Master Key Systems Examples, Functions And Solutions.


Master Key SystemsExamples, functionsand solutions.

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsCustomised access managementwith mechanical key systems2

Table of contents010702141618202224262803323334Your trustworthy partner forsmart access solutions Mechanical key systems – Keepyour keys under control Customised access management – Cleverly organised withmaster key systemsApplications Locking systems for privatehomes Central locking systems forapartment buildings Business offices and departments Education Hospital Hotel Theatres and cinemas Train stationsFunctions Self changing cylinder: Modification to the access authorisation in no time Double key override function Restricted movement Cylinder(Classroom Function) Coloured key clips Emergency override keyfunction Elevator control and switchcylinder Furniture cylinders Freewheel cylinders for gearoperated and emergency locks3536373839404142 Extreme protection – increasedburglary protection Padlock Secure Access Temporary – SAT Duplo function Protection mechanism againstdust, weather and insects Thermally insulated cylinder – TIC Thumbturn WC or bathroom cylinder dormakaba modular system Cylinder types Mechatronic and electronic Security card as user ID Applications or OEM Surfaces finishes Combination of functions –reversible key systems Combination of functions –serrated key systems We make access in lifesmart and secure3

Our brand promiseWe stand for trust.With over 150 years of experience and millions of productsand solutions installed worldwide – from push button locksand door closers to highlycomplex, networked accesssolutions with smartphoneaccess – dormakaba is yourreliable partner for secure andflexible access to buildings androoms.01


dormakabaMaster Key SystemsYour trustworthy partnerfor smart access solutionsNo matter where you need innovative, reliable access and security solutions,we are there for you with our high-quality portfolio: in hotels, shops, sportsfacilities, airports, hospitals, at home or in the office.We are one of the top three companies for access control and securitysolutions in the global market. We provide everything you need for secureaccess to buildings and rooms, all from one single source.More than 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners are readyto assist you in over 130 countries. So no matter where you are, you canbenefit from our range of future-oriented products, solutions and servicesthat give you a sustainable sense of security.6

Mechanical key systemsKeep your keys under controlAs infrastructure grows exponentially, sodoes the need to support this developmentwith adequate security systems. Increasedaccess points result in multiple locks thatrequire efficient security management. This iswhere the dormakaba master key systemscome in, by enabling access according to ourcustomers’ requirements and using entryrestrictions to their advantage.A master key system is a key plan wherebyselected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors. It extensively analyses andassesses our customers’ requirements.Moreover, it can deliver solutions for even themost complex access management challenges and helps maintain better control, saveskey replacement costs and is convenient, asthere are a lower number of keys in circulation. It also provides quick access to all roomswithin the premises, e.g. for security staff andmanagement personnel. This is not onlyconvenient but can save lives in case ofemergency.With a mechanical key system, you control your keys and access rights, providingquick access to all rooms within the premises and saving key replacement costs.7

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsCustomised access managementCleverly organised with master keysystemsMaster key systems is a complete product range that providesthe most extensive access security solutions, which can becustomised for large facilities to smaller solutions for nichecustomer profiles. The various typologies of dormakaba masterkey systems are as illustrated below:Key to Differ (KD)KDEach cylinder can be operated by its own key.KAKAKAKA8KDKDKeyed Alike (KA)Several cylinders with the samepermutation can be opened bythe same key.KD

Master Key SystemsCommon LockSystems (CK)CKKDKDEach key opens only its own cylinder andthe centrally locking system (e.g. thecommon entrance in an apartment block).KDKDMaster Key System (MK)KDKDEach cylinder is opened by its own individualkey and by the master key.KDKDMKKDKDKDKDMK1KDKDKDKDGMKMK2Grand Master Key System (GMK)Each cylinder is opened by its own individual key,the master key and the grand master key.9

