History Behind The National Economic Security And .


History Behind the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA)NESARAs reformations are the main tools for implementing important U.S. Supreme Court rulingsmade in January 1993 on several cases filed by farmers living in U.S. Midwest and Mountain statesareas against banks, specific government officials, certain judges, and others. Certain US Generals andAdmirals were supportive of, and one General was co-plaintiff in, the Farmers Cases that went to theUS Supreme Court. You may recall in the 1970s and 1980s there were news reports anddocumentaries about thousands of family farmers losing their farms to foreclosure. Willie Nelson hasbeen doing Farm Aid concerts for years to help these farmers.In the 1980s some of the farmers investigated why there were so many bank foreclosures on theirfarms and discovered certain banks were fraudulently foreclosing on their farms. When these farmersturned to government officials for assistance and filed lawsuits against these banks, they learnedcertain government officials and judges were working in collusion with the banks. The farmers alsolearned that certain aspects of the current Federal Reserve banking system were unconstitutional andpursued their lawsuits through the Federal District Court in Denver and other locations. Some of thefarmers involved in the lawsuits were harassed by the IRS and in turn investigated the IRSinvolvement with the bankers.After years of lawsuits, several of the farmers lawsuits reached the U.S. Supreme Court includingBaskerville and Foster v. Credit Bank of Wichita, Federal Land Bank, and First Interstate Bank of FortCollins from the Denver Federal District Court. For simplicity, I call these cases at the US SupremeCourt the “Farmers Cases”. In early 1993, the nine U.S. Supreme Court judges ruled seven to two infavor of the farmers on all major issues including that the Federal Reserve Banking system wasunconstitutional, that the US has been operating outside the Constitution since March 1933, thatmajor reformations of government and our banking system are required, and that financial redressand remedies must be provided for financial losses due to bank fraud suffered by generations ofAmericans.The farmers involved certain very powerful US military Generals and Admirals in their cases. TheseGenerals and Admirals made it clear to the US Supreme Court judges that they knew the farmerscases were righteous and watched in the courtroom as the US Supreme Court Judges heard the cases.The presence of the Generals and Admirals is why the majority of the judges felt they had to ruleproperly and in favor of the farmers. Because of the extraordinary nature of the necessaryreformations, the Court sealed all court records and put all people directly involved under NonDisclosure agreements (gag orders) until the reformations are publicly and officially announced.The Court had a duty to design and implement reformations to correct the injustices; therefore, theCourt recruited experts in Constitutional Law, banking, economics, and monetary systems to work intask force groups to develop the needed reformations. During the two years these expert groupsdeveloped the reformations, irrefutable proof was provided to the US Supreme Court Judges that the16th Amendment to the Constitution, the income tax amendment, had not been properly ratified. TheJudges had no choice but to include abolishing income taxes in the reformations developmentprocess. It was also found that there had been a definite pattern of federal administrations andCongress ignoring the Constitution in laws passed since 1933.FDR took the US out of Constitutional Law when he declared a national banking emergency andamended the Trading with the Enemy Act in March 1933. Constitutional Law experts working ongovernment reformations determined that to end the pattern of blatant disregard for theConstitution, it would be necessary to require the sitting US administration and US Congress to resign

when Constitutional Law is restored. Following completion of the development of the reformations,the Court appointed certain experts and others to a “committee” which has authority to manage theprocess of announcing and implementing the reformations. Once the reformations were developed,the Court made half-hearted efforts to implement the reformations through an “Accords” agreementprocess with the Clinton administration. During that time, very little progress was made to implementthe reformations. However quantities of the new U.S. Treasury currency backed by gold were printedand shipped to certain banks in the US where the currency has sat in bank vaults for years awaitingthe announcement of the reformations. When NESARA is announced, many more shipments of thenew Treasury currency will be shipped to all banks in the U.S. under guard by U.S. military units.During the years of the Accords process, the Court approved a “claims against the governmentprocess” (also known as Farm Claims or Bank Claims) which was meant to provide specific financialredress to Americans, however, various groups and individuals interfered with the claims process.Finally in 1998, the powerful US military Generals and Admirals consulted with constitutional lawexperts regarding the lack of progress in getting the much-needed reformations implemented. TheGenerals, Admirals, and constitutional law experts all knew the U.S. Supreme Court Judges werepurposely stalling the reformations process. It was decided that the only other way to accomplish thecrucial reformations was to compile all the needed reformations into a law and have the law passedby Congress.The National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) containing required reformations wassubmitted to Congress in 1999 where it sat with little action for almost a year. Late one evening inMarch 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to onlymembers of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. Themembers were immediately accompanied by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respectivevoting chambers where they passed the National Economic Security And Reformation Act.The National Economic Security And Reformation Act provides the following, some of which will takeplace immediately after the official announcement of NESARA which is to be televised live fromWashington, DC:1. Restores Constitutional Law in the USA.2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the nationallevel and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates untilnew elections can take place within six months. All Criminals in Government, the Cabinet andAppointees by the President, and all members of Congress must resign within 72 hours of NESARAsannouncement.3. NESARA US President Designate declares “peace” because NESARA abolishes unconstitutionalstates of emergency.4. As partial remedy for 100 years of government and banking fraud, credit card balances are zeroedout and bank debt relief is given to Americans for bank loans including mortgages, car loans,education loans, business loans, and other bank debt. Banks will be paid 9000 per each credit cardaccount with a balance; these funds were raised in special revenue generating activities in Europe.NESARA requires other bank debts be made self-liquidating loans and US banks are instructed to usenew high revenue generating processes to pay off Americans bank loans.5. Initiates the U.S. Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals.The Federal Reserve is abolished and Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into

