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The Most AdvancedReal-Time SimulationSystems AvailableThe power systems industry is changing considerably with the shiftfrom centralized power generation to a grid featuring considerabledistributed energy resources (DER). Along with the integration ofsmart technologies with the potential to provide advanced real-timemonitoring, control, and protection capabilities, this paradigm shifthas dramatically increased the complexity of bulk and localizedpower systems. While new technologies promise increased reliabilityand efficiency, they bring their own set of technological andintegration challenges, which cannot be ignored.OPAL-RT provides accessible, cutting-edge, real-time simulationtechnology in order to address these challenges and acceleratethe availability of greater products and more reliable energytransmission.Since 1997, engineers and scientists are turning to OPAL-RT’spowerful, versatile and cost-effective technologies to optimize thesecurity, efficiency and performance of micro grid, renewable energysources and large interconnected power grids while increasingreturn on investment.2

Our CustomersOPAL-RT has gained the trust from over 800 customers, including many Fortune500 companies, academic institutions and laboratories. More than 2000 peopleare currently using OPAl-RT in more than 40 countries around the world.3

Find the Simulation SystemPerfect for Your NeedsOPAL-RT provides a complete range of real-time simulation and control prototypingsystems for power grids, power electronics, motor drives and other mechatronic systems.These systems include cutting-edge software interface and hardware platform designedto help you perform feasibility studies, develop new concepts, design and test yourcontrollers for a wide variety of applications including small power converters, hybridelectric drives, large power grids and renewable energy systems.RT-LAB ommunication ProtocolsDigital I/OsCORECORECORECOREFPGAPCIeCORECORECOREAnalog I/OsCOREAP P L I C ATI ON PLIFIERS

Electrical SystemsSimulation OverviewOPAL-RT’s solutions cover every requirement of power grid and power electronics real-timesimulation, and offer an unsurpassed level of scalability required to design, simulate andtest complex next-generation power systems. Using the chart below, see which OPAL-RTsystem works best for you, based on the frequency of your transient phenomena and thenumber of nodes you require simulated.Number ofSingle-phase nodes30,00020,00010,000ePHASORSIMReal-time transientstability simulator10 ms time step2,0001,00050010010HYPERSIMCompatible with eFPGAsim softwareLarge scale power systems simulationfor utilities & manufacturers10 µs to 100 µs time stepeMEGASIMPower systems & power electronics simulationbased on Matlab/Simulink & SimPowerSystemeFPGASIM - eHSPower electronics simulation on FPGA10 µs to 100 µs time step1 Hz(1 s)100 Hz(10 ms)10 µs to 100 µs time step20 KHz(50 µs)100 KHz(10 µs)1 MHz(1 µs)10 MHz(100 ns)100 MHz(10 ns)Frequency and period of transient phenomena simulated5

Multiple Hardware PlatformBacked by decades of expertise in the development of innovative hardware solutions,OPAL-RT’s unique approach integrates parallel, distributed computing with commercial-offthe-shelf technologies, to offer an unmatched combination of performance, openness andaffordability.OPAL-RT’s production and operations teams are ISO9001:2008 certified for themanufacturing of PC/FPGA-based real-time simulators, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testingand rapid control prototyping (RCP) equipment.OPAL-RT offers a wide range of simulator platforms to meet all industry needs as well aschallenges ahead. All simulators are based on a modular and flexible design, can be fullycustomized for specific I/O requirements and can be easily expanded as needed.6

RT-LAB Software PlatformRT-LAB is OPAL-RT’s flagship integrated simulationenvironment for eMEGASIM, ePHASORSIMand eFPGASIM simulation solutions. It enablesengineers to conduct distributed parallel computingfor real-time simulation of large and complexmodels for HIL and RCP applications. With itsinteractive interface, RT-LAB provides all therequired functionalities to configure and managesimulator functions and interact with runningsimulations, making model development and testeasier. RT-LAB also allows several commercialsoftware to quickly interface with the simulators.7

