Océ VarioPrint 6000 SeriesEXPERIENCE MOREAT-A-GLANCEENJOY PEAK PRODUCTIVITYENTER NEW AND PROFITABLE MARKETSDO MORE WITH LESS Océ Gemini Instant Duplex Technology Three models—Ultra /TP /MICR Up to 12 paper trays for up to24,000 letter-sized sheets* Four speeds to match your output needs Easy operation of multiple units withthe intuitive PRISMAsync server Roll-feed option for runs up to 60,000 sheets Cold paper path for inserting from any tray Output capacity up to 18,000 sheets Océ Paper Logic for first-time-right output* 20 lb. Bond (80 gsm) with Duo Tray option.** Optional2 True convergence printers for on-demandand transactional printing on one press DFD interface supports perfect binding,saddle-stitch, folding, and punching Adobe PostScript 3 (3020)/APPE 3,PDF/VT, PCL 6, IPDS,** SRA PCL6** Up to 10 million images per month Add speed when you need it withSpeed Pass Program Plan-ahead production with intelligentJob Scheduler Easy integration into Xerox and Kodak workflows with DPlink,** KDKlink**

CORE TECHNOLOGIES HELP YOU POWERTHROUGH THE MOST DEMANDINGPRODUCTION REQUIREMENTSA TRULY REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGYOCÉ SCREENPOINTOcé Gemini technology prints both sides ofa page in a single pass at full-rated speed.Productivity soars because the system runsat the same speed for all types of media.One-pass duplex printing through a short,simple paper path virtually eliminates paperjams and helps ensure higher throughput.While most documents today are createdin color, not all need to print that way. OcéScreenPoint Technology features automaticcolor rendering to black and white with smoothgrayscale transitions, excellent resolution, denseblack fills, and precise fine lines. Plus, you canadjust contrast and control darkness andlightness without sacrificing detail for thelook and feel of offset continuous tone.ACTIVE REGISTRATIONA sophisticated, sensor-controlled systemhelps ensure correct sheet positioning prior toprinting. Then, imaging both sides of a page atthe same time, Océ Gemini technology helpsensure outstanding, front-to-back registration,a hallmark of professional, high-quality printing.OCÉ COPYPRESSOcé CopyPress technology presses toner intothe page, fusing the toner without waste orthe use of developer. Low fuser temperatureshelp to prevent paper curl and reduce thechance of toner cracking when folded orcreased. The result is offset-like printquality with outstanding resolution of600 x 1200 dpi and 180 lines per inch.SPEED PASS PROGRAMUpgrade the speed of your Océ VarioPrint 6000 Series system when and where you need it.Without making a significant, long-terminvestment, you can handle peak productionworkloads faster while keeping your clientssatisfied—all without the hassles or high costsof new equipment, overtime, or outsourcing.OFFSET QUALITYENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIPEXPERIENCE SUPERB RELIABILITY Outstanding half-tone quality with600 x 1200 dpi and up to 180 lpi Highly efficient energy consumption Robust build constructed for rigorous,high volume environments Automatic sheet positioning andsuperb registration Océ ScreenPoint provides optimal image quality Océ CopyPress technology handles a widevariety of media, including textured stocks Solvent-free toner with virtually no waste Minimal ozone emissions Low noise level for operator comfort RoHS compliant Low-maintenance design with componentsbuilt to last the life of the machine High reliability with a short, simple paper path BLI Certificate of Reliability* No slow downs on mixed media jobs(mixed weight/coated/uncoated)* BLI 10 million-impression evaluation, 2010.3

