Action Plan For Goal 1 Curriculum; Teaching, Learning And .


Action Plan for Goal 1 – Curriculum; Teaching, Learning and AchievementThrough inquiry learning, effective assessment and targeted feedback, and authentic use of e-learning pedagogies we will promote high achievement andstudent engagement in all areas of the curriculum, while continuing to improve students’ literacy and numeracy skills so they are achieving at or aboveNational Standards.2015 InitiativesPB4L – to implementschoolwide PB4Lprogramme consistentlyand ensure thatclassroom lessons aretaught regularly.Action E-Learning – make useof a range of ICTs in anauthentic and relevantway in class to supportand engage learners. PB4L team to meet termly toreview progress and plan nextsteps for schoolwideimplementation of programmeProvision of classroom lessons forall teachers to introduce andrevise school values in context.Lessons taught weeklyImplement bilingual signage toreinforce school valuesDevelop and implement a systemof recording /monitoringbehaviour concerns using theschool SMSUpskill staff with strategies forresponding to negative behavioursbased on a restorative approach.Move to a cloud based solution forfile storage (Google Drive).Introduce google docs /gmail toour year 4-6 classrooms.Have a programme to teachexplicitly the safety practicesResponsibilityResourcesPB4L teamPB4L funding( 10k grant)CostIndicators/MonitoringSchool values are taught regularlyin a consistent manner in everyclass in the school, reinforced bythe schoolwide rewards system.PB4L teamThe school environment reflectsthe school values and the multicultural nature of our school.Class teachersPrincipalStaff are clear about the intent anddetail of the schoolwide behavioursystem and consistently reinforcethe messages in an acceptablemanner.PB4L teamPB4L teamICT team 2-3kSchool files are stored safely andsecurely on a cloud based server.Teachers Y4-6IT provider pdTeachers Y4-6Students in year 4-6 are safelymanaging their own google

Formative assessment effectively use data toinform planning andprogrammes in order tomeet the specific needsof all learners, andstrengthen student voicein learning. Student inquiryto implement theschoolwide studentinquiry model in theclassroom to engagelearners and promotestudent achievement. required to manage a googleaccount.Show teachers how to collaborateand feedback to students viagoogle docs environment.Increase the number of tabletsavailable in class for students touse in learning.Continue to use Book Creator inclassrooms as a literacy tool toengage reluctant writers.Strengthen the purposeful use ofMathletics/Lexia/STEPS to engagelearners and improve studentachievement.Ensure consistent use of LI/SC inclassrooms – ‘every child/everylesson/every day’Develop a WRS model for studentgoal settingFeedback and feed forwardprovided regularly that is specificand meaningful to the student.Teachers to be using data from theSMS to inform planning and recordstudent information.To monitor the consistent use ofthe WRS student inquiry model inclassrooms.To support teachers in the use ofthe model to engage students inlearningTo incorporate feedback forparents in the school reportingformat.account.ICT teamICT teamClass teachersSENCo & classteachersTeam leadersInquiry teamClass teachersClass teachersInge MillardInquiry teamInquiry teamIT provider pdTeachers engaging with studentsin the online environment abouttheir learning.Students creating their owneBooks and sharing them withothers.Students using individualizedcomputer learning programmes toreinforce basic literacy andnumeracy skills.Schoolwide and consistentimplementation of LI/SC andspecific positive feedback/feedforward.Classroom teachers to beefficient and confident users ofthe SMS for entering, finding,analysing and using studentdata.The WRS student inquiry modelwill be displayed in all classroomsand used consistently across theschool.Parents will now what skill theirchild has in using an inquiryapproach to learning.

