Angel Wings: The History Behind The Little Company Of Mary


Vol. 10, Issue 1Newsletter for The Little Company of Mary Nursing School AlumniAngel Wings: The History Behind The Little Company of Mary CapBy Janet Tuohy Terra, '65of the early days' began to resurface.look backupon yourlife thatthemomentsyou havemoments whenin the spirit ofThis very extraordinary design beganas a contest in the early 1950 s. Thedesire to create a new design for thecommon nurses cap had spreadthroughout the school and the alumni.Cap companies, students, alumni andstaff were invited to submit entries fora vote.And the Winner is:Marilyn was taking an origamiclass. She folded and unfolded for awhile and came up with an interestingdesign. She sewed a mock designherself, putting in stitching to markthe folds. She used double sided cuf links and a gold collar bar and therest is history. The design was thenengineered by her father's friend andpresented for the judges decision. flILCMAhnnni ReunionLuncheon 2003CaR lOur Classmatesfamily,accomplished somethingalways dreamed about . becoming anurse. The cap she wore was anoutward symbol of who she was,and how hard she worked to be anurse. She told me she will probablystop wearing it one day, but fornow she wanted to wear this visiblesymbol of her pride for the nursingprofession.I decided to learn some historyabout our LCMH cap. It is really aunique cap, with a lot of meaningcontained in its wings. I took out mycap (I save everything) and memoriesThe Little Company of MarySchool of Nursing Annual AlumniLuncheon will take place onSaturday, October 18, 2003 at theHilton Inn of Oak Lawn. We aremost grateful to the Class of 58 forhosting our special gathering thisyear and the continued renewing offriendships. Of course, all graduatesare invited and encouraged to attend,but we will be especially acknowledging our Anniversary Classes:1938 (65 yrs), 1943 (60 yrs), 1948(55 yrs), 1953 (50 yrs), 1958 (45yrs), 1963 (40 yrs), 1968 (35 yrs),1978 (25 yrs), 1983 (20 yrs).This year's hospital tour willinclude an opportunity to visit theNew Cancer Center and BehavioralHealth Department, as well as revisitareas of cherished memories. The000Reserve a Table!Mass of Remembrance is always atouching and prayerful experienceand a wonderful way to begin ourday and celebration together.Celebrants of MassFr. Tom Purtell, Pastor,St. John Fisher ParishFr. Joe Kinane, BrotherJoan Kinane Evans, '53, RIPMusiciansDr. Joe Gallagher, OboeAnna Belle O'Shea, FluteAndy Perz, OrganPeg Schneider, CantorScheduleTour of the Hospital- 9:45 a.m.Mass of Remembrance - 11:00 a.m.Reception-HiltonInn-12:00pm.Luncheon and Program - 1:00 p.m.1

LCM Nurse Alumni Honored: MARIE McFADDEN RUFF, '56How proud the hospital community was this past May whenMARIE McFADDEN RUFF '56 wasname by NURSING SPECTRUM,Angel Wings .(The Career Fitness Magazine forRN'S by RN'S) and honored asNURSE EXECUTIVE of the YEARfor the GREATER CmCAGO AREA.Continuedfi'Oln page one.nervous atthe presentation "Ma:ilyn toldHer selection came about becauseof the swell and admiration of over700 employees who endorsedMarie's nomination and affirmed theimpact she has had on the practice ofnursmg mhospital since1956. Overand more spiritual meaning. Ihave been called My Angel of Care"by my patients and that has touch myheart. The cap is made of soft white.cotton that is starched hard to retamItS shape. There are. four 'soft. pleatsat the crown to.' slgmfyfaIth,hope".'