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PM2 .5 Document Control and StorageRevision: 4Date: February 18,2009Page lof6Standard Operating Procedurefor Document Control and Storagefor the PM2.5 Chemical Speciation ProgramEnvironmental and Industrial Sciences DivisionRTIIntemational*Research Triangle Park, North CarolinaPrepared by:Reviewedlfu, C Th·N-ce bY:--;2 /f-:.::: . l -Date:Date:Date: ;) -Iq - 09RTI* RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute.INTERNATIONAL

PM2.5 Document Control and StorageRevision: 4Date: February 18, 2009Page 2 of 6ContentsSection1.0PageProcedural Section .3Appendix A—Sample Document Control Log.4

PM2.5 Document Control and StorageRevision: 4Date: February 18, 2009Page 3 of 6Standard Operating Procedurefor Document Control and Storagefor the PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Program1.0Procedural Section1.1Purpose and ApplicabilityThe PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Program produces reports and documents, such as monthlysummary reports, monthly data reports, standard operating procedures (SOPs), QualityAssurance Project Plans (QAPPs), and special study reports. Reports, such as monthly reportsand special study reports, are numbered consecutively.The PM2.5 Financial Services Program Coordinator (FSPC) is responsible for filing andmaintaining these materials and for maintaining a log of all stored documents. The log ismaintained in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on the FSPC’s personal computer and/or a publicdrive connected to an RTI server. An example of this log appears in Appendix A.1.2Document DistributionThe FSPC is responsible for keeping a distribution list for each document (or set of documents)that is submitted to the PM2.5 Project Officer.Final versions of the SOPs and QAPP are kept on an RTI internal server in WordPerfect,Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or PDF format for access by all RTI/PM2.5 staff. Each time adocument is revised, the FSPC uploads the current file and deletes the previous version. All staffon the distribution list are granted read-only access to these files and may download or print thelatest version of these files at any time. Laboratory Supervisors are responsible for ensuring thatthe latest versions of the QAPP and relevant SOPs are available in the work areas, as required bythe QAPP.1.3Document Storage (Hard Copies)Hard copies and archived compact disks are stored in the FSPC’s master files in Building 3,Room 208. These documents are stored until the completion date of the contract. After thecompletion of the contract, these documents and any other related files are transferred to an offsite warehouse where they are stored for an additional 5 years after contract completion.

PM2.5 Document Control and StorageRevision: 4Date: February 18, 2009Page 4 of 6Appendix A—Sample Document Control OPTitleStandard Operating Procedure forSample Handling and ArchivingLaboratory (SHAL)Standard Operating Procedure forShipping Filters to and from an Off-SiteLaboratoryStandard Operating Procedure forLong-Term Archiving of PM Filters andExtractsStandard Operating Procedure forProcurement and Acceptance Testingof Teflon, Nylon, and Quartz FiltersStandard Operating Procedure forCleaning Nylon Filters Used for theCollection of PM2.5 MaterialStandard Operating Procedure forParticulate Matter (PM) GravimetricAnalysisAnalysis of Elements in Air Particulatesby X-Ray Fluorescence (Kevex 770 &772)Kevex XRF Spectrometer Calibration(CHESTER LabNet ProprietaryMethod)Kevex Spectrometer Data Generation,Interpretation and Reporting(CHESTER LabNet ProprietaryMethod)Sample Receipt and Log In ChesterLabNet Proprietary MethodStandard Operating Procedure for theX-Ray Fluorescence Analysis ofParticulate Matter Deposits on TeflonFiltersStandard Operating Procedure forPM2.5 Anion AnalysisStandard Operating Procedure forPM2.5 Cation AnalysisDRI Model 2001 Thermal/OpticalCarbon Analysis (TOR/TOT) of AerosolFilter Samples – Method IMPROVE AStandard Operating Procedure for theDetermination of Carbon Fractions inParticulate Matter Using theIMPROVE A Heating Protocol on aDRI Model 2001 AnalyzerDate 3/2008C. Haas2/16/2008E. Hardison5/13/2008E. er1/30/2009Chester6/20/2008ChesterJuly 2008McWilliams5/13/2008E. Hardison5/13/2008E. Hardison7/1/2008DRI2/13/2008PetersonDocument No.