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsKDKDKDKDKDKDMK1MK2KDKDGMKGGMKComplex Master Key SystemIndividual keys or master keys belonging to different groups of cylinders canopen one or more cylinders belonging to other groups and can be extendedto the great grand master key system (GGMK).10




dormakabaMaster Key SystemsLocking systems for private homesConvenience and security in oneHome is where we feel the most secure and a solutionthat can reinforce that feeling is a boon to families in anypart of the world.Master key systems can be applied to various residentialestablishments – from small houses to large apartmentsor villas and from multistoried mansions to high riseapartment complexes.In a house, for example, a keyed alike system could beimplemented in such a way that the house owners wouldbe able to open all the rooms of the house with one singlekey. So besides the front door, you can also open your letterbox, cellar, garage and many other doors with a single key.The children of the house would be given a key that wouldonly open the front door and their bedrooms.With the dormakaba lock cylinder and SAT (Secure AccessTemporary) function domestic help would only be able toaccess the front door – if the proprietor key has activatedthe service function.A master key system would ensure an added level ofsecurity and greater convenience to granting and restricting access to one’s home.01Service Area02Guest Toilet03Bedroom 1Windows and patio handle locks04Bedroom 205Bedroom 306Toilet 10107Toilet 2Secure Access Temporary – SATfor service personnel02WC cylinderMain door with possible functions Thermally insulated cylinder for passive houses Extreme protection – VdS increased burglary protection Protection mechanism against dust, weather and insects Secure Access Temporary – SAT Double key override function – BSZ Self changing cylinder: Modification to the accessauthorisation in no timeGround Floor14

ApplicationsProprietor keyparentsUser keychildrenService keydomestic helpMain doorBedroom 1Service areaBedroom 3Bedroom 2Balcony 2Balcony 10507WC cylinder0604WC cylinder03Access to furniture withyour individual keyThumbturn at the insideThumbturn at the insideFirst Floor15

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsCentral locking systems forapartment buildingsSecurity and organisationMaster key systems are used in apartment buildings. Maindoors like the entrances to underground car parks andbasements can be opened and closed by all tenants withtheir assigned apartment keys. However no key will openthe door of another apartment. Master key systems canbe expanded so that letterboxes, basement storagecompartments or secure car parking in the communalgarage can be assigned to the apartment key, thusreserving access for the respective tenant.Tenants need carry only one key around with them for allrooms. So caretakers do not have to procure, issue andsupervise separate keys for communal doors. And theirkeys, in turn, only provide relevant access to doors like themain entrance and central communal and maintenanceareas.01Cellar02Workshop roomElevator control03Elevator08Cellar compartmentwith padlocks04Bicyle room05Wash room01Bicycle room with bicycle lock06Entrance hall0307Letter box0408Apartment0609Store room02Workshop room0905Ground Floor16

ApplicationsCentral locking for shared roomsMaindoorBicycleroomIndividual keyfor apartment 1Apartment 1Padlock cellarcompartmentBalconyBicycle lockLetter boxWashroomStoreroomIndividual keyfor apartment 2Apartment 2Padlock cellarcompartmentBalconyBicycle lockIndividual keyfor caretakerWorkshoproomElevatorcontrolLetter boxApartment 1 Door with additional lock inside08Apartment 2 Self changing cylinder –the cylinder with 3 lives07First FloorLetter boxMain door with possible functions Extreme protection – VdS increasedburglary protection Protection mechanism against dust,weather and insects Double key override function – BSZ17

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsBusiness offices and departmentsIncreased security with master keysystemsMaster key systems are ideal for offices and can besuccessfully applied in any commercial or private officespace regardless of its size. A master key system not onlyincreases security but also grants greater access convenience to the shared spaces between various departments. For example, each department in the office wouldneed common access to the conference room door as it’sa shared space. However the R & D room would beopened by a single masterkey held only by the head of thedepartment owing to the extra security requirements ofthe department. This means that role-based accessrights can be assigned for each employee with just onekey.Master key systems can efficiently exclude and includeentry according to a carefully prepared plan that enhances the working processes, access convenience and securityprotocols. Massive signature working environments inalmost every corner of the world have substantiallybenefitted from our master key systems.01Emergency exit02IT server room03Toilets04Lift08Elevator control05LobbyWC cylinder06Commercial07Conference roomsIndividual key for external service providor08Product marketing09R&D0302040710Sales11Conference roomsEmergency exitwith possible functions Open escape routes with freewheel cylinders according toFZG approval Protection mechanism againstdust, weather and insects18050106Ground Floor