the Treasury Bank System. We will be exchanging our Federal Reserve notes, which are not backed bygold, for the US Treasury currency which is backed by gold. Many bank personnel have already beentrained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some banks vaults.6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items asrevenue for government. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items are exempt fromthe sales tax.The NESARA law requires that a minimum of one time each year, there must be an effort made toannounce NESARA. Three current US Supreme Court judges control the committee in charge ofNESARAs announcement. The Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARAsannouncement; thus each year NESARA has been blocked from being announced. Due to the gagorder on NESARA, it is difficult for true NESARA supporters to learn exactly what has happened tostop NESARA from being announced. In many ways, our country is facing the worst crisis of its history:More Americans are unemployed, drowning in debt, and living in poverty than anytime since WorldWar II Our government irresponsibly races to assume more debt on top of highest historical debts.Our military lose their lives in battles for greedy corporations gains. Our elections revolve around lies,bribery, and betrayals. We do not hear “truth” in our media; the media is controlled by opponents ofAmericans and Americas Constitutional Law.NESARA By Mark Huber:http://grt-intel.com/m-n topics/nesara announcement.htm PEACE and PROSPERITY The US & CANADA are about to share the benefits of the most humanitarianand revolutionary event the world has ever seen. NESARA brings PEACE, WORLDWIDE PROSPERITYand INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC BENEFITS. As the USA is the bastion of FREEDOM in this world,NESARA has to be implemented there along with Canada, UK & Australia. Other countries will followin a sequential order. In October 2000, after being passed by Congress, President Bill Clinton signedthe National Economic and Security and Reformation Act (NESARA): 160 nations, including CANADA,have agreed by treaty at the World Court (International Court of Justice in the Hague) to supportthese improvements.This is the beginning of what has been termed the Golden Age, prophesied since biblical times. Behindthe scenes right now it is hectic . and the Illuminati frantic. Alan Greenspan’s 1966 article explainedthe benefits of a gold-backed currency and this will be welcomed in international financial markets, asbusiness worldwide will receive a tremendous boost from NESARA. Some experts will lecture forabout 36 hours on TV explaining NESARA, in detail, once the initial public announcement has beenmade. Don’t miss it! Until its official announcement, all government, banking, military, intelligence,Congressional, business, and other personnel and officials who have had to be informed aboutNESARA due to their professional duties, have been sworn to secrecy and would be charged withtreason if they even admit that it exists, on account of sensitive information that could result in thecrashing of the stock and commodity markets, and causing massive economic problems worldwide.The Corporate USA is Bankrupt, now. The Republic–We The People–is safe inside NESARA Law. Sodon’t be concerned about the Criminal Bankers as their bankrupcy will NOT affect NESARA funds oraccessing funds after Announcement. The announcement has been delayed by the wiles of theinternational bankers, who would lose control over the nations of this world when it is introduced,but we are now at the point of its implementation worldwide. To give you an idea of what is at stakehere, here are just some of the NESARA improvements:-

All banks become TREASURY banks and new currency, backed by precious metals, is issued on a onefor one basis.American and Canadian BANK DEBTS: your home mortgage, bank car loan, college education andother loans are forgiven if you are an American or Canadian citizen, as part of the compensationprogram for bank fraud.CREDIT CARD balances (again, on American & Canadian banks – and many major department stores ormerchants as well) – are zeroed-out immediately, for both American and Canadian citizens andLanded Immigrants.CCRA is DISBANDED and all INCOME TAX – both personal and business – (which never did go to anygovernment in Canada or the States) – is abolished; and compensation for this fraud also paid out.Likewise, the US Federal Reserve & their collection agent: IRS will be disestablished and replaced byUS Treasury Banks after a bank holiday removes the criminals and any criminal hardware orsoftware and reopens as US Treasury Banks perhaps under the same name as before but with‘new’ management.GenSalesTax is replaced with a straight sales tax, on new, non-essential goods and servicesNESARA Law is the Law of the Land, with sovereign citizenship, restoration of the Constitution; allstatutory laws are cancelled; all cases on the books are stopped, judges, attorneys and lawenforcement officers must receive 30 days of re-training in Constitutional and Common Law beforeany more cases are adjudicated.A near total amnesty will be granted to most ones now in jails and prisons and President Obama hasordered a case by case review of all ones incarcerated under statute laws. Most will be released andreparations for unlawful detainment is being considered for those cases that would not have beencriminal under Constitutional or Common Law.Most of the GOVERNMENT RESIGNS – many members, past and present, charged with Treason;temporary Prime Minister installed in Canada; followed by elections with constitutionally acceptablecandidates. In the USA, President Obama and NON-Criminals elected after 10/1/08 may remain aspart of the transition gov’t since the US was placed Inside NESARA Law on that date by Lady MasterNada and the King of Swords, by the authority granted by the International Court of Justice (Worldcourt) in March of 1999.Lady Master Nada was appointed by the World Court as International Special Prosecutor with powerto dissolve courts and arrest any International Criminals wherever they may be located on the planet.At least 100,000 Cases have bee

and revolutionary event the world has ever seen. NESARA brings PEACE, WORLDWIDE PROSPERITY and INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC BENEFITS. As the USA is the bastion of FREEDOM in this world, NESARA has to be implemented there along with Canada, UK & Australia. Other countries will follow in a sequential order. In October 2000, after being passed by Congress, President Bill Clinton signed