The Importance Of Family Recovery


The Importance of FamilyRecoveryJune 29, 2021

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Campaign Information

An effort to reduce the stigma around opioid use disorder.Goal: Increase knowledge about and decrease stigma around those living with OUD throughout PARecord stories of recovery andsupport from individuals acrossPA.Share these stories acrosscommunities via socialmedia platforms to buildawareness, connect peopleand increase knowledgearound OUD.This effort is to decrease stigma and toprove that: Recovery is probable Reducing stigma makesrecovery more likely Addiction is a treatable medicalcondition People with an addiction arejust like everyone else5

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Speaker Introduction

Bobbie McBurney-JohnsonFounder/CEO, REST, Inc. & Director ofMission Advancement and Public Relations,Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, Inc. REST, Inc., is a non-profit charitable organizationdedicated to serving informal kinship families She serves on the PA Parent Advisory Council,volunteers as a Board Member for the ClearfieldJefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission andfacilitates a weekly Parents of Addicted Loved Ones(PAL) Family Recovery support group.9

The Importance of FamilyRecoveryPresented by Bobbie McBurney-Johnson, MADirector of Mission Advancement, Clearfield County Area Agency on AgingFounder/CEO, REST Inc.Pennsylvania Advisory Council, Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

Objectives Understand the impact Substance Use Disorder has on the family and whyit is referred to as a “Family Disease” Explore the meaning of “Family Recovery” Explain the pivotal role Family Recovery can play in the life of a loved oneliving with Substance Use Disorder Describe the types of supports needed by family members

“ Recovery is an ongoing process forthe addict and his or her family. Inrecovery, there is hope. And hope isa wonderful thing.-- Dean DauphinaisThis Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY”

Impact SUD has on the Family

What impact does SUD have on someonediagnosed with the disease? Impaired Physical andMental Health Decreased Quality ofLife Loss ofProductivity/Unemployment Homelessness Increased potential forLoss of Life Increased violence

What does“Family” mean? Family Structure ischanging! Not just TraditionalNuclear Family Definition is not static “Family” implies “anenduring involvementon an emotionallevel” Closest emotionalConnections

SUD as a “Family Disease” Family members may experience the following: Physical Issues Lack of Self-Care Lack of Sleep Poor Nutrition Mental Health Issues/Trauma Anxiety/Depression Abandonment Co-dependency Detachment Abuse/Neglect

What does “Family Recovery” mean?“A process of change throughwhich people improve their healthand wellness, live self-directed lives,and strive to reach their fullpotential being in recovery is whenthese positive changes and valuesbecome part of a voluntarilyadopted lifestyle.”--National Institute on Drug AbuseThis Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY( its core, Recovery really means the same for all of us!

What does “Family Recovery” mean? SAMHSA goes on to establish 4Major Dimensions of Recovery: Health Managing symptoms of thedisease Making informed, healthychoices Home Stable, safe place to live Purpose Meaningful Daily Activities Community Connection!10 Guiding PrinciplesHopePerson-DrivenAddressTraumaMany PathwaysStrengthsHolisticRespectPeer SupportRelationalCulture(

Relevancy to Family Members Didn’t cause it, can’t cure it, and can’t change it! Cannot control the behaviors and attitudes of those with SUD but areresponsible for our own behaviors and attitudes Are responsible for our own well-being Need to educate ourselves on the disease Stay out of denial Realize the powerful connection we have to our loved ones Willingness to pursue change in ourselves Recognize we are always at choice!

Family Recovery as a Pivot Point

How the Family can Contribute to Change for Someonewith SUD TranscendingConnection Family system Strongest Support Provide NonJudgmental, InformedLove and Support Learn to betterCommunicate Help but do not Enable Create a HomeConducive to Sobriety Boundaries Self-CareThis Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

“If nothing changes, nothingchanges.Let the process begin with us!A personal testimony”

Family Recovery SupportsHow do we make necessary changes?

