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Vol. 26Issue 3Summer 2012UpcomingFCBIA EventsJuly 10Crab Feast4:00 - 7:00 pmBuckeystown PubAugust 10Golf Tournament8:30 amHollow Creek GolfClubSeptember 11General MembershipBreakfast8:00 amDutch’s DaughterRestaurantFor details see insertsDenise JacobyExecutive Officerdbradyjacoby@frederickbuilders.orgDonna KraftExecutive Administratordonna@frederickbuilders.orgClasina Van Velzen-StupMembership Coordinatorclasina@frederickbuilders.orgPhone: 301.663.3599Fax: 301.663.1966www.frederickbuilders.orgFrom left to right:Jennifer Franey fromVintage Security receivesthe Trades Person of theYear Award from hostHugh Gordon at theAwards of ExcellenceBanquet in May. HostTodd Walker congratulates Jim McCormackfrom Advantage Homeson winning the SalesManager of the Yearhonor. Todd presentsAmy Goline from Advantage Homes with theSales Person of the Yearaward.Steve SeawrightFrederick County Building Industry Association PresidentAmidst the political and economic turmoil ofEurope that threatens economies around the globeand through the claims and counterclaims at homeof political parties that seem to know only extremepartisanship, there are nascent signs of our emerging from an economic recovery that never felt likeone to a local housing recovery that now can bemeasured in rising sales and starts. Who wou’dathought?Attendees at FCBIA’s most recent general membership meeting heard Melissa Jonas, Metro StudiesRegional Director, present Frederick Countygeneral brokerage sales data reflective of a marketmoving decidedly in the direction of a “sellers’market” and available finished lot inventory datareflective of only a two-plus year supply at currentsales rates. More importantly, though, our members are posting those same improving stats forsales traffic and contract activity.requirements for loans purchased by FNMA andFHLMC. At the state level we have our governor,aptly described in one national newspaper as “thegift that keeps on taking”, and a State PlanningDepartment that would impose its Ivory Towervision for Baltimore on all of Maryland’s 23 counties, no matter how low-density by local preference they may be. And locally, there are the FOF(Few of Frederick) who will rally limited troopsto assault every option for creation of jobs, moreaffordable housing and promotion of a lifestyledesired by the substantial majority of Countyresidents. For anyone wondering why we couldallow ourselves only 30 seconds to celebrate animproved housing market, those are the reasons.Does each of us need to do our part in addressingthese issues? Absolutely!At the state level, our building industry accomplishments through Maryland State BuildersContinued on next pageSo, while we pause for 30 seconds of celebrationover the encouraging news, we still must returnto the facts that a now observable recovery is bothnew and fragile and that there are forces in play atevery level of politics which readily can halt andundo the gains achieved at so much time and costto date.Nationally there are political threats to the homemortgage interest deduction and there is themisguided proposal for a “Qualified ResidentialMortgage” that would require a minimum 20%down payment and other more strict qualifyingJerry ConnellyBuilderMember of the YearBruce DeanAssociateMember of the Year