HYPERSIM is an advanced real-time simulation system developed specifically for Hardwarein-the-Loop (HIL) testing. Whether you are developing, integrating or testing newcomponents or systems and require HIL, HYPERSIM is made for you. HYPERSIM is theproduct of over 20 years of joint expert research by Hydro-Québec, Réseau de Transportd’Electricité (RTE) and China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) and is now widelyused internationally across industry, academia and research centers.Applications8 MMC, HVDC, FACTS, SVC, STATCOM Energy storage Micro grid: PV, wind turbine, generator, fuelcells, capacitor banks Utilities Power utilities equipment manufacturers Smart grid Research centers PMU and SCADA (C37.118) Relay and protection systems (IEC61850,DNP3, and more)Electrical engineering department ofuniversities Industries with large electric infrastructure

Features and Benefits Extreme scalability using off-the-shelf computersPower systems with thousands of three-phase buses integrated with several HVDC and FACTS systems can be simulatedwith hundreds of high-end INTEL processors sharing the same memory. Such capability, available with off-the-shelftechnologies, is beyond the reach of competing solutions that use custom-made computer and communication boards Ease-of-use with fully automated processor allocationLarge scale power grid simulation is made easy since available processor cores are automatically allocated to simulate eachnetwork subsystem without any manual intervention Real-time parameter modificationsUsers can easily modify and set the power system and control circuit parameters, even while the simulation is running in realtime orin offline mode. Most competing solutions do not allow to modify impedance RLC values on-the-fly Accelarated simulation on the same hardwareHYPERSIM can be used on a standard laptop, workstation server, supercomputer, and even on the cloud to accelerate largesimulation for offline optimization and MonteCarlo analysis Validated power LCC and MMC converter modelsHYPERSIM includes thyristor-based LCC HVDC and FACTS models validated against field tests, as well as MMC HVDCsystem models Rich library of transmission line, transformer, load and arrestor models and validated models FPGA-based I/O and simulation system with sub-micro second time step for the implementation offast power electronics models and to reach maximum accuracy9

eMEGASIM is the only MATLAB /Simulink /SimPowerSystems based real-timedigital simulator for the development and testing of protection and control systems usingHIL simulation. Used for teaching, R&D and HIL, eMEGASIM accurately simulates theelectromagnetic transients required by power grids and very complex and fast powerelectronic and converters systems.Applications Development and testing of control andprotection equipment IEC 61850 relay and protection equipmenttesting MMC, FACTS, STATCOM Large-scale power systems simulationrequiring up to 32 processors Complete power grid of electric ship Line commutated HVDC transmission system– controller development and testing Modeling and rapid control prototyping ofwind turbine controller Power HIL testing, Hardware-In-the-Loopand Controller-In-the-Loop (CHIL)10 Universities and research laboratories Power manufacturers including industrial andtransportation systems All SimPowerSystems users who want toaccelerate the simulation of complex systemsor perform HIL simulation and tests

Features and Benefits The highest accuracy and speed for simulation of grids and power electronics systemson FPGAeMEGASIM uses the unique ARTEMiS and SSN solvers developed by OPAL-RT to increase speed, accuracyand numerical stability for the simulation of critical systems. The highest performance is achieved by takingadvantage of parallel processing and advanced techniques to eliminate errors caused by artificial delays usedwith conventional solvers for parallel simulations Rich library of power systems components including frequency-dependant line andcables, loads, machines and motors Validated MMC converter modelseMEGASIM includes thyristor-based LCC HVDC and FACTS models. HIL simulation of an MMC HVDC systemwith more than 1000 MMC cells per arm is also possible using standard processors or FPGA chips Real-time parameter modificationsUsers can easily modify and set the control system parameters and other mechanical models implementedwith Simulink and Simscape even while the simulation is running in real-time or in offline mode Automatic Test ControlAutomatic tests and optimization studies can be implemented using NI TestStand , LabVIEW, Java, C andPython scripts Simulation of large distributed systems with up to 600 nodes or less than 100 microseconds11

eFPGASIM combines the performance of high-fidelity digital simulators with very lowcommunication latency to provide power electronics engineers with an easy-to-use HILplatform for the development and testing of control and power electronics systems thatrequire sub-microsecond time step capacity.Applications Protection and control system developmentand testing HIL simulation and testing of industrialand traction motor drives, industrialpower converters, solar powerconditioners, multilevel converters andinverters More Electrical Aircraft (MEA), electricaltrains and ships12 Research centers Electrical engineering department ofuniversities Electric motor drive manufacturers PV converters system manufacturers Manufacturer of power transmission anddistribution systems