ApplicationsGMKMK2CommercialIT roomMK3Product use keepingEmergencyexitConferenceroomProduct marketingMain doorToilets08Self changing cylinder: Modification to theaccess authorisation in no time03Access to furniture withHR key – sensitive documents1110Double key override function– opens even if a key is inside0908First FloorMain door with possible functions Extreme protection – VdS increasedburglary protection Protection mechanism against dust,weather and insects Coloured key for easy orientation19

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsEducationComplex door situationsincluding classroomsEducational institutions have evolved from simple classroom structures and today have grown to massivecomplexes that accommodate multiple learning facilities.With numerous access points within a campus, maintaining a traditional key system can be very cumbersome andunsafe for the school management. That is where masterkey systems can substantially increase security.Small schools to large university campuses can greatlybenefit from the increased security and hassle freeoperating mechanism of our master key systems.Further functions like lockers with furniture cylinders orthe classroom function increase the security of thelocation and can also fit into the master key system.01Classroom02Staff room03Toilets05Access to furniturewith computer lab key0104Office05Computer lab06Seminar room07Activity area01Classroom / clutch function – security withthumbturn inside and guaranteed keyoperation from the outsideWC cylinder0308LibraryDouble key override function– opens even if a key is inside0201012004

ApplicationsGGMKGMK1House keepingMK1GMK2Head of staffMK2ClassroomToiletToiletClassroomMK3Staff roomStaff roomComputer labSeminarroomLibraryOffice030607First floor08Locker – access to furnitureGround floor21

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsHospitalSecure sensitive areasMedical care facilities have several highly sensitive areasand hence regulating access becomes critical. In such abusy environment access control has to be made operationally very convenient and at the same time, technicallyfail proof. Implementation of a master key system to bothsmall clinics as well as large hospitals can increase theirefficiency considerably. By applying a master key system,a medical care facility could ensure much faster access toemergency facilities like operation theatres and at thesame time strictly restrict access to hazardous areas withradioactive equipment.Medical care facilities across the globe rely on master keysystems from dormakaba to ensure highly safe andsecure medical environments for the patients, professionals and people in general.0701X-ray room02Administration03WardsProtection mechanism against dust,weather and insectsElevator Control0704Coloured key clipfor easy orientation04Toilets05Consultation rooms0306Information desk07Operation theatres05Open escape routes with freewheel cylinders according toFZG approval04WC cylinder03Classroom – security with thumbturninside and guaranteed key operationfrom the outside020122

ApplicationsGGMKEmergencyexitMain doorGMK1MK4AdministrationWardsMK1MK2House onDoctorsConsultationroomsOperation theatreWardsX-rayWC cylinderClassroom function – security with thumbturn inside and guaranteedkey operation from the outside05Double key override function –opens even if a key is inside050406Main door with possible functions Extreme protection – VdS increasedburglary protection Protection mechanism againstdust, weather and insects23

