Confessions The Confessions Of St. Augustine


First Sunday of Lent March 6, 2022S . M"# %&' C% ('"# C())* " ,40501 Hayes Road · Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313MISSION STATEMENT: St. Michael Catholic Community strives to be a welcoming parish wherepeople come together to worship, learn and grow in faith. Through our actions, we demonstrate ourbeliefs in fellowship, service and generous tithing of time, talent and treasure while empoweringpeople to take a more active role in the mission of the church. We care for one another and receivecomfort and support in our own times of need. All are encouraged to participate in the journey tolive by Christ’s example and build the kingdom of God by sharing His word with those we meet.From Fr. Mike.St. Augustine was a Fourth Centurybishop and a teacher in the ways of faith.What this high-profile Christian is bestnoted for is Confessions, one of the firstin a genre of Christian literature thatdescribes how one came to the faith. Ifyou wish to read about if fully, you cancheck out The Confessions of St.Augustine. It’s a classic.Before he climbed to the rank of priestand Bishop of the African city of Hippo(which would be located in Algeria),Augustine was a man about town andthe subject of his mother’s worry andprayers before his conversion. The storyof his relationship to her and how heeventually came to the faith throughcircumlocution reaffirms that God doesanswer prayers, but in ways that oftensurprises us.Augustine’s mother, (St.) Monica wasmarried to a gent named Patricius whowas a Roman citizen, a pagan(worshipping the Pantheon of Romangods including the emperor), and agovernment official in the city ofThagaste (modern day Africa) where theyraised their children. Patricius had aviolent temper and a nasty habit ofdrinking. Monica, however, was alwayspatient and kind with him whichironically annoyed him—go figure! Shepersevered and eventually gainedPatricius’ respect, but I cannot image itwas easy or always certain how it wouldcome out in the end.They had three children together,Augustine, Navigius, and Perpetua, butthe children were not baptized in themother’s Christian faith because Patriciuswouldn’t hear of it. She eventuallybecame very concerned about Augustinewho was deathly ill as a child. Augustinefortunately recovered from his illnessmuch to Monica’s relief (and she believedas a direct answer to her prayers), and asany mother of a sick child will testify, shebecame vigilant about his health andwellbeing throughout the remaining yearsof his young life. Augustine eventuallywent off to school to study and despitehis mother’s concerns for his health andsoul, he seemed to enjoy life in the dormsand the freedom to do what he wanted.When Patricius died, Augustine was only(Con nued on page 2)

17 years old, and his dad’s death seemedto affect him quite a bit. Augustine wentoff to join a religion called Manicheanismwhich was very popular at the time andhad a lot of parallels to Christianity, butdifferent from it in a number ofsignificant ways. Manicheanism, forinstance, was dark, hopeless, and leftone with the impression that the ongoingstruggle between good and evil wascontinuing and despite Jesus’incarnation, death and resurrection, andthe all-powerful God who gave him tous, we might lose anyway.F . M"# C%&'"&( ) * % ,-/ 1Needless to say, Monica wasunimpressed with Augustine’s new-foundreligion and distanced herself from himinitially, but taking her problem toprayer, she reconciled with him againand followed him first to Rome and thento Milan where they met the famousbishop and teacher of the faith, St.Ambrose. It was through Ambrose’serudition and love of learning that heimpressed the young Augustine andeventually convinced him to be baptizedinto the Christian Faith. Shortlythereafter, Augustine pursued studies forthe priesthood and eventually became ateacher of the faith in his own right, andwas made Bishop of Hippo where heministered to his flock until his death in430 AD. He dedicated his bookConfessions to his mother’s memory aswell as the faith that served him.Augustine was the scribe in the familyand we, unfortunately, don’t have awhole lot of quotes from Monica herself.She is, however, known as the patronsaint of mothers. What Augustine doesquote from her gives us a sense ofhopefulness. She said: “Nothing is farfrom God.” My read of this is thatnothing escapes God’s notice: no tear, nothought, no prayer, no kind action nomatter how small. Keep the faith.Fr. Mike un 1stPilgrimag F . Solanu Casey Center etail ollo .2

