January 2014 - - Vol. XLVIII No. 1 Living Dharma News


T H EG A T E WAYW E S TC O V I N AB U D D H I S TT E M P L EJanuary 2014  - -   Vol. XLVIII No. 1Living Dharma Newswww.livingdharma.orgDuring the summer of 2012, I wasvery surprised to hear that our longtime minister, Rev. Ken Kawawatawas to be reassigned as Bishop of theHigashi Honganji Hawaii District. ButI was even more surprised to learn hewished that I succeed him as WCBT’sresident minister. I didn’t at first acceptthe offer because I had many questionsand even doubts about my ability to bea resident minister. However, with theencouragement of Kawawata-sensei,and after a couple of weeks of seriousthought, I gave my official acceptanceto Bishop Nori Ito.Now, after having received the greatsupport of the WCBT Sangha throughmany Sunday Services, fundraisers, retreats, Study Center lectures, Gateways,study classes, musical activities, andso forth, there is another unexpectedchange. As of February 1, 2014, I will bereassigned to the Los Angeles Betsuin.Therfore, this is my last Living DharmaNews column.Over the past year, a few templemembers have asked me how long Ithought I might serve at WCBT. I thinkI usually said something like “at leasta few years,” but it turns out this is notto be. Causes and conditions are suchthat, in consideration of the long-termfuture of the North America District,Rev. Nobuko Miyoshi, an assistant minister at the Betsuin for many years, willbecome WCBT’s new resident minister.Though this change will present challenges for all of us, with the support ofthe Sangha, I am positive everythingwill work out.WCBT has a truly vibrant Sangha.At this temple, there are many, fromall kinds of diverse backgrounds, whoreally enjoy listening to the dharmaalongside their fellow members. Because of this energetic and enthusiasticPlease see L.D. NEWS, con’t on page 6Above: WCBT’s dedicated staff and event coordinators pose at the 2013 Year-End Service;in front (l-r) are Pat Sato, Diane Hata, Denise Underwood, Claire Hansen, Ruby Kagawa,Hisako Koga, Joy Kitaura, Claudia Haraguchi, Lillian Nishihara, Rev. Peter Hata; in the backrow are President Johnny Martinez, Richard Kagawa, Merry Jitosho, Tor Ormseth, JoanieMartinez, Dick Koga, Frank Tanji.New Year GreetingsBishop Ko-i Sato’o, Chief Administrator, Shinshū Ōtani-ha (Higashi Honganji)I wish to take this opportunity towish all of you in the South America,Hawaii, and North America overseasdistricts a Happy New Year.I would also like to thank you fromthe bottom of my heart for the supportand understanding you continue togive to our Sangha.Upon reflection, it seems that theentire world is enmeshed in unstablepolitical conditions, in situations whereethnic groups stand in opposition toeach other, the world falling deeperinto a state of stupor with no release insight.In our Sangha as well, the currentstate of affairs has created challengesthat we must face. We see an increasein those who no longer consider religion to be necessary in one’s life. Wesee large numbers of people cuttingtheir ties with their family temples.At the Diet sessions last year, Iproposed that we reconsider the deepwish of Dharmākara Bodhisattva andestablish the idea of “transmitting” asour focus for today. “To hand over theteaching of Nenbutsu of the PrimalVow,” “to share that which should betransmitted faithfully” this, I believe,should be the basis upon how weproceed.We must engage in today’s worldwhich can only be described using thewords of the sutra, “the world of defilePlease see SOCHO, con’t on page 8Temple Event Highlights: Jan 1 New Year’s Service Jan. 5 Shotsuki Service Jan. 19 Eitaikyo/Gen. Mtg Feb.9 Pet Memorial Service Feb 14-16 SLOBT Retreat Please See Temple News