. .charity andprudem:e.Thegold . . . .bar.thatholdsthe pleats togethersignifies unity. There are two bu tons at the back that represent W1Sh Thdom and moral.strengt .' tethe years shehas heldnumerous,.dpOSItIOnsanh er d eep, crea t'IVI&k'llty. s 1success. ledher rOQres. PI bS1\ e) to e.m\ 'td to fur1ebe the new Little Company of Marynurses cap. Her class was the first towear the cap in 1953 as Juniors.wings symbolIZe a gn'lllg p 0 God all that the weare: ,nIl do IIIthe per orman e of bemg a urse.ther responsible leadership at thehospital.:i\lmie \yill be retiring from herIs. . .Marilyn still folding and nursding? In aways:e I!2f : rneT"u: u: v 8, H 4her!ms dseven chIldren wlthm 1 years,(that's a lot of diaper foldmg),. andworked in doctors offices whIle she. I mISSwfi ap at tImes. .1lIkedthe eeeal gmg.o tfhbe. emgre.cogniz a sal1]-,DM aduate. Nu s are a special group of people, butnursing has become such an expanded profession. Sometimes it is necessaryto. change and grow with theposition as Vice President of Patient '!Ie Ser\Tig j \Yhi h§he h(l h I(:L smce 1988, What a deserved gIft,this recognition, as she leaves thedaily pressures and decisions ofhealthcare,raised her children. When heryoungest was 14 yrs. old she wentback to school for under-graduatetimes . 'l'hephysical presence of thec p mayh.e?one,butit'ssymbolismWIll remam mour hearts forever .One of mall\ touching remarkssummarized \Yh t is felt and knownabout Marie " Iarie is successfulM4rilynJOrdanHkkey,'54me '. "Thedesign wasPrettyunique". .Staff, students andalumni votedherdesigntoJlarie JlcFadden Ruff,R.S., '56, receiving theSllrsing Spectrum4zl'ard".work. Then she completedT a k you.I her h IatIvlty.YourMa.rfilyndfOrhyotu tgl tan w a I crecon",.Masters Degree m. cbmca',tmues to sym 0 lze 1"lor us ISogy and set up pnvate counselmgstIe ernafor individuals and f:amI'I'Ies.Two. important updates onAlthough she has an office now inMarilynher home, she is cutting down her-This clinical psychologist alsopractice. Marilyn is active in manyowns a gas station in Portland,projects to continue her calling as aOregon and has been known to runnurse. She says her philosophy ofthis business is to 'live with love. That was--Tom, Marilyn's husband of 43certainly evident in my conversationsyears, died 3 years ago. To honorbecause she has .the courage to standup for her convlctlOns m relatlOn. toanything that is best for the patIents.She lives compassionately and th atcompassion has helped turn livesaround. Marie is a role model, mentor, teacher, friend and supporter.Her presence will be sorely missed."ALUMNILINK SALUTESMARIE, as do her classmates &those of us who are honored andwith her. Her enthusiasmandzestfor life are contagious .'. ' . Our cap isa visible and uniqu.esign unlike any other. It has beenrecognized by those in the. medicalprivileged to be called NURSE.profession around the country.Behind the. folds exists .a deeperhis memory, she built a Church inEast Tijuana & it was named St.Joseph, the husband of Mary."If at first you do succeed, trysomething harder."2

CLASS NOTESAlumni We've Heard From .GERALDINE RODEO URYCKI,('49) - Hickory Hills, Ill. I juststarted volunteering at LittleCompany of Mary's Cancer ResourceCenter. I've seen many of the peopleI worked with for over forty years,and I'm enjoying it very much.MARY KNOTH JAVORSKIBOROWY, ('49) - Hometown, Ill.I married Fred on October 16, 1999in beautiful Maria Lanakila CatholicChurch in Maui, Hawaii and becamea grandmother on October 1, 2001.GLADYS DUBRICKLINSENBARDT, ('50) - Las Vegas,Nev. I sure wish I could make itback there for a reunion luncheon.In the meantime, I look forward tothe pictures and photos in thene\yskner.MARTHA SALATO RALSTON,('50) - Longmont, Colo. I wouldenjoy hearing from my classmates 8952 Audobon Ct., Longmont,Colorado, 80503. I'm retired nowand I miss the operating room positions I've held over the years. It'sgood to hear about the changes atLCMH and I remember the fourfloor building when we graduated.I'm sorry I can't make it to Illinois.IRMA TREVISAN ROLLER,('51) - Arlington, Ill. Married,raised seven children and have sevengrandchildren. Busy with volunteering at our Nurses Club LendingCloset and doing some physical therapy and activities at a nursing home.FLORENCE PAOLELLASTAPLETON, ('51) - ColoradoSprings, Colo. I retired in June of95 and lasted 18 months. I'm back towork on call (per diem) 6-8days/month, enough to keep me current, but not enough to tie me down.I have my BS and MS through thecollege of St. Francis in Joliet. I'mworking AM Admit (Amb.Care) andthe