAR ABRAHAMIAMkrepchian@brailleinstitute.org:Karine Repchianjoliveroconnell@gmail.com:Jelnnifer O'Connellesoohoo@westlake-worksource.org:Edmund etc.com:Arthur Guerrero, lmcneil@letc.com:Laura McNeilapcase@pacbell.net:ESTELA ALFEREZN/Abalexander@communitycareer.org:Bernard Alexander, mborn@communitycareer.org:Michael Born, cnrjems@navy.mil:Earnest Robertswlovett@cci.edu:Will Lovettgallardo.carlos@jobcorps.org:TRANSITIONS/MR GALLARDO, scott.angela@jobcorps.org:Angela ScottPhone 208South Bay One Stop Business and Career CenterAmerica s Job Center - LamontAmerica s Job Center of California - LancasterLOMA LINDA UNIVERSITYGOOD SHEPHERD CENTERArmedForce 2 WorkForceCA Dept. of Veteran AffairsKSCR - UNIV SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAHOLLYWOOD WORK SOURCEAMERICAN CAREER COLLEGEBraille InstituteTuesdays with Transitioners - Congregational Church of NorthridgeDowntown/Pico-Union WorkSource Center, Pacific Asian Consortium in EmploymentSouth LA Community Centers, Inc.South Los Angeles WorkSource CenterATWATER PARK CENTERRAINBOW-PUSH COALITIONInglewoodLamontLancasterLoma LindaLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos 89001790044900379003990017Wilshire - Metro WorkSource Center (Community Career Development, Inc.)Women In Non Traditional Employment RolesPv JobsWest Los Angeles Everest CollegeLOS ANGELES JOB CORPS CENTERLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos d WorkSource CenterSOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INDIAN CENTERLos Angeles-Crenshaw - Workforce Services OfficeKOREAN AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LOS ANGELESHUNTINGTON CAREER COLLEGEThai Health And Information Services IncBEYOND SHELTERLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos 790037marshaun.robinson@edd.ca.gov:Marshaun Robinson, mgardner@mcscareergroup.com:null, center.org:STEPHANIE ZUNIGAConnye.Thomas@edd.ca.gov:Connye Thomas, ted.tenorio@edd.ca.gov:Ted Tenorioinfo@kafla.org:JEFF LEEhccusa@gmail.com:STUDENT JOB POSTINGSinfo@thaihealth.org:NONGYAO VARANONDlaoicjwatts@yahoo.com:JONAE WATTSConnye.Thomas@edd.ca.gov:Connye Thomas, marie.manuel-esguerra@laul.org:Marie Manuel-Esguerra, A JONESpamela.paige@hacla.org:Pamela Paigeinfo@bwwla.com:JANETTE ROBINSON FLINTdheyer@co.merced.ca.us:null, mpena@co.merced.ca.us:Mario Pena, ov:Rachel Walkerabaker@jvsla.org:Alicia Baker, marvin.wilson@edd.ca.gov:Marvin Wilson, tjaramillo@jvsla.org:Tony .merced.ca.us:Cheryl Lewis, david.gomez@edd.ca.gov:David Gomez, jeanette.costa@edd.ca.gov:Jeanette Costa,mpena@co.merced.ca.us:Mario Pena, rdosanjh@co.merced.ca.us:Ranjeev Dosanjhterrilynn@jaynolan.org:TERRILYNN COTTER SHROUTemilia.gaytanreid@edd.ca.gov:Emilia Gaytanreid, gregory.morales@edd.ca.gov:Gregory Morales, teven et:LYNETTE llpresa@ctcnc.org:Paula Resakarl.devries@va.gov:KARL C DEVRIESrjennings@svsinc.org:RAY hildguidance.org:JELGA RAMIREZhenry.timothy@edd.ca.gov:Henry Timothy, steven.potts@edd.ca.gov:Steven Pottsacampos@ncen.org:Andrea Campos, michael.mcdonald@edd.ca.gov:Mike 6550532366120083232329000Los Angeles Urban LeagueHEALTHY AFRICAN AMERICANHousing Authority City of Los Angeles Imperial CourtsBLACK WOMEN FOR WELLNESSWorkNet America s Job Center - Los BanosEDD WorkNet Center - MantecaWest Los Angeles American Job CenterWorkNet of Merced County - America s Job CenterLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos AngelesLos BanosMantecaMarina del 953369029295340WorkNet America s Job Center - Merced CountyJAY NOLAN COMMUNITY SVCMercedMission HillsCACA9534091345Stanislaus County Career Alliance WorkNetGoodwill Workforce Development - ModestoMOORPARK/SIMI VALLEY NEIGHBORHOOD FOR LRNGMoreno Valley Employment Resource CenterMoreno Valley Youth Opportunity CenterCarpenter's Training Committee Of Northern CaliforniaSEPULVEDA VET CENTERSOCIAL VOCATIONAL SVCCalifornia State University NorthridgeCOMMUNITY FAMILY CTRAlliance WorknetOroville One-Stop Employment CenterModestoModestoMoorparkMoreno ValleyMoreno ValleyMorgan HillNorth 5037913439132591330913249536195965West Oxnard Job & Career CenterOxnard College Job & Career CenterVentura Community CenterOxnard America s Job Center of CaliforniaLAUDS/PACOIMA SKILL