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HP LaserJet P3010 Series PrintersUser Guide

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Table of contents1 Product basicsConventions used in this guide . 2Product comparison . 3Environmental features . 5Product features . 6Product views . 8Front view . 8Rear view . 92 Control panelControl-panel layout . 12Use the control-panel menus . 14Use the menus . 14Show Me How menu . 15Retrieve job menu . 16Information menu . 18Paper handling menu . 19Manage supplies menu . 20Configure device menu . 21Printing menu . 21PCL sub-menu . 22Print Quality menu . 23System setup menu . 26I/O menu . 30Embedded Jetdirect and EIO X Jetdirect menus . 30Resets menu . 36Diagnostics menu . 38Service menu . 393 Software for WindowsSupported operating systems for Windows . 42Supported printer drivers for Windows . 43HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) . 44UPD installation modes . 44ENWWiii

Select the correct printer driver for Windows . 45Priority for print settings . 46Change printer-driver settings for Windows . 47Remove software for Windows . 48Supported utilities for Windows . 49HP Web Jetadmin . 49Embedded Web server . 49HP Easy Printer Care . 50Software for other operating systems . 514 Use the product with MacintoshSoftware for Macintosh . 54Supported operating systems for Macintosh . 54Supported printer drivers for Macintosh . 54Remove software from Macintosh operating systems . 54Priority for print settings for Macintosh . 54Change printer-driver settings for Macintosh . 56Software for Macintosh computers . 57HP Printer Utility . 57Open the HP Printer Utility . 57HP Printer Utility features . 58Supported utilities for Macintosh . 58Embedded Web server . 58Use features in the Macintosh printer driver . 59Create and use printing presets in Macintosh . 59Resize documents or print on a custom paper size . 59Print a cover page . 59Use watermarks . 60Print multiple pages on one sheet of paper in Macintosh . 60Print on both sides of the page (duplex printing) . 61Store jobs . 61Use the Services menu . 625 ConnectivityUSB connection . 64Network configuration . 65Supported network protocols . 65Configure the network product . 67View or change network settings . 67Set or change the network password . 67Manually configure IPv4 TCP/IP parameters from the control panel . 68Manually configure IPv6 TCP/IP parameters from the control panel . 69Disable network protocols (optional) . 70ivENWW

Disable IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, or DLC/LLC . 70Link speed and duplex settings . 716 Paper and print mediaUnderstand paper and print media use . 74Supported paper and print media sizes . 75Custom paper sizes . 77Supported paper and print media types . 78Tray and bin capacity . 79Special paper or print media guidelines . 80Load trays . 81Paper orientation for loading trays . 81Load Tray 1 . 82Load Tray 2 or an optional 500-sheet tray . 84Configure trays . 87Configure a tray when loading paper . 87Configure a tray to match print job settings . 87Configure a tray by using the Paper Handling menu . 87Select the paper by source, type, or size . 88Source . 88Type and size . 88Use paper output options . 89Print to the top (standard) output bin . 89Print to the rear output bin . 897 Use product featuresEconomy settings . 92EconoMode . 92Sleep delay . 93Set sleep delay . 93Disable or enable sleep mode . 93Wake time . 94Set the real-time clock . 94Set the wake time . 94Use job-storage features . 96Create a stored job . 96Print a stored job . 96Delete a stored job . 97Walk-up USB printing . 988 Print tasksCancel a print job . 100Stop the current print job from the control panel . 100ENWWv