Features and Benefits Reliable HIL implementation of new generation of controllers for electrical drivesUsers can test motor controllers simulating test fault conditions, as well as perform virtual fault injection onconverters, bridges and electrical motors and Finite Element Analysis Generate custom, application specific models that can be implemented on an FPGAdevice with RT-XSGRT-XSG is a Simulink toolbox that provides a convenient way to build models. It offers greater flexibility byallowing users to implement their own calculations and models on FPGA MMC model implementation on FPGA including up to 6000 MMC submodules, andrun at 250nsAutomatic FPGAModel Generation fromthe Circuit with eHSAutomatic FPGA model generation from the circuit With eHSCircuit Editor(SPS, PSIM, PLECS)eHSAutomatic ModelGenerationFPGAThe innovative eHS technology, a generic electrical FPGA Hardware Solver, is at the heart of theeFPGASIM solution. It is intended to facilitate the design cycle of complex circuit simulation on the FPGAby allowing a gradualsimulationintegrationset-upfromoff-lineto FPGA on-chip simulationAutomaticFPGA modelgenerationfrom thecircuitwith simulationeHSCircuit EditorAutomatic generationof electric circuit model:(SPS, PSIM, PLECS) No mathematical modelingAutomatic ModelGenerationeHS No FPGA expertise No VHDL programming No need for Xilinx Blockset orother Xilinx FPGA tools13

ePHASORSIM performs real-time and faster than real-time transient stability simulationfor transmission and distribution grids with thousands of buses. Its phasor domain solverwith a typical time-step of few millisecond allows to compute the RMS and angle values ofvoltage and current, as well as active and reactive powers, machine frequency, and referencefor every spot in a system. It is perfectly suited for interactive simulation in real-time andoperation studies.Applications Testing of interaction between FACTSand HVDC transmission systems on systemstability of interconnected systemsPower utilities to: EMS tools and algorithms such as AGCand load shedding Train operators for transmission systems PMU streams and PDC applications Test wide area conrtol and protection onSCADA systems System studies with massive number ofrenewable penetration Predict system responses faster thanreal-time Design and test local controllers suchas voltage regulatorsResearch facilities with focus on: Advanced metering and information network Transient stability simulations for systems inrange of 30,000 nodes14 Wide area control/protection/stateestimation algorithms Impact of load profiles in distributionnetworks

Features and Benefits Large-scale power systems simulation in real-timeSimulate power grids with up to 30,000 node distribution systems including more than 70,000 in-ports andout-ports, as well as thousands of generators, transmission lines, cables, loads and transformers. Simulatealso synchronous generators with power system stabilizers, excitation systems, turbine governors and variousvoltage- and machine-speed regulators Test automation platformPerform test automation using Python scripts, use ScopeView to record, display and analyze the results andmodify parameters while the simulation is running Rich and expandable library of modelsBuilt-in library through Modelica based interface (FMU) includes generator, voltage source, load, transmissionline, power system stabilizer, reactor, external Simulink blocks, etc. Moreover, a modelica based library ofmodels that includes various type of generators and controllers is available Integration through Ethernet protocolsePHASORSIM is becoming an standard tool where user wants to interact with the simulation enginevia various types of communication protocols including SCADA, EMS tools and wide area controlalgorithms. Some of user stories includes integration with AGC toolbox of ETAP for load-frequencycontrol, and RTDMS package from EPG for PMU-PDC streams and visualization applications Flexible data inputThe main input data interface is in Excel spreadsheet that user can automate and customize its creation.It can also import PTI’s PSS/e data files (*.raw, CYME, and *.dyr)15

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OPAL-RT's production and operations teams are ISO9001:2008 certified for the manufacturing of PC/FPGA-based real-time simulators, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and rapid control prototyping (RCP) equipment. OPAL-RT offers a wide range of simulator platforms to meet all industry needs as well as challenges ahead.