January 2014Page 2THDHARMA SCHOOL NEWSEach December brings us together torinse, steam, and pound mochi.Your hands feel so numbRinsing with such cold waterThank you dear Sangha.Pounding so hard ‘tilYour aching back screams, “Ouch,man!”Thank you dear Sangha.Rolling balls of ahn.Blending in the yomogi,Thank you dear Sangha.Indeed, thank you everyone. By theway, it was truly heartwarming to seeSachi (Ezaki) De Leon, Rick Fujimoto,Wesley Hamachi, and Kendra (Kagawa) Jucksch who, once upon a time,were our Dharma School students.These wonderful adults came withtheir spouses to experience what it wasalways about—sharing and honoring afamily tradition.Gassho,Diane HataQuote of the MonthA religion must be backed by intellectually vital forces as well as byspiritual creativeness.-D.T. SuzukiOur condolences to the families ofMary Hatakeyama and Hisa Konno.Namu Amida ButsuEGATEWAYAbout the Toban SystemFor those families who are new toA few times a year, there are otherour temple, the toban system is a wayactivities like the Communityto get everyone in our Sangha to shareCenter Akimatsuri, and other socialequally the work and responsibilitiesand fund-raising events that the Tobanof the temple. Active members aregroup will be asked to take care of. Thedivided into groups and assigned threetoban is responsible for helping to orgamonths of the year to work together tonize the workforce for these variousassume refundraisers andsponsibilitiesother activitiesToban AToban BToban Cfor all eventsNishihara/Chair Jitosho/Chair Koga/Chair throughout theduring thatyear. The tobanArizaChenHansenquarter.chair shouldAkuneEarleyHaraguchiDuties of thehelp make aSatoEzakiGodoyTobanshift list for theKagawaHataHigaThe dutiesevent, assist inTakemotoIkeharaKatocommon tothe creation ofEnokiJungKowalskieach Tobanlists of suppliesTomitaOshimaMartinezgroup arethat need to beMaekawaTanjiOginorelated topurchased, etc.KonnoYamashitaOrmsethpreparing forOur WestKitauraGriffith/Wear OshitaeachShirotaNelsonUnderwood Covina BuddhistSundayTempleTakemuraHarrisonWexlerService. Theyworks because ofTeragawainclude asthis Toban syssigning members to provide flowerstem, and the system works because theand obuppan (cooked rice) for the altar.members of each Toban work togetherAnother responsibility for all membersto help meet the needs of the temple.is to come early to set-up the chairsThe following is the list of the memprior tobers of each Toban, and the months thatthe beginning of the service. Otherthey will be responsible for in 2014. Theresponsibilities are related to specialyear begins with Toban B. Please letevents during the quarter. Among themSensei know if you wish to participateare special services such as Ohiganbut do not find your name on the listand Hanamatsuri. At these specialor if you see an omission of a family orservices, the Toban is responsible forindividual who should be on the list.providing an adult chairperson for theToban is a very important commitservice. The Toban is also responsiblement that is crucial to the operation offor preparing and serving the otoki (theWCBT. If you are on Toban duty andafter-service lunch or dinner) whichcannot fulfill an assignment, it’s yourthe temple provides at many of theseresponsibility to switch with someonespecial services.or make other arrangements.Bob Stack accompanies theDharmatones on his saxophoneChef Michael J’s homemade delicacy.

January 2014Page 3TEHMNew Years Day ServiceA special service to commemoratethe new year will be held Wednesday,January 1, 2014, at 10:00 AM. Followingthe service Diane Hata will be serving her delicious Ozoni so please letRev. Peter know if you’re planning toattend.Board Meeting& Shotsuki ServiceThe January 2014 board meeting willbe held on Sunday, January 5 at 8:30AM followed by the Shotsuki Servicefor January.Eitaikyo & General MeetingEitaikyo will be held on Sunday,January 19 at 10 a.m. followed by theGeneral Meeting. Rev. Ryoko Osa willbe our special speaker and will officially introduce West Covina BuddhistTemple’s new resident minister, Rev.Nobuko Miyoshi, who will be here forus to meet.A 10 bento lunch will be providedby presale only so make sure you contact Merry Jitosho to get your Eitaikyolunch tickets. Join us for our yearly service and to welcome our new ministerRev. Miyoshi.Pets Memorial ServiceA special service will be held on February 9 at 10:00 AM to remember ouranimal friends. Everyone who has lostEPGLATEEWNa pet is invited to pay tribute to themon this special day.Family RetreatOur annual Family Retreat will againbe held on President’s Day Weekend,February 14-16, at the beautiful SanLuis Obispo Buddhist Temple. Dr.Franz Metcalf will be our guest lecturerand speak on the theme “The GoldenChain.” Join us for another greatweekend with stimulating discussions,quality time with sangha friends, accessto the beach and as always, too muchfood. All set in the serene and scenicsetting of the Central Coast.The fee for adults is 35 and includesmeals and available lodging. For moreinformation see the flyer on page 5.Buddhism QuizAEYWSGATEWAY StaffLayout & Editing: Rev. Peter Hata, HisakoKoga, Claudia HaraguchiContributors: Rev. Fred Brenion, DianeHata, Merry Jitosho, Joanie MartinezCirculation: Mary Hatakeyama, Joy Kitaura,Kimberly KitauraWest Covina Buddhist Temple Mission Statement:In the spirit of universal brotherhood,West Covina Buddhist Temple providesthe opportunity for all to listen to andshare the Teachings of the Buddha in orderthat we may awaken to our true selves,living our lives fully and dynamically.The Temple’s mailing address is:West Covina Buddhist TempleP. O. Box 1616West Covina, CA 91793(626) 337-8373Website: www.livingdharma.orgFacebook: facebook.com/westcovinabuddhisttempleE-Mail: dharma@livingdharma.orgThis is the second in our series on“How well you know your Buddhism.”Did you do well on the first quiz? Wehope you enjoy the quizzes as much aswe enjoy writing them for you.Level: Moderately Difficult1. Shinran was born in the village ofHino, near Uji, Kyoto ina. 800 ADb. 1262c. 11732. Shinran’s family name wasa. Fujiwarab. Genjic. HeikeJake and Kendra JuckschGuiterrez family are linksin our Golden Chain.JANUARYTami Kitaura, CaseyHansen, Kevin Maekawa,Carol Oshima, KathyOshima, Neil Kato,Cora Ormseth, MatthewOrmseth, Kristen Nakano,Jesse Sakaue, AikoEnoki, Don Frack, MayaHendrickson, StephanieWhang, Brian Yanase,Andrew KobayashiAnswer to Quiz: 1-c, 2-aT