March 2022Please contact Claudia with any ques0ons at586.566.4492 or youth@stmichaelcc.orgMarch 7 & 21, MondayYouth Group Peer Night/Teen Scripture Study6:30pm-8:00pm at St. MichaelCome do your homework or get help with it, hang out, pray,talk with friends.March 15, Tuesday6:30pm-8:00pm at St. MichaelYouth Group Monthly GatheringCome hang out and learn more about your faith!March 29, TuesdayYouth Group Fun NightFood, Fun, Friends.and Games!!!6:30pm-8:30pm at St. Michael3

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I’d like to thank you allfor the prayers andposi0ve thoughts yousent my way while Iwas at the Flaum EyeIns0tute at theUniversity of Rochester in Rochester, New York. Thetes0ng was intense and 0ring, the days were long, andthe breaks were short, but it went be:er than anyoneexpected, including me. We actually finished up thetes0ng a day early so I was able to head home onThursday instead of Friday a “God send” as theRochester area got up to 12 inches of snow on Friday.I was home late Thursday. The clinicians and directorof the clinic indicated very strongly to me that theyfelt very confident that they will be able to help meregain some of the eyesight I’ve lost due to my stroke.In addi0on, and this was very important for me tohear, they said that the tes0ng I did and interpre0ngthe results will not only help me improve my eyesight,but will also help others in the same boat as I am asthey are always reviewing and revising the programbased on the tes0ng outcomes of the par0cipants. Iam grateful to God that I found this program and thata er a long ve ng process, they accepted me into theprogram. I had given up hope of ever improving myeyesight, went down many roads, sent out mayle:ers/emails and made many phone calls and was letdown 0me and 0me again with the words “so sorry,but we can’t help you, no one recovers eyesight lostdue to a stroke.” I hope to prove them wrong. BeforeI le , the Eye Ins0tute downloaded a set or exerciseson my lap top that are designed to regenerate eyecells that weren’t damaged 100%, train my exis0nggood eye cells to do more, and push/coax my braininto developing a new path to my eyes around thedamaged part of my brain that will allow be:ereyesight. The exercises are intense, but I’m in 100%and I once again ask for your con0nued prayers andposi0ve thoughts. They es0mate I should seesignificant progress in about 6 months. I then go backto the Eye Ins0tute for addi0onal tes0ng to determinehow much progress my eyes and brain have made.I was deeply saddened and upset at the news thatRussia invaded the Ukraine. I was certain. as weremany, that Pu0n would not invade and that adiploma0c solu0on could and would be found. Beingborn in Germany, I have read a lot of books byGerman, Bri0sh, French, and American historians/authors on what preceded WWI and WWII.Unfortunately, it seems like history may be repea0ngitself. I’m not saying we are on the threshold ofWWIII, but the powder keg seems to have a short fuseand now we have to add the threat of nuclearweapons into the mix. We all need to con0nueprayers for a nego0ated end to this tragedy. As of thiswri0ng, the news reported that both sides had agreedto meet; I sincerely hope the talks are substan0ve andnot a ploy by either side to buy 0me. I rememberwhen nego0a0ons started to end the Viet-Nam war,the biggest s0cking point was the shape of thenego0a0ng table.So Lent started this past Wednesday with AshWednesday, the first one we’ve been able tocelebrate with some semblance of normalcy. It’s niceto see more and more of you coming back to churchand we are toying with the idea of adding morechairs, but s0ll realizing that Covid is s0ll with us. Wewon’t crowd our sanctuary and we will ensure that wekeep the 6 feet between the rows and 10 feet acrossthe aisle. We take extremely seriously ourcommitment to keep you all as safe as possible, and,even though I hate to admit it, the pandemic is s0llwith us, is s0ll real, and is s0ll pu ng people in thehospital and in some cases, killing them. I reallythought we were pre:y much over it a while back, Iwas wrong.I hope that many of you will a:end our LentenBible Study (hosted by yours truly) and ourCommunion Services, both star0ng on Thursday,March 10th up to Holy Week. (See page 7 for theschedule.) The Bible Study will be in the Social Halland the Communion Services will be in the Church.The Bible Study will focus on the Old Testament.What do you know about the Old Testament? Formany Catholics, it’s almost treated like science fic0onand there seems to be very li:le understanding ofit .where it came from, how it predicts Jesus and theNew Testament, and how very important it is to havesome understanding of it. In our first session, we’llspend the first part of the hour talking about how ourpresent day Bible was developed, how the books ofthe Old and New Testament were chosen and howmany versions of the Bible were considered beforethere was agreement on our present form. We’llspend the rest of the hour and most of the secondsession discussing Genesis/Exodus. I will havehandouts for you to follow along. I’m excited to beable to provide this study and have thought about itfor a couple of years but the pandemic pushed my0me line back.God Bless,Deacon Franz6