Te Reo Tuatahi –develop skill andconfidence in using TeReo Maori byparticipating inprofessional learning andimplementing a languageteaching programme inthe classroom. Target students(literacy/numeracy) – toidentify and track theprogress of targetstudents to acceleratetheir progress. Classroom lessons taught weeklyby Whaea KeriLesson content revised at leasttwice before next lesson.Teachers using te reo maori inclassrooms for simple instructionsand requests.Monitoring of both programmeand progress within teams.Reporting to parents on student’sprogress in school reports, using alevelled comment bank taken fromTe Aho Arataki added to eTap.Whaea KeriTe Reo Tuatahi 5000annuallyClass teachersClass teachersAll class teachers will use Te Reo intheir classrooms and around theschool to give simple instructionsto students.Team LeadersBrenda, JenineTeachers to identify and monitorthe learning of target students, onthe basis of their achievementdata.Programmes to meet the specificneeds of students.Teachers to use assessment toolsand data to identify current levelsand next steps for all students.Identify and providesupplementary programme ofextension / enrichment for GATEstudentsClass teachersCommunication with families ofGATE students about their learningneedsGATE team,classroomteachersAll students at WRS will have anunderstanding of and confidenceto use basic Te Reo in theireveryday life at school.Parents will know what their childhas been learning and whatprogress they are making throughthe language levels.Te Aho AratakiMoE documentAt Risk students will makeaccelerated progress towardsachieving National Standards.Class teachersClass teachersJenine, IngeGATE workshops(Te Toi Tupu)GIS specialistteachers.freefreeGATE students will receive anappropriate classroomextension programme andenrichment opportunitiesoutside of the classroom.Parents/whanau will knowwhat their child is involved inand what levels they areworking at.

Action Plan for Goal 2 - Staff DevelopmentThrough targeted, quality professional learning we will continue to strengthen and improve staff skill and knowledge in order to improve student achievementoutcomes.2015 InitiativesActionProfessionaldevelopment plan – toensure that professionallearning is targeted tosupport studentachievement goals andstaff appraisal goals; TeReo Maori, Writing,Leadership. Teacher inquiry andappraisal – to continue todevelop and refine amodel of teacher inquiry tosupport professionallearning and strengthenthe schoolwide appraisalmodel. A PD plan to be developed and recordskept of all PD.Investigate models of accountabilityaround the embedding and sustainingof professional learning in the schoolEnsure professional learning is linked toappraisal criteria.Develop a WRS model of teacherinquiryAll teachers to plan, implement andreport on a personal professionalinquiry topic for 2015 as part of theappraisal process.Senior leaders to upskill in coachingconversations to support ndicators/MonitoringAll professional learning torelate directly to the schoolstrategic goals, and beplanned alongside bothappraisal data and schoolneed.Leadership teamBrendaBrendaAll teachers will present an inquiryreport in term 4 to demonstrate theirlearning and recommendations for theschool.TeachersBrenda, Jenine,IngeCoaching PD 730ppSenior leaders will be skilled insupporting teachers to inquire intopractice.

NZ Curriculumdelivery – to review andimplement the WindyRidge curriculum, ensuringthat there is consistentdelivery across the school Data analysis – tosupport teachers to collect,analyse and use dataefficiently in planninginclusive programmes thatmeet the specific needs oflearners. Leadership anddelegatedresponsibilities to provide robustprofessional learning tosupport staff in leadershiproles in the school. Induction – developand implement a cohesiveand systematic inductionprogramme for staff,learners and their families Check that all teachers have a copy ofthe WRS Curriculum manual.Curriculum teams to add the detail tothe existing manual ie overviews,resources etc.Teams will use the CM to providedirection in preparing their annual andterm overviews.Workshops for teachers to becomemore familiar with the SMS in order toload, find, analyse and use data.Teams to have data focused discussionswhen planning for and tracking studentachievementTeam leaders to have professionaldevelopment to upskill in how tofacilitate data-driven discussionsTeam leaders to participate inleadership training to upskill in theirroles as Leaders of Learning for theirteams.Curriculum leaders to participate inprofessional learning opportunities asappropriate and available.Curriculum leaders to update the CM intheir own learning area.A robust and cohesive plan forinduction of new staff, new learnersand new families is to be formalisedand implemented.Continue to strengthen powhiripractices for welcoming new families.Draft and trial a survey for familiesafter 5 weeks at school.Investigate student induction modelsBrendaAll teachers will have and use the WRSCurriculum manual to inform theirpedagogy, practice and programmesin the classroom.Curriculum teamsClassroom teachers 120 perhoureTap trainerTeam leadersBrendaLeadership PDTeam LeadersLeadership teamLeadership teamWhaea KeriLeadership teamTeam leaders provide strongpedagogical leadership to theirteams in order to improve studentachievement.Curriculum leaders provide cleardirection to teachers on what, whenand how to teach that learning areaat WRS.Curriculum leadersBrenda 490 ppAll teachers will use valid andaccurate data to inform theirlearning programmes andmonitor their teachingeffectiveness.New staff are inducted to the schoolin a formalised and planned way toensure they receive a consistentmessage about our school cultureand practices.New families are welcomed andsupported in feeling part of ourschool community, and provided