focus is education of patients andfacilitating entrance into the hospitalfor surgical procedures. A veryrewarding position! I submitted myresignation in 2001 but put it on holddue to a nursing shortage.VIRGINIA SCHOMIG KRASS,('51) - Arksdale, Wis. I thoroughlyenjoyed our 50th reunion last year.It's really amazing how 50 years canfade away. Pleasant days and pleasant memories - those three yearswere the best investment I couldhave made for all the good yearsahead. If anyone has informationabout Dolores Moore or LavernePorop, please pass it on to me. Ihave been thankful to keep in touchwith my two room-mates, FlorencePaolella and Irma Roller and I'malways interested in news from anyof my classmates. P.S. Try and"Escape to Wisconsin."EMILY DVORAK FIELD, ('51) Westchester, Ill.Thank you for the very nicenewsletter.DIANE PORTER RYDER, ('52) Nashville, Tenn.I wish I could have joined my classmates of 50 years ago. However,due to my husband's Lou Gehrig'sdisease, I am unable to leave him. Iwould be thrilled to have a tour ofthe hospital and celebrate Mass inthe chapel. I have seen neither sinceleaving LCM in 1952. I send myvery best to all of you!CAROLINEKEMPEN SINK,('52) - The Villages,Fla. My husbandand I are also celebrating our 50thWedding Anniversary on April 19th.JOY DEPEW REGALDO, ('52),RIP - Barling, Ariz. Beloved classmate - many have spoken of thisgreat woman of spirit and dedication.Her death brought many testimonialsof her gift as a nurse, mentor andfriend. The Joy RegaldoEndowment Fund has been established in her honor to sponsor nursing scholarships at EasternOklahoma State College, where shefounded the nursing program. Bornherself into poverty in the Ozarks,she sought an education to better herself, entered nursing at LCM andcontinued a career until her death ofmaking a generous difference, especially with the disadvantaged andculturally diverse poplulation inOklahoma. Both her husband, Billand only son, preceded her death onJanuary 7, 2002.PATT REIDY STAPLETON, ('54)- Crestwood, Ill.I thoroughly enjoy receiving theAlumniLink. It's amazing how manyfamiliar names and faces appear ineach issue. My husband, Steve, andI are retired and eagerly anticipatingthe arrival of our 12th grandchild in3

April. I am looking forward to thenext AlumniLink.MARYHUPPENTHALMAZZOCCO, ('55)- Mesa, Ariz. I amenjoying retirementin Arizona. I keepbusy with volunteering for BannerHome Care, a Wellness Program, theMesa Police Department and theCommunity College. Our travelgroups take many trips and recentlywe went to the Grand Canyon andplan for New Mexico in the Spring.MARIE MARCHESSAULT VANLIEDEKERKE, ('55) - West End,N.C. Thank you for AlumniLink most enjoyable.HELENE ROSINKELILEIKLIS,('59)- Potomac, Md.After living in California for 35years, we moved to Potomac,Maryland, approximately 10 milesnorthwest of Washington, D.C. in1996 and this was due to my husband, Chuck's job transfer. We enjoyliving in this interesting Mid-Atlanticarea.MAUREEN BARRY LARSEN,('59) - Brookfield, Ill. I'm retiredafter 32 years at the Chicago Boardof Education as a school nurse. Myhusband, Chuck & I have been traveling extensively. We have visitedseven continents. We now have twowonderful grand- daughters - ages 3yrs to 6 months.COLLETTEGLORIA FALBO ADAMONIS,('56) - Oak Lawn, Ill. I was out ofthe country at the time of the luncheon, out pleasesay"Hlrlfo-mfclassmates of 56.DONNA CLAY MANNING, ('58) Scottsdale, Ariz. I was unable toattend the Alumni Luncheon last yearand am looking forward to seeing the70th Anniversary Book of photos andmemories in "A Healing Presence."DELANEY KELLYGOBLE, ('60) - Rockford, Ill. Mybeloved husband, Paul, died ofmetastatic cancer & I retired as a certified school nUl-Seto care for him &we had some true quality time or Ishould say, years of living.Following his death I kept busyworking part- time as a school nurseuntil this year. My life now has completely changed and with God's help,I am able to live and love again. Irecently married a dear friend of