What tools do wehave? Peer Support/Support Groups Evidence-based Programs Educational Programs Clinical Support Counseling/Therapy Family-based Programs PCP and other professionalsSpiritual Support Faith Leaders Prayer Groups Life/Family Recovery Coach The BreathThis Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Where there is life, there’s Hope

Stacey KarchnerBALM Recovery Life Coach BALM – Be a Loving MirrorStacey coaches families one on one and teaches theeight week "taste of the BALM" courses in multiplePA counties26


Theresearch Bestchance 2WHY THEFAMILY?Prong Focus: Yourlife Yourloved one’slife Whenthe family getswell, the loved onehas a MUCH betterchance at getting intoand staying inrecovery!28

AComprehensive Curriculum based 24/7 oneyear online “at the fingertips” Family Programmade up of 3 components that offer avariety of LIVE Zoom video conferencinginteractions including LIVE interviews withexperts, family members and those inrecovery , LIVE lessons, group coaching ,journaling and meditation throughout theweek. 400 plus recordings, workbooks, 400downloadable handouts. This is all infusedwith the special concept of Be A LovingMirror (BALM). Included in the year is 8 weeksof one on one coaching.WHAT IS THE BALMPROGRAM?

WHY THE BALM? Too often family members are left behind or think it isonly the loved one needing help. System needstreated. BALM changes the family members perspective. Those in BALM learn new skills and tools which changethe atmosphere in the home and in their hearts. Relationships change even if the loved one is stillusing. Treatment centers, sober livings, IOP etc. benefit-More time with client and reduction in AMA’snormally enabled by family. Families talk aboutexperiences and share with others. Improvedtreatment outcome by changing destructivebehavior within the family

Manyfamilies don’t see their ownrecovery as important and as timegoes by the loved one is learning andgrowing but the family is not, and theloved one returns to a toxicenvironment which diminishes chancesof success Thefamily needs just as much if notmore recovery than the loved one Oneon one coaching fast tracks familyrecoveryMORE ON WHY THE BALM?31 – Stacey Karchner, BFRLC- 814-360-7590

BALMLESSONS The Family Has a Crucial Role toPlay in Early Recovery (7Cs andLeverage) Change Happens in Stagesincluding MotivationInterviewing It Is Important To Let GoWithout Giving Up or Giving In &How to stop Flooding You Can Be Your Loved One’sBest Chance AtRecovery(Enabling vs Helping) Keeping Your Focus On Yourselfand Off Of Your Loved One WillHelp You Both Your Primary Task is to Be ALoving Person32

BALMLESSONS Don’t Set A Boundary Unless YouAre Determined To Stick To It Getting Support Will GreatlyEnhance Your Recovery You Can Explore and/or Heal YourRelationship with Spirituality You Can Heal Your RelationshipWith Yourself You Can Heal Your RelationshipWith Others Be A Loving Mirror- The Journeyand the Destination33

COUNTIES WHERE THE BALM 8 WEEK COURSEIS OFFERED-- Clearfield/Jefferson County--Cambria County--Blair County- Indiana-Armstrong-Clarion Counties-- York County--West Branch (Lock Haven and Williamsport)--Franklin/Fulton County--Working to nudge these counties to use grants to fund the resource:Greene, Allegheny, Centre, Tri-County and Butler34

THE 7C’s of BALM1.You did not CAUSE your loved one’s SUD2.You cannot CONTROL your loved one’s SUD3.You cannot CURE your loved one’s SUD4. You CAN CONTRIBUTE to your loved one’sRecovery5.You are CONNECTED to your loved one on alevel that transcends their SUD6.You CAN learn to COMMUNICATE moreeffectively with your loved one7.You are always at CHOICE!

Nothing changes until the familybegins to believe their own eyes,ears, taste and smell instead of thelies the disease compels the lovedone to tell . Stay aware of the facts of thesituation. Documenting facts keeps YOU outof denial. Look for patterns You contribute to addiction whenyou believe the lies. The gamegoes on .Keep track of the factsby continuing to jot them down. Use the facts, script and sharethem at a lucid time (BALM methodof conversation)

PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE BE A LOVINGMIRROR (BALM) ARE CALLED BALMERS.A BALMER IS . Centered and Serene A Model of Recovery A Partner with the treatment team/professionals Responder rather than reactor Focused on Self Care Believing their own eyes and ears and sharing facts Helping instead of enabling Using leverage and setting healthy boundaries asneeded Their Loved one’s Chief Supporter and BESTChance at Recovery! Rally around loved one!

Stacey KarchnerBALM Family Recovery Life Coach.For more information about the BALM programand or (814)“As long as there is life, there is hope”39M


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You did not CAUSE your loved one's SUD 2. You cannot CONTROL your loved one's SUD 3. You cannot CURE your loved one's SUD 4. You CAN CONTRIBUTE to your loved one's Recovery 5. You are CONNECTED to your loved one on a level that transcends their SUD 6. You CAN learn to COMMUNICATE more effectively with your loved one 7. You are always at .