CENTERNortheast San Fernando Valley WorkSource CenterPalmdale AJCCWest Side Service CenterPORT HUENEME NAVAL BASEPeople Between Jobs - Shepherd of the Hills lePattersonPort HuenemePorter 9133193550953639304391326Porterville Employment Connection One-Stop CenterPortervilleCA93257Rancho Cucamonga Employment Resource CenterThe Win Center Youth Opportunity CenterCOUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO CALWORKSAK SMILEY PUBLICCASA DE SAN BERNARDINOCOMMUNITY SETTLEMENT ASSNGoodwill Southern CaliforniaUNITED WAYRancho CucamongaRancho 25079250792507Riverside County Workforce Development CenterADVANCE ENTERPRISESCalifornia Baptist UniversityRubidoux Youth Opportunity CenterVietnam Veterans of AmericaOne Stop Career Center of Monterey America s Job Centers of California - San BernardinoSALVATION ARMY-PATH TO PRSPRTYSAN BERNARDINO CO SENIOR TRAINING PGMCity of San Bernardino One-Stop Career CenterCounty of San Bernardino Workforce Deve DeptHOPE REHAB SERVICES/CENTRAL COSan BernadinoSan BernardinoSan BernardinoSan BernardinoSan BernardinoSan ntum for Mental HealthProject HiredSan Jose State University - Career CenterWork 2 Future San Jose Job CenterSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan .ca.gov:Lance Sayavong, nellie.fowler@edd.ca.gov:Nellie Fowler, richard.rocha@edd.ca.gov:Richard Rocha,sergio.delagarza@edd.ca.gov:Sergio Delagarza, wendell.crawford@edd.ca.gov:null, wmerlino@rivcoeda.org:Wendy t.edu:Lisa Singer, mbishop@calbaptist.edu:Mike Bishopbward@cflckids.org:Byron ov:Alan Burrafato, ov:Anthony Angel, ccompton@wdd.sbcounty.gov:Curtis Compton, cvenegas@wdd.sbcounty.gov:CynthiaVenegas, jmccall@edd.ca.gov:null, oscar.amaya@edd.ca.gov:Oscar ss.sbcounty.gov:LeEtta TaylorN/Asswanston@wdd.sbcounty.gov:Shellie Swanstoncpickett@hopeservices.org:Chantell Pickett, sgalvin@hopeservices.org:Sean Galvinapriestley@momentummh.org:Anna Priestley, bjohns@momentummh.org:Beth Johns, thired.org:Sharon Winston, lesleyb@projecthired.org:Lesley Boncichcareerhelp@sjsu.edu:null, kelly.masegian@sjsu.edu:Kelly Masegiansvwib@sanjoseca.gov:nullNorth San Jose America s Job Center of CaliforniaHOPE SERVICESCalifornia Department of Rehabilitation San JoseFIRST 5 SANTA CLARA COUNTYGOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITYCentral County Occupational Center (Ccoc)ASIAN LAW ALLIANCEMESA Engineering ProgramSt. Francis of Assistance Network - St. Francis of Assisi ParishWork2future Youth Training CenterSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan JoseSan .gov:null, emma.falk@edd.ca.gov:Emma Falk, gonzalo.alvarez@edd.ca.gov:Gonzalo Alvarez,john.borelli@edd.ca.gov:null, maria.lucero@edd.ca.gov:Maria Lucero, roberto.barrandeguy@edd.ca.gov:Roberto Barrandeguyrdoran@hopeservices.org:Robin Doranjustin.mcintire@dor.ca.gov:Justin McIntire, sjdjobs@dor.ca.gov:Judy Salinasjolene@first5kids.org:JOLENE SMITHstudentaffairs@ggu.edu:STUDENT JOB POSTINGSleafarah@metroed.net:Farah Ubaidullahsccala@pacbell.net:JACKIE MARUHASHIblanca.sanchez@sjsu.edu:Blanca Sanchez-Cruzsfansfoa@gmail.com:Jim Degnanmonique.melchor@sanjoseca.gov:Monique Melchorchristy.norton@ventura.org:Christy Norton, daniel.venegas@edd.ca.gov:Daniel Venegas, david.navarrete@edd.ca.gov:DavidNavarrete, peter.rosales@edd.ca.gov:Peter Rosales, robert.shiverdecker@edd.ca.gov:Robert Shiverdeckergenesa.dawson@ventura.org:Genesa Dawsonsandra.lozano@ventura.org:Sandra LozanoChristy.Norton@ventura.org:Christy Nortonsxh8031@lausd.net:SEDA HOVAKIMIANtflynn@ypiusa.org:Thomas Flynndsantamaria@goodwillsocal.org:Carolyn @navy.mil:KIRSTIN DAVY/ FLEET & FAMILY SUPPORTdanbreakman@yahoo.com:Dan Breakmanelvis.garcia@edd.ca.gov:Elvis Garcia, Jessica.Rangel@edd.ca.gov:Jessica Rangel, jthompson@employmentconnect.org:JonathanThompson, juan.vasquez@edd.ca.gov:Juan Vasquez, shelley.jensen@dor.ca.gov:Shelley Jenson,tcardwell@employmentconnect.org:Tammy Cardwellccompton@wdd.sbcounty.gov:Curtis Compton, h

INTERCOAST COLLEGE Burbank CA 91502 ajabrayan@intercoast.edu:ARAXIE JABRAYAN 8185008400 Becoming Independent Campbell CA 95008 laurab8484@gmail.com:Laura Butera N/A Canoga Park/South Valley WorkSource Center Canoga Park CA 91303 ronald.gomez-hernandez@edd.ca.gov:Ronald Her