oursof 26 years. Tom's wife, and a bestfriend of mine, had a stroke severalyears ago. He and Paul were bestbuds' too. Our families & friends areMARILYN PECA VOITIK, ('58) Joliet, Ill.I was sorry to hear of the death ofSr. Carmelita. She was inspiring anda very kind and understanding person.all overjoyed at our marriage andnew life together. We both enjoytravel and so much more - we're blestCARMELLAFORLENZAand happy to have found love againand with a best friend' is a bonus!MCCURRIE, ('59) - Palos Heights,Ill. I really appreciate receiving theAlumniLink.JEANNETTE MCMAHONMITALO, ('62) - Palatine, Ill.I'm still working at NorthwestCommunity Hospital - Urgent Careand ER (fast track). I have twograndsons - Eric 4 & Jake 1 .GLORIA SKVARCE ASKEW,('62) - Wadsworth, Ill. I looked forward to our class reunion of 40 years& helping Nancy in anyway I could.CHRISTINE DUBIEL LOVERO,('62) - Bolingbrook, Ill. It is alwaysgood to hear from the AlumniLink. Ilove hearing about everyone - thestories are inspiring and uplifting.LCM is the best and more appreciated through the years! I can barelyrealize we have celebrated 40 years.WOW! Thanks for Nancy MeansKaz s faithful service& Peg Schneider!JANET MCNALLY,('63) - Denver,ColoradoATTENTION:THE ---.----CLASS OF 63 WILLBE CELEBRATING OUR 40THANNIVERSARY IN THE FALL OF-.2003 IN COLORADO. I'd appreciate a notice in the AlumniLink - forthose classmates who have not heardyet from us. They can contact me atJanetMcnally@MSN.COM.EMILY MUCCIANTEHARRISON, ('64) - Clarkston,Mich. The older I become, the moreI value the training and ideas I wastaught at LCM. (Truly!)(Emily is the former Sr. M. Cyril,LCM).MARGARET NOSAL PAPPAS,('65) - Erie, Pa.Please send me information on thenext Alumni Luncheon in October -Iplan to attend.4

KATHLEEN DRIESSENGILMARTIN, ('66) - Plainfield,IllinoisN ow that I am back in the area II'm still working part-time at LittleCompany of Mary/ICU and I'm alsoan RN consultant in the developmental disabilities field.hope to get to the reunions.ARRIE DUNBAR CHRISTAIN,('82) - Richton Park, Ill. I wasexcited about attending the reunion because of previous commitments.This was my first reunion.DR. BONNIE MCMAHONMARY RITA GOOD JENSEN,('66) - Harsberg, Mo. The July2002 feature article headline of theTAYLOR, ('69) - Chicago, Ill. Iwas grateful to have received the1999 Humanitarian Award from theJefferson City Senior Times reads:MARY JANSEN: A LADY WITHA MISSION.Mary Rita is theDirector of Hospice of Jefferson Cityand Mid-Missouri & the affiliatedIllinois PsychologicalAssociation.Friendship House. For more then 15years she has dedicated herself to theexpansion of these much needed services. Last May she was selected asone of 25 women chosen by theJefferson City Chapter of ZontaInternational to be honored as their'Women of Achievement. Her list of,:oInmendations and accolades for the\'.ork she has been doing for so manyciesened. \rhat is the philosophy ofthis lady with a mission? To getthe job done no matter what!"::dany people," she explained, "thinkyou can't do a job unless completelyprepared for it," but she doesn't subscribe to this premise. "Sometimes,you have to jump right in and giveit your best shot. If you fail thefirst time, try again." It's this kindof tenacity that has seen Hospicegrow from a small upstairs apartmentto the fully-restored house and annexthat it is today. What looks like amission impossible to many was justanother challenge to Mary RitaJensen.PATRICIA MUNGOVANHERBAS, ('67) - Oak Lawn, Ill.PAT FINERAN CARLSON, ('72),daughter of MAUREENO'DONNELL FINERAN, ('43),Chicago, Ill. Pat was seriouslyinjured in a car accident in June2002. She sustained traumatic braininjury and was airlifted toNorthwestern Memorial Hospital,where she worked as a clinical supervisor in Orthopedic's. She was in acoma for six weeks in the Neuro ICUand when she became medically stable, \vas transfened to theRehabilitation Institute of Chicagofor restorative therapy. She is athome since December and diligentlycared for by