from other schools.Develop a WRS model of induction forstudents, incorporating student voice.Leadership team,student leaderswith the necessary information atthe right time to understand oursystems and practices.New students are supported infeeling part of our schoolcommunity.

Action Plan for Goal 3 – ReviewThrough regular and systematic review we will ensure that practices are effective and efficient, and allow for best practice to support quality studentoutcomes.2015 tors/MonitoringBoT reporting format –trial and refine a format forreporting to the Board thatincludes strategic review aswell as information andcommentary. Investigate models from other schoolsTrial a new model and fine tune asfeedback received.BrendaA robust and efficient format is usedin the monthly report to the Boardthat provides accurate informationon both strategic goals and NAGresponsibilities.Schoolwide self-reviewprocess - research, trial andimplement a robust system ofself-review for both school andBoard. Investigate models from other schools.Investigate SchoolDocs as an option forreview of school policies. Present to BoT fordiscussion.Implement and trial a model of self-reviewthat covers both planned and emergentreviews.Develop an efficient system of recordingself-review.Implement a review of Health and Safetyusing an external providerBrendaA robust and thorough model of selfreview is implemented in the schooland is used to inform planning andprocesses throughout the school, inboth governance and managementcontexts. BrendaLeadership teamLeadership teamBrendaHarrisonTew 2500(over2yrs)The Board will have acomprehensive review of H&S,along with recommendations toensure we meet the newamendments to the Act.

Reporting to parents review formats and timetablefor reporting to parents,refining school systems toincorporate suggestionsreceived in consultation andrequirements from the Ministryof Education. Job descriptions – reviewand refine job descriptions forall staff to align with newrequirements in the Act andfrom sector bodies. Induction processes review and strengthenprocesses for induction of newstaff, students and families intoour school. Investigate other examples of progress andachievement reporting to parents.Implement anniversary reporting for years1-3.Implement a data report for years 4-6 interm 1 to provide information early in theyear for parents about basic assessments.Review eTap processes to ensure that theentering of data is efficient and populatesdirectly to the report format.Investigate other schools formats for JobdescriptionsDevelop a generic job description forstandard positions in the school.Review existing JDs for specificresponsibilities in the school.Review existing policy and procedures forinduction.Investigate models from other schools.Design and trial a process, consulting withstake holders along the way.Leadership teamParents receive accurate andcoherent information about theirchild’s academic progress andachievement in a timely fashion.Teachers Y1-3Teachers Y4-6Leadership TeameTapsupportteam 120 perhrTeachers are supported I preparingreports for parents by an efficientdata management system.All staff will have a clear and robustJD that outlines the expectationsfor practice, attitude and outcomes.Leadership teamLeadership teamThere will be a clear and effectiveinduction process to welcome andsupport all new members of ourschool community.