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsHotelSafe temporary homeA guest might select a hotel based on their preference forluxurious amenities, ambience or culinary reputation. Butevery time they walk into a hotel, a temporary home in aforeign land, the most important assurance sought issecurity, both of space – the room, and of personalinformation. A master key system can provide totalsecurity and convenience for both the guest and the hoteloperator. Typical “back of house” hotel applicationsrequire secure locking in operational areas such as Food &Beverage management, Housekeeping as well as deliveryzones. These areas are where valuable provisions andequipment needs to be securely managed. Guest Servicesand Financial Management areas are also where bothvaluable personal and financial information are processedand stored.Staffing in hotels is very dynamic with multiple shiftsacross any given day necessitating locking systems whichoffer high levels of security, functionality and ease ofmanagement. High staff turnover means the lockingsystem needs to be able to provide the operator withsecure unauthorised key copy protection and key management systems.Master key systems with the dormakaba “Smart” keyscan also work in concert with electronic door access cardsand time in attendance systems. Its expandability, as thefacility grows, means that for hotel and resort ownersthey can be confident their future plans can be accommodated with ease.01Spa02Lounge0303House keeping04Toilets05Gym06Restaurant07Guest roomThumbturn at the inside of guest roomsWC cylinder inside of guest rooms07Access to furniture with guest key04WC cylinderDuplo funtion access onlywhen deadbolt is open0302Main door with possible functions Extreme protection – VdS increasedburglary protection Protection mechanism against dust,weather and insects0124

ApplicationsGMKMK1Floor managerMK3SpaMK2House keepingGuest roomsEmergencyexitMain doorToiletsSpaGymRestaurantHouse keepingOpen escape routes with free-wheelcylinders according to FZG approval07Guest room with coloured keyfor easy indentificationProtection mechanism against dust, weather and insectsElevator control0504Classroom – security with thumbturninside and guaranteed key operation fromthe outside0625

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsTheatres and cinemasSecurity in entertainmentEntertainment is arguably one of the fastest growingindustries and its avenues are growing at a much fasterpace. Multiplexes are mushrooming even in smaller townsand as people flock in growing numbers to these spaces,better security becomes mandatory. The master keysystem seamlessly integrates the access mechanism formultiple screens at theatre complexes.Master key systems also very efficiently manage emergency exits at large commercial spaces like these andmakes it extremely hassle free for the staff during anemergency situation. With the free-wheel cylindersaccording to FZG approval open escape routes areguaranteed in case of an emergency.01Cinema02Security deposit0103Toilets0104Administration office05Ticketing06Kitchen02Locker – accessto furniture07Cafeteria03Open escape routes with free-wheelcylinders according to FZG approval0104Access to furniture with office key26

n door1Toilets23MK4AdministrationEmergency exit4CinemaCloak roomKitchenTicketingProtection mechanism against dust,weather and insects01WC cylinder03060605Main Door with possible functions Extreme protection – increasedburglary protection Protection mechanism againstdust, weather and insects27

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsTrain stationsPublic space with high security areasThreat levels at public spaces have exponentially increased the world over and today public spaces demandthe highest level of security measures. For example, atrain station involves very high public safety and alsomassive infrastructural costs. But due to the vulnerabilityof an open public environment like this, ensuring securitybecomes technically challenging. This is where master keysystems come in handy.01Staff roomIt distinguishes and facilitates easy movement acrossareas accessed by passengers yet strictly secludes highsecurity departments such as the traffic control room, theticketing cash room, the power room, signaling equipmentroom, etc. Several airports, train stations, malls and otherpublic spaces around the world have been secured bydormakaba master key systems.Main door with possible functions Extreme protection – VdS increased burglary protection Protection mechanism against dust, weather andinsects02Power room03Toilets04Help deskDouble keyoverride function– opens even if akey is inside05Cash roomWC cylinder06Ticketing07Waiting lounge0308Technical room09Train crew room02010410Battery room11Auxiliary sub station0212SCR13Signalling equipment room070605Left wing28 Self changing cylinder:Modification to the accessauthorisation in no time

