Nd International Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop: Education For .


2ND INTERNATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE CLEFT CARE WORKSHOP:EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE CLEFT CAREOctober 16-18, 2019Hilton Lima Miraflores, Lima, PeruRgInfo@cleftworkshop.orgwww.cleftworkshop.org

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Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop – 16, 18 October - Lima 2019Day I – OCTOBER 1607:00 – 08:00REGISTRATION AND WELCOMEHUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM08:00 – 09:00CONFERENCE OPENING SESSIONModerator: Dr. Usama HamdanDr. Usama HamdanDr. Fiorella Molinelli, Executive Chair, EsSaludDr. Roberto FloresCleft Care in Latin America: Looking Back Over 40 Years - Dr. Carlos NavarroHUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM09:00 – 10:00PRESURGICAL CONSIDERATIONS AND MANAGEMENTModerator: Dr. Usama HamdanFeeding and Nutrition – Dr. Maria Carmen PamplonaTransport/Follow Up/Outreach – Dr. Marcia DosalTransport/Follow Up/Outreach – Dr. Cassio RaposoTransport/Follow Up/Outreach – Dra. Carmen Morovic10:00 – 10:20BREAK – EXHIBIT AREAHUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM10:20 – 11:20PRESURGICAL ORTHOPEDICSModerator: Dr. Ricardo BennunNasoalveolar Molding – Dr. Pradip ShetyeLatham Device – Dr. Elcin EsenlikDynacleft With Nasal Prong – Dr. Daniela TanikawaPresurgical Orthopedic: No Need – Dr. Marcus CollaresDiscussion11:20 – 12:20PRIMARY UNILATERAL LIP AND NOSEHUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOMModerator: Dr. Joseph LoseePrimary Cleft Lip & Nose: Subunit Approach – Dr. Raymond TseMorovic – Dr. Carmen MorovicPerry – Dr. Percy Rossell PerryMohler Approach For Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair – Dr. Roberto FloresDiscussion12:20 – 13:20LUNCH13:20 – 14:20HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM ( Surgery – Dental)SALKANTAY ROOM (Speech and Language Pathology)PRIMARY BILATERAL LIP AND NOSEORAL & VELOPHARYNGEAL ANATOMY, EMBRYOLOGY &CLEFT RELATED PATHOLOGIESModerator: Dr. Roberto FloresBilateral cleft lip – Dr. Percy Rossell PerryBilateral cleft lip – Dr. Ricardo BennunBilateral cleft lip – Dr. Carmen MorovicRetrograde Approach – Dr. Cassio RaposoDiscussion14:20 – 15:10RgInfo@cleftworkshop.orgCourse Directors: Dr. Ann Kummer & Dr. Maria CarmenPamplonaNormal anatomy of the oral cavity and velopharyngealmechanismTypes of clefts of the lip/palate and how they relate toembryological developmentOtological and hearing problems associated with cleftpalatewww.cleftworkshop.org

HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM ( Surgery – Dental)PRIMARY BILATERAL LIP AND NOSE LATE PRESENTATIONSCHALLENGES AND INNOVATIONSModerator: Dr. Carmen MorovicPrimary maxillary setback – Dr. Usama HamdanBrian Sommerlad – Dr. Brian SommerladSecondary Nasal Reconstruction – Dr. Usama HamdanDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech and Language Pathology)ORAL & VELOPHARYNGEAL ANATOMY, EMBRYOLOGY &CLEFT RELATED PATHOLOGIES (CONT’D)Effects of dental and occlusal anomalies effects onspeechDiscussion15:10 – 15:30BREAK – EXHIBIT AREA15:30 – 16:30HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM ( Surgery – Dental)SALKANTAY ROOM (Speech and Language Pathology)CLEFT LIP SEQUELAE OF REPAIRVELOPHARYNGEAL DYSFUNCTIONModerator:Moderator: Dr. Ann KummerClassification System for Cleft lip revision – Dr. UsamaNormal resonance and resonance disordersHamdanType V revision: Bilateral Cleft Lip revisions – Dr.Causes of velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD)Krishna PatelCleft lip repair sequalae – Dr. Carlos GiuglianoEffects of VPD on speechComplications in Cleft lip repair – Dr. Percy RossellDiscussionPerryDiscussion16:30 – 18:30HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)CLEFT LIP SIMULATIONModerator:SIMULATION ROOMRgInfo@cleftworkshop.orgwww.cleftworkshop.org

Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop – 16, 18 October - Lima 2019Day II – OCTOBER 1708:00 – 09:10HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)CLEFT PALATE REPAIR – CHALLENGES AND INNOVATIONSModerator: Dr. Roberto FloresFurlow - Dr. Joseph LoseeRadical IVV with Vomer Flap – Dr. Brian SommerladBuccal Flap – Dr. Robert MannExtended Nasal Z-plasty – Dr. Marcus CollaresProtocol for Outpatient Cleft Palate Repair – Dr. CarlosGiuglianoDiscussion09:10 – 10:10HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)SPEECH AND HEARINGModerator: Dr. Ann KummerSpeech assessment and intervention – Dr. AnnKummerHearing assessment and intervention – Dr. KrishnaPatelNasoendoscopy and other imaging techniques – Dr.Paul WillgingVPI management without resources – Dr. MariaCarmen PamplonaDiscussion10:10 – 10:30BREAK – EXHIBIT AREA10:30 – 11:40HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)VPI SURGERY - STANDARD TECHNIQUESModerator: Dr. Carlos GiuglianoSpeech Therapy Perspectives – Dr. Ann KummerIVV – Dr. Brian SommerladFurlow – Dr. Joseph LoseeBuccal Flap – Dr. Robert MannPharyngeal Flap Sphincteroplasty – Dr. Krishna PatelDiscussion11:40 – 12:40HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)VPI SURGERY – INNOVATIONS AND CHALLENGESModerator: Dr. Brian SommerladVPI treatment: Surgery, prosthetic device or speechtherapy - Dr. Ann KummerVPI surgery in the syndromic and older patient – Dr.Carlos GiuglianoRgInfo@cleftworkshop.orgSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)PRE-SURGICAL INFANT ORTHOPEDICSModerator:Sequencing and Timing Of Orthodontic Treatment inPatients with Clefts – Dr. Pradip ShetyeNAM in UCLP – Dr. Pradip ShetyeNAM in BCLP – Dr. Pradip ShetyeSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)PRE-SURGICAL INFANT ORTHOPEDICS (CONT’D)Moderator:Alternatives to NAM and Post-Surgical Nasal Stenting –Dr. Elcin EsenlikPediatric Dental Care in the management of patientswith Clefts – Dr. Serena KassamDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT DURING MIXED DENTITIONIN PATIENTS WITH CLEFTS (5-10 years)Moderator:Pre-bone graft orthodontics for patients with UCLP –Dr. Pradip SheytePre-bone graft orthodontics for patients with BCLP forpre-max repositioning – Dr. Pradip SheyteOutcome of secondary alveolar bone graft procedure –Dr. Daniela GaribSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT DURING MIXED DENTITIONIN PATIENTS WITH CLEFTS (5-10 years)Moderator:Post-bone graft Orthodontics – Dr. Pradip Sheytewww.cleftworkshop.org

Total Immersion speech camps for children with clefts– Dr. Ma. Carmen PamplonaFree Flap – Dr. Wieslawa PawlikowskiDiscussion12:40–LUNCH13:4013:40 – 14:50HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)FISTULA SURGERYModerator:Buccal Flap – Dr. Robert MannTongue Flap – Dr. Carlos GuiglianoLocal and Regional options for large fistulas – Dr. PercyRossell PerryFree flap – Dr. Juan Carlos RodriguezPalatal Anatomy and Principles to Avoid Fistula – Dr.Raymond TseDiscussion14:50– 15:50HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)CLEFT PALATE SEQUELAE AND CHALLENGESModerator:Adult VPI – Dr. Carlos GiuglianoAdult VPI – Dr. Brian SommerladAdult VPI – Dr. Ricardo BennunVPI Sequelae/SOBRAPAR experience – Dr. CassioRaposoDiscussion15:50 – 16:05BREAK – EXHIBIT AREA16:05 – 18:00HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Speech)CLEFT PALATE SIMULATIONCourse Coordinators: Dr. Joseph Losee and Dr. BrianSommerladCleft Palate Simulation SessionMaxillary Expansion in Patients with Clefts:RME/SME/EDO – Dr. Daniela GaribDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT DURING PERMANENTDENTITION IN PATIENTS WITH CLEFTS (10-18 years)Moderator:Dental Anomalies in patients with clefts – Dr. DanielaGaribManagement of Impacted and missing teeth inpatients with clefts (implant v/s substitute) – Dr.Pradip SheytePhase II orthodontics treatment – Dr. Pradip SheyteSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT DURING PERMANENTDENTITION IN PATIENTS WITH CLEFTS (10 - 18 years)Moderator:Bone anchored Protraction Headgear Treatment – Dr.Daniela GaribEarly LeFort I and Alveolar Distraction – Dr. ElcinEsenlikDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Dental)ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT AFTER SKELETAL MATURITY(18 years)Moderator:Evaluation of Patient for orthognathic surgery andgoals of pre-surgical orthodontics – Dr. Pradip Sheyte2D surgical planning and Traditional Splint fabrication –Dr. Pradip Sheyte3D surgical Planning and CAD/ Cam Splint fabrication –Dr. Pradip SheyteOrthodontic Preparation and post-surgicalorthodontics for Surgery first protocol – Dr. PradipSheyteAdult cleft orthodontics – Dr. Pradip orkshop.org

Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop – 16, 18 October - Lima 2019Day III – OCTOBER 1808:00 – 09:10HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)ALVEOLAR BONE GRAFT – THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IModerator: Dr. Rolando PradaOrthodontic Preparation Unilateral – Dr. Pradip ShetyeAutogenous bone graft – Dr. Nivaldo AlonsoOrthodontic preparation bilateral – Dr. Pedro SantiagoPremaxillary Setback – Dr. Derek SteinbacherPost Bone Graft Orthodontics – Dr. Pradip ShetyeDiscussion09:10 – 10:00HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)ALVEOLAR BONE GRAFT – TRENDS AND INNOVATIONSModerator: Dr. Pedro SantiagoAlveolar Bone Graft without presurgical orthodontics –Dr. Cassio RaposoBMP in Cleft Surgery – Dr. Nivaldo AlonsoTissue Engineering Solutions – Dr. Roberto FloresDiscussion10:00 – 10:20BREAK – EXHIBIT AREA10:20 – 11:30HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY I – PROTOCOLS ANDPREDICTABILITYModerator: Dr. Nivaldo AlonsoPresurgical Orthodontics – Dr. Pedro SantiagoOrthognathic surgery in outreach settings – TBAVirtual Surgery Planning – Dr. Pradip ShetyeLeFort I Advancement – Dr. Rolando PradaPost-Surgical Orthodontics – Dr. Pedro SantiagoDiscussion11:30 – 12:40HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY II – PROTOCOLS ANDPREDICTABILITY IIModerator: Dr. Roberto FloresLeFort I (Surgery First) – Dr. Derek SteinbacherLeFort I Distraction – Dr. Marcus CollaresAlveolar Distraction – Dr. Elcin EsenlikTwo Jaw Orthognathic Surgery – Dr. Rolando PradaMulti-piece Orthognathic surgery – Dr. SALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)VPD EVALUTIONCourse Co-Directors: Dr. Ann Kummer & Dr. MariaCarmen PamplonaPerceptual evaluation of speech, resonance, andvelopharyngeal functionIntra-oral examinationSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)VPD EVALUATION (CONT’D)Overview of instrumental proceduresDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)NASOMETRYModerator: Dr. Ann KummerNasometry: How to do it and interpret itNasometry Practice LabDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)NASOPHARYNGOSCOPYModerator: Dr. Ann KummerNasopharyngoscopy: How to do it and interpret itNasopharyngoscopy practice lab/round tablediscussionsSurgical intervention for clefts and VPIDiscussionwww.cleftworkshop.org

12:40 – 13:40LUNCH13:40 – 14:40HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)RHINOPLASTY IN CLEFT LIP PATIENTSModerator:Dr. Carlos GiuglianoDr. Rolando PradaDr. Krishna PatelDr. Derek SteinbacherDiscussion14:40 – 15:40HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)RARE FACIAL CLEFTModerator:Presurgical Orthopedics – Dr. Elcin EsenlikTessier – Dr. Nivaldo Alonso5 Tessier – Dr. Rolando Prada0 Tessier – Dr. Cassio RaposoDiscussion15:40 – 16:00BREAK – EXHIBIT AREA16:00 – 17:30HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM (Surgery – Dental)MODELS OF CLEFT CARE FOR LATIN AMERICA(ADVANTAGES, CHALLENGES, PATH FOR THE FUTURE)Moderator:Global Smile Foundation – Dr. Usama HamdanBrazil – Dr. Nivaldo AlonsoMexico – Dr. Marcia DosalChile – Dr. Carmen MorovicPeru – TBADutchcleft – Dr. Corstiaan BreugemSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)SPEECH THERAPY TECHNIQUESCourse Co-Director: Dr. Maria Carmen PamplonaPhonological strategies for treating articulation inchildren with cleft palateSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)SPEECH THERAPY TECHNIQUES (CONT’D)Speech Therapy TechniquesDiscussionSALKANTAY ROOM (Speech Pathology)SPEECH PATHOLOGY CASE STUDIESCourse Directors: Dr. Ann Kummer & Dr. Maria CarmenPamplonaCase StudiesDiscussionPearls & Pitfalls in Cleft Related Speech TreatmentModalitiesHUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM17:30 – 17:45CONFERENCE CLOSING SESSIONDr. Usama HamdanDr. Roberto g

Rg Info@cleftworkshop.org www.cleftworkshop.org Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop - 16, 18 October - Lima 2019 Day I - OCTOBER 16 07:00 - 08:00 REGISTRATION AND WELCOME HUASCARÁN I, II & III ROOM 08:00 - 09:00 CONFERENCE OPENING SESSION Moderator: Dr. Usama Hamdan