Stop the current print job from the software program . 100Use features in the Windows printer driver . 101Open the printer driver . 101Use printing shortcuts . 101Set paper and quality options . 102Set document effects . 102Set document finishing options . 103Set job storage options . 104Obtain support and product-status information . 104Set advanced printing options . 1059 Manage and maintain the productPrint the information and show-me-how pages . 108Use the HP Easy Printer Care software . 110Open the HP Easy Printer Care software . 110HP Easy Printer Care software sections . 111Use the embedded Web server . 113Open the embedded Web server by using a network connection . 113Embedded Web server sections . 114Use HP Web Jetadmin software . 116Use security features . 117IP Security . 117Secure the embedded Web server . 117Secure Disk Erase . 117Data affected . 118Additional Information . 118HP Encrypted High Performance hard disks . 118Hardware integration pocket . 118Secure stored jobs . 118Lock the control panel menus . 119Lock the formatter . 120Manage supplies . 121Print-cartridge storage . 121HP policy on non-HP print cartridges . 121HP fraud hotline and Web site . 121Supplies life . 121Replace supplies and parts . 122Supply replacement guidelines . 122Change the print cartridge . 122Install memory, internal USB devices, and external I/O cards . 126Overview . 126Install memory . 126Install product memory . 126viENWW

Check DIMM installation . 130Save resources (permanent resources) . 130Enable memory for Windows . 131Install internal USB devices . 132Install EIO cards . 135Clean the product . 137Clean the exterior . 137Clean the paper path . 137Upgrade the firmware . 138Determine the current firmware version . 138Download new firmware from the HP Web site . 138Transfer the new firmware to the product . 138Use the flash executable file to update the firmware . 138Use FTP to upload the firmware through a browser . 139Use FTP to upgrade the firmware on a network connection . 139Use HP Web Jetadmin to upgrade the firmware . 140Use Microsoft Windows commands to upgrade the firmware . 140Upgrade the HP Jetdirect firmware . 14010 Solve problemsSolve general problems . 144Troubleshooting checklist . 144Factors that affect product performance . 145Restore factory settings . 146Interpret control-panel messages . 147Control-panel message types . 147Control-panel messages . 147Jams . 162Common causes of jams . 162Clear jams . 163Clear jams from Tray 1 . 163Clear jams from Tray 2 or an optional 500-sheet tray . 164Clear jams from the top cover . 167Clear jams from the rear door and the fuser area . 169Clear jams from the duplexer . 172Jam recovery . 176Paper-handling problems . 177Product feeds multiple sheets . 177Product feeds incorrect page size . 177Product pulls from incorrect tray . 178Paper does not feed automatically . 178Paper does not feed from Tray 2, 3, or 4 . 179Transparencies or glossy paper will not feed . 179ENWWvii

Envelopes jam or will not feed in the product . 180Output is curled or wrinkled . 180Product does not duplex or duplexes incorrectly . 181Solve print-quality problems . 182Print-quality problems associated with paper . 182Print-quality problems associated with the environment . 182Print-quality problems associated with jams . 182Image defect examples . 183Repetitive defects ruler . 188Solve performance problems . 189Solve connectivity problems . 190Solve direct-connect problems . 190Solve network problems . 190Solve walk-up USB printing problems . 191Product software problems . 193Solve common Windows problems . 194Solve common Macintosh problems . 195Appendix A Supplies and accessoriesOrder parts, accessories, and supplies . 200Part numbers . 201Paper-handling accessories . 201Print cartridges . 201Memory . 201Cables and interfaces . 202Appendix B Service and supportHewlett-Packard limited warranty statement . 204HP's Premium Protection Warranty: LaserJet print cartridge limited warranty statement . 205End User License Agreement . 206Customer self-repair warranty service . 208Customer support . 209Repack the product . 210Service information form . 211Appendix C SpecificationsPhysical specifications . 214Power consumption, electrical specifications, and acoustic emissions . 214Operating environment . 214Appendix D Regulatory informationFCC regulations . 216Environmental product stewardship program . 217viiiENWW

Protecting the environment .

HP LaserJet P3015d printer CE526A 2 1 Has the same features as the HP LaserJet P3015 printer, with the following differences: 10-key numeric keypad on the control panel Automatic two-sided (duplex) printing Contains 128 MB RAM. Expandable to 1 GB Hardware integration pocket for installing third-party security devices HP LaserJet P3015n printer