St. Michael Lenten ScheduleAsh WednesdayWednesday, March 2Lenten Bible Study with Deacon FranzThursday, March 24Mass with ashes at 9:30am and 7:00pmAshes all day in the Church6pm in the Social Hall followed by joint K of C and ParishCouncil Communion Service in church at 7pm1st Sunday of LentSaturday/Sunday, March 5/64th Sunday of LentSaturday/Sunday, March 26/27Lenten Bible Study with Deacon FranzThursday, March 10Lenten Bible Study with Deacon FranzThursday, March 31Normal weekend liturgiesNormal weekend liturgies6pm in the Social Hall followed by Worship CommissionCommunion Service in church at 7pm6pm in the Social Hall followed by Strangers No Longerhosted Communion Service in church at 7pm2nd Sunday of LentSaturday/Sunday, March 12/135th Sunday of LentSaturday/Sunday, April 2/3Lenten Bible Study with Deacon FranzThursday, March 17Lenten Reconciliation ServiceApril 4Normal weekend liturgiesNormal weekend liturgies6pm in the Social Hall followed by Education CommissionCommunion Service in church at 7:00pm.11amLenten Bible Study with Deacon FranzThursday, April 73rd Sunday of LentSaturday/Sunday, March 19/206pm in the Social Hall followed by Christian Service Commission Communion Service in church at 7pmNormal weekend liturgiesPassion SundaySaturday/Sunday, April 9/10Special weekend liturgies with processionHoly WeekHoly ThursdayApril 147pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper,followed by Altar of repose until 10pmGood FridayApril 15Noon Liturgy, veneration of the Crossuntil 4pmEaster VigilApril 166:30pmEaster SundayApril 17Mass at 8am, 9:45am and 11:30am7

THE PILLARS OF LENTAs we begin our Lenten journey, reflect on how your prayers, fasting and almsgivingcan guide you. As Pope Francis explains, these are “elements which, when livedsincerely, can transform life and provide a sure foundation for dignity andfraternity.” How can practicing the Lenten pillars transform your life and the lives ofour sisters and brothers around the world? Visit to learn more.Knights of ColumbusMembership DriveMarch 12 & 13Calling all men 18 years and older to unitein the world wide brotherhood organizationthat focuses on family, youth, church andcommunity. The Knights of Columbus organization offers insuranceprograms, coats for kids, wheelchairs and aid to victims of natural disasters.We invite you to attend one of our meetings and experience this fellowshipfor yourself, or stop by the Gathering Spaces the weekend of March 12 & 13and we will answer any questions.Maria Giannangeli, age 97, died February 21.Beloved wife of the late Alberico. Dear mother ofJohn (Sharon), Albert (Cecile), Joann (Tony)DiMenna, and the late Louis. Proud grandmother ofsix and great-grandmother of nine.Are you commi:ed to trea0ng our immigrant brothersand sisters with dignity and compassion? Then you maybe interested in joining St. Michael’s Circle of Support forStrangers No Longer.We will be holding a virtual mee0ng on Tuesday, March15th at 7:00 pm.All are welcome. If you are new to Strangers No Longerand would like to a:end on March 15th, please email JulieWatanabe at to get thepasscode informa0on for the mee0ng.If you would like more informa0on, please visit the St.Michael Circle of Support website: onger/.You are also invited to the Strangers No Longer LentenCommunion Service, which will be held on Thursday,March 31st at 7:00 at church.Rose Jankowski, age 85, died February 21.Beloved wife of the late Arthur. Loving mother ofDeborah Rose (Drew) King, Brian Arthur (Dorlisa),Tracy A. Horne, and Paul J. (Vicky). Treasuredgrandmother of seven and great-grandmother ofthirteen.Thomas Skender, age 65, died February 22.Beloved husband of Jackie.Dear stepfather of Stephen(Mari) Wink, and SaraShields. Treasuredgrandfather of four andgreat-grandfather of one.8