Action Plan for Goal 4 - PartnershipsThrough quality partnerships within and beyond the school we will ensure that we meeting the expectations and desires of our community in delivering aquality education for their children.2015 InitiativesTransitions – strengthenrelationships with partnersin the education pathwayof our students tomaximise positiveoutcomes during their timeat our school.Action Contact and visit all ECE centresthat contribute to our school.Invite ECE families to attend openmornings at our school to helpthem get to know us betterContinue with and refine the NEorientation programmeContact and visit all Intermediatesthat enrolled our 2014 Year 6students, speaking to the studentsabout how prepared they felt forIntermediate.Maintain contact withIntermediates to follow upprogress of WRS students.Ensure that Y6 transition meetingswith Intermediates are robust andthorough, with teachers wellprepared to discuss theirstudents.ResponsibilityResourcesJenine, CarolineIndicators/MonitoringAll children starting as NE studentswill have had a thorough andeffective orientation programme.Parents of NE students will havereceived all the necessaryinformation they need to feelcomfortable with their decision.JenineJenineInge, BrendaInformation provided by theIntermediate schools will informthe Year 6 programme, andensure our yr 6 students leave usready for their next stage inlearning.IngeJaneCostRelease forteachersInformation provided toIntermediate schools isaccurate and current in orderto maximize a positivetransition for students.

Home Schoolpartnerships – throughinvolvement in theLearning Change networkcluster, develop a strategyfor strengtheningpartnerships with whanauto improve studentachievement outcomes. Pasifika and Maoriconsultation - to initiateand strengthenrelationships with Pasifikaand Maori whanau toincrease their participationin the school. Establish a LCN team toimplement the inquiry into HSPand student achievement.Set LCN inquiry goal.Investigate models of HSP thathave been effective for otherschools.Identify and carefully track LCNtarget studentsConsult with and support whanauaround ways to support theirchildren with writing at home.Hold parent meetings to makeand teach the use of writingsupport resources.Regularly share with other staffthe progress of this inquiry andoutcomes.Participate fully in the process ofthe LCN with other schools in thecluster.Investigate the similarities in HSPmodels across the cluster, anddesign a cluster model of HSP thatsupports parents and whanau topositively influence studentachievement.Raise the profile of Māori andPasifika culture in our school –signage, art, language, stories,events, and performance groups.Meet with parents/whanau in arange of different ways todetermine their expectations ofthe school and their children.Canvas parents for interest inparticipating in school governanceand management. Co-optBrendaWe will see acceleratedlearning progress for targetstudents involved in the LCNinquiry project, and greaterlevels of involvement withwhanau.LCN teamLCN teamLCN teamLCN teamLCN teamLCN teamLCN teamLCN ClusterteamAll staffLeadershipteamLeadershipLCN facilitators(AUT)freeWe will develop a consistentmodel of HSP in the clusterthat supports parents/whanauto influence studentachievement.Families of Māori and Pasifikastudents will have a sense ofrepresentation and belonging inour school, and will have a voice inthe development of policy andprocesses.

Community consultation– provide a range ofdifferent models forconsulting with communityto ensure that arepresentative group iscanvassed for opinion, andensure that there is regulartimetable for consultation members to the Board ifopportunity arises.Continue to develop relationshipwith local iwi through regularmeeting initiated by KaipatikiTrust.Investigate consultation modelsfrom other schools.Look for new and innovative waysto consult with less involvedmembers of school community.Develop a timetable forconsultation that addresses thedesire to consult widely ndaKaipatiki Trust,Ngati Paoaliaison/kaumatuaLocal iwi will have a presence inthe policy and will inform culturalpractices (tikanga/kawa) in ourschool.The WRS community willparticipate in regularconsultation to inform bothpractice and policy in theschool.

2015 Initiatives Action Responsibility Resources Cost Indicators/Monitoring Professional development plan – to ensure that professional learning is targeted to support student achievement goals and staff appraisal goals; Te Reo Maori, Writing, Leadersh