ESSENTIAL CAPABILITIESKEEP PACE WITH YOURCHANGING BUSINESSRELIABILITY AND DURABILITYOcé VarioPrint 6000 Series presses are built tohandle heavy workloads and deliver consistent,reliable performance to help ensure optimal uptime.A low-maintenance design features core componentsbuilt to last the life of the machine, helping to ensurelow cost of ownership.This combination of speed, throughput, andversatility lets you replace multiple smaller machineswith one Océ VarioPrint 6000 Series system. In fact,the systems are so reliable and easy to use that oneoperator can run multiple printers at a time, allowingfor better staff utilization.The Océ VarioPrint 6000 Series helps you handlejobs more efficiently, meet peak production loads,have lower labor, operating, and maintenance costs,and welcome tight deadlines and demanding volumes.You have the most productive monochrome sheetfedprinter on the market.SCALABILITY AND FLEXIBILITYAvailable in three models (Ultra , TP , MICR ) and with four printspeeds (166 ipm,198 ipm, 248 ipm, 306 ipm) robust Océ VarioPrint6000 Series printers offer the flexibility to match the needs ofvirtually any print environment. Each model can switch instantlybetween bills and statements, books, tabbed reports, and more.They can accommodate a wide range of substrates and sheetsizes while producing up to 10 million impressions per month.And to provide investment protection when long-termperformance is required, the Océ VarioPrint 6160 /6200 /6250 models* can take advantage of the Speed Pass Program to helpaccommodate intermittent spikes in demand.* The upgrade of the Océ VarioPrint 6250 to Océ VarioPrint 6320is available only for Ultra and TP models.4

BUILT TO PERFORMMODULAR FEEDING AND FINISHINGChoose up to three paper input modules with 12 trays and acombined capacity of up to 24,000* sheets for hours of unattendedproduction. A cold paper path lets you insert pages from any tray,eliminating the need for a post insertion unit, the additional spaceit requires, and associated service costs. For the largest jobs, anoptional roll feeder can handle up to 60,000 Letter sheets of inputand adding up to three high-capacity stackers provides an optionaloutput capacity of up to 18,000 sheets.Whether you’re in a corporate print center or your business iscommercial printing, you can add value to every document byoffering booklet-making, binding, stapling, and punching in asingle, integrated process.The open finishing (DFD) interface on the High-Capacity Stackerallows for integration into a range of third-party finishing optionsfor production of professionally finished, perfect-bound books aswell as saddle-stitched and square spined booklets.SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENTAt Canon, sustainability begins with R&D and isdesigned into every product with, components andmaterials that are built to last. Océ VarioPrint 6000 Series components are RoHS-compliant, and up to95% can be reused or recycled at the end of theiruseful lives.While in use, Océ VarioPrint 6000 Series systems haveone of the lowest, if not the lowest, energy consumptionin its class, helping to decrease your cooling and airconditioning demands. This, combined with OcéCopyPress technology, helps to keep ozone emissionsnegligible. And with no solvents in its toner, there’s noneed for sophisticated air filters or specially ventilatedwork areas. Additionally, 100% toner usage eliminateswaste, so there’s no need for an internal cleaning system,a toner waste bottle, or the disposal of developer.* Maximum Letter-sized capacity 20 lb. Bond (80 gsm) with Duo Tray option.5

DESIGNED FORPROFITABLE PRODUCTIVITYThe Océ VarioPrint 6000 Series combines built-to-last, leading-edge technologies that can helpyou expand your horizons into new and profitable markets. Do more with less. Easily integrateinto existing workflows and protect your investment with scalable performance.2113KEY FEATURESFEEDINGIMAGING1. 1 PAPER SUPPLIES AND CAPACITYUp to three paper input moduleswith a maximum capacity of 24,000Letter-sized sheets,* with DuoTray option.4. 4 O CÉ GEMINI TECHNOLOGYImages both sides of a page at thesame time, helping to deliver tightregistration, faster throughput, lesswaste, and lower operating costs.7. M ONO-COMPONENT TONER7Oil- and developer-free imaging helpsensure excellent image quality in a cleanenvironment, without the need for costlyventilation systems or special filters.2 DOUBLE-SHEET DETECTION2. Automatically detects multiplesheets to prevent jams, errors,and help reduce downtime.5 O CÉ COPYPRESS TECHNOLOGY5. Presses toner into the substrateproviding an even, offset-like lookand feel to text and images.88. O CÉ SCREENPOINT TECHNOLOGYProvides outstanding 600 x 1200 dpiresolution for crisp text and exceptionalhalftone images.3. 3 OCÉ PAPER LOGIC TECHNOLOGYTakes the guesswork and errors out ofloading paper trays. Simply load paper in theorientation in which it’s intended to print.6. 6 ACTIVE REGISTRATIONSophisticated sensors help ensureprecise sheet positioning forsimultaneous duplexing.* 20 lb. Bond (80 gsm)69

