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Your MerchantStatement Guide

HOW TO READ YOUR STATEMENT1.Billing AddressThe address given at the time of set-up.2.Merchant Billing DetailInformation identifying you and yourrelationship with Elavon.3.Your Resources for HelpIncluded here you will find information tocontact Customer Service.4.News For YouImportant updates and information5.SummaryA quick overview of your transactions andnet deposits for the month. Debits includingChargebacks, Adjustments, and other BillingItems and Fees may be included as well.6.Volume RecapThis section details the transactions andassociated charges by card type and/orDebit Network.13. Electronic Check (ECS) ChargesThis section provides information aboutmonthly ECS processing volume andassociated charges.14. Other Transaction ChargesThis section provides information about anynon-bank card items settled through Elavon.15. Card Association FeesThis section allows you to view variouscharges assessed directly be the cardassociations.16. Authorization FeesThis section provides information regardingany fees incurred due to the processing ofV/MC transactions which passed throughElavon. This may include AMEX, Disc, VoiceAuthorizations or Foreign AuthorizationCharges.7.DepositsThis section details individual batch totals.17. Electronic Gift Card (EGC) ChargesThis section provides information aboutmonthly EGC processing volume andassociated charges.8.ChargebacksThis section provides information regardingany debits or adjustments received due tochargeback activity, chargeback reason, andreference numbers.18. Other FeesThis section provides information regardingany one-time or monthly fees such asstatement fees, terminal fees, applicabletaxes, etc.9.AdjustmentsThis section provides information regardingchanges made to an individual transactiondue to post-settlement discrepancies.10. Visa/MasterCard ChargesThis section allows you to view your activityand charges based on individual Interchangecategory. This information will help youdetermine the reason for downgrades andsurcharges.11. Electronic Benefit Transaction (EBT) ChargesThis section details all EBT charges.12. Point of Sale (POS) Debit ChargesThis section provides detailed informationabout online debit sales and charges bynetwork.For more information about your statement orother frequently asked questions, visit our customersupport website at

Merchant Billing Statement213Cycle: Cut-offStatement Date: MM/DD/YYYYDBA Name: John M. Doe, Inc.Store Number:08Merchant Number:987654321Chain Number:10101Client Group:Principal Chain:Parent Chain:Parent Entity:John M Doe, Inc.111 Main StreetAnytown, GA 30000-123400012650010500162200Your Resources For HelpFor Customer Service call 1-800-334-19414News For YouImportant Information Updates5SummaryELPSAMNumber of ItemsDollar lectronic Check Charges59.10Convenience Adjustments1Total Sales4,17812.78-Other Transaction Charges36.80Card Association Fees56.80SalesReturnsNet SalesChargebacksFee/Charges CategoryFee SummaryVisa/MC/Discover Proccesing Charges7,587.17EBT ChargesPIN Debit Charges474,769.610.00128.73Minimum Bill Fee0.00Authorization Fees624.62Other Fees57.63Total Charges and Fees9,134.83Total Charges and Fees have been posted to Account #: XXXXXXXX91236Volume Recap-----Sales----------Credits----------Net ountPaidPer 2,950.30212.6822.121.5925.161.35CardType

7DepositsBatch D/YYMM/DD/YYMM/DD/YYReference 75000750007600078Total ebacksCardChargeback reason***********5617 NO RECEIPT FOR GOODS9Paid .7393.1071.570.00413.59135.80109.998.81112.5Card ATCHBATCHBATCHBATCHBATCHBATCHDeposit Totals8Paid 5,944.181,284.14Internal Ref #98765432198Amount200.00200.00-Chargeback DateMM/DD/YYTransaction DateMM/DD/YYAmount12.78Adjustment DateMM/DD/YYTransaction DateMM/DD/YYAdjustmentsCardAdjustment ReasonON-LINE ADJUSTMAdjustment Ref #7471705321012.78Each Adjustment has been posted to Account #: XXXXXXXX912310Visa/MC/Discover Processing criptionCPS/CNP DBREWARDS 1MERIT I DBSummaryTotal Count2,481499175Sales Amount1,278.851,821.351,204.50DiscountRate Item Rate1.85000.221.85000.221.85000.22Item 8.2112.0543.057,351.06ItemCharge0.000.000.00