Continued from page 1Board of Directors2012Steve SeawrightPresidentThomas Hyde, Jr.First Vice PresidentDoug MacMasterSecond Vice PresidentHugh GordonTreasurerBrendan MaddenSecretaryBob MochiImmediate Past PresidentJerry ConnellyFran DenmarkWilliam R. Norton, IIIRoss OstranderStuart TerlKeith TunellDave WiegandJason WileyDirectorsBruce DeanPresidentLand Use CouncilBennett GoldbergRepresentativeProfessional RemodelorsOrganizationGary LargeRepresentativeCommercial RoundtableAssociation (MSBA) continue to be measured inthe bad effects we mitigate or prevent from happening. By those measures, MSBA’s efforts onbehalf of our industry this past legislative sessionwere highly successful.apply to those subdivisions now halted by APFOschool testing, which would enable constructionto proceed while, at the same time, generatingmore needed funds for school construction andrenovation.On the prevention front, the Governor’s nonlegislative effort to adopt PlanMD by executivefiat was thwarted by a broadly based coalition thatsupported a veto-proof measure affirming thatPlanMD could not be used to override locallyadopted plans or serve as a basis for withholdingstate funds by reason of local plans being inconsistent with PlanMD. Score one for the good guys.And, in the mitigation arena, what became knownas the Governor’s “septic ban” measure was modified to apply to subdivisions of more than 7 lots,instead of 4, with there being a reasonable timeframe established for “grandfathering” from onerous central private septic system requirements.But, not unexpectedly, “He’s Back!”, with GovernorO’Malley now proposing that all new septic systems, statewide, be installed using Best AvailableTechnology (BAT) for advanced nitrogen removal,regardless of whether justified by soil type, watertable or any other relevant septic system designconsideration. Seems that MSBA doesn’t even get30 seconds to celebrate.- Preparation of proposed revisions to permitregulations that would allow unscheduled, qualifying, minor electrical and HVAC work associated with renovation projects to proceed and beinspected without the necessity for filing separate,additional permitsLocal matters now engaging your associationinclude:- Support for a BOCC proposal that would suspend automatic annual increases in School ImpactFees.- Support for a BOCC proposal that will wouldpermit payment of a nearly double impact fee toThe preceding work items require only a few sentences to describe, but rest assured they demandhours of attention by an exceedingly devoted andcapable FCBIA staff and involved membership.It remains my hope that when you have occasion to think about your relationship to FCBIA,you increasingly will value your connection to anorganization that promotes responsible businesscitizenship and your success within the FrederickCounty building industry. With that recognitionthere should come awareness that your increasing, direct engagement in the activities of FCBIAreinforces both your own success and that of yourindustry.CTC Students Win Silver At SkillsUSA ChampionshipsFrom left to right: Proud silver medalists EricRockwell, Brandon Smith, Andrew Hodge andChristina May and their finished project at theSkillsUSA contest. These Frederick County Career& Technology students represented Marylandin the National SkillsUSA ChampionshipsTeamWorks competition in Kansas City. Theyhad to give an oral presentation on how they weregoing to build a laundry room, develop a criticalpath schedule, estimate materials and constructthe laundry room that included carpentry, electricity, plumbing and masonry components. The students contribute their success in part to the opportunity to hone their skills at the Builder Olympicsat the Home Show and the support of the localbuilding industry. The partnership between FCBIAand the Career & Technology Center ensures thatstudents receive the right education to become ourskilled employees of the future.Todd WalkerPresidentSales & Marketing CouncilJ. Maurice CarlisleRobert HiltonJim MacGillivrayFred W. RudyDavid C. SmithDolores WilsonFCBIA Life DirectorsDebra BordenBoard AttorneyThomas Hyde, Jr.Dusty RoodState DirectorsFCBIA Bulletin- Support for two local amendments to the2012 IECC, which have been put forward by theCounty’s Permits and Inspection Division acting in cooperation with FCBIA. These amendments must be approved by the Maryland CodesAdministration and, if approved, would facilitatemore cost-effective implementation of the 2012IECC, which takes effect on July 1, 2012 for allpermits filed after June 30, 2012.Summer 2012Page 2

Todd WalkerSales & Marketing Council PresidentSummer is here and it is hot (100 degrees today). The buildingand real estate industry in Frederick County is also hot. All sectors of our industry seem to be busy. New home sales are up,re-sales are still selling well and interest rates are still at recordlows. Lenders and appraisal companies are busier than they’vebeen in five years. Even vacant land is beginning to sell.If you attended the annual Awards of Excellence at CeresvilleMansion, you got a good look at the current state of our industry. This year was a sold-out event. And the annual HomeShow was another big success with many exhibitors saying itwas their best ever.We are fortunate to live so close to the political hub of the USAsince it brings stability to our region that other areas of thecountry wish they had.So how good is business ? For those of us on the retail side ofthe building industry, business is good.Reports from new home sales show consistently improved salesnumbers. General real estate is busy. Re-sale inventory is stilllow, but new listings increased over the past 45 days. Today(6/21/12) there are 1,020 active listings in Frederick County.This number is up from the mid-800’s just two months ago. Ifyou subtract rental listings from this new number, there areapproximately 910 active for sale listings, just 4.375 months ofinventory available for sale.An equilibrium market is six months of inventory. A buyersmarket is anything above six months. Thus, we are currently ina sellers market. As a result, re-sale pricing seems to have leveled off with many homes selling at list price, or slightly above.The number of foreclosures actively for sale is still low (33), andshort sale listings are also still low (138). With the re-sale market under-inventoried, new homes should begin to see an uptickin sales, and many builders are already experiencing an increasein activity.With interest rates at record lows, and a consistent stream of interested buyers in the marketplace, the home building and realestate industry is alive and feeling good in Frederick County.Have you noticed an increase in smiling faces ? If not, attendone of the upcoming FCBIA events. You’ll not only see smiling faces, but you’ll see more people in attendance. Good newstravels fast, and folks like to be around upbeat positive energy.The FCBIA has an abundance of both.Does your Workers’ CompInsurance measure up?Frederick County Building Industry Association Members have access to:Better rates, year after yearBetter ways to pay premiums, with the ParallelPay pay-as-you-go plan through your in-housepayroll accounting or payroll serviceBetter risk management, with local consultants who understand your unique business needsBetter claim management, to control claim costs and return injured employees to work fasterBetter results, helping your bottom line and productivityFor more information or a quote, contact an FCBIA member agent:Bob HammondBB&T Frederick UnderwritersPhone: 301-644-6544Email: rhammond@bbandt.comPage 3Summer 2012Brooks YetterInsurance Brokers of MarylandPhone: 301-668-2233Email: brooks.yetter@ibmofmd.comFCBIA Bulletin