8111013754126PRODUCTIVITY AND USABILITY9 P RISMASYNC PRINT SERVER9. Intuitive, graphical user interfaceshows production schedules ata glance, predicts run times, andindicates when consumables willneed replacement.12 H IGH-CAPACITY STACKER12. Holds up to 6,000 sheets in sizes from8” x 8” to 12.6” x 19.2” and adding upto 18,000** sheets with maximum stackerconfiguration. Optional Set Finisher providesstapling for sets of up to 100 sheets.**10. 10 S PEED PASS PROGRAMHandle short-term, peak volumes withthe ability to produce up to 306* letterpages per minute on Océ VarioPrint6160 /6200 /6250 models.13.13 D FD INTERFACESupports integration with a range ofthird-party, in-line finishers for professionalfolding, punching, and binding.11. 11 C OLD PAPER PATHPages can be inserted from any tray,bypassing the imaging engine using acold paper path for accurate automaticinterposing. This helps optimize trayusage while helping reduce the overallfootprint of the press.14. 14 G BC POWER PUNCH ***Heavy duty interchangeable die setsprovide a variety of punch patternsfor high volume punching.15. QUARE-FOLD BOOKLET-MAKERS***15 SDeliver professional-looking, lie-flatbooklets with the speed and simplicityof in-line saddle-stitching.- The Océ BLM200 Booklet-Makerfor up to 100 pages** booklets- The Océ BLM550 Booklet-Makerfor booklets of up to 224 pages**- The SDD BLM6300 Booklet-Makerfor optimal productivity with theOcé VarioPrint 6320 Models16 S DD BGB3202 PERFECT BINDER ***16. Provides automated, on-demand, productionof glue bound books with up to 600 pages.17. 17 D FS30-N TAPE BINDER ***Provides in-line production of tapebound booklets of up to 100 sheets.* Up to 248 ppm on MICR models.** 20 lb. Bond (80 gsm).*** Not shown.7

STREAMLINED WORKFLOWINTEGRATIONPRISMAsync PRINT SERVERBoost productivity with intuitive workflowPEOPLE-CENTRIC DESIGNThe PRISMAsync Print Server platform helpsstreamline production by making printing operationsmore intuitive and consistent. One integrated userinterface combines the functionality of a digitalfront-end with the engine controller, simplifyingproduction steps for even the most complex jobs.Its intuitively designed touch-screen helps minimizelearning curves, reducing time and money spenton training.EFFICIENT, TASK-BASED WORKFLOWThe PRISMAsync Print Server offers atask-based workflow that separates jobsand clarifies communications between prepressand production departments to help minimizeerrors, turnaround time, and waste.NON-STOP PRODUCTIVITYAccelerate turnaround times with up to eight hoursof plan-ahead production. The Job Scheduler providesoperators with the ability to monitor multiple jobs,receive custom notifications, and change priorities asneeded. Visible from a distance, the OperatorAttention Light signals upcoming operatorinterventions, such as media and consumable refills,giving you time to avoid interruptions in production8MEDIA SYNCHRONIZATIONA media-driven workflow with a customized,define-once media catalog helps deliverconsistent and productive media handling.ENABLE TARGETED MARKETINGPRISMAsync print servers provide powerfulvariable data printing (VDP) support withrecord-based editing and management , andfull compatibility with industry-standard VDPworkflows, including PDF/VT1 and PPML.

