Major Assignment: Independent Novel Study


Major Assignment:Independent Novel StudyName:Novel:Mr. LoganEnglish

2This is a major assignment that will be graded out of 100 marks. If you areunclear about anything ASK!The independent novel study is made up of six components:a) Reading Log (10 points)b) Vocabulary (15 marks)c) Reading Journal (20 marks)d) Story Element (25 marks)e) Extension Project (25 marks)f) Assignment Checklist (5 points)Part IReading LogYou must complete this reading log each day you read your novel. Extra copies ofthe blank reading log are posted on the class website “English” page if you needmore space. The “Brief Comment” portion of the reading log may be completedin point form. However, grammar and spelling will count.

3Reading LogDatePages ReadBrief Comment

4Part IIVocabularyAs you read your novel, make a list of 20 words that you come across that areunfamiliar to you. When you have finished reading the novel, choose one of thefollowing activities.a) Vocabulary Log: Using your Vocabulary Word List on the following page, choose15 words from your novel that you do not know the meaning of. Record thedictionary definition for each word. Quote the page number for each word used.Must be typed, double-spaced.b) Crossword Puzzle: Using your Vocabulary Word List on the following page,create a crossword puzzle of at least 15 words from your novel. Provide a clue foreach word and an answer key. Does not need to be typed.c) Interesting Words: Identify at least 15 words from your novel that you think areinteresting and describe why you think they are interesting. These words do nothave to come from your Vocabulary Word List on the following page. Quote thepage number for each word used. Must be typed, double-spaced.Vocabulary GradingYour Vocabulary section will be marked out 15 marks using this rubric:

5Vocabulary Word ListUse this sheet for your list of 20 words from your novel that are new to you.Word1234567891011121314151617181920Page #

6Part IIIReading JournalYour task is to keep a reading log and to complete 3 Reading Responses. Eachreading response must be one paragraph in length and must be typed, doublespaced. Complete one reading response for the early chapters of your novel, onefor the middle chapters, and one for the final chapters.Reading Response #1 (early chapters)Answer one of the following questions:a) What is the time and place of the book? What evidence in the book tells youthis?b) Name and describe the main character of the book. Describe him/herphysically and describe his/her personality and history, if known. Give yourimpression of him or her.c) Find one specific idea, event, or behaviour in the book that relates to real life.Explain how it relates to real life.Reading Response #2 (middle chapters)Answer one of the following questions:a) What is the general feeling or mood of the book? (ex. sad, happy, hopeful) Givespecific examples of how the author creates that feeling or mood.b) Who is the narrator of the story? Is he/she inside or outside the story? What isis or her relationship to the story?c) Choose a sentence or phrase that attracts you. Explain why you chose it, itsvalue in the book, and its value to you.

7Reading Response #3 (final chapters)Answer one of the following questions:a) What is the climax of the novel? What major conflicts lead up to it and what isits resolution afterward?b) What did you learn from this novel? In answering this question, you maycomment on any aspect of the novel including how it is written.Reading Journal GradingYour Reading Journal will be marked out of a total of 20 marks using this rubric:

8Part IVStory ElementYour task is to complete an activity for each Story Element (character, setting,plot). Choose one activity from each section.Character: After reading your novel, identify the protagonist(s) andantagonist(s) within the story. Remember, protagonists and antagonists are notnecessarily people.a) Write 5 diary entries for one character. Each diary entry should be oneparagraph in length and should draw on events from the story. Must be typed,double-spaced.b) Create a “Wanted” poster for a character in the novel. Provide as many detailsas possible from the novel. Does not need to be made on a computer.c) Write an interview with a major character in the novel. The interview shouldconsist of 8 questions and each answer should be detailed and in completesentences. Must be typed, double-spaced.Setting: Examine the setting of the novel.Select a particular scene torepresent. Be sure to consider the location, time period, and atmosphere of thesetting.a) Sketch a scene in the book depicting a part of the plot. I am marking for detail,accuracy, and effort, not drawing talent! Explain your illustration and why youchose to draw this scene in complete sentences.b) Draw a colour map of where a major part of the story takes place. Label themajor landmarks or points of interest. I am marking for detail, accuracy, andeffort, not drawing talent!c) Make a 3-D model of a major scene from the novel. Be creative with yourmaterials! Dioramas, plasticine/playdough, lego, etc. are all fine. I am markingfor detail, accuracy, and effort, not talent!