1112Electronic Benefit Transaction (EBT) ChargesDescriptionFood StampsDR CRDRSummaryDRNETSales Amount Discount Rate0.000.0000Discount Charges0.00Item Count00.000.00000.000.00Per Item Rate0.0000Item Charge0.000.000.00PIN Debit ChargesDescriptionINTRLNKPIN DB RTLDR CRSalesItemCountInterchange sing FeeDollars74.004.50TOTAL INTRLNKMAESTROPIN DB RTLELPSAMTOTAL MAESTROTotal 12.68PROCESSING FEEPROCESSING FEEItemCount1489Processing FeePer Item0.50000.5000Total Processing Fees13Summary78.50128.73Electronic Check ChargesDescriptionDR CR Sales Amount Discount Rate Discount Charges Item Count Per Item RateECHK ECS .3000ECHK ECS ,512.370.000.000197Item Charge7.800.0051.300.0059.100.0059.10Other Transaction ChargesDescriptionAMEX NON-STLADJ ADJUSTMENTBTCH BATCH HDRSummaryDR CR Sales Amount Discount 00000.00000.00000.0000Discount Charges Item Count Per Item 00.00157161730.10000.10000.10000.10000.1000Item Charge8.501.000.000.607.200.0017.300.0017.30

15Card Association FeesDescriptionVISAVISA FeeTotalsAmountItem AmountPercentage RatePer Item Rate36.25MCMC FeeTotals18.10DISCDISC FeeTotalsTotal Card Association Charges1616ELPSAMNetwork FeePer ItemProcessing Fee Per 000.15000.1500Items2,617544446148Fee 2.70ECHK ECS DCLNS20.30000.37001.48ECHK ECS RESUBECHK ECS CONV11970.30000.30000.37000.37000.67102.22EGC ACTIVATION460.15000.350023.00EGC /MasterCard/Discover Authorization Fees480.75EGC BAL INQ182.4556.80Authorization FeesDescriptionVISA WATMC WATDSCVWATAMEX WATINTRLNK PIN DBBASE17Fee AmountEGC Authorization Fees38.00ECS Authorization Fees104.37Other Card Authorization Fees48.00Total Authorization Fees624.62Other FeesNon Taxable ItemsDescriptionMONTHLY EGC FEEBILL STMTItems11Rate10.0010.00Taxable 10.00Extended Amt35.00Tax2.63Total37.63Total Non Taxable Items:Total Taxable Items:Total Tax :Total Other Fees20.0035.002.6357.63