ADDRESS SECURITY CHALLENGESCanon provides multilayered security solutions that protectdevices , data , and document output. From guarding thedevice against unauthorized users to minimizing the riskof cyber attacks , Canon actively incorporates features andfunctions, such as E-shredding and the optional IntegrityChecker, that meet today’s challenges.MANAGE AND MONITOR PRODUCTION REMOTELYOperators and administrators can manage queues, submitprint jobs, and reroute jobs among multiple PRISMAsyncdriven engines via the standard PRISMAsync RemoteManager software. The unique, Web-based, multipressscheduler provides remote monitoring from virtually anyworkstation* or mobile device on your network.SMOOTH WORKFLOW INTEGRATIONPRISMAsync is powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine withMercury RIP architecture and integrates with JDF and JMFtools to help streamline and accelerate processes, reducecosts, and help you manage and control your operations.The PRISMAsync controller helps reduce costs whileboosting production capacity.BENEFIT FROM AN INTEGRATED PRODUCTION WORKFLOWStreamline and simplify complex workflows with the PRISMAsuite of workflow solutions. From job submission and preparationthrough professionally finished output, invoicing, and reporting,PRISMA solutions accelerate processes and help you to reducecosts and keep control of your operation.Modules include PRISMAdirect order and workflow managementsolution, PRISMAprepare job preparation software, and thePRISMAsync family of print servers. Select the modules that fityour desired workflow and add options as your operation grows.PROTECT YOUR PREVIOUS INVESTMENTIn mixed equipment environments, the PRISMAsyncserver lets you run and control jobs from Kodak Smartboard** and Xerox FreeFlow MakeReady***workflows without losing job ticket settings or mediaattributes.† PRISMAsync solutions help ensure asmooth, efficient workflow, from job submission andpreparation through professional finished output.*T he remote workstation must be connected to the same network as the digital press.An HTML 5-compatible Web browser with JavaScript and WebSocket support is required.See the PRISMAsync Remote Manager documentation for details.** Using Océ KDKlink*** Using Océ DPlink† Not all job-ticket features are supported on all engine configurations.9

THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOUR BUSINESSOcé VarioPrint 6000 ULTRA LINEDO MORE WITH LESSThe Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra digital perfecting systems featuresuperb registration, offset-like print quality, mixed media paperhandling, and a range of in-line finishing including binding, bookletmaking, and punching. These systems are ideal for duplex tabs,reports, training manuals, and rapidly growing opportunities suchas on-demand book printing, and more.Designed to handle a broad range of jobs quickly and reliably,the versatile Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra system helps you domore, without the need to purchase, operate, and maintainmultiple systems for different types of jobs. With speedsranging from 166 ipm to 306 ipm (Letter) and the ability toproduce volumes of up to 10 million images per month, youcan take on more work while increasing the range ofservices you provide.Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP LINEDESIGNED FOR TRANSACTIONAL PRINTINGThe Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP systems are optimized for the rigorsof transactional and direct mail environments. Built from the groundup for demanding peak volumes, inserting, and finishing, it takesproductivity and reliability to the next level. A special fusing stationhelps ensure outstanding quality from the moment output emergesfrom the printer to the time it’s finished and inserted in an envelope.What’s more, support for a variety of media types, weights, and sizesexpands your application possibilities.BUILT FOR CONVERGENCEA family of true convergence printers, Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP presses can switch from on-demand publishing (PDF, PostScript,PCL, PPML)* to transactional printing (IPDS, SRA PCL6)* in aninstant. This helps ensure reliable production of transactionaldocuments, direct mail, post cards, letters, notices, and more,without having to maintain multiple systems for differenttypes of job.10* Not all PDLs are standard.

Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR LINEHYBRID PRINTING AND DIGITAL DUPLEXINGTrue convergence printers, Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR systemscan easily handle host printing applications and, at the touch of abutton, switch to on-demand publishing jobs. This lets you printpayroll, balance transfer, refund, and convenience checks at nightand use the same machine to print booklets, manuals, invoices,statements, direct mail, and other standard duplex jobs by day.MICR quality is very stable, thanks to patented Océ CopyPresstechnology and the Océ Gemini print engine. Print quality rarelyneeds to be adjusted because printed characters maintain uniformsignal strength. Checks printed on Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR printers are processed through high-speed readers/sorters witha read rate higher than 99%.With near-offset quality and scalable performance of up to 166, 198,or 248 images per minute (Letter), the Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR Line has the power to do more work in less time, providing theconfidence you need to take on diverse, complex applications withtough media requirements.SAFETY AND SECURITYProducing sensitive MICR documents requires absolute security,accuracy, and quality. Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR systems offersecurity features such as micro-font printing and accountabilityfor submitted checks,* helping to ensure that information isn’tlost and checks aren’t double-printed.LEARN FROM EXPERIENCEPOWER YOUR BUSINESSA COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEGive your business a competitive edge by letting Canon helpyou increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Itsextensive print experience translates to deep insight intoindustry characteristics and trends as well as customers’goals and challenges. Canon’s understanding of variousprinting markets allows it to tailor its solutions to helpmeet your specific needs.TOTAL SOLUTIONSCanon’s portfolio of technology offerings is among thebroadest in the industry. From digital, cut-sheet, continuousfeed, and wide-format to inkjet, photo printers, and workflowsolutions, Canon has a customized solution to meet yourbusiness needs.* Only supported in AFP/IPDS workflows.11

SPECIFICATIONSOcé VarioPrint 6000 SeriesFINISHING ACCESSORIESMAIN UNITTechnology:Océ CopyPressPrinter Type:Engine Type:Print Resolution:LEDOcé Gemini Instant Duplex Technology600 x 600 dpi or 600 x 1200 dpi,85/106/125/141/180 lpiMonthly Duty Cycle(Letter images)6320 Ultra /TP : 1 to 10 Million6250 Ultra /TP /MICR : 750,000 to 8 Million6200 Ultra /TP /MICR : 500,000 to 5 Million6160 Ultra /TP /MICR : 300,000 to 2.5 MillionDuplex Print Speed (ipm) 6320*/6250/6200/6160:Up to 306/248/198/166 (Letter)Up to 164/133/106/89 (Ledger)Paper Size:7.2" x 7.2" to 13" x 19.2"Maximum:Minimum:Optional:12.6" x 19.2"8" x 8"7" x 10" (178 mm x 254 mm)13.8" x 19.7" (350 mm x 500 mm)Paper FeedingPaper WeightAir Separation, Suction FeedingPlain Paper:13 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover** (50 gsm to 300 gsm)Coated Media:Power Source20 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Cover** (80 gsm to 250 gsm)3 Phase:Single Phase:Dimensions (H x W x D)(Includes PIM and InputInterface Module):Weight (Includes PIM andInput Interface Module):208-240 V, 30 A208-240 V, 50 A76" x 115" x 42.1"(1930 mm x 2920 mm x 1070 mm)High-Capacity Stacker 2.1 (1 Standard, Up To 2 Optional)Capacity:6,000 Sheets(2 Stacks x 3,000 Sheets-20 lb. Bond)Maximum Total18,000 SheetsStacking Capacity:(with Optional Stackers Attached)Paper Size:8" x 8" (203 mm x 203 mm) to12.6" x 19.2" (320 mm x 488 mm)Paper WeightPlain Paper:Coated Media:DFD Interface(Optional):Power Source:13 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover* (50 to 300 gsm)20 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Cover* (80 to 250 gsmFor Integration with Third-Party Finishing115 V/15 ADimensions (H x W x D): 46.0" x 45.4" x 28.9

performance is required, the Océ VarioPrint 6160 /6200 /6250 models* can take advantage of the Speed Pass Program to help accommodate intermittent spikes in demand. KEEP PACE WITH YOUR CHANGING BUSINESS. 5 MODULAR FEEDING AND FINISHING C