2012 Awards of ExcellenceThe May 9 Hawaiian-themed Awards ofExcellence Banquet at Ceresville Mansion wasa sold out affair. Members came together toshare success stories and to see who won thecoveted awards. Hugh Gordon, Sasha Scaun,and Todd Walker handled the presentation andentertainment.2012 SponsorsGreentree HomesMacris, Hendricks & Glascock, P.A.Bill Norton @ Morgan Stanley Smith BarneyFCBIA BulletinSummer 2012Page 4

2012 Awards of Excellence WinnersBuilding DivisionBest Commercial DesignMatanNational Cancer InstituteRiverside Research ParkBest New Home DesignCondominium 300,000 - 400,000Beazer HomesThe AspenArora HillsBest New Home DesignTownhome 300,000 - 400,000Beazer HomesThe ChandlerArora HillsBest New Home DesignSingle Family 400,000 - 500,000Beazer HomesThe AshlandAdamstown CommonsBest New Home DesignSingle Family 500,000 - 650,00Beazer HomesThe LexingtonLinton at BallengerEnvironmental ExcellenceDivisionBest Production Home 300,000 - 400,000Nexus Energy HomesDuplex 20North PointeBest Production Home 400,000 - 500,000Seawright HomesThe YorkThe Orchard at New MarketIndividual AchievementDivisionSales Manager of the YearJim McCormackAdvantage HomesPage 5Best Interior MerchandisingSingle Family 500,000 - 650,000Beazer HomesThe LexingtonLinton at BallengerSales Person of the YearAmy GolineAdvantage HomesTrades Person of the YearVintage SecurityJennifer FraneyBest Sales CenterAdvantage HomesThe EatonBrunswick CrossingLand DevelopmentDivisionBest Community EntryMonumentMatanRiverside Research ParkBest Sales ModelTownhome 200,000 - 300,000Advantage HomesThe EatonBrunswick CrossingBest Commercial ProjectMatanRiverside Research ParkBest PUD/PND/MXDMarket Square at Frederick,LLCMarket Square at FrederickMarketing DivisionBest Interior MerchandisingCondominium 300,000 - 400,000Beazer HomesThe VailArora HillsBest Interior MerchandisingTownhome 200,000 - 300,000Advantage HomesThe DoverBrunswick CrossingBest Interior MerchandisingTownhome 300,000 - 400,000Beazer HomesThe ChandlerArora HillsBest Interior MerchandisingSingle Family 400,000 - 500,000Beazer HomesThe AshlandAdamstown CommonsBest Sales ModelSingle Family 400,000 - 500,000Ryan HomesVerona Canon BluffBest WebsiteRyan Homeswww.lakelinganoreliving.comOutdoor Living DivisionBest Outdoor Living Space 25,000 - 50,000Porterbrook IICarter Street ResidenceBethesdaBest Outdoor Living Space 50,000 - 75,000Porterbrook IIThe DiGioia ResidenceBethesdaBest Outdoor Living Space 200,000 - 250,000Clearwater Landscape &NurseryThe Wilcom ResidenceIjamsvilleBest Sales ModelSingle Family 500,000 - 650,000Dan Ryan BuildersThe DartmouthPoplar RidgeRemodeling DivisionBest ShowroomVintage SecurityJessupBest Bathroom Remodel 25,000 - 50,000Dorman BuildersThe Kisic ResidenceMount AiryMedia MarketingDivisionBest Color Print AdClearwater Landscape &NurseryA Yard For All SeasonsBest Direct Mail AdvertisingRyan HomesLake LinganoreBest Master CommunityBrochurePleasants DevelopmentBrunswick CrossingBest Multimedia PresentationPower Marketing & AdvertisingAdvantage HomesSummer 2012Best Basement/Attic Finishing 200,000 - 250,000Joseph F. Devilbiss ConstructionThe Wade ResidenceAdamstownBest Residential Remodel 50,000 - 75,000Dertzbaugh ConstructionHigh MeadowMt. AiryBest Residential Remodel 250,000 - 300,000Dorman BuildersSharp RoadGlenwoodTrades DivisionBest CraftsmanshipAll Around PlumbingThe Hartke Crotty ResidenceBethesdaFCBIA Bulletin

