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Agile Product Lifecycle ManagementCapacity Planning Guidev9.3.0.2Part No. E17289-01June 2010

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CONTENTSOracle Copyright. iiChapter 1 Requirements . 1Overview.1Application Server . 1Load Balancer . 1Clients . 1Database Server. 2Agile File Manager. 2LDAP Directory Server . 2AutoVue for Agile Viewer . 2Agile PLM System Overview .3Software Requirements .4Hardware Requirements .7Chapter 2 Capacity Planning . 9Hardware Sizing .9Agile Application Server . 10Hardware Sizing for Linux . 10Hardware Sizing for Windows . 11Hardware Sizing for Solaris . 11Hardware Sizing for AIX . 13Database Server Sizing .13Oracle Database Sizing . 13Small Database . 14Medium Database . 15Large Database . 15Extra-large Database. 15CPU and Memory . 15Storage . 15Network Card . 15Sizing Summary . 15Hardware Resource Plan for Database Models . 15Disk Space and Tablespace Configurations. 16One-Disk . 16Two-Disk Configuration . 17Four-Disk Configuration. 17Eight-Disk Configuration . 18Twelve-Disk Configuration. 19Hardware Load Balancer and Proxy Web Server .20v9.3.0.2iii

Capacity Planning GuideCPU . 20Network Card. 20Distributed File Management .21AutoVue for Agile Viewer .21Events .21Chapter 3 Breakpoint Testing Results . 23Solution Results on Windows and Linux .23Product Collaboration . 23Change Object . 23Item Object . 25Product Quality Management . 25PSR Object . 25QCR Object . 26Product Portfolio Management . 26Product Governance & Compliance . 27Product Governance & Compliance Nightly Rollup . 29Product Cost Management . 29Distributed File Manager . 31Export . 32Solution Results on Solaris .33Product Collaboration . 33Change Object . 33Item Object . 34Product Quality Management . 35PSR Object . 35QCR Object . 36Product Portfolio Management . 36Product Cost Management . 38Distributed File Manager . 40Export . 41Solution Results on AIX .41Product Collaboration . 42Change Object . 42Item Object . 43Product Quality Management . 44PSR Object . 44QCR Object . 44Distributed File Manager . 44Export . 45Chapter 4 Client Requirements . 47Client Requirements .47ivAgile Product Lifecycle Management

ContentsChapter 5 Directory Server . 49Overview.49System Architecture .49Implementation Details . 50Configuration . 51Directory Service Connection Parameters . 51Multiple Directory Server Support . 51Schedule Synchronization . 51On-Demand Synchronization . 52Utilities .52Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .52What happens when I delete a user from Agile? . 52What happens when I delete a user from the directory server? . 52Does the Agile server allow login ID (user ID) changes? . 52My directory server provides a feature called “Activate/Inactivate”. How does this relate to “Enable/Disable” withinAgile? . 53I want to create a user in the directory server and log in to Agile immediately. How can I do this? . 53Can I still create a user from within Agile? How does it reflect in the directory server? . 53Chapter 6 File Management Server and Viewer. 55Agile File Management Server .55File Vaults . 56Distributed File Manager . 56Using the AutoVue for Agile Viewer in a Distributed Environment . 56How Distributed File Manager Works . 56Do I need distributed file management?. 57Can I synchronize my distributed File Managers? . 57Do I need to back up all of my distributed File Managers? . 58Do I need an AutoVue for Agile viewer for every distributed File Manager? . 58Should I install Anti-virus software on my file vault? . 58File Management Security . 58Server Security . 58Client Access Security . 58AutoVue for Agile Viewer .58Caching Viewer .

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