PM2.5 Document Control and StorageRevision: 4Date: February 18, 2009Page 5 of TitleStandard Operating Procedures forTemperature Calibration of the SampleThermocouple in a Sunset Laboratoryor a DRI Model 2001 Carbon AerosolAnalyzerStandard Operating Procedure for theDetermination of Organic, Elemental,and Total Carbon in Particulate MatterUsing a Thermal/Optical-TransmittanceCarbon AnalyzerStandard Operating Procedure for theDetermination of Carbon Fractions inParticulate Matter Using theIMPROVE A Heating Protocol on aSunset Laboratory Dual-Mode AnalyzerDRI Standard Operating Procedure:Analysis of Semi-Volatile OrganicCompound by GC/MSStandard Operating Procedure forSample Preparation and Analysis ofPM10 and PM2.5 Samples by ScanningElectron MicroscopyStandard Operating Procedure forCoating and Extracting AnnularDenuders with Sodium CarbonateStandard Operating Procedures forCoating Aluminum HoneycombDenuders With Magnesium OxideStandard Operating Procedure forCoating Annular Denuders with XAD-4ResinProcedures for Coating R&PSpeciation Sampler Chemcomb Denuders with Sodium CarbonateStandard Operating Procedure forCoating and Extracting Denuders forCapture of Ammonia and ItsMeasurementStandard Operating Procedure forDatabase OperationsStandard Operating Procedure forAssigning Data Validation Flags for theChemical Speciation NetworkStandard Operating Procedure—Speciation Data Processing DisasterRecovery PlanStandard Operating Procedure for theX-Series ICP-MS for the Analysis ofParticulate Deposits on Teflon FiltersDRI Standard Operating Procedure:Procedure for Light TransmissionDate ckman7/8/2008Weber7/14/2008DRIDocument No.

PM2.5 Document Control and StorageRevision: 4Date: February 18, 2009Page 6 of 6TypeTitleDate RevisedAuthorDocument No.2/18/2009D. 8/12/02S8/23/2005RTIRTI/08858/12/03S12/20/2005May, eportReportReportReportReportReportStandard Operating Procedure forDocument Control and Storage for thePM2.5 Chemical Speciation ProgramStandard Operating Procedure forCorrective Action for the PM2.5Chemical Speciation ProgramStandard Operating Procedure forTraining for Staff Working on the PM2.5Chemical Speciation ProgramQAPP for PM2.5 of ChemicalSpeciation SamplesSemi-Annual Data Summary ReportSemi-Annual Data Summary ReportSemi-Annual Data Summary Report2005 Annual Data Summary Report2006 Annual Data Summary Report2007 Annual Data Summary Report2008 Annual Data Summary ReportXRF UncertaintiesReview of Sodium Ion ContaminationIssue for STNTeflon Filter Manufacturing DefectsMarch - April 2005Test of Acceptance of XRF Instrument#772 Operated by Chester LabNetTests of Acceptance of X-rayFluorescence Instrument #3 Operatedby RTI InternationalHarmonization of Interlaboratory X-rayFluorescence MeasurementUncertaintiesReporting Uncertainties for ArtifactCorrected Carbon Data for the URG3000N Sampler RTI InternationalPM2.5 Speciation Trends Network -Measurement Uncertainties andMethod Detection Limits

18.02.2009 · Document Control and Storage Revision: 4 Date: February 18, 2009 Page 5 of 6 . Type Title Date Revised Author Document No. SOP Standard Operating Procedures for Temperature Calibration of the Sample Thermocouple in a Sunset Laboratory or a DRI Model 2001 Carbon Aerosol Analyzer 2/13/2009 Peterson SOP Standard Operating Procedure for the