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2Fire and Smoke Damper ActuatorsBelimo is the worldwideleader in fire and smokeactuationBelimo is the global market leader in life safety actuators due to ourindustry expertise and continuous innovations that have increasedsafety levels in buildings over the past decades. Life safety actuatorsare UL tested and listed with all major damper manufacturers. Theyexceed required building codes resulting in reduced risk and ensuringproper protection.– Lowest power consumption life safety actuators available in themarket– ISO 9001 certified quality control and a 5-year warranty assurereliable operation with exceptional customer support– Complaint with life safety codes and standards

Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators3Protecting lives and assetsEffective fire protection saves lives in the case of emergency, helpsminimize property damage, and secures continued operation. Thebest protection against the spread of fire and smoke through air ductsis provided by motorized fire and smoke dampers to create firecompartments. Belimo fire and smoke damper actuatorsautomatically move into their safety positions to keep the dampersclosed during a fire. Belimo fire and smoke damper actuators aredesigned for operation in smoke and combination fire and smokedampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems with a torquerange from 18 in-lbs to 180 in-lbs at 350 F. For maximum safety, fireand smoke actuators meet all codes for commercial buildings.Proven ReliabilityBuilt from the highest quality materials, Belimo fire andsmoke actuators ensure reliable performance in extremeconditions.“Belimo makes HVACcontrol devices that wecan trust and provide along lasting system for ourclients.”Matt Paonessa, Project EngineerAndersen Construction, Seattle, WALow Power ConsumptionBelimo’s microcontrollers allow motors to deliver hightorque at low current draw while running cooler for alonger service life.Optimized FunctionalityBelimo actuators can be controlled from a centrallocation and integrated into safety systems allowing fora relatively smoke free environment for occupants toefficiently exit and firefighters to enter.Actuated dampers provide extra protection against dangerous amounts of low temperaturetoxic smoke produced before a fire actually breaks out.Re-openable dampers assist in smoke control by allowing smoke to be exhausted fromthe fire zone and for fresh air to pressurize adjacent zones.

4Fire and Smoke Damper ActuatorsOptimized functionality formaximum safetySteel spring assemblyPretensioned, heat-resistant steel springassembly closes damper without loss oftorque at elevated temperatures.Gear boxesReliable performance with no fretting,corrosion, or peeling in extreme conditions.Auxiliary switchesAvailable in various configurations, switchessignal damper position for testing in smokecontrol systems and where indicator lightsare required.Modulating modelsAllows three dampers to be replaced by one– fire, smoke, and control.Linkage kitLinkage supports indirect mounting orpneumatic retrofit projects.Long service lifeActuators are designed for 30,000 safetycycles at the rated load, exceeding the legalminimum requirements.Steel-toothed, cold-weld clampLow thermal expansion coefficient steelclamp is the safest way to hold dampershafts without slipping.UL certifiedActuators exceed all UL requirements andare tested and qualified according to UL 2043for use in air plenums as per IMC 602.2 andNEC 300.22 (c).TestingLife cycle tests with rated load, 250 F and350 F cycle test, input voltage, and functionaltests to ensure fail-safe operation.Maintenance freeActuator does not need to be periodicallycycled.

Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators5Fire and smoke damperactuator specificationSmoke and combination fire and smokeactuators in section 233300, or equivalent1. All smoke and combination fire and smoke dampers shall beprovided with Belimo Aircontrols FS series actuators.Equivalents shall be approved before submission of bid.Acceptable actuators include FSTF, FSLF, FSNF, FSAF (A or B).2. Actuators shall be UL 873 or UL 60730 listed.3. Actuator and damper shall have UL 555 & UL 555S listing by themanufacturer for 250 F 350 F .4. Actuators shall be UL2043 listed for low smoke generation inenvironmental air spaces and air moving plenums as required byNFPA 70 Section 300.22 (C) and the International MechanicalCode Section 602. Housing shall be steel or plastic; aluminum isnot permitted.5. Actuators shall have a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty and bemanufactured under ISO 9001 quality control. For replacementof existing competitor motors, NYC OTCR or CSFM listing shallhave been obtained.6. Actuators shall have electronic or microcontroller-based motorcontrol providing:a. Electronic cut off at full open so that no noise is generatedwhile holding open. Holding noise level must be inaudible.b. Overload protection so that the actuators are incapable ofburning out if stalled before reaching full rotation.7. The actuators shall be directly coupled and employ a steeltoothed cold-weld V-bolt clamp for connecting to damper shafts.Aluminum clamps or set-screw attachment are not permitted.8. Where direct coupling is impossible due to space constraints orgeometry of damper installation, linkages designed specificallyfor the actuator shall be employed.9. Dampers shall be installed straight and true, level in all planes,and square in all dimensions. Dampers shall move freely withoutundue stress due to twisting, racking, bowing, or otherinstallation error. Do not install in areas where moisture canpenetrate damper or actuator or where actuator temperaturecontinuously exceeds 120 F.10. Modulating or balancing damper actuators shall have FSAFB24SR, 2-10V or 4-20mA control with an appropriate potentiometeror analog output from building automation system.M A S T E R F O R M AT– Section 23 33 13.28 - Smoke ControlDampers– Section 23 33 33.29 - Combination Fire andSmoke Dampers