ApplicationsGGMKMK1House keepingMain doorGMKChief Administration OfficerMK2AdminToiletsStaffroomTR TraincrewcoomCashroomTicketing ysub stationPowerroomWC cylinder1110Individual key forexternal service providor0209Locker – access to furniture0812Right wing1329



dormakabaMaster Key SystemsFunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications all reversibleand serratedkey systems Home Apartment buildings Office all reversibleand serratedkey systems Self changing cylinder: Modification to the access authorisation in no timeWith the special functions BAZ or SUZ, you can very easily control the access authorisations of different keys or key groups. For this, you can use a changing key (BAZ) or the nextkey generation (SUZ), depending on the system. Thus, you change the pin combination inthe cylinder so that the previously used keys no longer have locking authorisation. You cancarry out this process up to two times. This means you can react flexibly, without having toreplace the lock cylinder.Modification to the cylinder lock without replacing it:BAZ for reversible keyswith changing keySUZ – changing with thenext key generationDouble key override function“Never be locked out again.”Sometimes it happens (voluntary or not) that a key is left in the lock. With a standardcylinder you will not be able to open the lock from the outside, because the key on theinside is blocking the cylinder – dormakaba has the solution!The BSZ-function enables you to open the cylinder in any way at any time – also when akey is left in the lock on one side you can always open on the other side. So you cannot belocked out.32HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema

FunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications all reversibleand serratedkey systems EducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems Apartment buildingsOfficeTrain ted movement Cylinder (Classroom Function)The innovative design of the restrictive movement cylinder ensures the door is guardedagainst being locked from within the room. The cylinder also guarantees that authorisedkey operation from the external side is maintained even if the internal thumbturn is beingheld by the occupant in an attempt to prevent access.Coloured key clipsKeys are even easier to identify with coloured clips. The reversible keys are available assmart keys and large keys in 12 clip colours each. For dormakaba penta, you will receive ahigh-grade, bicoloured smartkey with a white and grey dormakaba logo.For serrated keys, you can choose from 11 colours for large clips and 5 colours for miniclipsfrom our standard range. You can get our trendkey in the colours: dark blue, light blue, red,green and black. Keys with a metal bow are delivered without a coloured part as standard.But red, green and black colouring is available, if desired.Emergency override key functionFor hotels, guesthouses, retirement homes, boarding schools, schools, etc., where thegreatest security must be available for emergencies. The emergency key override functionalso fulfills the lockout function desired in hotel complexes. The advantage is that the special emergency key can be opened from the outside, even when there is a key inserted onthe inside. Thus, the access is guaranteed at any time in an emergency. The emergencyfunction can only be installed on one side and the emergency override key must be orderedseparately.33

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsFunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications all reversibleand serratedkey systems OfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems OfficeTrain r control and switch cylinderControl your elevator by the turn of a key. Different types of elevator control as well asdifferent switch cylinder with on/off or impulse function to control electric devices areavailable.Furniture cylindersDifferent furniture locks and cylinders for applications within furniture are available.Whether you want to lock your files, personal documents or valuables securely. With yourindividual key from the master key system you always have access.Freewheel cylinders for gear operated and emergency locksThe cam of the double cylinder with 360 freewheel can be turned freely when no key isinserted. When a key is inserted, a fixed connection is made between the key and the cam.As soon as the key is removed, the cam returns to 360 freewheel. Emergency route lockscan be unlocked with an authorised key, even if a key is inserted in the opposite side of thecylinder. Also for thumbturn and double cylinders in connection with multiple point geardoor locks.34

FunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications all reversibleand serratedkey systems all reversibleand serratedkey systems Home Apartment buildings EducationOnly available with dormakabaexpert plus dormakabaquattro plus Extreme protection – increased burglary protectionHigh end securityPulling and drilling protectionTo protect your home from burglaries, you should switch to the latest technologies. Thehousing of this lock cylinder is strengthened with steel reinforcement plates for anadditional pulling protection (fig. 2). The version with steel reinforcement plates is certifiedin accordance with BS EN 1303:2015-08 attack resistance grade D. Hardened steel pins inthe insert and housing ensure an additional protection against drilling (fig. 1). These highlyHomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinemasecure cylinders are certified in accordance with VdS B, BZ for individual locking andlocking systems.12PadlockIntegrated into your master key system you can also use padlocks with your key.Different types are available.Secure Access Temporary – SATIn the normal (vertical) key removal position the cylinder can only be operated from theoutside by the proprietor key. In the service position the lock cylinder can be opened andlocked from the outside and inside by the service and proprietor keys.SAT-function with reversible key systemsKeyway in normalposition: 6 o’clockHomeApartment buildingsSmall businessEducationKeyway in serviceposition: 8 o‘clock35