her husband of twoyears, Alan and her daughters, Annand Kathy. There have been numerous setbacks. Her recovery hasbecome a long & painstaking process, but with quality therapy athome & loving support, we pray shewill continue to improve.CATHERINE LARZ WILK, ('79)- Glen Ellyn, Ill.I would like to be able to tour theLCM hospital at reunion time andsee the changes and what hasremained. I think it could also be agood recruitment means for LCMH.SR. M. CHRISTINE KOUBA,O.S.B. ('84) - Lisle, Ill. Sister celebrated her 50th anniversary ofvowed life on June 23, 2002. Sheresides at Sacred Heart Convent,1910 Maple Ave., Lisle, Ill. 60532.Sr. Christine was a teacher and principal in various Catholic elementaryschools before becoming a nurse. Acelebration for her and her brother,Rev. John Kouba, S.D.S., his 50thanniversary of ordination, was heldin their hometown, Hillsboro,Wisconsin in July. Memory quiltswere presented to both of them. Oneof Sister Christine's embroideredquilt squares was a copy of the LCMSchool of Nursing pin submitted byher cousin, Mary Hladik Houchins,58. Sister can be reached at (708)969-7040. Her email address, hercousin, can be reached at RRI, Box280, Princeton, Indiana, 47670 (812) 385-2903.tion our classmates wnoarenowdeceased, we wanted you to knowthat on May 151 each year, themonth dedicated to Mary, a Massis celebrated in our hospital chapelat 3:30 p.m. for the intention of allour deceased Little Company ofMary Nurse Alumni.5

Join Fellow Classmates in Chicago's Race For the Cure!This is a major fundraiser for theMaureen GrantMulryan, Class ofCoChair of RaceMark YourCalendar -Susan G. Koman Breast CancerFoundation. Seventy-five percent ofand joinyour fellowclassmatesthis October4th for the7th annualfunds raised locally stay in theChicagoland area. LCM CancerCenter has been the proud recipient of2 grants in the past. The other 25 percent is used to fund the KomenCHICAGO72 - RACE FORTHE CURE.National Grant and Research Program.For information on the LCM team,contact Mary Alice Cullina, '72(708-229-5566).LCM Nurse Alumni - Volunteer OpportunitiesStay connected toLittleCompany ofMaryHospital bybecoming avolunteer!-We areGerry Rodeo Urycki, '49,lookingforCancer Center Volunteer friendly,energetic, positive people to join ourvolunteer program. Who better thannurses like yourselves? You bringnot only a wealth of experience, butalso the Little Company of MaryHospital tradition of compassion incaring for others. We have manyopportunities available throughoutthe hospital where your time andtalents are welcome and appreciated.Here are just a few:Cancer Center CommunityResource Library Vounteer:Assist patient, family members andthe community in learning moreabout the latest research in cancer.Help keep the library stocked withpamphlets and books about differenttypes of cancers.Nursing Unit Volunteers:Help our busy nursing staff, visitpatients, run errands, filing and manyother tasks to help the nursing unitrun smoothly.For more information about therace or affiliate, contact MaureenGrant Mulryan, '72 (773-779-7966)or or this website, Shortage - LCMNurse Alumni and ScholarshipSupportAs we all know, sick people needto be taken care of - patients will forgive hospitals and healthcare professionals many things, but they willforgive dereliction in performing fundamental tasks - basic physical care.In this country there is a wide spreadshortage of qualified nurses to deliverthis care at the bedside.Nurses form the heart ofAdult Day Care Volunteers:Help brighten up the day for all ourclients--Assistwithexercise, crafts,breakfast, lunches, sit and visit .comfort & care for them.Greeter/Escorter Volunteer:Put on a smile and greet our patientsand family members coming into thehospital, help make them feel thatthey are in good Comp

the presenta- have been called My Angel of Care" tion " by my patients and that has touch my Ma:ilyn told heart. The cap is made of soft white. numerous . Marilyn is active in many owns a gas station in Portland, tor, teacher