Bruce DeanLand Use Council PresidentAs we enter the dog days of summer, I am happy to reportthat the Land Use Council has retained the momentum of anexceedingly busy 2011 and sustained it through the first halfof 2012. Frederick County Staff and elected officials remaincommitted to making the County as business friendly aspossible, the City of Frederick is also taking great strides inunderstanding the difficulties our industry continues to suffer during this economy and finding ways to ease our burdens, and the State of Maryland well, let’s just say thatin the “Land of Never-ending Regulation”, we continue tolose most of our battles with bureaucrats’ attempts to regulate us out of business, but we did manage to lessen some ofthe burdens Annapolis seems to believe that placing on thedevelopment industry are the reason for their existence.As I reported in the last few of newsletters, the FCBIA andthe LUC have been jointly working on numerous significantissues. In Frederick County, Staff continues to implementyear 2 of the Business Friendly Initiative, identifying areaswhich can be improved, thinking “outside the box” by trying to find ways to work with us instead of against us, andall in all making the development process more predictable,which is perhaps the greatest achievement of all. Among thechanges which have occurred or are ongoing are revisions tothe Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) which allow developers to negotiate APFO improvements as part ofa Developer Rights and Responsibilities Agreement, whichwill prevent future Boards of County Commissioners (orCounty Councils if the Charter is approved) from changingthe rules mid-stream; revisions to the subdivision ordinanceto make it more user-friendly and competitive with surrounding counties; a change in the plat recordation processwhich was long overdue, and many, many other initiatives.Perhaps the biggest and best initiative at the County levelremains the County Commissioners’’ “redo” of the priorBoard’s infamous and nefarious 2010 Comprehensive Plan,whereby many thousands of acres of Frederick County properties were downzoned. The process the Board has implemented to restore this zoning and make Frederick County‘Safe and Sane” when it comes to predictability of futuredevelopment should be complete by the end of the summer.The fact that the State Department of Planning has inserteditself into this process while ignoring the fact that the priorBoard deliberately downzoned these many properties simplygoes to prove my point that the State planners will forevererr on the side of those seeking to stop growth and development. We should all be thankful for the vigilance of most ofour County Commissioners and State delegation seeking toprotect the property rights of Frederick County landownersfrom the never-ending encroachment from Annapolis.In Frederick City, the LUC is working with staff and officialson the Sewer Capacity study and long overdue revisions tothe Land Management Code. Changes have been implemented to the way Water Impact Fees are both calculatedand imposed (a MAJOR improvement). Work continues ona Citywide Comprehensive Rezoning and small area plansin the Golden Mile and East Frederick. LUC representativesmeet quarterly with the Mayor to find ways the City canemulate Frederick County and make development work better for the industry and for the City and its residents.At the State level, it was mostly a year of trying to limit thedamage coming from Annapolis. We saw PlanMarylandimplemented and the Sustainable Growth Bill (incorrectlyreferred to as the Septic Bill by some as a camouflage) enacted, both of which, while watered down from their originalintent, still serve as the State’s way of getting the Annapoliscamel’s nose in our local land use tent. Personally, I see thisas simply more battles in a long and drawn out “war” between those who believe land use decisions should be madelocally, and those who think that central planning at theState level is the best way to make sure people live how andwhere a planner thinks they should. Katie Maloney, the StateBuilders Association, and your local FCBIA and Land UseCouncil will spend the foreseeable future fighting this ongoing conflict, with no end in sight.The Land Use Council members continue to work hard, andthere is a lot on our plate. Thank you to everyone who contributes their time, money, intellect and plain hard work tohelping our industry.36th AnnualFCBIA Golf TournamentAugust 10 at Hollow Creek Golf ClubFor more info or registration or 301-663-3599 x102Page 6Summer 2012FCBIA Bulletin

Community InvolvementFCBIA Scholarship WinnersBoy Scouts Receive CheckAt The Community Foundation of Frederick County’s 2012 ScholarshipReception on Sunday, June 10, 2012, representatives of FCBIA got the chanceto meet this year’s recipients of The Dianne C. Murphy Scholarship Fund.FCBIA was pleased to award four scholarships totaling 5,000.00 for the2012-2013 academic year, thereby providing financial assistance to FrederickCounty graduating seniors majoring in the building industry.The scholarship winners are:Lauren Gilmartin, 1,500.00, graduating senior from Linganore, 3.89 GPA,major - Architecture, University of MarylandStanley Portillo, 1,500.00, graduating senior from Frederick High, 3.86 GPA,major - Civil Engineering, Columbia CollegeDaniel Myers, 1,000.00, graduating senior from Catoctin, 2.93 GPA, major Construction Management, Frederi

Clasina Van Velzen-Stup Membership Coordinator Phone: 301.663.3599 . Jennifer Franey from Vintage Security receives the Trades Person of the Year Award from host . ity, plumbing and masonry components. The stu-