Women’s History MonthPROVIDING HEALING AND PROMOTING HEALTHSubmitted by Amy Mittelstaedt, MPTPhysical Therapy is a career field that embodies this theme to its core; it should be the theme of theprofession. The modern day field of physical therapy was primarily led by women who were assigned to agroup called Reconstruction Aides. Reconstruction Aides were citizens who worked to assist in the physicalrehabilitation of those injured in war. One woman in particular is considered the founding mother andpioneer of physical therapy as we know it today, her name was Mary McMillian. On February 23, 1918, MaryMcMillian, the first physical therapist in this country, was assigned to the Reconstruction Aide Program bythe surgeon general. Mary was an American by birth, but was educated in England and worked there with anorthopedic surgeon at a military base hospital. This made her ideally suited to be assigned to be aReconstruction Aide, and in March, 1921, she became the head of the Reconstruction Aides after returning tothe States. She transitioned into teaching and served as the Director of Reed College which was responsiblefor educating future Rehabilitation Aides. Mary went on to write a book called Massage and Therapeutic Exercisewhich was the first book in the United States published by a Physical Therapist. Later she was appointed theSuperintendent of the Reconstruction Aides in Physiotherapy, Medical Department at Large, Office of theSurgeon General. Ultimately after leaving this post, Mary joined an orthopedic surgeon and developed thegraduate programs for physical therapists offered through the Harvard Graduate Medical School. She laterbecame the first president of the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association).Our Parish Health Ministry is looking for new members.If you are interested, please contact us through the Parish Office.In part with Women’s History Month, theParish Health Ministry members havecontacted women’s shelters and safe havensand are asking for your dona ons of femininehygiene products for these facili es. Items suchas new unopened sanitary napkins, Pan Liners, Tampax, Poise Pads, etc.are especially needed by shelters and schools like Turning Point, Salva onArmy, Freedom House and Abigayle Ministries that assist young womenwhen needed. There will be a bin inthe West Gathering Space for yourdona ons un l the end of March.Thank you for suppor ng women.9

Our Men's Retreat this year is scheduled for Friday, March 11 through Sunday, March 13 at St. Paul ofthe Cross Passionist Retreat and Conference Center (h"ps:// you have always wanted to a:end but haven't had the opportunity to do so, this is your chance tohonor your desire for a wonderful, faith-filled, and enjoyableweekend with the Lord.Men who a:end this retreat find it refreshing and renewing tospend 0me in prayer, contempla0on, and hearing the Word ofGod throughout this special weekend. For YEARS, we have beenpaired with the same group of churches so our weekend isalways filled with a renewed camaraderie and with a group ofCatholic men who are yearning to be even closer to God. Nowadd some great food for the body and some rest for the soul,and you have a recipe for a memorable weekend.Please reserve your spot by calling captain Joseph Pavone-Chadwick at 586-718-8843 or If you have any ques0ons, please feel free to call or email.We want every man at St. Michael who is interested to be able to be a part of this year’s retreat soplease mark your calendar now and make plans to join us and let us know as soon as possible.The St. Michael Knights of Columbus Council #13799 is offering up to two (2) 1,500 scholarships to high schoolseniors, Class of 2022, who plan to continue their education at a college, university or vocational school.Scholarship application forms are available in the Parish Office. All required information is explained on theapplication. The deadline to submit an application for 2022 is Noon (12:00pm) Friday, March 25th. Completedapplications are to be submitted to the Parish Office. Late or incomplete applications will not be eligible forconsideration. Please note that the application and documents will not be returnedto you. Please make copies of your application and required documents to keep foryour records.This scholarship is open to registered membersof St. Michael Catholic Community.10