Fire and Smoke Damper ActuatorsUncompromised safety 15FSAF120A38* 25 15FSAF120A-S38* 25 15FSAF230A37* 25 15FSAF230A-S37* 25 15FSAFB SeriesFSAFB24-SR9 75 202-10 VDC180 in-lbs [20 Nm]Approx. 18 sq. ft.@ 250 FFSAFB24-SR-S9 75 202-10 VDCFSNF24 US27* 15 15FSNF24-S US27* 15 15FSNF120 US27* 15 15FSNF120-S US27* 15 15FSNF230 US27* 15 15FSNF230-S US27* 15 15FSAF*A Series180 in-lbs [20 Nm]Approx. 18 sq. ft.@ 350 FFSNF Series70 in-lbs [8 Nm]Approx. 12 sq. ft.@ 350 FFSLF Series30 in-lbs [3.5 Nm]Approx. 4 sq. ft.@ 350 FFSLF24 US15* 15 15FSLF24-S US15* 15 15FSLF120 US17* 15 15FSLF120-S US17* 15 15FSLF230 US17* 15 15FSLF230-S US17* 15 153 75 25FSTF24 USFSTF Seriess18 in-lbs [2 Nm]Approx. 1.5 sq. ft.@ 250 FFSTF24-S US3 75 25FSTF120 US3.5 75 25FSTF120-S US3.5 75 25FSTF230 US5.5 75 25FSTF230-S US5.5 75 252 SPDT 15 25On/Off 2532*230 VAC32*120 VACFSAF24AFSAF24A-SModel #AuxiliarySwitches2 SPSTControlInputFail-SafeRunningTimeMotor DrivePowerConsumptionVA RatingRunningPowerSupply24 VAC/DC6See retrofit installation instructions for details.sNote: Damper sizes given at 2000 fpm [10 m/s].FSTF actuators only for dampers less than 1.5 sq.ft. at 250 F.FSLF for dampers 4 sq.ft. and less at 350 F. No linkages are currently available.FSNF for dampers 4-12 sq.ft. at 350 F and use FSAF*A for larger dampers and multisection applications. Linkages are available for FSAF*A & FSAFB, FSNF, and FSTF.* VA Rating Note: The FSAF*A, FSNF, and FSLF series actuators draw more current when driving against any stops. Neither UL nor Belimo require any local fusing or breakers. If used, seeindividual data sheets for end stop current draws and current limit values.

Fire and Smoke Damper ActuatorsFire and smoke damperactuator replacementsolutionsBuilding and fire codes are confusing. With over 40 years of technicalexperience with fire marshals and building officials, Belimo canprovide the training, code guidance, and replacement solutionsneeded for you to maintain a reliable, safe, and efficient building.Instructions and additional resources on retrofitting the following fireand smoke damper actuators can be found online.Air Balance, Inc.Honeywell, MultiProducts, SiebeGreenheck DampersMultiProducts, Siebe/ Barber Coleman, Siemens, HoneywellHoneywellActuator ReplacementsNailorHoneywell, Siebe, MultiProductsA comprehensive offering with extensivereplacement instructions are located ActuatorsCompetitor to BelimoPottorffMultiProducts, PrefcoRuskinHoneywell, Siebe/Barber Coleman, MultiProducts, Negator, PhillipsSafe Air and DowcoHoneywell, ImperialCross ReferenceCompetitor to BelimoSizing and selection made easy withSelectPro.7

Fire and Smoke Damper ActuatorsExceptional serviceFor over 40 years, Belimo has successfully focused on the heating,ventilation, and air conditioning markets providing quality solutionsthat will increase energy efficiency and reduce installation costs withthe fastest delivery times in the industry. Our innovative productshave always been designed to help achieve objectives better, faster,and more economically. Investing in new technology is key to oursuccess, and Belimo will continue to offer products to help businessessucceed.5-year warrantyGlobal supportTested qualityOn-time deliveryExtensive serviceComplete product rangePF 05 – 05.2019 – Subject to technical modifications8Belimo AmericasUSA, Latin America, and the Caribbean: www.belimo.usCanada:, Brazil: Worldwide:

2 Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators Belimo is the worldwide leader in fire and smoke . sSee retrofit installation instructions for details. Note: Damper sizes given at 2000 fpm [10 m/s]. . Pottorff MultiProducts, Prefco Ruskin Honeywell, Siebe/Barber Coleman, MultiProducts, Negator, Phillips .