9Plot: Consider the “shape” of the story as it moves from an introduction,through a series of related incidents building to a climax, and coming to aconclusion.a) Create a 3 page comic book that illustrates the major events of the novel. Yourcomic book should contain text so that somebody who has never read your novelwill understand what happened in the book based on your comic. The templatesfor your comic book are posted on the class website on the “English” page.b) Rate each chapter of the novel according to the level of excitement.Summarize the reasons, in point form, for your ratings. In addition, you must usethe template below to complete a plot diagram for your novel. Make your ownplot diagram ie. do not just fill out this one.

10Story Element GradingYour Story Element section will be marked out of 25 points using this rubric:

11Part VExtension ProjectsThink of all of the other parts of your Independent Novel Study as parts of a car.The Extension Projects give you a chance to show that you can take all of thoseparts and assemble them into a beautiful automobile that anyone would be proudto own and drive! This is your chance to pull everything you have learnedtogether and demonstrate your understanding of the novel you chose in a funand creative way.For your extension projects, choose one of the following activities:a) Soundtrack: Create a soundtrack of 8 songs for your novel, including an albumcover that you designed. I suggest using PowerPoint or a similar program for thisassignment. The first slide should be your album cover. On the slides for eachsong, you must provide the following information: song title and artist name a lyric from the song that is meaningful to you a brief write-up describing why you chose this song and how it connects tospecific characters, events, or themes from your novelYour write-up for each song should be approximately 50 words in length. Note: Iwill deduct marks for write-ups that are less than 35 words or longer than 65words in length.b) ABC Book: In an ABC book, each page features a different letter of thealphabet. Each page should highlight an important theme, character, or idea fromyour novel. Your ABC book needs to be fully-illustrated (ie. at least one pictureper page) and colourful. You can create your ABC book by hand or on acomputer. PowerPoint would work well for this project.c) Travel Brochure: Create a travel brochure for your novel. It should beillustrated, colourful, and cover topics like places to visit, people you’ll meet, andthings to do.

12Extension Projects GradingYour Extension Projects will be marked out of 25 points using this rubric:

13Part VIAssignment ChecklistEasy marks up for grabs! If you complete the following checklist neatly, I’ll gladlygive you the full 5 marks. It is really more a tool to help you to stay organizedthan anything.AssignmentReading LogVocabulary Word ListVocabulary ActivityReading Journal #1Reading Journal #2Reading Journal #3Story Element Character ActivityStory Element Setting ActivityStory Element Plot ActivityExtension ProjectCompleted Work in DuotangDate Completed

14Important Information OnSubmitting Your WorkYou must print and hand in hard copies of all assignments with the exception ofPowerPoint or similar assignments. All typed assignments must be printed.Any art projects you are doing by hand (ex. “Wanted” poster, ABC Book) must beon 8.5” x 11” paper. No exceptions!All work you hand in to me needs to be in a duotang. The assignments in yourduotang should be in order. In other words, keep all Reading Journals together,all Vocabular Section work together, etc.The very first page in your duotang should be the title page of this booklet, withyour name and the name of your novel neatly written on it. The second pageshould be your Assignment Checklist (Part VI).For electronic assignments you are handing in, name each file with your nameand the name of the assignment. For example: “Matt Logan Soundtrack” or“Matt Logan Wanted Poster”

b) reate a “Wanted” poster for a character in the novel. Provide as many details as possible from the novel. Does not need to be made on a computer. c) Write an interview with a major character in the novel. The interview should consist of 8 questions and each answer should be detailed