Thursday, March 109:30am Louis Basacchi requested by wife and familyThe Deceased of St. MichaelGemmina Rubino 12th Anniversary requested byfamilySophie Ugorowski requested by daughterPlease note that Masses scheduled below can have multipleintentions including the intention of and rituals for a funeral rite.You are welcome to attend Mass at any time. If you prefer not toattend a funeral Mass, we recommend that you call the ParishOffice to inquire about upcoming funerals the day before.Friday, March 119:30am Fanny Delisi requested by Ida MisuracaSaturday, March 54:30pm Greg Bruen requested by wife and familySaturday, March 124:30pm John and Jane Watrobski requested byJosephine and Vincent Manzo requested byfamilyThomas Graf requested by the Graf FamilyDaniel Betancourt 1st Anniversary requested byfamilyJoe DeMatties requested by Alex and LoraineDeMattiesElena Tilley requested by Dave and Laura Parkerdaughter, JaniceCassie Westerini requested by Irene LewisJune DiLaura requested by Beverly SztajerHermenegildo Aquino Birthday Remembrancerequested by daughters and familyWilliam Travis requested by Elaine FornelliLucille Rymiszewski requested by familySpecial Intentions for Steven and Sarah Skipinskirequested by familySunday, March 68:00am Alberta and James Patterson requested by theSunday, March 138:00am Prayer Journal Intentions requested byJack Patterson FamilyMarjorie Finn requested by the Jack PattersonFamilyPrayer Journal Intentions requested by NormanPopaGary Nardoni requested by Rocco and Mary LouLaTorreNorman Popa9:45am Lou Garofalo Birthday Remembrancerequested by wife, KarenTheresa Fabian requested by familyMargaret Boutorwick requested by family9:45am11:30am Walter Konkol requested by family11:30am Crescenzo Rubino Birthday Remembrancerequested by familyCharlotte Youngblood requested by husband,Jack and childrenJuanita and Eduardo Ladia requested byElizabeth KrulatzSelena Martin re4quested by Janice Cangelosiand Gregory GerominRest in PeaceWe extend our prayers and sympathyto the families ofMonday, March 79:30am Pastora Aquino 7th Anniversary requested byMaria GiannangeliRose JankowsiRobert (Bob) MisiakThomas Skenderdaughters and familyAmedee St. Pierre 10th Anniversary requested bystep-daughter, Ginny PeltierTuesday, March 89:30am Crescenzo Rubino Birthday Remembrancerequested by familyHarry Cote requested by Marion McDonaldWednesday, March 99:30am11

PresiderCommentatorLectorE.M. CaptainCantorFr. MikePete PhelanLaura ParkerConnie GilletteKaren KellyKathy KollsmithFr. MikeRobert LaichalkSteve DedeneJudy StapelsSusie WaddellKristine PinaFr. TimDeacon FranzCarrie KulasaSherrill CroninMark AllenFelicia AllenChoirFr. TimDeacon FranzKathy BestLarry CarricoDebbie KuskowskiJill MessingJoy YokesBill WebbJudy ElskensIrwin FishJanice McMillanLiam O’DonovanKirk WilsonShirley BarchTony DiCiccoRose FerranteCarol KlouseJohn LaheyTracy Root WeckLiam Snyder-WelbesMichael BeaudoinBrianna BlockJoann BriffaSam CarusoJudith KrzyzakDeborah PawenskiJanet PoxonAlbert ShamalyDebbie SpiegelbergConnie GilletteCarolyn GarciaTom NevedalDiane OravelBobby WoodruffEmail the Parish Office at to add orremove a name from the Prayer List. Names will remain on thelist for 4 weeks.12Cristina CeccacciJon Marco DavisCollette NeumayrRalph Vogan