Glossary of TermsAdjustment Fee – a fee charged for adjustments made to deposits due toerrors made by the Merchant.Administration/Service Fee – a fee charged for ongoing services to theMerchant account.Annual Fee – a fee charged one time each year to cover certainoperational expenses incurred by us during the prior year.Authorization Fee – a fee that is charged each time authorization isobtained on a bank card or non-bank card transaction.AVS Fee – a fee assessed each time the address verification service isutilized either by a Point of Sale (POS) device or by calling the voicecenter.Chargeback Fee – a flat, per occurrence fee that is charged to coverprocessing charges incurred because a transaction has been disputed bythe cardholder or card issuer.Equipment Fee – a fee charged for POS devices, terminals, printers,imprinters and any other equipment used by Merchant.Maintenance Fee – a fee charged for changes to the Merchant accountafter the initial set up.Membership Fee – a fee charged either monthly, quarterly, or annually forparticipation in a merchant bankcard program.Minimum Discount Fee – the minimum amount billed either daily ormonthly for discount fees. If the actual discount due is not equal to orgreater than the minimum, the merchant will be charged the minimumdiscount fee.Network Access Fee – a fee charged for providing POS device access tothe electronic network, including authorizations and declines.Important Information Regarding YourMerchant AccountTerms & ConditionsCondensed below are some key terms and conditions that govern ourprocessing of card transactions for you. Please refer to your merchantagreement, the Merchant Operating Guide (“MOG”), and/or the Termsof Service (“TOS”) for a detailed disclosure of the terms governingtransaction processing services. If there is a discrepancy between anyprovision in the merchant agreement, the MOG, or the TOS and theseTerms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions prevail. Your use ofour processing services indicates your agreement with these Terms &Conditions, as well as your agreement with the merchant agreement,MOG, and/or TOS, as applicable. Merchant may not set minimum purchase amounts, surcharge cardtransactions, disburse cash (except on debit card transactions), orrequire cardholders to provide any personal information (e.g., phonenumber or address). Merchant may only process transactions for thelocation registered with us and may not process transactions for anyother business or location. Merchant is responsible for identifying the cardholder, verifying thesignature and expiration date on the card for card present transactions.Merchant must obtain a Code 10 voice authorization on any suspicioustransaction and follow any instructions given by the operator. Merchant must obtain authorization via telephone or electronic devicefrom the designated authorization center prior to completing eachtransaction. Such authorization, however, is NOT a guarantee of anaccepted card transaction. Merchant may not accept mail/telephone order or Internet transactions;accept partial payments; or accept deposits for future services withoutour prior approval. For mail/telephone order and Internet transactions,Merchant warrants the identity of the cardholder.Retrieval Fee – a flat, per occurrence fee charged to cover processingcharges incurred by the request from the cardholder or card issuer for alegible copy of the transaction receipt. Payments to Merchant are provisional and subject to chargebacks andadjustments. Merchant is fully liable to us for all transactions returnedto us for whatever reason, such returns being known as “chargebacks”.Merchant agrees to accept all chargebacks and will be liable to us inthe amount of any sale that the cardholder or card issuer disputes.Supply Fee – a fee charged Merchant for supplies, such as printer paper,sales and credit drafts, and printer cartridges. Merchant discount fees are calculated on gross volume.Swap Fee – a fee charged for exchanging Merchant’s current equipment,such as POS terminals, printers, and imprinters, for different, new, orupdated equipment. Your Merchant account may be subject to a variety of fees including, butnot limited to, termination fees, swap fees, and annual fees, along withretrieval and/or chargeback fees, applicable sales tax, and supply fees.Billing DisputesMerchant is responsible for paying us for services rendered inaccordance with the schedule of fees furnished to Merchant, which maybe amended from time to time. Merchant is responsible for examining allstatements and reporting any questions or billing disputes to us in writingwithin 45 days from the date the statement is mailed. Billing questionsor disputes should be addressed to: Merchant Services, 7300 ChapmanHighway, Knoxville, TN 37920. If Merchant fails to notify us in a timelyfashion regarding a dispute, Merchant is deemed to have accepted itsstatement and to have waived any claim. We are not responsible forany interest, NSF, accounting, bank or related fees due to untimely and/or inaccurate deposits and/or billings caused by Merchant or us.For more information about your statement or frequently asked questions,please visit our website at: If Merchant’s account has no activity for a period exceeding 365days, Merchant may be deemed to have closed its account and will beassessed a termination fee. We may change or add to these Terms & Conditions. We will informMerchant of a change/addition in a periodic statement or other writtennotice. Merchant will be deemed to have agreed to the change/addition if Merchant continues to present transactions to us after 30days following the mailing of the notice. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, changes/additions to feeswill be effective upon notice to Merchant, unless a later effectivedate is provided. We may pass through to Merchant any feeincreases imposed by Visa, MasterCard, other payment networks,telecommunications vendors, or other third parties without givingMerchant the right to terminate. 2009 Elavon All rights reserved.ELMSG01 Rev0509

Merchant Billing Statement Cycle: Cut-off Statement Date: MM/DD/YYYY DBA Name: John M. Doe, Inc. Store Number: 08 Merchant Number: 987654321 Chain Number: 10101 Client Group: 00012 Principal Chain: 65001 Parent Chain: 05001 Parent Entity: 62200 2 John M Doe