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsFunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications all reversibleand serratedkey systems– lock withinterchangeablefunctionrequired Apartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationSchoolHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeOfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversible keysystems Home all reversibleand serratedkey systems Designer knobKaba penta only Duplo functionAccess to specific doorCylinders have two types of keys. One key operates the latch of the lock and the other keyoperates the latch and the deadbolt. When deadbolt is withdrawn, the key that operatesthe latch will work. When the deadbolt is engaged, the key that operates the latch will notwork.Protection mechanism against dust, weather and insectsIf required you can protect the outside of the cylinder and extend the mechanical life.Choose from different options – the insert dust and weather protection cap or the fullcylinder protection device, whose spring loaded plates are pushed open when inserting thekey and spring closed when the key is retracted.Thermally insulated cylinder – TICCold outside – dry insideThe construction provides protection against condensation on the inside of the door (evenin extremely cold outside temperatures). Additionally, it protects against rain and reducesdrafts through the cylinder.ThumbturnThe thumbturn is on the inside and allows you to lock and unlock doors from the insidewithout a key. Depending on the application you can choose up to four different thumbturn models.Standard thumbturn36Thumbturn with design knob(only with dormakaba penta available)HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationEducationHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema

FunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationSchoolHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversible keysystems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationSchoolHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationSchoolHospitalHotelTheatre/CinemaWC or bathroom cylinderFor WC or bathroom doors. Visual indication from the outside, whether the toilet or thebathroom is occupied (red) or vacant (green). Can be opened from the outside in case ofemergency.The dormakaba modular systemThe modular system allows cylinders to be rebuilt on site to other lengths or even othercylinder types with little effort. The keying remains unchanged.Cylinder typesCylinders are available for different types and uses cases: Double, single and thumbturn cylinders in Europrofile, Swiss round profile, Scandinavianand Union oval profiles, French round profiles Outside and inside cylinders for surface mounted locks Furniture cylinders and locks Camlock cylinders Key switch cylinders Elevator control cylinders Padlocks Window handles and olives Key deposit tubes Key storage cabinets37

dormakabaMaster Key SystemsFunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsApplications reversible keyfor mechatronicsystems serrated orreversible keysystems forelectronicsolutions HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationSchoolHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain stationSchoolHospitalHotelTheatre/Cinema all reversibleand serratedkey systems HomeApartment buildingsOfficeTrain c and electronicStay flexible, stay secureAside from mechanical key systems, we also offer mechatronic and electronicsolutions for modern access and security management. Our keys can also beretrofitted with an electronic chip, for instance. The dormakaba smart key canbe combined with all dormakaba mechanical and electronic door components.Reversible key and serrated key with RFID transponder clipMechatronic cylinderDigital cylinderSecurity card as user IDUse your security card to identify yourself as the legal owner of your mechanical keysystem. Should you wish or need to order duplicate keys or additonal lock cylindersyour security card simplifies the order process, as well as preventing access to duplicate keys by unauthorised persons.Applications or OEMdormakaba specialises in fullfilling special requirements. More than 1,000 applications have been realised for customer specific applications. If you require a specialsolution please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.38

FunctionsFunctionsAvailable systemsSurfaces finishes* all reversibleand serratedkey systemsApplicationsNI/ nickel naturalMS/ brass naturalCR/ chrome standardBH/ brown lightBM/ brown mediumBD/ brown darkMP/ brass polishedNIC/ chemically nickel platedCRP/ chrome polis

Master Key Systems Master key systems are used in apartment buildings. Main doors like the entrances to underground car parks and basements can be opened and closed by all tenants with their assigned apartment keys. However no key will open the door of another apartment. Master key systems can be expanded so that letterboxes, basement storage