January 2014Page 4THEGATEWMochitsuki PicsAY

January 2014Page 5TW e s tHC o v i n aEGATB u d d h i s tEWAT e m p l eYP r e s e n t sThe 2014 Family Retreat:The Golden ChainLecturer: Dr. Franz MetcalfDate: Feb. 15 (Sat.) 16 (Sun.), 2014Location: San Luis Obispo Buddhist Temple6996 Ontario RoadSan Luis Obispo, CA 93405Fee: 35.00/adults; kid’s fee availableMore Info: (626) 337-8373dharma@livingdharma.org WCBT’s 2014 Family Retreat will be held over President’s Day Weekend, February15 16, at the picturesque San Luis Obispo Buddhist Temple. This year’s theme is “TheGolden Chain,” the Buddhist pledge which begins with the insightful statement, “I am alink in the Buddha’s Golden Chain of Love that stretches around the world.” This will be the third appearance of the popular Dr. Franz Metcalf at our annual retreat.He is the author of five books, including What Would Buddha Do?, a best seller published ina dozen languages, Buddha in Your Backpack (for young people), and his latest book,Being Buddha at Work.-Dr. Metcalf’s life combines the spiritual and the scholarly. He received his MA from theGraduate Theological Union in Berkeley and PhD from the University of Chicago, asking the question “Why do Americans practice Zen Buddhism?” He is Past President ofthe American Academy of Religion, Western Region book review editor of the Journal ofGlobal Buddhism, Religious Studies professor at Cal State University Los Angeles, andDirector of the Forge Guild for Spirituality and Social Change. The 35 fee includes all meals, and there is free lodging available at the temple (thoughspace is limited and you must bring a sleeping bag); nearby motels are also available. Contact the temple or see Rev. Peter Hata for more info.Name(s):Address:City: State: Zip:Cell phone*: E-mail:*Please provide instead of home/landline number for communications at the retreat

January 2014Page 6TL.D. NEWS, con't from pg. 1Hspirit, those things that were set in motion in the past year—improvementsto our temple experience that I believecontinued Rev. Kawawata’s wishes forour temple—will continue and help thetemple move forward.When I became a Higashi Honganjiminister, it was understood that I mustgo where I am sent. Still, my wife Dianeand I are saddened to say farewell toall our friends at WCBT. As you know,we initially joined the Sangha back in1988 not because I was assigned hereas a minister. Like you, coming herewas our choice. Like you, we too, as laymembers, felt the warmth of the WestCovina Sangha and decided to call ithome.Of course, looking forward, I dohope that at the Betsuin, I will have theopportunity to contribute, perhaps innew ways, to the continued growth ofthe North America District as a whole.As I’ve often said and written while atWCBT, while there are some signs ofprogress, we still have a long way togo in order to ensure the future of ShinBuddhism in America. Hopefully, thework I do there will also directly orindirectly benefit the WCBT Sangha.But now, as February 1 approaches, Iam reminded of Shinran’s wise wordsto his fellow Sangha members in theTannisho, “If the karmic condition for usis to come together, we shall be together; but if the karmic condition for us isto be separated, we shall be separated.”Who knows what the future holds?However, I do hope that conditionsarise for us to come together again inthe future.On behalf of Diane, thank you verymuch for your friendship and encouragement, not just over this past year,but over all the ups and downs we’veshared together as Sangha members.In gassho,Rev. Peter HataSelected E-mailFrom BarbaraSubject gates of speech?Message I am researching for mygraduate paper and I am trying toEGATEWlocate historical facts about the gates ofspeech. Is it from Sufi or Buddhism?I wou

THE WEST COVINA BUDDHIST TEMPLE Living Dharma News www.livingdharma.org January 2014 - - Vol. XLVIII No. 1 Temple Event Highlights: Jan 1 New Year’s Service Jan. 5 Shotsuki Service Jan. 19 Eitaikyo/Gen. Mtg Feb.9 Pet Memorial Service Feb 14-16 SLOBT Retreat Please See Temple News Please see L.D. NEWS, con’t on page 6 Please see SOCHO, con’t on page 8 Above: WCBT’s .