40501 HAYES ROADSTERLING HEIGHTS, MI 48313-5332PARISH PHONE: 586-247-0020RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: 586-247-0098FAX: 586-247-4081WEBSITE: WWW.STMICHAELCC.ORGEMAIL: PARISH@STMICHAELCC.ORGMASS SCHEDULEPRIVATE CONFESSIONSSATURDAYS: 4:30PMSUNDAYS: 8:00AM, 9:45AM, 11:30AMWEEKDAYS: 9:30AMSATURDAYS 3:00PM, OR BY APPT.PARISH OFFICE HOURSMONDAY-FRIDAY —9AM-2PMSATURDAY—3PM-6PMSUNDAY—9AM-1PMREV. MICHAEL QUAINE, PastorREV. ARTEMIO GALOS, Associate PastorDEACON JERRY CAMPERNELDEACON FRANZ HOFFER, WorshipParish PC Voicemail 586-566-4499X5005Pat McGinnis ChairDillon Johnson Vice ChairDon Harris SecretaryFamily of ParishesFinance CouncilSt. BlaseKeith McKenzie ChairTom Quell SecretarySaturday 4pm MassSunday 9am & 11am MassMonday, Tuesday, and Friday 9:30am MassConfessions Saturday at 3pm586-566-4495Interfaith VolunteerCaregivers HotlineSt. EphremParish OrganizationsChristian ServiceMary DeReyWorship CommissionAnn McKenzieEvangelization CommitteeRobert MurphySaturday 4:30pm MassSunday 9am & 11am MassMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am MassConfessions Wednesday at 8am & Saturday at 3:30pmMacomb Partnership forOverdose Prevention586-566-4487St. Martin De PorresKnights of ColumbusDon Harris, Grand Knight586-322-8261Senior CitizensRalph Ash586-722-3011Society of St. Vincent de PaulCoordinator586-566-4497Pick Ups only877-788-4623 or313-672-7837Parish Health MinistryNancy Dillon586-566-4499 ext. 5003Habitat for HumanityGeorge Haberer586-263-5034Education CommissionMaureen OrtweinSaturday 5pm MassSunday 8:30am & 11am MassMonday, Tuesday, and Friday 9:30am MassWednesday 7pm MassConfessions Wednesday at 7:45pm & Saturday at 3pmAdoration First Friday of the Month, 12pm-3pmSt. MichaelSaturday 4:30pm MassSunday 8am, 9:45am, and 11:30am MassMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday& Friday 9:30am MassConfessions Saturday at 3pm (by appointment)Strangers No LongerJulie WatanabeSunday: Dt 26:4-10/Ps 91:1-2, 1011, 12-13, 14-15 [cf. 15b]/Rom10:8-13/Lk 4:1-13Monday: Lv 19:1-2, 11-18/Ps 19:8,9, 10, 15/Mt 25:31-46Tuesday: Is 55:10-11/Ps 34:4-5, 67, 16-17, 18-19/Mt 6:7-15MARRIAGEArrangements must be made at least sixmonths in advance of the marriage date.ANNA DICICCO, Parish SecretaryKATHY DICICCO, Administrative AssistantMICHELLE HAYES, Christian Service CoordinatorBARB KOZLOWSKI, Wedding Coordinator/SacristanTOM O’GRADY, Building Supervisor/WorshipDANNY SCHEYS, BUILDING MaintenanceCLAUDIA WELBES, Director, Religious Education, Youth MinisterCHERYL YUHAS, BookkeeperANN ALTOMARE, Parish SecretaryKATHY CHADICK, Secretary, Religious EducationDON DAHER, Music MinisterParish PastoralCouncilBAPTISM, BY APPOINTMENTPlease call to make arrangements.Wednesday: Jon 3:1-10/Ps 51:3-4,12-13, 18-19/Lk 11:29-32Thursday: Est C:12, 14-16, 23-25/Ps 138:1-2ab, 2cde-3, 7c-8/Mt 7:7-12Friday: Ez 18:21-28/Ps 130:1-2, 34, 5-7a, 7bc-8/Mt 5:20-2613Saturday: Dt 26:16-19/Ps 119:1-2,4-5, 7-8/Mt 5:43-48Next Sunday: Gn 15:5-12, 17-18/Ps27:1, 7-8, 8-9, 13-14/Phil 3:17—4:1 or 3:20—4:1/Lk 9:28b-36Scripture Readings

��ᴾᶗᶍᶓᴾᶇᶌᴾᵫᵿᶗᵌKnights of ColumbusCouncil 13799To learn more about the Knights of Columbus,scan this QR code and open the link.Meeting/Activity/EventDateMI DriveSee Sign-Up Genius tovolunteer.March, 202214TimeLocation

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